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Salt and Pepper Crackers

salt and pepper crackers recipe paleo

Salt and Pepper Crackers will satisfy your need for a healthy, crunchy snack.

Instead of running to the store and grabbing a box of highly processed, expensive gluten-free crackers (with who knows what ingredients in them?!) you can make these Salt and Pepper Crackers. My boys and their friends says that these Salt and Pepper Crackers are the best crackers. I like them too, especially because they’re quick and easy to make.

It’s even easier to make gluten-free, grain-free crackers from scratch than “regular” wheat-based crackers. These Salt and Pepper Crackers have only 4 ingredients and you can whip them up in a jiffy. So if you’ve always wondered how to make homemade crackers, this recipe is a great place to start.

I first made these low-carb crackers over Christmas break when we were up in the mountains. I was testing out a low-carb diet for a few days and needed to bring a snack to a party. If you can have dairy, they’re terrific with goat cheese or a piece of raw milk cheddar cheese.

Salt and Pepper Crackers


  1. Place almond flour, egg, salt, and pepper in a food processor
  2. Pulse until dough forms
  3. Place dough between 2 pieces of parchment paper
  4. Roll out dough to 1/16 inch thick
  5. Cut into 2 inch squares using a pizza cutter or a knife
  6. Sprinkle with extra salt and pepper if desired
  7. Bake at 350° for 12-14 minutes
  8. Serve

Makes 20 crackers

Homemade baked crackers are super satisfying and make an incredibly healthy real food snack when you’re craving some crunch!

I hope you enjoy this recipe for low-carb, healthy, real food crackers; they’re a great snack at cocktail parties, holiday gatherings and to use for dipping into guacamole when you’re sitting on the couch watching a football game. Here’s to football food. Go Broncos!

posted on January 19, 2014, 72 comments

  1. BeachyMum

    Thank you!!

    I am guessing that these are to be cut before cooking – what size do you recommend? Your results look wonderful, so I would love to mimic the details! Your recipes are superb…every single one.

  2. Stephanie

    I just made these, and they are amazing!!!!! Thank you soooo much! I’ve been looking for a good cracker substitute since I went grain free 4 months ago, and these are what I was looking for! So simple and easy too.

  3. These crackers look great – I’m making them tomorrow!


    I love the thought of making my own crackers but I am on a reduced diet due to a rare kidney disease. Can I make these crackers without the salt?
    Do you have some salt free recipes? They seem to be hard to find.

    Thanks for the wonderful website. I have gotten so many ideas and some great recioes.

    Warmest Regards,


    • Damselflydiary

      I would just try it. Worst case scenario is that you don’t Ike them and wasted some time and a few bucks. I often make a half recipe when trying something new so i waste less.bet you could experiment with other flavors too. I am not a huge fan of black pepper but I might try something else in its place, perhaps sesame seeds? Or rosemary?

    • Jodi

      Omit the salt and use 1 t of mild flavored dry herbs instead like thyme, dill, chives. Or 1/2 t of stronger dried herbs like ground Rosemary and garlic powder. If you like it spicy use 1/2 t of chili powder, 1/2 t oregano and 1/4 t smoked paprika. Good any way
      you season this. Grated lemon rind is wonderful with fresh ground pepper.

  5. MamaCassi

    i’m not a huge cracker fan, but have been making flax crackers for my husband and have to travel in a couple of weeks, and these look PERFECT for quick and tasty foods!!!!

    and i love the ingredient list and instructions. i love simple and satisfying. lately have started eating more cheese, and some smoked salmon but been in need of a crispy baked carrier!!!

  6. Dianna Payne

    thanks for this recipe!!! I am allergic to eggs, do you think this would work without eggs?

    • Myra

      I’ve made these with a flax meal substitute. For each egg, substitute 1 TBS ground flax seed (or flax seed meal) with 3 TBS water. Mix them together in a separate dish and let sit for about five minutes, then use as you would regular eggs.

  7. Frank

    Can these crackers be made with all purpose flour, as I don’t have any almond flour?

  8. susan

    i make almond milk at home. With all the leftover almond meal, i dry them on cookie sheet in the oven and save them in jars. been using them in lieu of wheat flour. can i use this in place of “blanched almond flour”?

