Passover Recipes

Did you know that all of my recipes are kosher for Passover or Kosher le Pesach? This is because none of them contain chametz.

Passover is a Jewish festival that commemorates the story of Exodus in the Bible celebrating freedom, rebirth and spring. Passover begins at sundown on the 15th of the Hebrew month Nissan and lasts eight days in the US (seven in Israel).

During Passover we celebrate the liberation of the Jews from slavery in Egypt into a nation lead by Moses; this liberation took place over 3,000 years ago, and in this story, the ancient Israelites left Egypt in such a rush that their bread did not have time to rise —hence the birth of matzo, and the tradition of eating only unleavened bread during the eight day Passover celebration. We honor this exodus by eating only unleavened bread (as well as only unleavened baked goods).

Leavened goods are referred to as chametz. We do not consume any chametz during Passover —this means not eating food (or drink) that contains even a trace of wheat, rye, barley, oats, or spelt that wasn’t prevented (actually the word in Hebrew is guarded) from leavening and/or fermentation.

What does this mean for folks that follow a strict gluten-free diet? This is our holiday! Given that we don’t eat the aforementioned grains all year long we are automatically Kosher for Passover. All the time. This is the Passover “miracle” of being gluten-free, the one time things are easier. So celebrate! Use any of the hundreds of gluten-free recipes that are on my website and go wild with Passover and the lack of chametz in your home!

Here is a list of my Passover recipes: