Beet Hummus

Beet Hummus

Paleo Beet Hummus is made with 5 healthy ingredients. To make this colorful veggie dip you’ll need roasted beets, tahini, lemon juice, garlic, and salt. Traditional hummus is typically made with chickpeas, a legume that is not paleo. This hummus recipe uses beets instead of chickpeas, so it is the perfect paleo dip for parties and picnics. I also like to think of this Paleo Beet Hummus as a beet tahini. We serve Paleo Beet Hummus with my Salt & Pepper Crackers or veggie sticks.

When it comes to beets, I find that many people have a love-hate relationship with them. In general, they either love them or hate them. Me? I am a beet lover. I think they’re absolutely beautiful. I adore the color of beets and enjoy their sweet, earthy taste. My husband on the other hand, does not share my love of this little root vegetable. This comment from Jerry on my How to Roast Beets post sums up my husband’s perspective:

“From a man’s point of view – beets taste like dirt and there’s no disguising this fact!”

Thank you Jerry, my husband could not have said it better himself 😊. So, all you beet haters, look away from this beet recipe, and head on over to my easy Paleo Beet Cake recipe. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with this pretty purple cake. My husband certainly was.

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Beet Hummus
  1. Place all ingredients in a food processor and pulse until smooth
  2. Serve with crackers

This Paleo Beet Hummus recipe is based on one created by Elise at Simply Recipes. She is one of my favorite bloggers, and has been incredibly inspiring to me since I started this blog in 2006.

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  1. Laurel says

    Funny how just yesterday I was speculating on what I’d put into a beet hummus so I could use up some leftover beets. My husband looked at me like I was crazy .Hah!

  2. bgibson135 says

    I love beets, so this is on the menu! I’ve tried carrots, and sometimes add Tumeric to get that bright orange color (which would look great with this purple). I’ve also added fresh Basil or Italian Parsley to make the hummus green. I’ve started buying roasted garlic from Whole Foods to add to the hummus (fresh garlic gives a little more bite). Cumin usually, but for beets might try something else and head in a different direction. I call hummus my “grazing meal”. I’ll get a couple of types of olives, slice up some red/yellow/green bell pepper & sweet onion, carrots, some small tomatoes, smoked oysters, maybe some cheese. I also dip with the shredded wheat cereal.

  3. tracy says

    DEEEEE-Licious! this recipe is seriously fantastic. served this as an app with goat cheese, using cucumber slices as the “cracker”. can’t wait to make it again!

  4. says

    Wow I never would have thought to add beets to hummus! genius! I have an internal love-hate relationship with beets but sometimes I get a craving I have to satisfy and I think this just might do the trick!

  5. Diane says

    I have been staring at this recipe for a few months and keep forgetting to roast beets. Today I thought, “I can’t wait any longer!” and made it with raw beets in the Vita-mix. Amazing!

  6. says

    I’m a hummus fanatic. And yet I’ve never made anything like this. Well, when I can get my farmer’s market beets, that will definitely change. Great recipe!

  7. shay says

    Love it! I tried it with 1/2 Tahiti and 1/2 almond butter and it was super yummy. I can’t eat garbanzo beans but I love hummus so I am so stoked to find a new way to make it.

  8. Metta says

    How very interesting. I love raw beets, but haven’t enjoyed them cooked. Traditional hummus is a bit heavy for me, but I think subbing the chickpeas with beets just might be the perfect option.

  9. says

    This looks wonderful! One of my favorite tapas places in NY serves a beet hummus that I think is just like this and I’m addicted! I get a huge tub of it to go every time I go to the city, but now I might have to make it myself! I usually eat it spooned into endive leaves – it makes a really beautiful hors d’oeuvre. Thanks!!

  10. says

    hm… beet kvass is the only form of beets my family can agree on, but hummus might actually work! anything with tahini and garlic goes a long way around here. but like the husbands above, roasted beets do not appeal to my man at all.

  11. says

    I am a beet lover and can’t wait to try out this recipe. My fiance is also a beet hater, though I did get him to try my red velvet cupcakes (made with beets) and he love them.

    Thanks :)

  12. says

    Thanks for this recipe, I have a lot of beets on hand right now, and my son loves hummus. I’m always trying to find new ways to sneak other vegetables into his food. This looks perfect!

  13. Carrie says

    We’re the other way around. My husband adores beets and their earthy flavor, and can’t fathom why my tastebuds read earthy as dirt! I’ve tried them every way possible, because I adore the color and their health benefits are manifest, but I can’t get around the taste. However, I’ll keep trying, because I finally fell in love with Brussels sprouts–after committing to trying them a new way twice a year…

    • Kristin says

      I’ve heard it is in your genes – either you love them, or they taste like dirt to you and they always will. The same thing as cilantro – some people love it and to others it tastes like soap!

    • Marie says

      Carrie~ I recommend 2 things to rev up your taste buds to beets. #1: try Elana’s Beet/Carrot/Jicama salad which draws in the natural sweet/tartness of the juices with the carrots & refreshing jicama. It pulls some of the “earthy” flavour out to make beets more palatable. #2: if you have a juicer, add 1/2 beet to carrot+apple juice. You may find you’ll quickly learn to like the beet flavour. I used to be a beet hater, but no more thanks to juicing!
      P.S. make sure to really clean the beets, or peel them to get rid of some of that “dirt” flavour.

    • Cherie says

      Maybe you could try yellow (aka golden) beets. They have all of the health benefits of the red beets with a much milder flavor. I chop them up into small pieces and then cook them in soups and stew. I’ve found them at Whole Foods in our area (Chicago suburbs).

  14. Sylvia Wildflower Smiles says

    wow, thanks! i am always looking for new things to do with beets! Although my husband stands in the same position as yours, hmmm…

  15. Chelsea says

    Hey Elana,

    What do you suggest to serve with this dip? What tastes good dipped in beet hummus? I’m really curious!

    • Jamie says

      We ate it with veggies, chips and crackers. Very delicious and surprisingly sweet, even my young kids liked it.

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