Herb Gravy

Paleo Gravy

Last weekend my in-laws came out to Boulder to visit and I used them as guinea pigs for this healthy Paleo Gravy recipe.  Thankfully this gravy passed the in-law test served over Mashed Cauliflower.

When I made this Paleo Gravy, I roasted a chicken with onions and thyme and used the pan drippings for the recipe below.  I probably only had a couple of tablespoons of drippings, and I actually think this gravy recipe might work without any drippings at all.  The onions thicken the gravy; I learned this trick from the late, great author Elaine Gottschall (also a dear friend), who wrote a fabulous gravy recipe in her book Breaking the Vicious Cycle, which I highly recommend.

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Herb Gravy
  1. In a medium saucepan, heat chicken stock, onions and garlic to a boil
  2. Reduce heat and simmer until onions and garlic are soft, about 30 minutes
  3. Pour pan drippings into saucepan
  4. Blend stock-onion-drippings mixture in a vitamix until smooth
  5. Place mixture back in saucepan and reheat, then season with salt and thyme
  6. Serve over turkey, Mashed Cauliflower, or anything else

I was beyond thrilled to find my book at the top of Jane Anderson’s list of Christmas and Hanukkah Gift Ideas for Celiacs on About.com.  She listed The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook as her personal favorite gluten-free cookbook.  Wow.  Thanks Jane!


  1. Janice says

    Do not have a food processor. Have a Vitamix and a hand mixer. Can either of these be used for crepe recipe or other things calling for whipping or combining ingredients?


    Glad someone told me about your website.

    Dealing with candida so hesitant to do cherry and blueberry syrup with crepe pancakes but looks scrumptions.

    Also, can I leave out honey? That is 3 questions above for you.

  2. Gary Varnum says

    Yay, gravy! I have been wondering what to bring to an office Thanksgiving potluck this Thursday. I was considering mashed cauliflower, now I know I have to do it with this gravy!

    Thanks, Elena!

  3. says

    I finally found a place to leave a comment. Alana, I just made you 2.0 bread recipe. I did not have a bread pan, so used a 1qt saucepan. It worked. The bread is delicious and will make a nice something extra in my paleo diet. Alana, I had just ordered almond flour from nuts.com. this was to be my last appempt to use almond flour. Alas, the flour was so fresh, it made all the difference in the world. It may be that almond flour and coconut flour have very little shelf life and should be purchased from online soures (you mentioned this). the flour then becomes a welcome ingrediant. Thanks so mucg for your gift of sharing.Susan

  4. Courtney says

    I’m so excited to prepare the gluten free gravy for my boyfriend’s parents! I’m confident that this will impress them!

  5. kathy says

    I’m just wondering what a person is to do if they don’t have a vitamix, and can’t afford one. Would a blender work? Hope someone will answer this.

  6. says

    Thank you for a brilliant idea – as I read through the recipe I was trying to figure out how you would get the consistency of gravy and now I know :) delightful!

  7. Mary Yamamoto says

    just a question, you say to simmer the onions and garlic till soft, and that takes 30 minutes, isn’t that quite a long time to soften them?

  8. Tami G says

    I’ve never tried the cauliflower substitute for potatoes, and am wondering if this would pass the test for kids not used to special diets? My family loves everything I make, it’s the OTHERS I always worry about when cooking for a crowd.

  9. Cindy A says

    Yum!! We made this gravy for our Prime Rib Christmas dinner with mashed cauliflower! One fun discovery we made as we made the gravy, and simultaneously took out the rib… my husband unbeknown-st to me had used one of my onions (no wonder I couldn’t find it!!) to create a “rack” in the pan for the roast to sit on… so here was this super tender and rich in flavor onion I could chop and use to create the gravy!! I had used a veggie stock and other than this unexpected addition followed your recipe. Excited I will have enough to freeze and use the the next we have a rib roast! Thanks Elana for this yummy recipe as well as many others I used this holiday season!!

  10. Lynnette says

    Hi Elana and your wonderful community

    Sending warmest regards and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I’m so grateful for the community of healthy eaters so tuned into their bodies that we manage our thriving with what we each create and choose to put into our bodies.

    As I was running this morning watching the snow on the high back range of mountain peaks west of Boulder I felt remarkably honored to have this community and how we are supporting each other.

    Happy Thanksgiving prep week everyone. Also a question…Who has had experience freezing and then reviving any of Elana’s recipes especially baked goods like muffins, cran bars, biscuits, crackers, pie, etc?

