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gluten free biscuits recipe

Okey dokey, here comes a turkey day fave.  I’ve had a lot of requests for a gluten free biscuit lately, especially in my forums.  These biscuits are super easy to make and high protein fare to boot.  So you just might want to add these to your Thanksgiving menu.  Or your Christmas dinner menu.  Or a brunch menu.  As you can see, they’re quite versatile.



  1. In a medium bowl, combine almond flour, salt and baking soda
  2. In a large bowl, blend together coconut oil, eggs and honey
  3. Stir the dry ingredients into the wet until a nice dough forms
  4. Roll out dough between 2 pieces of parchment paper to ¾ inches thick
  5. Dust dough with extra almond flour if it is sticky and/or misbehaving
  6. Cut the dough into biscuits using a mason jar with a 2 ½-inch wide mouth
  7. Using a spatula, transfer biscuits to a parchment lined baking sheet
  8. Bake at 350° for 15 minutes, until biscuits are browned on the bottom edges
  9. Serve with gravy, jelly or whatever else your heart desires

Makes about 7 biscuits

Here are some more gluten free biscuit recipes you might like:

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To help you with your biscuit making adventures I’m giving away a 5lb bag of blanched almond flour from Honeyville! To enter leave a comment below. Everyone everywhere is eligible and I will pick the winner at random. This contest will end at midnight on November 21st, 2010.

Update: this giveaway is now over and the winner was Jennifer Bussey!

Speaking of giveaways, below are a few friends who are giving away The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook:

-Totally Together Reviews (Leave a comment by 5pm PST on 11/15/2010)
-The Daily Meal (Upload a Thanksgiving recipe to TheDailyMeal.com by 11pm EST on 11/16/2010)
-Natural Solutions Magazine (Register for the Natural Solutions eNewsletter by 11:59pm MST on 11/30/2010)

What better way to use your bag of blanched almond flour than with a free copy of The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook!

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  1. Debbie

    You are amazing–had a crazy craving for gravy, now you have biscuits, before that was mashed potatoes. I love your blog!

    • Leslie Lavender

      I am very new to GF cooking/baking. I was looking for a quick biscuit/roll/bread recipe yesterday that used ingredients I already owed! I am adventuresome, but not ready to wing-it with substitutions just yet.

      This recipe is amazing! Hubby devoured the biscuits and they were fabulous this morning warmed over ( I wrapped the leftovers in the parchment paper from the baking sheet and left them out overnight.They didn’t dry out. I microwaved them for 30 seconds and they were like fresh out of the oven).

      The dough is very sticky and I didn’t want to overwork it. I put the dough between sheets of waxed paper and patted it into a rectangular shape. Then I peeled off the top sheet and used a sharp knife to cut the dough into semi-squares. I used a knife and spatula to transfer the dough to the baking sheet and proceeded as directed. Easy, fast and delicious!

  2. Karen H.

    You read my mind! I have been gathering up my recipes to use for Thanksgiving this year and was short a biscuit recipe. Once again you save the day!

    Thank you so much for your hard work and the great recipes you so generously and freely provide.

    You just rock.

  3. Jenn Purdy

    Do you think these would work with real butter, too? I use a delicious butter made with milk from grass fed cows.

    And, thanks! I’ve been pondering what I can bring to T-giv that’s grain-free. Now my son and I won’t have to skip the bread.


  4. Bev

    I would love to try almond flour! I try to eat clean, and am beginning to focus on gluten-free. Love your recipes!

  5. Jennifer Stephenson

    Love your site and recipes; would love to win a bag of flour!

  6. Candace Kroeger

    These biscuits look great, but did you leave something out of the instructions between steps 4 and 5? How did you get the dough into biscuit shapes for baking?

  7. Kim Brown

    Since finding out I am gluten/carbohydrate intolerant I have had to learn to cook entirely different and almond flour has just saved my life. Now I can eat cookies, breads and pie crust again. The flavor of baked goods with almond flour tastes much better than the gluten stuff you can buy in a bakery.

  8. These biscuits look so easy to make! Now if only I could find a Canadian source for blanched almond flour….

  9. Nancy

    I just have a question about the recipe. Do I cut out the biscuits with a circular cutter before transferring to baking sheet and then re-roll the remaining dough and cut again, or would that cause the dough to become less fluffy? Could I just cut square biscuits before transferring? Thank you. I love my Honeyville almond flour. We buy it two bags at a time and make fig rosemary crackers in triple batches every week.
    Thank you for your wonderful selection of recipes.

  10. Sharon

    I had posted a new thread in the forums wondering if you could roll out and cut biscuits with the cookbook biscuit recipe. I just came up with an idea that I’m going to try, instead of going through the whole rolling out dough thing (which I’m not very good at yet) I’m going to try using a mini square silicone muffin pan to get consistently sized biscuits. I love mini food and for thanksgiving when people eat too much anyways mini size could be good.

  11. Lee Ann Huebner

    Have not tried almond flour or coconut flour…where do I find them?

  12. Liz

    A family member was recently diagnosed with diabetes… I’d love to share this with them to help them see that there are viable options; they don’t have to either give up the baked goods they love, and they don’t have to keep hurting themselves with comfort food blood sugar spikes.

    Good luck to all who enter. I know this giveaway will be put to good use, wherever it ends up.


  13. maita

    These biscuits sound so delicious and easy to make! I can’t wait to try them!

  14. Brandi

    I have been looking for a good gluten free biscuit recipe… now I just need some almond flour to try them out!

  15. Maria

    I’m going to try these–and hope that I do not overeat them! Thank you!

  16. Cora

    Can’t wait to try it! I haven’t had much luck making grain-free bread products, but hopefully this one works for my 3 little picky eaters!

  17. Mary

    Living here in Iowa, we don’t have the opportunity to get the products you suggest – wish we had a closer Whole Foods other than 2 1/2 hours away! Your recipes look great. My 5 y/o granddaughter is celiac and a Type I diabetic. I just want to make her life easier…I hate the face she makes when we have to tell her that something contains wheat and she can’t have it. Totally stinks!

    • Barbara W.

      All of these “hard to find” items like almond and coconut flour are available through Amazon. Trader Joes does sell almond flour in a small bag but it’s not blanched and is not nearly as fine as some I’ve purchased online.

  18. Megan

    These look great, can’t wait to try them!

  19. Hanri S @ hanriyoga.co.uk

    Ooh, these look good.
    With Christmas coming up, the thing I miss the most from the gluten world are the Italian Christmas cakes – either the Panettone or Pandoro cake. Any ideas on how I could make a ‘healthy’ gluten-free version?

    • I was just wondering about Panettone a couple days ago too. If anyone figures out an SCD (grain-free, dairy-free, soy-free, honey-sweetened) way to do it, please let me know. Thanks!

      I also want to find an SCD version of “Poor Man’s Cake”. Please let me know if you see one.


  20. suzan

    We miss biscuits around here. Thanks for this recipe and the others. I plan to make these and I might add some chopped fresh cranberries, too.

  21. cimmonz

    thanks so much for the recipe, e! ..and the chance to win almond flour! …and the links! ;o)

  22. Tina Jo

    Can’t wait to try this recipe!! I love the Honeyville blanched almond flour. Way and above the best almond flour out there!

  23. Yolandi

    Thanks for the great blog!
    I was looking for a great biscuit recipe with almond flour and this sounds delicious will definitely try this.

  24. Carrie

    I would love to try some blanched almond flour. I’ve been making my own in the coffee grinder and some recipes just don’t quite turn out.

  25. I’ve never used blanched almond flour before! I’d love to give it a try!

  26. these look divine. Can’t wait to try them!!!

  27. Patricia

    I just got your cook book and am so anxious to try many of your recipes in it. Your biscuits look wonderful. Now all I need is the flour!

  28. Abby H.

    Thank you for the recipe! I’ve been looking for one like this…

  29. Hallie @ Daily Bites @ hallieklecker.com

    These are beautiful, Elana!

  30. Patricia

    Almond flour is the best! I made your gluten free sandwhich bread (version 2) last week as my first attempt at gluten free baking, and it turned out light, fluffly and super DELICIOUS! Thanks for sharing!
    Happy Monday!

