I’m a Little Bit Anxious, Are You?

Are you dealing with anxiety? I am. With all the wacky things going on right now some days I feel like a chicken running around with its head cut off. And those are my good days. Basically, I am the opposite of zen.

I’m a Little Bit Anxious

At this moment, we are dealing with quite a lot. First, forest fires are raging on the West Coast and here in Boulder County. Second, Covid19.

Finally, and most anxiety-provoking for me, a strange election unfolds that has those in authority championing old forms of voter suppression in ultra-creative new ways.

What Are You Doing?

Now and then I stop and say to myself, “2020 what are you doing?!” It’s all just a bit much. But deep down I am mostly worried that these are the good times and that things could get much worse.

Colorado Forest Fires

So, let us begin. As I write this three forest fires are raging around us, two of them within eight miles of us here in Boulder County. The air quality is terrible and it’s too smoky to go outside.

Boulder Foothills on Fire

Our friend snapped this photo of the wildfire from his home in Boulder County.

On top of that, it smells like a plastic factory with mothballs in it burned down. Talk about feeling trapped during quarantine. My daily walks outside that sparked great joy are over for now.

But I really can’t complain about being inside my home when so many here in Boulder County have lost their homes and can’t do the same because their dwellings have burnt to the ground.

This makes me more sad and anxious than words can describe.

What Is Coronavirus?


When 2020 began I did not understand certain concepts that were to become key this year. Covid19? Quarantine baking? Fomite transmission? Mask-wearing? People arguing over mask-wearing? These ideas were foreign to me. I only wish they still were.

It all quickly became personal in March when we had to rush home a family member traveling in Europe. In April, we Lost a Loved One to COVID and then had to figure out how to grieve during the pandemic. The only word to describe this is “surreal.”

Now we must multiply our own grief times 223,547 families. That is how many people have died of this terrible disease here in the US. It’s hard not to be in constant COVerwhelm. The devastation wrought by this national disaster makes my own MS Diagnosis look like a cakewalk.

Still, the pandemic rages on and we are told not to fear it. What are we supposed to do? Shut Up and Bake?

In essence, we leave behind the first wave of Covid19 without a coherent national strategy, as we move into the cold weather and the impending, larger second wave.

The Election

Last but not least, we come to the election. I haven’t ever hidden the fact that my husband and I are passionate Democrats, and committed progressives. One thing our family has been enthusiastic about this year is supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

This commitment applies to equality in all arenas of life. Right now, an extremely urgent issue is guaranteeing equal access when it comes to voting.

Voter Suppression

Unfortunately, this year we have seen an enormous increase in institutionalized voter suppression as the Republican party has gone to war on this constitutional right.1, 2

These white supremacist tactics date back to the Reconstruction era and entail blocking American citizens from the polls.

After the Civil War, poll taxes and literacy tests were enacted to keep Black voters from casting their ballots.3

The New Poll Tax

Here are some new forms of the old poll tax, as covered by Fox News and other sources:

  • 1 ballot box for 4.7 million people in Harris County, TX4, 5, 6
  • Eliminate polling places in urban areas7,8, 9
  • Remove USPS mailboxes10 and sorting machines11 

These exceptionally creative tactics undermine democracy.

Coup d’Etat?

We need to make it as easy as possible for everyone to vote! Not harder.

If only this administration put this much effort into helping its citizens exercise their rights, rather than hindering them, I would not be up at night worrying about a potential coup d’etat.

What Are You Anxious About?

Are you feeling a little unnerved during these strange times when an incumbent says they’re “running angry” and has stated numerous times they won’t accept the results of this election? Frankly, this freaks me out.

What Can We Do?

I love hearing from you all about what you’re going through and how you’re experiencing these times. Leave a comment and let me know how you’re holding up. I want to hear from all of you!

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109 responses to “I’m a Little Bit Anxious, Are You?”

  1. Hi Elana, Being from Canada, it did my heart good to see the outcome of your election, as many of those decisions will very much affect us Canadians. I have kept your country in my prayers, and pray that the leaders be guided by God’s peace, love and strength.
    My son’s fiancee has celiac disease and I have been enjoying your recipes tremendously. Thank you so much for your ideas and excellent recipes. God Bless You All

    • Sue, I’m right there with you! So relieved by the outcome of this election, but I’m also concerned that tens of millions of Americans do not believe the results. This could result in a set back for American democracy which is worrisome. Please keep us in your prayers. Glad your daughter-in-law to be is helped by my recipes and she is so lucky to have you make them for her :-)

  2. Anxious? No. Optimistic and hopeful! Posting this right before an election is pure political rhetoric. I have enjoyed your site, but it is time to go. UNSUBSCRIBE.

  3. Sending love and calming energy your way. Thank you for sharing these important thoughts during these anxious events. I have faith that things will turn out alright next week despite the creative shit-storms brought to us by Trump.

  4. I received a message from spirit in early September last year 2019 that the magnetic poles are going to soon finish their reversal flip. I could see we needed to not be driving or on a bridge or a boat or on a train… and that land masses could possibly tear and submerged one rise and tsunami could become part of the equation. So, I was relieved when the pandemic began as travel came to a halt and people were staying home. I also could see we would feel nauseated for at least a few days and the radiation would be bad for a relatively quick few moments. I recommended we all have ginger on hand and start eating it as well as eating seaweed to prevent any possible radiation from being outside during this event. The weather too I could see would keep most of us indoors as well. Once the magnetic poles flip bridges and land masses will move and we will temporarily be isolated as power may not be available as well. By the time we get ourselves recovered from that fiasco we will have isolated enough by not traveling to end this pandemic. I was a wreck last fall now I am calm. God has this.

  5. I also live in Boulder County, so much of what you say hits very close to home. Such crazy times. Thanks for doing your part and my husband and I are also appalled at the blatant voter suppression tactics!! Take care!!

  6. Thank you for being such a positive change agent. I’m amazed at your steadfastness in staying true to yourself throughout your journey!

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