  11. Christa says

    My husband has a gluten allergy and I use sweet rice flour to thicken gravy. It works wonderfully and with no lumps like all the other gf flours I had tried prior.

  12. Jennifer Warnick says

    I borrowed my neighbors vita mix and fell in love with it. My smoothies took moments and the flax seed ground right in the smoothie. This mixer is at the top of my wish list!

  13. says


    It is a very good site.

    The national custom is understood well.

    I like herbs. The herb : to Japan.

    It is. It introduces the autumn of Japan now.

    Please come.

    Thank you.

  14. Lynn Beise says

    I have a seven year old son with Celiac and really wanted a better nutritional flour to bake with. I found out about your book “The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook” and just bought it today. I have been paging through it and it seems wonderful. Thanks for helping out all of us who start out clueless with Gluten Free baking. I am so excited to try out the bread!

  15. Angela says

    Elana, I just had to share with you…..I am so successful with your recipes that my children think that I should have my own cooking blog. Thank you for doing all the work to make my job easy!

  16. Sarah Dandelles says

    Hi Elana,

    Would there be a good substitute for the pan drippings? I am not a big meat eater (or, to be honest, I am not a big meat cooker – I never learned to cook meat being a vegetarian for most of my life, so I tend to eat out for meat).

    Thank you!

  17. Joan VanDewater says

    Love pacific foods. I always stock up on their chicken broth when I find it on sale. Would love to win the variety pack.

  18. says

    I’ve never even seen a Vitamix in person so I don’t know which of your Vitamix recipes would be my favorite……I only know that every single recipe of yours that I’ve made has been FANTASTIC. Many new recipes in my repertoire. I have become a baker with your help. Not only has that made ME happy but everyone who I bake for now is also immensely happy whenever they see me coming with my newest Elana’s treat. Keep ’em coming, Elana….you make me look good, too :-).

  19. Rae says

    This might just be my next go-to for gravy, so glad to see something I can use without flour or corn thickening.

    thank you, thank you thank you!

  20. Kerry says

    I’m new to the website today, but am very excited to try some of your recipes. I am just starting my son on a gluten-free diet to try to change ADHD symptoms. Your site will make my life a lot easier! Thanks!

  21. Wenonah says

    Sounds great! My gym wanted to throw a GF Thanksgiving. Now in my house, that’s a different story! Though I’m sure if I didn’t tell my husband it was better for you, then he wouldn’t notice the difference in the taste. Elana, it’s been a few months and he’s finally warming up to some of my gluten, wheat, rice, dairy, soy, salt, sugar, starch free cooking.

  22. Jenny Eliuk says

    I always relied on Pacific Foods brand organic, GF turkey gravy and was so upset when I could no longer get it. Not only was it convenient and really good, but during the holidays if I was eating at someone else’s home, I could bring it and know for sure I would be able to have some gravy, as traditional home-made gravy uses a roux base. I’m definitely going to try this and see if it freezes well too, so I can keep some on-hand. Also I’m Canadian and we eat our fries with gravy ; ) YUM!

  23. Marisa H says

    That is such an awesome way to thicken gravy!! I have to do it now, since I’m on a low-glycemic diet and don’t like using starches.

  24. Sandra Noe says

    Sounds like a great gravy for our family! I luv to make things gluten free and have those who don’t need gluten free voicing compliments too!! Thanks so much!

  25. Tiffany says

    This is in perfect timing for the holidays. It sounds SO delicious and should work perfectly over my mashed cauliflower. I am so excited!

  26. starlite_cherub says

    Great recipe! I don’t like gravy at all and this looks tempting. We celebrated Thanksgiving last month but this could be a keeper for Christmas dinner! Thank you so much for all your fantastic, healthy, delicious recipes!


  27. Becky Belting says

    I would love to win these products. I have never used this brand and it would be a great opportunity to try it. Thank you for your generosity with the giveaways.

  28. says

    really enjoy your site. thank you for the onion trick. i may have to try your gravy this thanksgiving as i slowly try to get gluten out of our family diet.

    all the best!

  29. Eva says

    SOUPS! My daughter LOVE……………….s SOUPs. Before we
    found out that we were GLUTEN Intolerance. My daughter with Down Syndrome loved going out the eat that was her special thing that she really loved to do. And when we did go out to eat she would order soup before everymeal. SHE really loves soup and tea too, which we started when she was on the IBS diet before we found out about the GLUTEN. We got her off of soda which was her favorite and was hard to do, but now she loves teas. But Soups she just can’t live without. And I try every receipe I think she would like, but I can’t find any at the stores yet that doesn’t have some kind of gluten in it. It would be GREAT to receive the Soups and Teas.

