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egg-free paleo macaroons

Egg-Free Paleo Macaroons

This Egg-Free Paleo Macaroons recipe is made with 6 healthy ingredients. It contains shredded coconut, coconut flour, coconut oil, salt,...

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almond pulp macaroons

Almond Pulp Macaroons

Made with only 5 ingredients, these Almond Pulp Macaroons are egg-free. Most macaroons are made with whipped egg whites, not...

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Paleo Matzo

Grain-Free Matzo

For years my friends, family, and readers have been asking me to create a grain-free matzo recipe. This year, instead...

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chicken with cauliflower and olives

Chicken with Cauliflower and Olives

This high-protein chicken dinner is a wonderful paleo one pot meal. Chicken with Cauliflower and Olives is also bursting with...

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paleo coconut macaroons

Paleo Coconut Macaroons

While Paleo Coconut Macaroons are perfect for Passover and Easter, we like serving them all year long. With only 4...

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gefilte fish

Gefilte Fish

If you've gone on a gluten-free diet and thought you'd have to give up Gefilte Fish, guess again. My Paleo...

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beet maror

Beet Maror

Homemade Beet Maror is delicious, and far easier to make than you might think. All you need is horseradish root,...

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Carrot Kugel

Carrot Kugel

This Paleo Carrot Kugel recipe is made with 7 healthy ingredients. All you need for it is carrots, eggs, almond...

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spinach cake

Spinach Cake

This Paleo Spinach Cake recipe is perfect for Passover. We like it so much though, that we eat it all...

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Horseradish: How to Make Maror

Every year, as part of the Passover Seder, we eat Maror. The bitter herb reminds us of the bitter times...

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This healthy Charoset recipe is one of my favorite foods to make at Passover. During the Seder, this sweet, fruity...

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coconut macaroons recipe

Coconut Macaroons

This easy Coconut Macaroons recipe is made with 5 ingredients. All you need is shredded coconut, egg whites, honey, vanilla,...

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