  31. Hi Elana,

    I can’t wait to try the almond flour biscuits! Thank you for sharing the recipe with us.

    Kris from TN

  32. Tracy

    These sound so yummy! I will definitely be making them for Thanksgiving and other dinners too!

  33. Karen

    Everything I have made from your cookbook has turned out great! I love almond flour – Honeyville is the best!

  34. Karen R

    These look great! I can’t wait to try them, and thanks for making the holidays a little more relaxed for people with food allergies! This time of year normally stresses me out, but now I’m armed with so many great recipes!

  35. domestic diva

    Lovely! Thanks for the chance.

  36. kari

    These biscuits sound great.

  37. Chelsea P.

    I just recently found out I am allergic to gluten, but I have yet to try any recipes with almond flour. I see the possibilities are endless! Thanks for the recipe Elana. It sounds great, and I can’t wait to try it!

  38. jessica

    They looks great – Thanks for providing such an easy alternative!

  39. Ann

    Hey :) I was just wondering about almond flour!! I would love to start using it.. and these biscuits above sound fabulous.


  40. Mary Carroll

    Thanks for this! I’ve been searching for an easy GF biscuit and this looks like just the ticket. Thanks for all your hard work!

  41. chris

    Oh my gosh!! All the things we have “given up” and now we can enjoy! Thank you<3 Chris

  42. Jennifer Warnick

    Thanks, almond flour makes Thanksgiving so much easier…so much of the meal is traditionally wheat and I’m determined to help the family see that it is possible to celebrate gluten free!

  43. Laurie

    Oh Elana! My husband is going to love this biscuit recipe. He’s from the deep South and loves biscuits with ANY meal and is quite fond of of your Banana Blueberry Muffins recipe. He never realized how eating gluten-free could be for both of us. Thank you!

  44. oh how I would LOOOVE to win a bag of almond flour….thanks for all your GREAT recipes!!!

  45. Kirsten

    Biscuits! My kids will love these. Thank you, Elana–great timing.

  46. Seana

    Thanks, Elana! We love your buscuit recipe!

  47. Mary Kay

    These look great. I’d love to win the flour as I’m almost out. I just made the pumpkin muffins yesterday. they are very good.

  48. Ohhhhhh Biscuits!
    I haven’t had biscuits in ages.
    Will have to make these this week. Perfect now that the weather is cooler and stews and soups are more common.

  49. Julie

    I love your recipes, Elana! This biscuit recipe is one of my FAVORITES. :) Thanks for helping us not to feel deprived anymore.

  50. Tammy Lou McIlwain

    If I receive the new giveaway for the Almond flour I will be making these biscuits. You just have the easiest prep for gluten free I have encountered. I have yet to try buying an almond flour on-line as I’m afraid it will not be a very good product so I am only able to purchase Bob’s Red Mill as it’s the only one available in my area. Mmmmm bisuits for Thanksgiving again! I can’t count the yrs. I have gone without them it’s been soooo long!

  51. These will be perfect with our meal. Though as I read the recipe, it made me hungry for come cinnamon rolls. Off to search for a recipe!


  52. I am new to gluten free and this recipe looks so easy and delicious!

  53. emily @ emutile.com

    These look yummy. I’d love to win the flour and make a batch.

  54. Melanie

    These will definitely be on my table at Thanksgiving!

  55. Theresa Picoriello

    Hi Elana, just in time. i think i will not only have these with Thanksgiving dinner, i will also make some ahead to try in stuffing?. will have to experiment. LOVE your recipes please keep them comming!

  56. Sandy Seefeldt

    Love trying all your amazingly delicious recipes! You have made eating fun again!! Thank you!

  57. Heidi

    Would love a 5lb bag of almond flour. I bought two bags a few months ago and went through them so fast. Honeyville definitely is the best product out there. I love baking with almond flour and trying out your recipes. Thank you for all that you do with this website.

  58. Kate

    Wow – thank you so much – I just placed my first order from Honeyville and will be trying these by the end of the week – look great!!

  59. Sharon Gartley

    Almond flour is the best thing ever. I was so excited when I discovered it, and then I discovered your website and your book and would like to give you a giant hug! I am diabetic and allergic to wheat and love that you are address about glycemic issues as well as gluten issues.

    • Sharon Gartley

      … must fix that last sentence! :-) I love that you address glycemic issues as well as gluten issues! Don’t how that “are” and “about” snuck in there. Sentence revision gone bad! ;-)

  60. Concetta27

    If I am lucky enough to win the flour, this is the first recipe I will try. Thanks for your site!

  61. Michelle Duhll

    Thanks so much. I have been dreaming about cheesy biscuits for thanksgiving. May experiment with adding some sharp cheddar? Love your recipes!

  62. Vicki Goldsberry

    These sound delightful! I can’t wait to try them… and to share this recipe with gluten-free friends of mine. yum!

  63. Janice

    I will have to try these. Biscuits are my downfall. Love them.

  64. How would it work if i substituted stevia instead of agave? would i add more liquid? I ‘m on a sugar/starch free diet.

  65. Heather

    I see that you are using Earth Balance. I did, too, until I found Spectrum’s non-hydrogenated Palm Oil solid shortening. And now they have a natural, non-dairy butter flavored one as well! I find both bake up better than Earth Balance (even though we still use EB on the table).
    FWIW– love your recipes and your attitude towards life!

  66. Kerstin

    Hi there!
    I switched to grain/gluten free about 6months ago. While losing 30 lbs. I have found that by baking with Almond flour and using your recipes (I have your cookbook), the food is absolutely delicious and no one who has tasted it can believe that it’s made with almond flour. However. my first 5 lb. has finally run out, so I would love to win another 5 lb.
    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone,

  67. Jody Shine

    We have been playing with a number of your recipes, and am absolutely thrilled to find almond flour to be a fantastic replacement for the starchy, carby alternatives for gluten-free baking. Thank you.

  68. Michelle

    As someone who is new to going gluten free, I am so thankful for all of your recipes!!

  69. Leslie

    Your website and cookbook have been an extraordinary find for me! I LOVE your recipes – they are simply delicious! I have told many, many people about you.

  70. Stephanie

    These look delicious! My husband has Celiac’s and we’ve been trying to eat grain-free as well. Your almond flour recipes have been a blessing. And, I’m running low on almond flour…thanks for giving away a bag!

  71. jody beasley

    i am very excited to try this recipe. i just picked a bag of almond flour from bob’s red meal. wasn’t sure what, how to use it. i copied a recipe for me and one for my daughter. i have been very hungry for biscuts lately, especially for breakfast.
    thanks so much for sharing

  72. Shawna

    Elana, I made your pumpkin pie muffins for a potluck yesterday and they were a hit! Thanks for all of your fabulous recipes.

  73. Sharon

    Elana! Can you see me doing the happy dance? Biscuits, woo hoo! I am just coming off a very restrictive weight loss program and am now in the high protein phase. I just ordered your cook book but it’s not here yet. The 5 lbs of flour would be the icing on my “thinner & healthier” cupcake! Thank you so much for all your healthy recipes!

  74. Stacey

    I wanted to know whether or not you could sub the earth balance natural buttery spread with either butter or palm oil shortening. There are several ingredients in the spread that I can’t have so I’d like to sub but I wasn’t exactly sure what the spread was doing in the recipe. Looks great though!

  75. Jordan

    This recipe sounds great. I’ve never even seen almond flour anywhere so winning a bag would be excellent.

  76. Irene

    Thanks for the recipe and thanks for your web site. I look at it everyday. Your hard work is appreciated.

  77. How perfect, I just got back from overseas, and this is what I’ll make tonight. I have a new honey to try and this will be a perfect match!

  78. Melissa

    These biscuits look yummy! Would love to win the almond flour and try this recipe along with some of the other bread recipes you have posted. Thanks for posting your amazing recipes, everyone I have tried so far have all turned out great!

  79. MS

    Can’t wait to try these biscuits!

  80. AnneKD

    Thanks! I’ll have to try these.