  30. Peter V. says

    Yeah, I hope she [Jamie S.] wins the Vitamix blender, too. She won’t shut up about it. :) Plus, that will leave more room on the registry for power tools and flat screen tv’s. :D And she can make me awesome shakes.

  31. Jamie S. says

    Hi Elana! Hoping I win the Vitamix blender, but if not, it’s definitely going on my bridal registry. Fingers crossed! :)

  32. Sunnie says

    Have you ever tried arrowroot? My husband is my cook so last night we used the juices from the crockpot after making a roast. He used the arrowroot to make the gravy. I have to say it tastes just as good as the flour gravy he used to make. It is clearer than flour gravy, and it was a little thinner, but still really good and easy!

  33. Michelle says

    Never seen a gravy recipe that didn’t include a bunch of fat! Looking forward to trying this butter-less recipe!

  34. Marie says

    Wow! Thanks for the wonderful sounding recipe. This will be helpful for us, escpecially since we are new to the gluten free world.

  35. Joelle says

    I just made this tonight. I made a 1/2 batch with yellow onion, and then I had to make more because the kids said, “Mom, we will need more gravy than that.” So I made another 1/2 batch with red onion because that’s what I had. I liked the yellow better, and I guess I will have to try white onion too. I did my own spin on this by using my own “chicken/veggie” broth powder, and since I did not have drippings from meat, I just poured some light olive oil in as the blender was spinning. It was fantastic. Thanks for the great recipe.

  36. Lenee says

    Last night I made a roast chicken with garlic, fresh thyme, fresh rosemary and lemon slices.. I made the mashed cauliflower as a side dish…. Wow, I couldn’t believe I was eating cauliflower instead of potatoes, it tasted so good!!! Thank you for your continued sharing of your delicious recipes! Oh yea, I also made some stock from the carcass.. I enjoy utilizing chicken for another recipe… I would love to win the soups/stocks.

  37. Angela says

    I planning to roast a turkey tomorrow and I will give this gravy a try. One of the foods I loved as a child was hot turkey sandwiches with mash potatoes and gravy. I will see how my children like this more “mature” version.

  38. Mary Hancock says

    This gravy sounds good! Can’t wait to try it next time my granddaughter visits. She has severe gluten allergy!

  39. Elizabeth says

    Yumm! I have been looking for a good gravy alternative that the whole family can enjoy. I plan on making this in the hopes that even my picky hubby will find palatable.

  40. Jen says

    This looks great and I’m excited to try it for T-Day. I used my husband’s computer today to quickly verify the crispy lemon kale recipe, and when the home page loaded and he saw the picture of the gravy, he got excited because he thought I was going to make THAT today.

    This will be my (and therefore our) first Thanksgiving on SCD and I’m a little nervous about having to replace pretty much EVERY single “traditional” Thanksgiving dish. My husband and I were going through last year’s Thanksgiving menu, him asking me what I could eat.
    “Can you eat…?”
    …Mashed potatoes? Nope. (And I also can’t tolerate cauliflower yet.)
    …Corn? Nope.
    …Standard cranberry sauce? Nope.
    …Standard stuffing? Nope.
    …Sweet potato casserole? Nope.
    …Standard pumpkin pie? Nope.
    …Standard bread/rolls? Nope.
    …TURKEY?!? Yes, as long as we don’t season it with sugar or butter. Whew!

    I have made my own chunky cranberry sauce before, so I’m not too concerned with finding an easy SCD version. And I know BTVC has a pumpkin pie recipe in it, so I just have to go check out a copy of the book from the library. I’ve made almond flour & almond butter bread several times, though nothing that’s even close to the neutral taste of white flour dinner rolls. Oh how I miss those fluffy gluten-filled balls of doom!

    It will be sad to not have mashed potatoes, but I’m excited to have discovered a new squash – banana squash! And we both love butternut squash, so we’ll have one or both of those in place of the potatoes. And since butternut squash soup is so easy, I may also make soup. Maybe on Wednesday to feed us on Thursday while we’re cooking other stuff…?

