Lift Black Voices

I’m writing to let you, my audience, know that I have not done enough here to lift Black voices. It is not acceptable to work quietly behind the scenes on the issue of racism. We have arrived at a point in time where we must make a critical decision. It is a fork in the road and I am finally taking a public stand, something I regret not doing prior.

Lift Black Voices

Now, more than ever is the time to unite and lift Black voices. We have lost far too many souls to institutionalized racism, and not listened nearly enough. I must do better on this.

Black Lives Matter

Right now, we mourn the murders of David McAtee, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and far too many others. Their deaths are only the most recent in our country’s violent racist history and are a blood-drenched tragedy.

Religious Wife Of Law Enforcement Officer

Along those lines, here is my hero Melissa McCrery, whose video I found via Baratunde. Her husband has been in law enforcement for decades. Like her, I know that all people deserve to be protected by law enforcement in this country, regardless of skin color.

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Her name is Melissa McCrery, and she went live on Facebook a few days ago with this. Watch in full. I added the captions for greater accessibility. Share with white people, especially those skeptical of systemic racism and so-called “identity politics.” Melissa was as well, but she’s come to see that the work of anti-racism should not be the burden of black people but instead white people. It’s a beautiful transformation and gives me some hope in a week filled with despair. #georgefloyd #justiceforgeorgefloyd #minneapolis #police #policebrutality #whitesupremacy #racism #systemicracism #institutionalracism #race #justice #whitewomen #whitepeople #privilage #blacklivesmatter #identitypolitics #maga

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The Black Community Should Not Have To Lead Police Reform

While there are amazing people in the law enforcement community, some walking with Black Lives Matter protestors, there are still too many that do not protect our citizens. In fact, they harm and kill. As McCrery said:

The black community should not have to lead this. Those of us who know we have power must say NO. Not in my country, not on my watch.

Standing Up For Black Lives

But standing up is only the start. I will stay committed to the cause because there is no place for racism in America.

I Do Not Stand For Racism

Elana’s Pantry was founded on the principle that health empowers individuals, and under the assumption that empowered individuals create a more equitable society. This cannot be an assumption any longer. I have not done enough here to clarify my position on the issue. I do not stand for racism.

Your Voice Matters

And your voice matters too. Leave a comment with your thoughts, or let me know about your favorite Black food blogger or health activist.

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May peace guard your heart as you continue to follow your convictions.


117 responses to “Lift Black Voices”

  1. Karen, why wouldn’t black people have to lead something they say is happening to THEM? Once again, white women speaking for black people. You are the racist. Do you think that black people are not capable of creating meaningful change? Pretty sure MKL Jr. didn’t need the help of Karen’s like you and the lady in this ridiculous video. When her voice raises after she blows her calm cover she lets her inner-Karen out in full force with a nasty high pitched annoyance that demonstrates her ugly character. Last I checked there have always been a small minority of workers who are unethical in every profession who ruin it for the people who are ethical…those one’s used to be chalked up to simply being “bad apples” and were dealt with accordingly. But now ingrates, like you, complain and complain about that small minority of bad apples to get attention. Diversity (AKA division) needs to stop and One Nation under God needs to come back. This road of division will only lead to tremendous pain and erosion of freedoms. But like a two-year old who does not understand reason, I don’t expect you to quit stirring up division because this is where you get your drug of choice: attention.

  2. Good morning.

    In regards to “A Bit of Selfish Relief” I thought the following websites might give you some facts and information you weren’t aware of. If you’re open minded and really want to know the truth, check them out. In a day when it takes no courage to go along with the Media and screaming mobs, these individuals have bravely stood for the TRUTH, giving the FACTS.

