cherry berry syrup

Cherry Berry Syrup

If you're wondering how to make pancake syrup from scratch, I've got you covered. This healthy pancake syrup recipe is...

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cranberry cherry sauce

Cranberry Cherry Sauce

Lately, I've had fresh cranberry sauce on my mind. So I researched cranberry sauce recipes, and found that most have...

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gluten-free double chocolate cherry cookies recipe

Double Chocolate Cherry Cookies: Video

I'm absolutely thrilled that Lillian of Lillian's Test Kitchen, made this video of my Double Chocolate Cherry Cookies.  Lillian, a...

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cherry vanilla power bars

Cherry Vanilla Power Bars

These 6-ingredient Cherry Vanilla Power Bars are a fabulously healthy snack. Because they're a great source of energy, we like...

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cherry strawberry ice cream

Cherry Strawberry Ice Cream

Given how hot it's been around here lately, the boys have been jonesing for ice cream, and I'm more than...

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blueberry cherry crumble

Cherry Blueberry Crumble

My children loved this gluten free Cherry Blueberry Crumble made from fresh ripe fruit.  As you can see, they placed...

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cherry apricot cake

Magically Moist Cherry Apricot Cake

My husband loves this simple, moist gluten free Cherry Apricot Cake. I make sure to use organic dried fruit in...

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chocolate covered cherries

Chocolate Covered Cherries

Ok, I confess, it took a few batches to get this recipe “just right,” which for me means a couple...

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cherry arugula salad recipe

Cherry Arugula Solstice Salad

The boys were buzzed this afternoon –their hair that is. Now the little baldies will be nice and cool in...

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cherry orange salad paleo salad

Cherry Orange Salad

My boys love this salad. Packed with fruit and full of good greens, they just can't say no to this...

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