    I’m also excited to make some pumpkin goodies without using canned pumpkin for the first time ever. Earlier this evening, I bought several pie pumpkins so I can try a bunch of pumpkin recipes I’ve found on this & a couple other sites, and then decide which I like best to make for Thanksgiving.

    Thanks, Elana and all the other SCDish recipe bloggers out there, for sharing the results of your hard work with the rest of us. I truly appreciate it. With such great recipes for SCD-legal (or tweakable to be legal) food, I don’t have to convince my husband to eat the same thing I’m eating. He WANTS to eat it because it’s delicious and healthful – it’s a bonus that it doesn’t hurt my tummy. :-)


  41. Dorina says

    Excellent and so healthy with all those onions! Perhaps a spoonful of finely minced fresh parsley at the end as well to give a different finish and compliment the sweetness of the onions. Thanks for this inspiring and very timely post!

  42. Stephanie says

    I’ve avoided gravies for some time but this one is a keeper. Thank you.

    Your give-away sounds like the makings for some good pick-me-up drinks, snacks, etc.

  43. Beth Schmitt says

    I am excited to have stumbled upon this blog. Makes me want to start cookin’. Looking forward to checking it all out!!!!

  44. Omali E Just says

    Love your blog, very informative!! I can’t wait to try both the cauliflower mashed and the gravy. Thank you.

  45. Pagan Overton says

    This gravy looks amazing, I think I’ll try it out this Thanksgiving instead of the traditional one I have to do for the rest of the family. =D

  46. says

    What a great idea! I always put an onion in to flavor the stock, so using it as a thickener instead is brilliant! I’ve always used rice flour or corn starch with defatted stock and drippings, but this sounds even lighter. Can’t wait to try it…Thanks for sharing Elana!


  47. Melissa says

    This looks yummy, I will pass this on to my mother in law. I have been hounding her for years to go gluten free, finally she has done it and all of her digestive issues are gone. Hummmmm…..

  48. says

    Pacific foods! There products are top notch. I use them all the time in my soups and broths. I trust the quality of there products. Also, the flavor is so amazing in there stocks! The best.

  49. says

    Mmm…I’m a gravy girl and this looks fabulous. Our crisp fall weather here in New Mexico has me thinking about hot, comfort-food meals like chicken and gravy. The mashed cauliflower looks wonderful, too. Thanks, Elena!

  50. Mike G. says

    I use arrowroot as a thickener for gravies, chili, etc. in place of corn starch or flour. It’s cheap and has no discernible taste itself.

  51. Karen H. says

    This will be my first Thanksgiving eating differently and a lot of your recipes (including this one) will be taking center stage at the table.

    Thank you so very much for all of your hard work and for coming up with these wonderful, simple, practical and delicious recipes. Without all your hard work and generous sharing of so many great recipes, my food life would be very boring, bland and limited.

  52. Sally Brown says

    I love the idea of using the onions as the thickener!! I will do this for lots of dishes from now on. I’ll be serving mashed potatoes AND my favorite mashed cauliflower for Thanksgiving this year. I’m roasting two turkeys, too. One two days before and then another bigger one the day of the big dinner. We are having a crowd so I will need to make lots of gravy, using the turkey stock from the first turkey I roast. Yum!!

  53. Keira says

    I use Pacific products daily as does my son, both of us with wheat and dairy intolerances. Broths, soups and nut/seed milks are GREAT.

  54. Nancy says

    Thanks for a chance to win some Pacific Food items. It’s good timing with winter and the holidays just around the corner.

  55. susan says

    Your Thanksgiving ideas are really helpful. would love to win the Pacific Foods and Vitamix contest. Thank you for divine inspiration! susan

  56. BONNIE WILSON says

    Elana, thanks for a chance at winning your basket of goodies. I have recently found out that I am gluten senstive. Also found out I can never have coffee again, so I would surely enjoy the teas.

    I enjoy and use a lot of your recipes. I just copied the herb gravey recipe.

    Thanks again,
    Bonnie Wilson

    • says

      I’m working on one with arrowroot powder & grapeseed oil (traditional) and one by browning the arrow root powder in the over (oil free version) I’ll let you know how it turns out.

  57. Pam Crow says

    I love your almond flour cookbook. I am sure that the Vitamix would come in handy in preparing many of those recipes. Sounds like you love your Vitamix.

  58. kat says

    The gravy is terrific!

    Elaine Gottschall was a wonderful lady! She was a very close friend to my sister. I was thrilled when I saw you mentioned her name. She is still greatly missed.