  81. Cathryn

    Those biscuits look yummy. Have the recipe printed out and I’m ready to experiment tonight!

  82. Becky D

    I’ll be trying these for dinner tonight! If they get the thumbs up from the little guy and the big guy, I’ll be making them for Thanksgiving. They look terrific!

  83. Emily Gremore

    These will be wonderful with turkey gravy!

  84. anne tower

    I would love some flour as I looooove your recipes – can’t seem to find that flour anywhere in duluth MN!

  85. aimee

    i am going to make these today- so excited!
    thank you!!

  86. Darkhorse

    Mmmmm…biscuits sound great! Thanks Elana!

  87. S J Supp

    I love the almond flour recipes in your cookbook. The flour costs $10 a pound out here when I can get it. A five-pound bag would be wonderful.


  88. marsha

    Perfect timing…I get to try this recipe before Thanksgiving!

  89. Almond flour is amazing and such a great alternative to wheat flour. Can’t wait to give the biscuit recipe a try!

  90. Shirley @ gfe @ glutenfreeeasily.com

    Elana, my dear friend, you never cease to amaze me with your super simple almond flour recipes. This one will be on the menu tonight at our house. Have to do a test run, you know? ;-)

    And, who wouldn’t love 5 lbs of Honeyville almond flour? Great giveaway!


  91. Sue

    Mmmmm! These were tasty, even though I messed up a bit. I was using butter and it was rock hard. When I tried to soften it, it ended up melting! So I made drop biscuits.

  92. Those look great! Would they work with real butter?

  93. Kathy Widing

    Thanks so much for all the great recipes. So glad i can add bisquits to the menu. Keep up the good cooking.


  94. Linda

    OMG, I was all set to go make these biscuits, have everything but the agave nectar which I’m waiting on from Amazon. Shoot!! Is there anything I can use in the meantime? And totally can’t wait to make the gravy for Thanksgiving. I love that your recipes sound so easy and look so delicious!! Linda:-)

  95. Mary

    My family loves biscuits! I haven’t made any in ages, since going gluten free. Thanks for all your recipes! Can’t wait to try this! I would love a bag of almond flour, too! ;-)

  96. tara ott @ feedyourbody.ca

    we love almond flour. A link to our blog is also on our website!

  97. Pam R.

    Yum!! Can’t wait to make these for turkey day!!

  98. I will have to try these too! I am also planning on making coconut flour ones (I have soup and stews on the meal plan this week and company coming tonight!)

  99. Amy in KY

    Cannot wait to try this recipe. Thanks for sharing!

  100. Joy

    I have used many of your recipes, and found them to be absolutely yummy! I can’t wait to try this one! :^)

  101. Amy Broderick

    Awesome Elana! I was just thinking I want to make gluten free biscuits and then poof they appear! :o) Can’t wait to try them.

  102. These look amazing! My boyfriend is coming back to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving this year, and he was just telling me what amazing rolls his mom always made for Thanksgiving, and I was so sad he wouldn’t get them at our gluten-free holiday! Looks like I have a perfect substitute now! Thanks! :-D

  103. Allison

    “Grain Free Gourmet” offers a neat tip for getting crusty biscuits/rolls- place a pan of water on the bottom rack. It works great. These already look crusty though! Yum!

  104. Natalia - a side of simple @ asideofsimple.wordpress.com

    Thank you doesn’t even begin to express it :)

  105. Saskia

    Hi Elana, we made the biscuits from your cookbook and they are yummy! Unfortunately, I’m not doing eggs right now so we’ll have to find a sub for that. I’m thinking we’ll try some flax and see how it goes!

  106. Katie

    Hi Elana,

    I would LOVE that almond flour. I am a student studying in Scotland and I cannot find almond flour anywhere!! I do not have a blender to make my own either…..unless of course I win that Vita mix!!!


  107. Debbie

    Elana I have been making your GF bisquits for quite a while. I add herbs or blueberris and top w a bit of, shhhh, sugar. My baking is now almost exclusively with Honeyville’s almond flour.

  108. 4kiddos

    I love Honeyville Almond Flour! And, I’m almost out so this would be great to win in time for the holidays:) I will definitely be making these bisquits! I love all the GF and Grain F recipes! Thanks!

  109. This recipe looks great! I am fairly new to the world of gluten-free (I’m also dairy-free), and have yet to try almond flour, although I’ve been wanting to! :)

  110. Stephanie

    So glad I found your site. Trying to eat low carb and your recipies are life savers! Can’t wait to try these.

  111. Jennifer

    I HEART HONEYVILLE…& your blog!!! : )

  112. lisa @ kellys.org

    Can’t wait to try these! In fact, I think I’ll make them tonight to practice, and see how my family likes them. Thanks for suggesting the parve butter substitute, although maybe I’ll make them with butter along with our dairy meal for tonight.

    For Thanksgiving dinner, I’m sure these biscuits will be delicious with the kosher, organic, grass-fed, pasture-raised turkey we’re getting from http://www.kolfoods.com.

  113. Suzanne

    I can’t wait to try these. Haven’t found a really good gf biscuit recipe yet, and it’s been 2 years! I love Honeyville almond flour!

  114. Lauren

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  115. Vrie

    I’m sitting here trying to decide whether my comment should be raving about Honeyville Farms and how many times a week I use their almond flour, or drooling over your new biscuits. You may, in fact, have been reading my mind for several weeks now, since you’ve consistently posted the things I’ve been craving. If you are, I’m okay with it. Just keep using your powers for good.

  116. debra

    i’ve yet to try the honeyville brand as i’m too lazy to purchase online. seems easier to just by a bag of bob’s while at the store. but it’d be great to get a chance to try it out! :D

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  118. These look great! Do you think I could put a filling inside before baking them? I’m definitely going to try and make them.

  119. Jennifer Pfeiffer

    Those biscuits look delicious. Thank you.

  120. Allison

    Love your recipes!! Almond flour is delish!

  121. Bomama

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  122. Megan L

    yay for free almond flour! thanks for the give-away, love your blog and all your great recipes :)

  123. Hannah

    I’d love to win the flour…I am on my last bag! :( I love your recipes, even experiemented and made my own gluten free pumpkin biscotti, which turned out really well! Thanks for all the great food!

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  125. Aura

    These look yummy, I would love to win that almond flour and give this bisquit recipe a whirl! ~Aura

  126. These biscuits look great! I can’t wait to try them!

  127. Karen

    We would love to try almond flour! All of us (5) are gluten free and have not tried almond flour before. We drink almond milk-so I am sure we would love it. Hope we win!
    Karen, Cesar, Max-6, Gabriel-5 and Sebastian-1!

  128. Susan Curry

    Just the recipe I was looking for, thanks.

  129. Kristin Walukas

    Thanks Elana – I made these with coconut oil and they were great!

  130. Krystal

    This recipe looks delicious! I will be sure to try it this year.

  131. nichole davis

    Hi, I would love a bag of flour. I’ve been on the scd diet for 5 months and have ground all my flour myself. I’m not sure where to buy a bag of pre-ground nuts. I’m not sure who to trust. Thanks for all the recipes to. Can’t wait to try the biscuits. :)

  132. LuraFaye Motley

    I am from a small town and don’t have a source for the earth balance natural buttery spread. Can you recommend a substitute. Would love to make these.

  133. Susan M.

    Wow, your recent recipe posts are making me look forward to Thanksgiving even more! As a recent convert to gluten-free cooking and baking, I’m excited to whip up gluten-free versions of past favorite recipes from my archives. In particular, I love making Linzer cookies for the holidays. These cookies already utilize almond flour in the recipe, but I’m interested in experimenting with turning them into gluten-free, no sugar-added cookies. I usually buy almond flour from King Arthur Flour, but it comes in such small pouches (and it’s expensive for such a small amount) that I go through one bag per holiday season on just a few batches of Linzer cookies (and that’s without them being completely gluten-free!). I’d loovvveee to have a nice 5 lb. bag of almond flour so that I can freeze some for later use and also try out more of your almond flour-based recipes from your cookbook :)

  134. Nancy

    Elana, I always look forward to your great recipes! Thanks for your help in living gluten-free…deliciously!

