Biscuits With Almond Flour

I love biscuits! But I’m on a low carb, gluten free diet so need something different than a standard biscuit made with a base of wheat flour.

That’s why I created my Biscuits with Almond Flour recipe.

Biscuits with Almond Flour

These biscuits are every bit as versatile as their gluten filled counterpart –and once they’re baked up, you can go sweet or savory.

Smother them in gravy, or make beautiful little strawberry shortcakes. Keep reading as I share those recipes below.

Biscuits Recipe Easy

My Biscuits with Almond Flour recipe is made with six healthy ingredients –that’s it!

All you need to throw these together is almond flour, coconut oil, egg, honey, salt, and baking soda.

Biscuits Gluten Free

This gluten free biscuits recipe is far easier to make than the real thing! And it’s tasty too.

My Biscuits with Almond Flour are not only a Thanksgiving favorite, they’re so good we make them all year round!

Biscuits Quick Recipe

I’ve been serving these gluten free biscuits at our Thanksgiving dinner for years now and they’re a family favorite.

I love how quick this recipe is when I have many other dishes to fret over.

Usually, I make them a day or two ahead of time to save space in the oven on Thanksgiving day.

Cranberry Orange Biscuits

Biscuits Easy

If you’re looking for a flavored biscuit, check out my Cranberry Orange Scones.

With only 15 minutes of baking time, you’ll have show-stopping biscuits prepped, cooked, and dishes cleaned in less than half an hour.

Biscuits with Almond Flour

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Servings 7 biscuits



  • In a medium bowl, combine almond flour, salt, and baking soda
  • In a large bowl, blend together coconut oil, eggs, and honey
  • Stir dry ingredients into wet until dough forms
  • Roll out dough between 2 pieces of parchment paper to ¾-inch thick
  • Dust dough with extra almond flour if sticky
  • Cut dough into biscuits using a mason jar with a 2½-inch wide mouth
  • Use a metal baking spatula to transfer biscuits to a parchment paper lined baking sheet
  • Bake at 350°F for 15 minutes, until biscuits are browned on the bottom edges
  • Serve
Prep Time 15 mins
Cook Time 15 mins
Total Time 30 mins
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Biscuits Calories

Biscuits with Almond Flour Nutrition

Biscuits Carbs

The above table is for those who need Keto Diet Healthy Recipes and are concerned with their biscuit’s carbs.

Pecan Shortbread CookiesWhat are British Biscuits?

Did you know that in Britain, a cookie is referred to as a biscuit?

So a British biscuit is an American cookie. If you’re looking for the perfect “British” biscuit, try my Pecan Shortbread Cookies.

Recipes for Gluten Free Biscuits

Below I’ve gathered my favorite recipes to pair with my Biscuits with Almond Flour.

paleo green eggs

Biscuits Sausage Gravy

If you’re looking for a biscuits breakfast recipe, have I got a fun and colorful option for you.

Think biscuits with sausage and gravy elevated with healthy Green Eggs (eggs with kale).

My Green Eggs are made with four ingredients: cooking oil, eggs, kale, and salt.

Smothered in my delicious Herb Gravy that’s homemade? Now that’s a culinary home run.

Herb Gravy

Serve with a side of the Breakfast Sausage recipe in my latest book, Paleo Cooking from Elana’s Pantry, for the perfect 10-minute breakfast dish.

perfect roast chicken

Gluten Free Biscuits Gravy and Chicken

If you’re looking for biscuit dinner ideas then you need to try my biscuits with gravy and chicken.

Since I have the perfect biscuits for gravy, I’m staying on the Herb Gravy train.

This biscuits dinner recipe pairs fantastically with my Perfect Roast Chicken in Oven pictured above.

Coconut Whipped Cream

Biscuits for Strawberry Shortcake

You didn’t think I would leave you without biscuits for dessert recipe, did you? 

If you smother these biscuits in my Coconut Cream or Homemade Whipped Cream and top them with fresh strawberries, they make an amazing strawberry shortcake!

chocolate chocolate strawberry recipe

Chocolate Biscuits to Make

My Biscuits with Almond Flour are plain, but I also have an fantastic Chocolate Biscuit that makes the most incredible Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake.

My older son wrote that recipe when he was in grade school!

If you’d like a whole strawberry shortcake rather than a single serving, check out my cake for Strawberry Shortcake.

Low-Carb Strawberry Shortcake

Healthy Recipes to Bake

I hope you enjoyed all of these healthy recipes to bake and found a biscuit recipe you’re excited about.

There’s no question, biscuits from scratch are the best biscuits. What’s your favorite way to biscuit?! 😉

This post is an oldie but goodie from the archives. I first shared these Biscuits with Almond Flour in 2010.

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paleo cooking from elana's pantryGluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook

Your website has changed my life! And my husband’s too. I had to write in after I made these delicious biscuits. I ate them topped with lox and a poached egg. So good!


142 responses to “Biscuits With Almond Flour”

  1. Hi Elana,
    I made the paleo biscuits with the almond flour. They were absolutely delicious but they did not rise! They were more like cookies but we actually loved them! Did I do something wrong?
    I did put in the baking soda.
    Thanks-we will try again. Judith

  2. I’ve been making these delicious biscuits of Elana’s for years, but, recently, discovered my son has an egg allergy. I used the gelatin “egg” directions from The Curious Coconut’s blog for a suitable egg substitute and these lovelies turned out just as amazing, especially covered in strawberries and whipped coconut cream. I know there are always questions about substitutions so I wanted to let everyone know who also can’t have eggs that you can still make these yummy biscuits!

  3. I made these tonight and they were scrumptious. I had added a bit more honey and they turned out a bit sweeter than a biscuit. I’m thinking I could add a little almond butter to them to actually make a nut butter cookie as I don’t like super sweet cookies. I will make these again, thanks!

  4. I made these alone two other recipes for the first bakes off this site
    They are very nice
    I think I made them a bit too thin
    They are stored in a tin but were quite soft the next day
    Any special way I should store them?
    Thank you

  5. I have made these biscuits a number of times. They are wonderful! Today, I used them as a basis for strawberry shortcake! So wonderful! Thank you Elana for recipes that are simple and beautiful!

  6. I rolled out the dough with a rolling pin & cut out 6 with the mouth of a pint glass because it was the smallest I had. I rolled the last bit of dough by hand into a ball. I prefer the size of the hand rolled biscuit over using the rolling pin. Next time, I’ll skip the rolling pin altogether. They are delicious!

  7. Thanks for an easy and tasty recipe. I used melted ghee instead of coconut oil and it worked great. What is the best way to store the leftover biscuits?

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