    A few websites:
    1. Washington Post with data about police killings. More than twice as many whites are killed than blacks.
    2. PragerU How to End White Privilege
    3. PragerU The Candace Owens Show: KingFace
    4. Leo Terrell: Black Lives Matter is ‘profiting’ on a ‘false narrative’ with Mark Levin
    5. Walter Williams Exposes the True Plight of Black Americans
    6. Democratic lawmaker Vernon Jones ‘Joe Biden has betrayed Black Americans’
    7. Black Lives Matter founder admits org’s creator are trained Marxists (BLM isn’t about so called “social injustice”)
    8. Jason Whitlock on Tucker Carlson
    9. Actor Terry Crews Doubles Down on Black Supremacy
    10.What Would Mohammad Ali Say about BLM
    11. Marcellus Wiley delivers passionate argument against NBA painting ‘Black Lives Matter’ on courts

    I refuse to waste my time and energy in hating ANYONE. Instead I have chosen a life time of practicing respect and kindness to ALL people from ALL walks of life. I support those who want to build up our country, not tear it down. I do NOT support anyone or any organization/group who seeks to destroy America, its people, and take away our freedoms. These racist (blacks and whites) have NO tolerance for ANYONE who does not share their views or agenda. Racism, by the way, is a TWO way street.

    Lastly, I checked out your links and feel so very sorry for those who support individual/groups whose hatred for our country, its values, and even its people is so great that their goal is to tear it down, completely destroy it, leaving chaos and destruction behind them. So very, very sad.

    I am sharing this comment with you, as I’m not really interested in the post comments.

    Enjoy your day!

    • Sharon, thanks for sharing your opinion here and yes we must end racism, especially the racism and white supremacy that is embedded in our police culture. And agree, we must stop the violence, it is awful that police are attacking peaceful protestors and starting riots. This has been going on for decades and it is a true disgrace.

      • Good morning Elana,
        It’s so sad, that your reply above to my post is the exact opposite of the FACTS given by the individuals sited in the above websites. This information is TRUE whether you believe it or not. To me, you seem to imply that I, and the individuals above, believe that the police are attacking peaceful protestors and starting riots. They did NOT IMPLY or SAY that and neither did I, because it’s not true. Police DO NOT, and HAVE NOT been attacking peaceful protestors and starting riots for decades. Therefore we DO NOT agree with you.
        Maybe you weren’t opened minded enough to check out the information.?? In any case, I will not respond to any more emails, but I will continue to support only those whose words and actions build up our country and its people, not tear them down.
        Thanks for your time.

        • Sharon, thanks for your comment. Ref to: Tulsa, Selma, and most recently Buffalo where an old man was brutally attacked by police.

  3. REMOVE ME FROM LIFTING BLACK VOICES it was posted without my permission and i have found no way to block or unfollow.

    • Hi Larry, thanks for your comment. I’m happy to help, if you’d like to be removed from my newsletter you can use the unsubscribe button, or, if you’d like to remove yourself from a different channel I’d be happy to assist with that too. Have a wonderful Sunday and I hope you and yours are safe and well.

      • Dear Alma, thanks for your comment and request. Are you getting this article by coming to my website, or at some other place on a social channel you follow? Happy to help.

  4. Take this link off my Facebook page. I didn’t authorize it and don’t want to promote radical views!!!

    • Jeff, thanks for your comment. I am unable to put any links on or take them off anyone’s Facebook pages. You will need to unfollow my Facebook page in order to do so. Please LMK if you need any further help with this and have a lovely weekend.

  5. YES! I am committed too. And grieved at not recognizing earlier that my voice could make a difference. Thank you, for committing to this and boldly making it clear what you stand for.

  6. I am glad to see you are promoting equity and BLM. I am a midwife Black Mamas Matter is a group working to improve health care. Most people don’t realize that black women die 3x more than white women in pregnancy and birth. The preterm birth rate is 5x higher
    We are a rich country and this type of disparity is unacceptable.
    Thank you for this space to share and learn from others

    • Erin, thank you for sharing this important information. The situation here is an absolute disgrace –it is as if a portion of our citizens are living in a “third world country” relegated to it by skin color. This is not acceptable.

  7. So glad to see YOU and your world view. Thank you for putting yourself out there to defend BLM. I will watch the video and applaud this woman for stepping up. I am doing the same in a smaller way on IG and F.B!

  8. Thank you Elana…beautifully said and could not agree more. You truly have such a heart and are an inspiration to all! We all need to stand up for what’s right and be the voice! Jennifer at Listening Tree Wellness

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