  135. Natalie

    I would love to win a bag of almond flour! I’ve been making my own so it would be nice to compare the two. Thanks for all the great give aways!

  136. Rachel @ bb4wa.com


    Can I use Ghee instead of the Earth Balance, same measurements?

    I am making Thanksgiving early for my son and dil who are expecting twins in the Spring. We’ve been traveling for a long time and haven’t seen them for over a year! Your biscuits will be a great addition.

    Oh, and I can pick up the almond flour when I am in Boulder next week, thank you very much. :-)


  137. Julia

    I have made your biscuits out of your cookbook and love them. I leave the agave out and add cheese and garlic. Yummy!!!

  138. Heather M

    Oh, I love Honeyville Almond Flour. The only drawback is the cost.

  139. I love almond flour in gluten-free (and vegan) baking! It improves the texture of cookies and brownies so much!

  140. Betty

    Honeyville frequently runs specials on the Almond flour, making it even more afordable, keep checking the site. Thank you Elana

  141. I look forward to trying this recipe! Thank you.
    I’d also *love* the bag of almond flour. There are so many of your recipes that I would like to try. :)

  142. Christine

    Can’t wait to try these biscuits !!!!!!!! They look delish !!!!!!!!

  143. Andrea

    Can’t wait to make these…the recipe is different in the Almond Flour Cookbook…is this a different biscuit or updated recipe? Thanks again for all you do…your recipes are all wonderful!!!

  144. MaryK

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  145. Susan M.

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    Thanksgiving will still be great because I am going to make the mashed califlower, gravy and the biscuits and take this to my mom’s so I don’t feel left out. The Almond Flour is Great and Honeyville is the BEST out there.

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    i will try these biscuits soon and will use butter…..i will post results

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    Since I love the biscuits but tend to be in a hurry and trying to exercise portion control, I’ve learned to make them in cupcake tins (with papers) and freeze them. Might sound odd but, in fact, they become a cross between a biscuit and a cupcake which fully entertains my childish fantasy about living on the edge. I love that your recipes are so versatile and packed with protein. I tweak things all the time. Another mention is your quiche recipe which my friends all request now not even realizing it is gluten free.

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  305. Daniela Tanner

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    here it is to share: 1 C yellow corn meal, 1 C flour; 1 t sea salt; 3 1/2 t baking powder; 2 T sugar [ or sub 1 T agave, I used 1 T xylitol–first batch I used stevia eww, it didn’t work] 1 well beaten egg; 1 c almond milk; 1/4 olive oil
    sift flour, salt, baking powder, sugar
    combine egg, milk, and oil
    add to dry ingredients and stir w/ a fork until moistened
    bake in greased 9 in sqaure pan- 425 for 40 minutes.

    it was light and yummy

    now to try your bisquit recipe!!

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    I was just saying to my mom today that even the Bob’s Red Mill Almond Flour is ridiculously expensive and that I wanted to try the Honeyville flour but didn’t know if I could spend the money yet. $13 in Whole Foods for a small bag. I made my mom your carrot cake with coconut oil/milk frosting for her birthday today. She and my dad both loved it.

    Hugs and Thanks,

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    Does anyone know where I can purchase the flour??

    I’ve made her other recipes on here with huge success, and love everyone of them.
    I feel I’m missing out on these other fantastic recipes by not being able to get the right flour :(

    Elana, thank you for this fantastic website of recipes of yours, I am able to eat “normally” again!!


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    Love your recipes Elana.


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    I would really love to try your blanched almond flour and make a
    wonderful loaf of bread and pancakes. I have made spelt bread over the years and I have had to stop eating many products now because of the stress it puts on my body. I have had bronchiectasis since I was 18 yrs. old and would ask you to invest in my future health. I have missed eating so many wonderful foods. I would so grateful. Maureen

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  388. Cristina

    I love the biscuit recipe! I just burned through 2 lbs. of blanched almond flour and need to replenish my supply so I can continue my baking spree of recipes from your cookbook and website. First I gave up corn and gluten, then soy and potatoes, but still not all was right. Now I am grain free and loving it. Healthier, happier and many pounds lighter. Thanks for making grain free so enjoyable!

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    I went to the CSA chapter’s Thanksgiving meal on Sunday and except for the salad I brought, there wasn’t a single thing I could eat. It all had soy, rice or some other allergen. I had offered to make an organic
    antibiotic-free turkey and was turned down. They just don’t get eating lots of processed and chemcial-laden foods doesn’t help CD/NCGS.

    I’ve got you cookbook ordered from Amazon (finally) after many check-outs from the library.

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  415. Christine Robinett

    I’ve been checking out your cookbook from the library for months and keeping as many times as they allow renewals. It’s finally on the way from Amazon. I can’t wait for the cupcake book.

    My local stores only carry Bob’s Red Mill. This has made for some rather dense, grainy-textured baked goods but I’ve eaten them anyway. I’m so ready to try the Honeyville flour!

    I am desperate to get away from all the rice-laden products that cram the gluten-free aisle at the local stores. I suspected and have now confirmed that rice and I don’t get along. I’ve got allergy/intolerance issues with several foods so I prepare pretty much everything from scratch. I can’t imagine being one of those people that gets diagnosed with CD/NCGS that for whatever reason, doesn’t cook, but then wonders why they’re not really feeling better.

    I went to the local CSA chapter’s Thanksgiving dinner Sunday. Except for the salad I brought, there wasn’t a single thing I could eat. It was all loaded with rice, soy, chemicals. I had offered to roast a small organic or free-range turkey so there wouldn’t be antibiotic residues but they refused my offer. It’s astounding how many are gluten-free and still clueless that eating organic and unprocessed is an investment in their health.

    I hope I win and can make these biscuits for my Thanksgiving.

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    My daughter Robin, now 15, was diagnsoed with celiac disease 10 years ago. At that time, white rice flour was pretty much the norm. Over the years, as more healthful flours became available, we switched to them all. Until finding your website and cookbook I ground regular almonds and added them when called for, usually in recipes by GF author Donna Washburn. Finding you, learning about using blanched almonds, and your wonderful baked goods has been great for us. Thank you.

    Shirley Bond
    British Columbia, Canada

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    Never have baked with almond flour yet. I am definitely brand new to GF cooking with much to learn while regaining my health. I would like to try your muffin recipe. Staying home alone for Turkey day this year because the family get together is a gluten nightmare. Thank you for your recipes. Your site is a number one resource for me.

  419. Oh, what a great give away! I’ve recently started cooking with my stepdaughter (Age 13) – she LOVES to cook and bake, but her mom is celiac, and they generally do not cook much at their house. While she (the daughter) was with me, we spent the summer figuring out how to cook whole meals that her mom could eat, and now she’s the main chef in their house! For Christmas I am getting her a copy of your book, and wanted to supplement it with a kind of ‘starter pack’ of food stuffs – almond flour, grapeseed oil, agave, etc (at 13 it’s not like she can hop to the store herself!)

  420. Monica Kuretza

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  438. Elana,
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  447. These turned out really good, but I would like to ask if you would experiment with adding arrowroot powder to the recipe to hold them together better. It seems like if they had a little bit of arrowroot they might hold together like your bread that you make. Let me know!

  448. Liz

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    These almond biscuits sound scrumpcous and I can wait to get some almond flour and make them- I can tell they will be my new favorite recipe for gift giving this Christmas and I will be sure to pass on your website to others.
    Mary Blackmon

  462. Audra

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  463. Brooke Atkins

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  464. Brenda Gaines

    I tried your pancake recipe and loved it.
    I’ve tried lots of gluten-free flours and combinations but couldn’t make good pancakes until now.
    I e-mailed the recipe to my children and friends.
    Then I ordered your book and some almond flour from one of the on-line sites you recommended.
    I just got the book today and can hardly wait for the flour to arrive so I can try all the recipes.

    Thank you!

  465. O. M. G. These were so good!

    I’m following SCD, so I used honey in place of agave.