    • Do you blanch your almonds (soak and take off the skin) before you make the almond milk? If so, you have made the very definition of “blanched almond flour”. If not, you’ve technically made “almond meal”, though they often are completely interchangeable. The biggest difference in certain instances is the moisture content, but it will likely turn out just fine.

  9. You are an excellent baker. This look so perfect that I thought they were store bought when I saw the photo.

    I definitely am more of a savory person than a sweet person so it’s nice to see a cracker recipe once in a while.

    I love salt and black pepper. I used to love the Miss Vickie’s black pepper and lime chips.

    I think I’ll be trying this recipe with a few drops of lime juice on top. It’ll be like a healthier version of the chips I used to love.

  10. Michelle

    How do you make your crackers look so perfect?! It kills me!

  11. Berneda

    How would you store these and for how long? They look wonderful!

  12. How timely–I have been all about crispy salty snacks lately, and it’s so hard to find any that aren’t loaded with simple carbs. Thanks for the recipe!

  13. Lore

    Do they stay crispy in an airtight container?

  14. Alessandra

    Dear Elana, I have done similar recipes in the past and they do work fine. The problem is the amount of phytates that a recipe like this contains. I tend to try to soak my nuts overnight nowadays before eating them, because of the phytic acid. And I’m puzzled about what to do with almond flour, how can you soak almond flour and then dry it… in the oven? would it work? I don’t have a dehydrator and a good one is so expensive… thanks!

    Your work is amazing, many thanks!

    • Jane

      My understanding is that you don’t need to soak the almond flour for the blanching of the almonds has already removed the skins, where the phytic acid content live. You can refer to Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGINS for this. I appreciate you bringing this issue up Alessandra because many people who love nuts don’t know about the need to soak them to reduce the phytates. also, there are some positive features to phytates as well.

  15. Alessandra

    I also want to bring everyone’s attention to the amount of arginine that this amount of almonds contain. If you suffer from frequent cold sores, a lot of arginine is an invitation for sore lips!


  16. Holly Graves

    Would this work without a food processor?

    • Alice

      I just made these for first time without a food processor. Dough mixed up quickly with spoon and then finished with hands before rolling. I added the flour to wet mixture. Also, I didn’t have enough space to roll them out thin enough so dividing into two next time, for rolling out. Oven timer going off now. Oh Boy!

      • Alice

        These were really great. THANKS. Even though I didn’t roll them out thin enough. In a little bit I’m going to split up the dough and roll them out thinner and poke some holes in them (like saltines). I’m really looking forward to using this very simple, fast recipe with other things added. Of course husband and I will probably over eat. ELANA, YOU HAVE BEEN LIFE SAVER FOR ME AND SO MANY OTHERS.

  17. Suzanne Jordan

    I made your rosemary crackers a couple of times, and found that they crumble very easily. Will these crackers hold up better?

  18. Rachael @ mommylcsw.com

    What flour would you recommend to make these but free?

  19. Tracy

    Just made a batch. Lovely snack! I am doing a whole thirty so this is an awesome find for me. Thank you!



  21. criss

    I just made these tonight and they are truly amazing. We are so lucky to have you.

  22. janie

    how long can these crackers be stored?…and do you have the old tyme recipe for making “Hard Tack” bread/crackers. They were the type that sailors were given years ago.{perhaps during early war times} to eat when they were out at sea. My grandmother made them to soak in soups when I was young child.She kept them long term in a container, but I have no idea how they were made. It has been so many years ago. Thank you for your postings, they are so much appreciated. ..Janie.

  23. Moriah

    I just made these and not only are they sooooo easy to make, they are also super good!! My crew are them all in no time. Thanks for another great recipe!

  24. Deborah

    These are delicious! Very easy to make and the whole family loved them!

  25. Stephanie

    Re nut free: I’ve read that ground sunflower seeds make a great replacement for almond flour.

  26. Jennifer

    Elana – thank you thank you thank you for your website. I have been using your recipes for a couple of years now and dont know what I would do without you! Until I made these crackers, I was using all your recipes with the exception of a recipe for crackers that I found in a book. They were pretty good, difficult to make and sort of soft, but I thought the best I could get. Until I made these. Wow. These are like actual crunchy crackers (esp. if you bake a bit longer and make them a bit thinner). Even my non-paleo husband wont stay out of them.. and just a few simple ingredients and less than 10 min to make. I adore you!! thanks!!