  59. Jennifer Pfeiffer says

    Thanks for the great recipe. I have seven gluten-free eaters coming over for Thanksgiving and this will be so helpful. Jennifer

  60. Sarah says

    I could use some soup in these early evenings. With it dark and turning chilly, I can think of many dishes to make with a Pacific Foods gift pack!

  61. says


    I am a follower of your website thru email. I enjoy your recipes very much. I would love to win your Vitamix and also your pacific variety pack. Thank You.

  62. colormepink says

    This is very similar to a gravy recipe I got from Oxygen Magazine a couple of years ago. It doesn’t include any drippings which could only add to the flavor. Thanks for sharing!

  63. says

    This gravy sounds so yummy – I am a huge fan of onions and garlic. My hubby and I go through at least 2 pounds of onions a week and at least a 3 heads of garlic. Growing up, I remember hating the smell of the giblets my mother would boil to make gravy at Thanksgiving. I always refused to eat it, this I would happily devour!

  64. lisa nielsen says

    Can’t wait to try both the gravy and the mashed cauliflower! Just sent both recipes to my mom to try something different and healthier for the holidays! Thanks for all your awesome ideas!!

  65. says

    This gravy looks fabulous. I’ve also made curries thickened with onions and it’s a lovely way to get a thicker texture. Beautiful! Can’t wait to try it over the mashed cauliflower.

  66. Molly says

    I LOVE that these recipes are arriving to get my tastebuds ready for all the wonderful flavors at Thanksgiving. Thank you Elana, your recipes will be the highlight of my dinner menu :)

  67. Brenda says

    Thanks for the great gravy recipe! This is our first GF holiday and we are staying home and trying out all sorts of great recipes so that we have an arsenal of things to make for future gatherings so that my daughter and I can safely eat. :o)

  68. Janel says

    The gravy looks and sounds great! I will definitely give this recipe a try over some mashed cauliflower:) Thanks for all you do!

  69. Amy says

    Love the idea of the herb gravy recipe and I cannot wait to try this. I have never used onions as a thickener for a gravy before, very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  70. Chelsea says

    I like this gravy idea, but I don’t have a vitamix yet so I’ll probably add a little arrowroot powder to thicken…

  71. says

    I’ve been missing my sunday mashed potatoes with gravy. I never thought of using cauliflower, but I’ll have to give it a try!

    Thanks for the creative and tasty inspiration. I haven’t tried a recipe of yours that I haven’t liked.

  72. Jenn black says

    Just what I need to complete Thanksgiving dinner! Elana, your recipes are not only a lifesaver for those eating GF, they are also healthy!! Thanks for making a difference, one recipe at a time!

  73. Kate says

    Sounds yummy! I have been experimenting with gravies as well. In addition to GF I am also dairy free. Is there a link for the mashed cauliflower or do you just cook it till mushy and mash?

  74. Sara says

    This looks like a really yummy recipe for gravy. I’ll have to try it soon.

    I didn’t even know Pacific Foods made teas; would love to try them.

  75. says

    I’m toying with a gravy recipe myself using garbanzo bean flour as a thickener. My boyfriend is allergic not only to wheat (gluten), but also corn, rice, and soy. This is our first Thanksgiving/Holiday Season since his allergy diagnosis so I’m trying to work through how we’ll be eating this year without compromising on flavor.

  76. Amy Olles says

    Oh My Gravy! I am drooling. A good gravy can transform a meal from ordinary to the realm of comfort food people reminisce about, IMHO. I can’t wait to try this!

  77. Denise says

    Looks good! I have not been happy with gravy made from GF flours, hopefully this will be a good replacement.

    • says

      I am going to try this with Imagine Foods “No-Chicken Broth” — being a vegetarian, I miss gravy sometimes. But I hope to win the Pacific Foods give-a-way because their tomato soup is my favorite!

  78. debra says

    I’ll have to give this gravy a try. I generally just do a roux with whatever flours I have on hand but I like the idea of using onions as a thickener. Yum!

    Crossing my fingers for the Pacific foods freebies – love that stuff – been eating the Butternut Squash soup this week. :D

  79. Charlene says

    Elana once again you are saving my holidays! I was just thinking last night what am I going to do about gravy this Thanksgiving! It’s my first gfcf one. Thank you!

  80. Kevin says

    I was just nominated to host Thanksgiving this year – I will have to give this gravy a try prior to the big day. hope to win the vitamix to help in making it – the variety pack would be great too.

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