    And I can’t have the Earth Balance, so I used a combo of coconut oil & grapeseed oil. It would have been all coconut oil, but I didn’t have enough. Doh!

    Even with my weird oil substitution, these biscuits still came out freakishly deeeee-licious!

    My husband already made a comment about “the next time” I make these.

    I do have a question about yield, though.

    I excitedly plopped the dough between two sheets of parchment paper and started rolling. “OK, the instructions say 1.5 inches. Let’s stop and check… Oh, this is about 1/2 that height. Hmmm.” So I mashed the dough back into a ball and then just pressed it into a loaf shape. Had I cut 3 inch rounds, I think I would have only gotten 2 biscuits + scraps.

    I knew I wanted to use the biscuits to make turkey sandwiches with the turkey I made earlier tonight, so I just cut the dough into 4 pieces and went with that.

    How many biscuits “should” this recipe make, assuming one cuts the dough into 1.5″ tall 3″ wide rounds, as described in the instructions?


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    I want to thank you for your recent posting of the Pumpkin Bars ~ I have been wanting a good recipe minus the cream cheese frosting. I made a couple of substitutions such as canned organic pumpkin, as it was on hand, and maple syrup in lieu of agave and topped it with a light sprinkling of raw cacao nibs before baking. The cacao nibs didn’t really add much flavor – only a little crunch. They were delicious!!!
    I share your son’s sentiments – my new seasonal addiction!

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    You are my top resource for Gluten-free baking and I am proud to pass on your site daily to those I meet while networking! It is amazing how many people are realizing their sickness is a food related issue with gluten!

    Blessings to you!

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    Thanks for this post! I just recently found out about my celiac and this will be the first gluten-free Thanksgiving. I’m excited to try this recipe!

  611. Sunny Heydorn @ weecyclecolorado.org

    Elena, thanks so much for the biscuit post, and for ALL your recipes. I can’t do gluten and my (almost) 3 year old son Cash is allergic to gluten, dairy, soy, rice, corn…and a host of other things. It’s not an understatement to say that your recipes have completely changed our lives. Ok, now I’m crying…. Until I discovered your blog, my son had never had pancakes, or muffins, or cookies, or bread… and now, thanks to you, he can. Life with that many allergies has meant that I always have to plan ahead, cook pretty much everything he eats, and bring it with us; your recipes have simplified that, because now I can just bake a couple times a week and we have plenty of healthy snacks I can pack up anytime. When traveling, I mix up all the “dry” ingredients of our favorite recipes, put them in separate baggies, and then when we arrive I just buy eggs, agave and grapeseed oil and I’m pretty much set. And last week we went to a birthday party and he was actually able to have a cupcake just like all the other kids. Amazing, and so important for a little kid. We’ve had so much fun baking (and eating!) your recipes together. Thank you so so much for sharing all your wonderful recipes – they have changed our lives for the better.

  612. Andrea

    not waiting for thxgiving to make these. they’ll be on the dinner table tmro nite with andouille & white beans soup! I love winter!!

    last week I made something from your book or blog every single day of the week!

  613. Rachel, Michigan

    Will try the biscuits for my son’s lunch protein food. Thank you!

  614. Christine Rog

    Can you use tapioca flour? I can’t seem to find almond flour.

  615. Alison Victoria

    I just made your carrot muffins with cocoonut frosting– deeeelicious!

  616. Lauren Brooks @ ontheedgefitness.com


    This sounds delicious. Would you mind if I featured one of your Thanksgiving in my newsletter I am sending out? I will link this page to your recipe.

    Thanks for all the wonderful healthy gluten free recipes.



    Clinical Nutritionist
    Russian Kettlebell Instructor


  617. Made these last night and they are awesome.
    I was just a tad short on almond flour, so I tossed in some coconut flour (1/8 cup) to make up the difference.

  618. Mia

    I made these with heart shaped cookie cutters they came out great. I got two thumbs up from my 4 year old nephew.

    I did change the recipe a bit. I used half the salt. I used ghee in place of the spread. I used Suzanne’s Genmai brown rice syrup in place of the agave.

    I’ll be making these for Thanksgiving too.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  619. Karin

    I am not only gluten sensitive but dairy also. So to find these biscuits is like finding gold. Can’t wait to make them.

  620. Patricia Hennigan

    I’ve made these delicious biscuits twice now, but I made them smaller and only one inch thick, and still only got 5 biscuits. Any thoughts?

  621. Ramona

    These biscuits taste good & are easy & quick to make. I found that I could just pat the dough into shape for cutting, so I didn’t have to break out the rolling pin. However I wouldn’t suggest using a quart sized Mason jar to cut the biscuits out. I almost dropped the jar several times. Next time I’ll use a plastic glass or a ring type cookie biscuit/cookie cutter!…..I also recently made the Sweet Potato Biscuits by the Gluten Free Goddess, they were very light & good! I used real butter for both recipies & they came out just fine.

  622. jessica

    YUM! this is a great great recipe…

  623. Just wanted to say that these work well as drop biscuits or on top of chicken pot pie! Drop biscuits I think are lots easier and you don’t have to use the extra 1 cup of flour to dust with. Good when you are trying to conserve your precious almond flour! I made 11 drop biscuits and cooked them halfway through, flattened them a bit and topped chicken pot pie with it! I bet it would make a good bottom crust too. Or maybe with the almond cracker dough.

  624. Elana, I just have to say I’m so glad I discovered your site. I feel much better off of grains, or at least very little, and I’m so happy I can feed my type 1 diabetic-carb-addict husband satisfying meals. He doesn’t even seem to miss the flour! He loves the almond flour biscuits and said he can’t really tell the difference. I’m so glad, because this way of eating will lower the amount of insulin he has to give himself and hopefully help him feel better in the long run and live longer!

  625. To those who are “bashing” (however nicely) or think that Bob’s Red Mill Almond Flour/Meal won’t work in this recipe—-never fear, I made these biscuits this morning using BRM, and they came out great!

    I used Himalayan Crystal Salt instead of sea salt and made no other changes in ingredients.

    I made them into 10 drop biscuits.

    The batter thickened to a perfect texture to work with. I dropped them from a serving spoon, in amounts about the size of what an ice cream scoop would hold (I’ll measure next time). I used the back of the spoon to “sort of” shape into rounds and smoothed just a little bit on the tops. They were about 3/4 to 1 inch high and about 2 to 2 1/2 inches across. After baking, they were a little larger, of course, due to the rising and spreading. They were perfectly browned and tasted wonderful!

    There is no need to waste extra almond flour and taking the time and cleaning up the mess of rolling them out.

    To see a picture of them:

    So, do not hesitate to use Bob’s Red Mill brand. It works just fine.

    My husband loved them and says this is a keeper, and he expects to have them often.

    I don’t know if it made any difference or not, but I let the Earth Balance get to room temp and stirred it with the raw agave till it was smooth, then added the eggs.


  626. Briita

    I think these will be delicious with chicken pot pie filling for dinner tonight. Might be lazy and just pour the filling over them.

  627. Jessica

    I have got to try these.

  628. I love biscuits, all sort of biscuits and i must try these to save money and know that i am eating good stuff.

  629. Sheryl Gilbert

    These are the best biscuits ever. Way better than any gluten biscuits I ate before I had celiac. Thanks for this recipe and all the others.

  630. Jana Hansen @ mlis.com

    I made these for our office and they were AMAZING! Thank you for such wonderful recipes- keep them coming!!

  631. susan @ shandells.com

    Hi Elana,

    I was given you book from Margaret Roach from http://awaytogarden.com.
    This is the first recipe that I made, well I am now hooked on almond flour. I have been gluten free for 8 months and have resisted baking because of all of the flours and other ingredients I do not want to eat.
    Loving to bake and have baked good is the most frustrating thing not to have. Thank you for your blog and book. Museli scones and a quiche are on the menu for tonight.


  632. Rachel

    Would these biscuits be good for a strawberry shortcake type of biscuit?