  27. Karen Strickholm @ Www.KarenStrickholm.com

    God Bless You, Elana Amsterdam!

    I made these crackers, with a last-minute addition of about 2-3 tablespoons of Plugra unsalted (aka “sweet”) butter. I didn’t alter any other aspects of the recipe.

    OMG. Can we say croissant-like flaky texture? Sweet buttery flavor? Good alone and good with other stuff? Sooooo good! I salted the top with pink Australian flake salt, and put fresh-ground black pepper, then baked until just barely starting to brown.

    Sadly, they were so good that now, they are gone. Next time, it’s a double batch for this paleo home!

    PS: Instead of rolling, we rolled some, then used fingers to stretch the dough-paste further out on the cookie sheet so they would be thinner, then rolled the top to make it smooth. These crackers are AMAZING!!! And fyi in case anyone is wondering, they did not stick to the cookie sheet. We cut then before putting in the oven, and then when they came out lifted them up into a kind of loose pile to cool.

  28. Theresa

    These are super addictive! Very easy to make and since I did not have 2 cups almond flour (only had one cup) I substituted 1 cup ground golden flax seeds. Turned out very good. Can’t wait to try again with all almond flour. Thank you Elena for these great recipes!

  29. I made these the second this recipe was released. Not only was it a super-fast process, but they ended up being delicious and kept well after a few days. My only suggestion is to be careful with the salt — I used the required sea salt in the recipe and then topped off the crackers with extra salt but found it to be too salty, so just be careful. Might be a good idea to not top the crackers with any salt at all. Overall, amazing recipe <3

  30. Pam Fox @ Drfoxchiro.com

    Was going to feature this recipe on our website but found it never made into a dough? I did use Bobs Almond Meal so will try it again after the suggested almond meal arrives that is recommended by Elana. I do wonder how long you usually pulse in food processor to turn into dough. Also what blade is recommended for food processor.
    Thank you for taking the time to respond to me.
    Yours in Health,
    Pam Fox

    • Janice

      it didn’t really look like a dough ball when I pulsed in the food processer, either, more like big crumbs. But I dumped it all out on my parchment lined sheet pan and pressed it all together into a dough ball. It worked just fine.

    • Nancy

      You might be able to play around and get it to work. If it was too dry or crumbly, an extra egg might have helped. Any time a recipe isn’t sticking together well, I try adding extra egg.

    • justtryintobehealthy

      Pam, initially the same thing happened to me, but I added another egg and the mixture turned to dough almost immediately. Absolutely delicious!

  31. Janice

    just made these yesterday and was SO delighted by how good they are! Ate about a third of them (oh my the calories!) with my egg salad lunch and was in heaven! So simple! after I cut them out, I spread them out over the sheet pan, covered them with the parchment again, and re-rolled them, as I didn’t think I got them thin enough the first time. Glad I did that. Also, I cut off the rough edge, pressed them back together and rolled that piece out again, and kept doing that until I had one cracker sized piece that I could square the edged off of while I was rolling, so that I had all square crackers. Took a little extra time, but I wanted to make sure I got to have as many useable crackers as possible. thanks for sharing your recipes and knowledge with us!

  32. KarenLana

    Wow!! I just made my first batch and I am munching crackers as I type. Delicious!!!

    Made three small changes: I am allergic to eggs so substituted 1 tablespoonful of ground flaxseed mixed with 3 tablespoonfuls of water (let sit for 5 minutes then stir before adding to the almond flour). I also wanted a cheesy taste so I added some nutritional yeast flakes (about 2 tablespoonfuls) to the dry ingredients. This caused the mixture to be too dry to come together until I added a bit of coconut milk while pulsing the food processor.

    Elana, can I just say how much I appreciate your genius?!? I have been starch & grain-free for 3 months & have had terrible cravings for something crunchy & salty. Thank you so very much! =D

  33. Gwen Greer

    Just made these only tweaked them a little by adding herbs and sesame seeds. Now my problem is NOT eating the whole batch at one sitting!! ;)

  34. I was a little afraid these would taste like salty almond cookies, but no! They are very tasty, thanks for this super easy recipe :-)

  35. Garage Gyms @ garage-gyms.com

    I’m interested in trying these. Can you get almond flour at the regular grocery store or is that like a Whole Foods kind of ingredient?

