Shut Up and Bake

I love writing simple healthy recipes for you that work every single time. But something terrible is happening in my beloved country.

It’s so incredibly sad that I can’t bake it away with a batch of my world-famous Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies the way I usually do.

Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies

Shut Up and Bake

For those of you who tell me to stick to the recipes, i.e., shut up and bake, I’m providing you this link to my Low-Carb Dessert Recipes, so stop reading this and hop on over to that!

Don’t worry, I totally understand. Sometimes things are just too much. Like right now.

COVID US Death Toll Hits 200,000

For the rest of you, this month, the US death toll for COVID hit 200,000. Given how much I love our incredible country this saddens me greatly. We are losing the war on COVID and it is a national tragedy.

US COVID Deaths off the Charts

We are in desperate need of solutions. According to Fox News, the USA suffers from 20% of COVID deaths in the world, although we are only 4% of the world’s population.1

Losing A Loved One To COVID

Losing a Loved One to COVID

On a more personal level, the pandemic has impacted so many families, including my own. We Lost a Loved One to COVID in April and then went through the bizarre process of grieving during the pandemic.

COVID National Tragedy

Although I’ve been writing about health for two decades, the devastation wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic is the most traumatic thing I’ve seen by far. I can’t remotely compare it to what I experienced with my own MS Diagnosis, as the failures of this national tragedy make MS look like a picnic.

The War on COVID

Just to give some perspective, more people have died of COVID-19 than all of the US soldiers lost in the Korean War and each military conflict we’ve engaged in thereafter.2

It is as if we have had a 9/11 attack every day for 67 straight days.3 This is the death toll. And it keeps rising.

What Can We Do About COVID?

Here are some of my first hand COVID experiences. Additionally, I’ve outlined those of friends, as well as things I’ve read about.

COVID Testing

I live in Boulder, Colorado. Free COVID-19 testing just came here, that’s great. But may I ask why it didn’t start until Friday, September 18, 2020? We are at war against COVID. We can do better than this.

COVID PPE Shortage

Although not much talked about in the media, there is still a shortage of personal protective equipment or PPE.

When my husband and I went to get COVID tests earlier this month, we noticed the nurses did not change gloves between patients. This is unsanitary. The nurses confirmed it is due to the national PPE shortage.

Are We at War on COVID?

When we are at war, state governments should not be haggling against each other for resources. Traditionally this is the responsibility of the federal government.

However, when asked about coordinating supplies for our front line warriors, the White House responded that the federal government “is not a shipping clerk, “4 Wrong answer.

COVID Mask Wearing

I’m not looking for equivocation on mask-wearing or statements about how waiters feel about this issue.5 I don’t look to waiters for direction on how to conduct myself in the war on COVID, I look to executive leadership to take a stand.

Along those lines, I’m so grateful that Governor Polis has done this in Colorado. There are some bright spots in how the pandemic has been handled.

But in the end, there really isn’t that much of a political divide when it comes to mask-wearing. Both Democrats like Polis and Republicans, such as McConnell are far from cowardly when it comes to taking a stand that sends a clear and consistent message on mask-wearing.

Masks Suck

No one likes wearing a mask, it’s not fun. But neither is an economic lockdown. We’ve seen other countries use mask-wearing to get COVID under control so that their economies can re-open. Although we used to be a leader in these types of things, it’s not too late to learn!

Make America Again

The United States is an amazing country. During World War II we produced B-24 bombers around the clock. at its height, they were manufactured every two hours.6 As an American this type of historical accomplishment gives me hope.

It’s Not Too Late

It is not too late for a national government effort using the Defense Production Act to address shortages of testing materials and PPE to protect out amazing health warriors on the front line. It’s time to wage war against this terrible disease before another 100,000 American lives are lost.

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You are very brave!


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  1. Dear Elana, I liked your post so much that I hopped online and ordered two of your cookbooks to show my support (and also because I wanted more of your amazing recipes). Thank you for sharing your wonderful talents and also for sharing your thoughtful non-cooking-related posts.

    • MorticiA, thanks so much for all of your amazing comments, and for this one as well. I’m so incredibly grateful for you and your support, and I hope you love my cookbooks –thanks for buying them and happy holidays!!!

  2. thank you for this post. Have always loved your recipes. I am thankful for our governor. Not to mention of course our beautiful states is burning up/down. Thank you for speaking truth to power. Don’t stop

  3. I worked in medical and veterinary research for 40 years in academia. I worked with nasty bacteria and viruses among other things. I worked with a canine influenza virus that killed equine (horses), then crossed the species border and killed racing greyhounds. I’m here to tell you wearing a mask with a proper fit and hand washing IS of the utmost importance. Alcohol alone will NOT kill a virus. We had to use a proper disinfectant in the biological cabinet, after that dried then we used 70% ethanol. And after that dried we used UV. We had to autoclave out experiments for 2 hours then the boxes went to the incinerator. I am a firm believer in a mask and disinfectant. We did not use dilute bleach in the biological cabinet because bleach will pit and corrode the metal surface. A good safer disinfectant is a pet disinfectant. Same ingredients as the major store brand that is always unavailable. I done ranting.

    • Annette, THANK YOU for this expert PSA. It’s so obvious but for some reason, actually many reasons, folks are taking a while to figure out what doctors and medical researchers like yourself have known for some time!

  4. Hi Elana, this is *your* platform–it is an extension of you and you don’t need anyone’s blessing or permission to speak your mind! The wonderful thing is the thoughtfulness to all your posts, and, from that, the credibility you’ve built up with readers over the years. I actually do not agree with much of your take on masks, the virus, and the posture or behavior of some government officials, but it is to everyone’s benefit that you post about it, because it gives us all a chance to engage with your view point and read your sources. We should never be so afraid of either open dialogue or ideas outside of our own, that we come down hard on people for expressing their thoughts. I hope you remain well!

  5. You’re very brave! THANK YOU! Our federal government has handled the pandemic DISGRACEFULLY and made this a political tool! Many are being shamed for wearing masks this is coming from the very top. It’s so sad & so WRONG!

  6. I am a school librarian and we have been back in the physical building since September with about half of our usual students. We have zero cases at my school and less than 10 cases in our district. I find this encouraging. I believe that our vigilance in having students and staff wear masks, wash hands, and practice social distancing works.

  7. Greetings,
    While I understand that people get tired of feeling inundated by multiple admonitions regarding Covid, I can assure you that no one meant to hurt your feelings or make you feel unworthy in any respect. Get tough.

    • Carolyn, thanks so much! I agree, no one meant to hurt my feelings and of course they were not hurt. My goal here was to provide folks with various ways to explore health, and I LOVE LeBron James :-)

  8. Much love to you, Elana! Everyone who has a platform is duty-bound to use it, IMO. So heartened to see you keep doing so.

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