  633. AudreyV

    Hi Elana,
    I’m a big fan of your blog and your cookbook. I just had to tell you that I made the Classic Drop Biscuits from your cookbook last night. They are fabulous! One of the best GF baked goods that I’ve ever made. And easy too. I’m going to use them for strawberry shortcake. But they might also be my go-to biscuit to replace yeast rolls for Easter, Christmas and Thanksgiving. Also wonderful just for dinner, or toast for breakfast. I can’t thank you enough!

  634. Laura

    I just made your biscuit recipe for the first time and I substituted ground flax seeds with water for eggs. It worked perfectly. Simple to make and vegan adaptable. :)

  635. Michelle

    I used Trader Joe’s Almond Meal and followed the Classic Drop Biscuit recipe (which is very similar to this recipe–it calls for 1 tsp lemon juice and 4 T of sweetener), and it turned out great! The texture is a little more like a muffin than a biscuit, but that has been said in the forum by people using blanched almond flour as well. I swapped oils and sweeteners, using coconut oil and honey. We loved these–they’ll definitely be made again.

  636. Jeana

    I have made these several times for my boys to eat on our Almond day (rotation diet). This last time, I doubled the batch and instead of rolling them out, I patted the dough into a big rectangle…then I took out my mini tape measure to make sure I was close to 1.5 inches. I then cut them into rectangles and baked as usual. Saved a bunch of time, but weren’t as pretty looking as the round ones. I also added a tsp of guar gum since mine seem to crumble a bit when I cut them. I find they are better the next morning or after being frozen. Thanks for making a great, healthy, meal!

  637. I made these for my daughter’s first birthday as shortcakes. We topped them with strawberries and whipped cream. They were a hit. I bought “dessert shells” for the regular people, thinking only I and my daughter would eat the grain free variety, but everyone chose these. Awesome awesome recipe. :) Thanks!

  638. Barbara

    I was craving a biscuit. Thanks! Hope you had fun at the beach with the other gals!

  639. Tracy

    I made these once before, but not as biscuits. I had a craving for taco pie, which uses biscuit mix as the crust. I found this recipe and made a Paleo taco pie using this biscuit recipe as the crust, then topped with taco meat, cheese and veggies, it was delicious, the crust was amazingly good!

  640. jenster76 @ jenster76.etsy.com

    has anyone tried these with almond meal?

  641. Nicole T @ TranquilBaby.com

    Eating my first one of these right out of the oven with butter and am blown away by how good they are! I haven’t eaten a biscuit in well over 7 months since going gluten-free and eating Paleo/Primal so this is beyond exciting :) Thanks so much for these little gems!

  642. James T OBrien

    Is almond flour recommended for people with diabetes – type 2. Thanks

    • TJ

      Disclaimer – I am not a doctor or nutritionist or any other sort of official person.

      That said, I would say yes, almond flour is safe for diabetics, as it is just ground up almonds. If you can eat almonds, you should be able to eat almond flour. According to Bob’s Red Mill’s site, a serving of almond flour, which is 1/4 c. has 6g carbs, 3 of which is dietary fiber and 1 of which is sugars.

      Other grain-free “flours” you can use are flaxseed meal and coconut flour, and possibly brown rice flour. 3 of the recipes I regularly use call for a combination of flax and almond, or a combination of flax, almond, and coconut. Coconut is a finer ground flour, but it tends to be drier, so you might need a tad more liquid if you are subbing it for another flour.

  643. Carissa

    I over cooked them on accident, so I dipped them in melted butter, and rolled them in powdered sugar and I made doughnuts! They were good ! Cinnamon, and chocolate were good on it too! Thanks for the recipe!

  644. Michelle Varrin

    I used coconut flour for the dusting and it worked stupendously. It also gave them that sort of powdery/dry bisquit crust. Great recipe. Thanks!

  645. In the past, Passover was oh-so boring! Not anymore! I made these for breakfast this morning and added some dried strawberries. I replaced the soy free spread with sunflower oil. Delish! Thanks, Elana!

  646. Jennifer Monday

    I bought Bob’s Red Mill almond flour before I discovered your site. I made your biscuits using that flour, and the taste was wonderful but the texture was very grainy (like cornbread). I would love to use this flour before I buy more. This may be a VERY stupid question, but can I put the Bob’s Red Mill flour in my food processor to make it any finer??

  647. Betsy

    I just made these tonight for the first time, substituting ghee for the buttery spread. They were amazing. I made them into strawberry shortcakes, using a stevia-erythritol blend to sweeten the strawberries, and topping with honey-lemon whipped cream (raw cream, raw honey, stevia-erythritol, homemade vanilla, and Young Living lemon essential oil). It was the best strawberry shortcake any of us had ever had. Thanks so much for a delicious grain-free shortcake!

  648. Heather Stepniewski

    Loved these biscuits! My husband declared them the best biscuits he has ever had. I am going to make them for shortbread and fresh strawberries this weekend. Thanks for all of your hard work!

  649. Erica M

    I had a horrible time making these biscuits. The dough is VERY, VERY sticky, the extra almond flour sprinkled on top to “help prevent sticking”, did not work for me and made more of a mess than anything else. I tried dusting my biscuit cutter in flour (the flour didn’t stick). I tried dusting my spatula in flour (once again, the flour didn’t stick). I dusted my parchment paper in flour (the dough still stuck to EVERYTHING). Once I finally got some biscuits on the baking sheet, the bottoms burned before the inside was cooked all the way through. The edible parts of the biscuit tasted really good, but there has to be a better way of rolling/cutting them out and getting them to the pan. Maybe next time I will just try dropping them onto the pan in 1/4 to 1/3 of a cup amount and see what happens.

    P.S. None of this is to say that Elana has a bad recipe. I love all of her recipes. I use them often, and I also own both of her books. I just struggled in making this particular recipe and would like some help, tips, and/or insight for the next time I try these. Especially if I am making them for guests.

    • Erica M

      Oh, and I also used 1/2 cup of 100% Pure Maple Syrup instead of the Agave because I was out. Not sure if the maple syrup contributed to the stickiness of the dough.

  650. theresa

    agave nectar in the biscuits reciept do you have to put it in it? and do you have to use celtic sea salt i don’t even know what that is.

    Thanks you

  651. Stacia

    I’ve made these biscuits twice now. The first time I made them according to the recipe and rolled them out with the parchment, etc. The second time I just dropped them onto the baking sheet and they turned out great. Some of the modifications I made include: using regular butter instead of the spread, tablespoon of honey instead of agave, and I added some shredded cheese. I also baked them about 5 minutes longer the second time around because I like them more crispy. What a great, fun, flexible recipe. I think you could leave out the sweetener and it would be fine.

  652. TJ

    This is a great (albeit expensive to make) recipe. I am not needing gluten free, but I am currently on a restrictive diet to eliminate excess yeast, so finding recipes that have no grain (except brown rice), no yeast, no sugar or sweetener (except stevia), no dairy, no soy, and a few other things, is hard to do. I made these with Spectrum shortening instead of the spread listed, and with a tablespoon of unsweetened applesauce with 5 drops Stevita instead of the agave. I might attempt to sub out coconut flour for part of the almond meal the next time I make them, just for cost purposes. Thanks for experimenting and sharing your successes!

  653. Jane

    Great biscuits! In Australia, ‘biscuits’ are more like what you call cookies, so I wasn’t expecting how savoury they were first time, but they got me thinking!

    I’ve added ground ginger and cinnamon, and swapped vegan spread for butter, and agave for honey to make a healthy version of ‘gingerbread’ for my nephews aged 1-5 who have a grain-free, low-sugar diet.

    These have the nicest texture of any almond meal creation I’ve found yet, and a great base for invention! They also worked when I inadvertently put in unbleached almond flour the first time. No problems with stickiness either.

    Thanks Elana, so glad to have found your site!

  654. Melanie

    I made these tonight but at the end I shook coconut flour into the dough (stirring it slowly) until it was thick enough that I could scoop up a large spoonful and make drop biscuits! The texture was heavenly and they were BEAUTIFUL! No extra almond flour required and no rolling! I had also made buttermilk biscuits using freshly ground wheat flour and my family actually preferred these!!! yay!