  36. Leslie

    I think the oil was left out of these because I tried to make them and they did not come together…so I added 1/4 cup olive oil and the dough came together.

  37. Susan Madigan

    I have a question! I am allergic to almonds what kind of gf flour could I substitute? Thank you

  38. Donna

    These are amazing, everyone in my family loves them, your website has been a lifesaver, thank you!
    Just wondering how you store crackers, in a air tight container or in the fridge? And how long do they keep for?

  39. Jessica

    Was curious about using coconut flour instead. I don’t currently have almond flour and won’t be able to get some for at least another month. I’ve had a bad case of the stomach flu the last couple of days and these sound so much more enticing to my stomach than the other options around the house. The usual options don’t work when your gluten sensitive.

  40. Mel

    Made these as the recipe was written. We love them! Perfect for dipping

  41. Aubrey

    I just made these for my husband and I can’t believe how good they are! I thought because the recipe was so simple that they wouldn’t have much tatse, but I was so wrong. I anded up using mostly almond flour, but also some cashew flour. Tastes amazing!

  42. RachelRey

    I just made them as described. I used half Trader Joe’s almond meal and half Bob’s Red Mill. You really don’t need the finer almond flour for these. I also added half a teaspoon of garlic powder and they were delicious! Mine did burn just a bit, so make sure you are watching them closely after about 6 mins. Pull them out of the oven once they start to brown.

  43. I did not know if these were suppose to bake on the parchment paper after cutting, but that is what I did and they turned out wonderful! I followed the instructions to the letter otherwise. So good! I will have to make 5 more batches at least because hubby is going to devour them.

  44. life saver. Thank you for saving me from wolfing down any box of crackers. I am new to paleo so I am glad I am able to find substitutes so I don’t feel like I am missing out on anything

  45. artisticvegan

    I wanted almond thins for Thanksgiving and these are perfectly irresistibly delicious and crunchy! Thank you!!!

  46. Sandy Plooy

    I would like the nutrition facts. How many carbs?

  47. slbentonSharon @ gravatar.com/slbenton

    These are just crazy simple and so good! I made rounds – cut the crackers out with a champagne flute and they look really nice. (Ohhh – bet they would be good with champagne! LOL) Had to put them back in the oven for another couple minutes to get a little browner, but watch carefully – they turn quickly! Thanks for a great snack!!

  48. Nancy

    Nice recipe. I left the pepper out and just added it to the top of about 1/2 the batch. My 9 year old can be finicky with pepper. I was looking for more of a “saltine” type of cracker for her to use with guacamole or nut butter/jam. After cutting the square shapes, I went through the shapes and poked them with the prongs of a fork to make holes in them, like store bought saltines. My daughter really loved them and said that the holes make them look like real crackers. Beyond appearances though, she really enjoyed having crackers. Since they are so dense with the nuts, I do limit them to 4 or 5 crackers at a time (kind of like a serving of real crackers is “supposed” to be). But they are super tasty and it would be easy to polish off the entire batch in one sitting, if you are prone to snacking. I am looking forward to playing around with seasoning too. I bet you could make them “nacho” flavored or “ranch” flavored with the right combinations of seasonings. Very versatile!

  49. Leah

    Made this tonight as we are trying to cut down on carbs, eat more ‘real’ food. Wow, very tasty. I cooked them a bit longer to get a more toasted flavour. Satisfies the urge for crunchy salty. thanks for sharing!

  50. Erica

    YUM!! I am usually a very clean eater, sticking easily to Paleo (I have a gluten allergy) and lots of raw foods over the warm months. However when it gets cold outside, all I want to do is eat. I have to make sure I have healthy “cheat foods” on hand and these crackers hit the spot! I ate some with avocado and bacon for lunch.
    * I added dried Thyme to the recipe and these are so delicious. THANK YOU!!

  51. Jane

    I just made these exactly per your instructions, they are delicious. Thank you. Have been grain free just a few weeks but had been missing crackers for my cheese treats. Thank you so much. Excellent timing for superbowl weekend!

  52. Tracy @ MyFoodAffair

    These are beyond delicious! Just heaven in a crunchy, salty- treat! Thank you so much xxx

  53. Michelle

    These came together so quickly and easily. Thanks for the recipe. The crackers worked well with tuna, as I would have eaten saltines in the past.

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