  655. Polly

    I make your almond flour biscuits all the time and love them. Today I tried them with coconut oil instead of the buttery spread. They came out beautifully. Great way to use more coconut oil!!

  656. Harmony

    I used this recipe today to make a thin pizza crust for a pizza margarita with sheep’s milk feta, heirloom tomatos, sun dried tomatos, basil, and olive oil! fantastic! thank you so much!

  657. Linda Chadsey

    Hi Elana
    Wonderful to see some recipes for gluten free that aren’t using starch…I am gluten free and low acid (interstitial cystitis) so have a lot of limitations. I have not been doing any baking lately because of the high starch content but would like to try with Honeyville Almond Flour.

    Linda Chadsey

  658. kerry

    These were the best biscuits we’ve ever had in our lives. Seriously.Is it becuase we’ve (family of 4) been on this gfcf thing for 2 weeks and we dearly want bread and Udi’s doesn’t fit the bill? I considered it, but no, these are really really yummy. My kids gobbled them all up. I followed your directions exactly through step 3, then skipped 4-6, and just dropped the dough into 12 neat piles on the parchment. They were perfect, had them with your orange chipotle chicken, a side of rice and another of vegetables. Poured honey on the biscuits. Did i tell you we loved them? We really did.

  659. Gini Belveal

    I love your biscuit recepie, my husband didnt even know its paleo!

  660. Asha

    Amazingly easy recipe and super delicious. Thank you so much!!

  661. Amy Smith

    I wanted to try these for Thanksgiving but have some people in the family that are also vegan. Will this recipe work with egg replacer?

  662. Gail

    I’m so excited to rediscover your blog and try some of these recipes!

  663. Lucy

    I can’t wait to try these biscuits. They look delish, and remind me of the delightful biscuits at a restaurant I love. YUM

  664. Maggie Drake

    I love their almond flour. My husband can’t eat regular biscuits; I will love to try these.

  665. Mary-Ellen

    ooh, I am going to enjoy these on Thanksgiving while all the others have their yeasty rolls

  666. Janette

    I love almond flour (and use Honeyville Grain products) and have been looking for a good biscuit recipe. Thanks!

  667. Christine

    I would love to make your Thanksgiving muffins for my son this Thanksgiving, but it calls for eggs, would it work if I substituted the eggs with flax meal or do you have any suggestions?
    Thank you so much Elana!


  668. Laura

    I recently stumbled upon your website and it has been a blessing for my 2 year old son who was recently diagnosed with Celiac disease. We are trying these biscuits tonight! Thanks. :)

  669. JMO

    Just made these today. They are a good base but mine came out super flat. Not ready to give up on them but not a huge success.

  670. Just found your site and now I cant turn away.. great eats here. Im on Atkins New Diet now and finding these are great for me. Love it, thanks so much!! xx

  671. Scott Fonte

    These are soooo good! I’ve made them 2 days in a row, they get eaten fast!!!

  672. Brooke

    Thank you so much! We made these with chia seeds for an egg replacer and they were THE BEST gluten, dairy, egg free biscuits we’ve tried by far (and I’ve tried a lot). I’d love to know how they do leftover, but there weren’t any leftover to see! These made my 6 year old VERY happy! :)

  673. Marta Scragg

    Love your site and all the recipes I have tried so far have been delicious. I have been using brown rice flour for years and love making my bread with it. I think the almond flour is healthier and am slowly switching my recipes over to use it instead. I haven’t tried the bread recipe yet as I am trying to use up my brown rice flour bread ingredients.
    When I researched canola oil I was shocked at what I found out even realizing that there are differences of opinions about it. However, I do not use anything containing canola oil. I found a palm oil margarine at Whole Foods that is satisfactory but since I am not DF I just use butter.
    Please keep cooking and sharing your wonderful recipes.
    Thanks, MS

  674. Anne Brenner

    This sounds great. Elana’s recipes have never failed me! I’m looking forward to trying them for breakfast this WE.

  675. David B. Green

    These almond biscuits are pretty good. Using some coconut oil makes them even fluffier.

  676. Excellent! So unbelievably tender and moist.

  677. Jane Elliot

    Hi Elena,

    (First, let me say, it gave me a smile to see a recipe for Hamentaschen. It’s not like I’ve been looking for one, but my mother used to tell me stories about how everyone in her neighborhood in Philly used to bake at Purim and send the kids around to neighbors’ houses to “trade” baked goods. Her favorite was Hamentaschen. Unfortunately, she was a terrible baker, so I didn’t have them till I was grown up and stumbled on them at a bakery.)

    Second, I’m exploring almond flour recipes because I was just diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, so carbs are now the enemy. Your recipes sound delicious and I’ve printed a couple off, but it would be soooo cool if I had an idea of the carb count in the finished product. Maybe I missed it, but I didn’t see “nutritional information” with the recipes, so I don’t know how much of what I can have. =:{

    Meanwhile, thank you for some delicious-sounding recipes!

  678. inyourfate

    Perhaps I missed something. It says it should yield about 10. I rolled the dough out to about 1 inch and used about a 2 inch cutter. I’ve never been great at math but this should have given me more than 10 but I barely got 8 biscuits. So confused…

  679. Mel

    These look amazing!! Can’t wait to try!

  680. Rita

    I’m allergic to almonds… What ‘s a good substitute?

  681. archna

    Like the recipie will try… can we avoid Baking Soda n is the temp in F or C


  682. Jessica E.

    Here is an adaptation using butter and a food processor to make muffins. (Food processor step can also be done cutting-in butter by hand.)

    Almond Muffins Adaptation with Butter

    Have ready a nonstick muffin tin, buttered and with the bottoms coated with almond flour.

    2 ½ cups blanched almond flour,
    ½ teaspoon salt
    ½ teaspoon baking soda
    1 tablespoon lemon or orange zest, optional
    1/2 stick butter, cut into 1/2″ cubes
    2 eggs
    1 tablespoon honey
    A bit of flour substitute(or flour if you don’t care) on a plate for flattening muffin tops into tin.

    Beat eggs with honey in large bowl.
    Put dry ingreds in food processor. Add chunked-up butter. Pulse until butter is well-blended with almond flour. Dump in with egg mixture.
    Use rubber spatula to combine wet and dry ingreds.
    Portion into 10 prepared nonstick muffin cups. Use a jam jar dipped in flour substitute with excess brushed off to press dough into muffin cups and flatten.
    Bake for 15 minutes at 350* until edges are brown.

  683. Delia

    I’ve just tried it for breakfast, and I love it.I made a few changes, added a bit of cheese and didnt add any sweetener, to the recipe and substituting the egg for a flax egg, (I just dont like eggs)….I dont have almond flour so i just processed some raw almonds I have in the pantry. Thank you so much for the biscuits…love it… ps. in the Caribbean these flour substitute are so expensive its ridiculous. Next I will try CLOUD BREAD. and the ‘CRACKERS”

  684. Debbie Latour

    I want to thank you a million times over for doing what you do here for all of us who are really wanting to change our diet to a healthier one! I’ve only just begun to understand the diets out there such as Paleo, Wheat Belly, Gaps etc. It’s still all new to me but I am learning, slowly but surely lol.
    As of yesterday I started the No Wheat diet since I am not doing so well with my weight loss and I feel awful to boot. According to Dr. Mercola’s Nutritional Type test I am a Protein type and I truly believe it since I would rather sit down to a big slab of steak than a big slab of chocolate cake lol.
    Anyway I came here to say that after looking all over the internet for the last 2 or so weeks I have finally found YOU! and can’t believe how many great recipes you are sharing with us….I thank you again for all the work you do just for us!!!!! You are helping my cause tremendously dear lady!

  685. Sheila

    I just made these and they were a huge hit with my family! Instead of rolling them, I just dropped them by spoonfuls on the cookie sheet and shaped them a little with my fingers. They turned out so good!!! Thanks for the recipe…next on my list is your dark chocolate orange scones!!

  686. Megan

    I love love love these biscuits! It is definitely my new go-to recipe! I have to be careful when I make these though, because it is nearly impossible for me to eat just one! Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe!!!

  687. marcia glenn

    sugar free ever in the future?

  688. Katie W.

    I made these today, although with coconut oil rather than the earth balance spread, and they are absolutely fantastic!! What an amazing alternative to wheat biscuits!

  689. Kris Grover

    Hi Elana, I made your biscuits today…WONDERFUL! I want to mention one thing: I followed the recipe exactly except added to the dry ingredients 2 teaspoons of powdered cultured Buttermilk (SaCo brand which I probably got at a super store). It might not be right for everyone with dairy issues but it added just a little tweak of tangy buttermilk flavor to an already great biscuit. Another thing I did was baked mine a little longer–about 20 min (I made them thicker) and for the last 5 min put my ‘speed bake’ on–the fan in the oven that swishes the air around to make pastries a little browner/fluffier. I realize not everyone has this option but if you do, it’s a nice adder just at the end (when the biscuits are pretty much cooked). Thanks for a great recipes and website.

  690. bev

    i’ve made these a whole bunch since discovering your awesome blog…they are AWESOME! sometimes i make them plain, sometimes with minced garlic and cheese, or just cheese added…always turn out great! :) thanks SO much!

  691. Sahiya

    I tried these and they are very delicious! However, I was a little disappointed because they didn’t taste much like real biscuits. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me but they tasted more like corn bread than biscuits. They were still good though. Thanks for sharing!

  692. ZanyDuck

    We LOVE these biscuits and we make them into “drop” biscuits so its EASY & QUICK! We spoon into balls then gently smooth with fingers and bake. :-)

  693. K.Gonderinger @ youravon.com/kgonderinger

    I just made these, and although they taste yummy, they didn’t rise very well and are hard as hockey pucks! Should I do something different with this recipe for high altitude (Colorado)?

  694. Deb

    I just started making breads and Patties with almond flour due to my fiancee’s dietary restrictions. I’m super excited too have found this site and to see that you offer contests as well as recipes! Thank you for helping!

  695. Louise

    Can’t wait to make your Thanksgiving Day biscuits! Please enter me in the almond flour give-away and thanks for your generosity!
    Blessings, Louise

  696. Sheryl

    Why are there so many more calories in products with almond flour. Seems Paleo has so much more

  697. Brooke

    Hey Elana,
    I just love your website, and so thankful a friend told me about it. Question for you… on those biscuits, would coconut oil work in place of the vege butter spread?

  698. Laura

    I was wondering the same thing so I did some research on the comments. Another person commented above that they used coconut oil in place of the buttery spready and that they came out beautiful. That makes me feel more confident in trying these this thanksgiving without “experimenting” with so much almond flour. :)

  699. Valerie

    Maybe these babies last night: amazing!!!! Used real butter instead of the natural buttery spread thing (cause I didn’t have it) and it totally worked out!!! Thanks for the recipe :)

  700. Kim

    Has anyone tried mixing these, putting them on the baking sheet, store in frige & bake the next day?

  701. Luke

    Hi Elana,

    Thanks for your recipes. I’m wondering if I can use regular butter instead of earth balance? I love butter and it will save me buying an extra ingredient. Thanks!


  702. Vicki Bradley

    At the last minute I made these biscuits for our Thanksgiving dinner. Delicious. I added flax meal and water and reduced the eggs to one. And I added crushed sage. Warm from the oven and buttered equals mighty fine eating. Thanks for the inspiration.

  703. Anira

    Best non-wheat “bread” I’ve tasted!! Great recipe. Made strawberry shortcake with these.

  704. Heather

    I want to preface this comment with, I LOVE this blog! However I did have trouble with this biscuit dough. I halved the recipe since its just me and when I went to roll out the dough, the dough ball was not tall enough to get 1 1/2″ thick so I made it as tall as I could and used a biscuit cutter to cut out the shapes. I only got 2 biscuits and they were very dense. I think when I do it again, I’ll roll it out to 3/4″. Otherwise the flavor is great and I did this with bobs red mill almond flour and when that didn’t turn out well, I used the honeyville and it was much smoother. Thanks for another great recipe!

    • Sandy

      Bob’s Red Mill is not a problem in any of Elana’s recipes that I have made so far. They all come out just fine, so I don’t think that is your problem. I make the full recipe but I do not roll out the dough. I roll out 12 small balls (about the size of walnuts) in my hands, place on the parchment paper, and flatten them slightly with my fingers to about a half inch or so thick. They are perfect every time. I do use less or no sweetener because I do not like sweet biscuits. Try it this way next time, and freeze the leftovers. They are good warmed up in a toaster oven.

  705. Cassandra

    I just made a half batch of these. When cut to recommended size (3″ x 1 1/2″), I was rewarded with only 2 biscuits, not the 5 I was expecting from half of the recipe. The flavor is lovely. They are moist and not too crumbly.

  706. sue levin

    I like recipes that give calorie, fat, carb counts etc. Do your recipes contain this info? I am diabetic and I depend on this info.

  707. K Schermerhorn

    We haven’t had biscuits in months since we stopped using wheat and I decided to make your biscuit recipe with a pot of chicken soup. I used almond meal instead of almond flour — should have realized the difference but didn’t have the flour. The biscuits were delicious!! More like a shortbread cookie/biscuit – we all thought it was a great mistake :) I go to your website often and look forward and I thank you for so many recipes. And I will make them with the almond flour soon!

  708. Jeanne

    Delicious!! I’ve never been a biscuit fan unless they were smothered in homemade sausage gravy but my hubby is a breadoholic so I try to keep different breads baked up for him. I added some flax meal for the old plumbing and used Stevia for the honey and added half cooked homemade turkey sausage to the batter. The sausage finished cooking during the baking and they turned out really yummy! I doubled the recipe and got about 22 biscuits. Happy Hubby=Happy Cook!

  709. Amber

    My son is allergic to nuts, so almond flour isn’t an option for us. What non-nut flour could I substitute for the almond flour? Any suggestions that you’ve tried? Thank you! :)

  710. Jenkins

    What is the difference between normal and blanched almond flour can i just use normal almond flour for this recipe?

  711. Hillary

    I just made these (for probably the 10th time recently!) and I goofed on the amount of honey and it made them pretty runny. I added more almond flour a couple of times and then just left the batter wetter than usual for “drop biscuits”. Scooped them out with a “melon baller” scoop, lightly pressed the tops with a fork, baked them for a bit longer (as they were thicker in the middle) than the normal time and they are still fantastic and beautiful!
    I really <3 this recipe!

  712. Ijan @ FB

    Hi Elana,
    I made these for breakfast today. I didn’t have coconut oil, so I substituted it with coconut butter, which I melted. Also I didn’t use additional 1 cup of flour for dusting ’cause the dough was good. My biscuits didn’t raise at all, and inside was very buttery. What do you think went wrong? Could it be coconut butter?

  713. Nicole

    I just made these. We are starting fg since I have hashis. So yummy. I cut into heart shapes and my two daughters 4 and 1 LOVE them too. Thank you!

  714. Louise

    I have a problem in what I bake with almond flour – my biscuits etc always come out too dense… what am I doing wrong??!

  715. Barbara

    They are dense biscuits and I love them that way! It makes it so that you can’t possibly eat more than 1 or 1 1/2 at the most at one sitting! I was mourning not being able to bake biscuits anymore but you saved me! I am doing the Grain Brain book way of eating and so left out the honey and it was not missed. Probably would have helped in the browning but I didn’t care!

  716. Laura

    Hi. I am wondering if I can freeze these in order to make before Thanksgiving….

  717. Wow, so glad I found your site! My husband bought the “Skinny Gut” book and we’re trying to remove grains from our diet. I wrote a long comment, but it disappeared, so don’t know if it’s going to show up and duplicate this or not.

    I made stew and HAVE to have biscuits. You saved my meal. I didn’t have almond flour, so ground up some almonds into more of a ‘meal’ than a flour. The biscuits came out great! I used a small cookie scoop and 1/2 the recipe made about a dozen. Two were enough for the meal, plus one or two for dessert :)

    I have signed up for your newsletter and can’t wait to see what’s next. Thank you for a great site.

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