blueberry cherry crumble

Cherry Blueberry Crumble

My children loved this gluten free Cherry Blueberry Crumble made from fresh ripe fruit.  As you can see, they placed a huge dollop of Whipped Cream on top.

My husband and I also enjoyed it, though with a little less whipped cream.  Summer is a great time for fresh cool drinks and fresh fruit desserts, which are so easy to make gluten free.

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Cherry Blueberry Crumble
  1. For filling, place cherries and blueberries in a 2 quart baking dish
  2. Sprinkle fruit with agave, lemon juice and vanilla, then toss in arrowroot
  3. To make the crumble, in a large bowl, combine almond flour and salt
  4. In a smaller bowl, combine grapeseed oil and agave
  5. Mix the wet ingredients into dry to form the topping
  6. Then crumble topping over fruit mixture
  7. Cover and bake at 350° for 1 hour and 15 minutes, until bubbling
  8. Uncover and bake a few more minutes until topping is golden brown
  9. Remove from oven and serve

Whole Foods is celebrating the season of cherries this week on their blog with information on the harvest and great personal stories of some of their favorite cherry farmers.  Head on over there for more interesting information.

Over here in Colorado, it’s slug season.  Despite my best efforts at slug abatement in my beloved garden (yogurt container tops filled with beer, mulching, quadruple washing my greens), the other night while I was eating dinner, a huge black slug crawled out of my salad and onto the table.  Yikes!  For those of you who hang out with me on Facebook you got moment to moment updates on the slug incident.  Special thanks to Anaquita Rose who suggested washing each leaf individually.  Why didn’t I think of that?!

Finally, I also wanted to mention that I was selected to be July’s Chef of the Month for the Organic Dish. The Organic Dish is a service in Boulder makes it easy to order healthy, organic meals online that are available for pick up or delivery.  They will be featuring one of my favorite summer salmon dishes, Salmon with Olive Tapenade.

Happy summer everyone!  And remember to avoid slug ingestion :-)


  1. Simon Avedissian says


    My girlfriend and I have been making this crumble non-stop. We love it and all thanks to you. Thank you BUT recently have done a lot of research expressing the “dangers” of Agave for it’s high fructose content, etc. I want to know if we can use a “safer” alternative sweetner for your recipes such as Stevia? What are your thoughts as we want to begin using Stevia (or something better and similar to it’s contents) rather than Agave syrup. Please let me know ASAP!!! I would REALLY appreciate it. Thank you!!

  2. Lane says

    Elana! I love your website and recipes! I have enjoyed ur recipes. But on this one, it didn’t turn out like I hoped. The crust was too mushy and very under cooked. I have no idea what went wrong. I noticed the other people while made the first peach crisp had the same problem and the oil was reduced to quarter cup. This recipe has a third cup. Should this be lowered to a quarter? Thanks for your help!

  3. Starlite_Cherub says

    Elana – I have been following your website for a couple of months now and everything I have tried I have loved. Was able to get a copy of your book as well and the handful of things I’ve tried are also absolutely wonderful! When I saw this recipe posted last month I knew I had to try it and wow, I was right. Added 1/2 of a cup of slivered almonds and unsweetened coconut to the crumble for an added crunch. Turned out great. Thank you so much for what you do!

  4. says

    This morning, I made this. I halved the recipe, added some sliced kumquats to the cherry berry mix and crushed a handful of flaked almonds into the topping. It was the PERFECT breakfast for our Maker’s Diet. I love, love, love it. I’m also sure you’ll be interested in Chestnut flour which is also gluten free. I’ve been experimenting with it a lot and its not bad at all, very popular with the Italians. Thanks Elana, you are a godsend

  5. lw says

    made it! yummy! i used greek yogurt instead of the whipped topping though. also used stevia instead of agave and it turned out great! thanks for sharing!

  6. Brenna says

    I’m new to being gluten-free. (Only 5 days in, in fact!) I’ve been spending some time researching how to make a lot of my favourite foods (bread, biscuit, pancakes) GF. I’m unfamiliar with agave nectar. What is it exactly and will I be able to find it at my grocery store? I’m happy to have found your site, thanks for sharing!

  7. says

    Made this yesterday with cherries and peaches… didn’t have any blueberries. Added a little bit of cinnamon to the topping…. so delicious! I ate this for breakfast the next morning too. :-)
    Way-to-go AGAIN Elana! Great recipe.

  8. says

    Does anyone have an idea for a whipped cream recipe that is dairy-free and does not use any kind of tofu?

    This looks absolutely AMAZING Elana! Thank you for yet again a great dessert that everyone (even me- I can’t have eggs) can have! THANK YOU!

    • Kari says

      Coconut. Take a can of coconut milk and put in the fridge overnight. Next day it will have separated, so puncture the can, pour out the liquid. Then you can open the can and scoop out the “meat” and whip it up with some sweetener of your choice. It is yummy!!

    • Tara says

      Tal Ronnen has a whipped cream recipe made from cashew cream in his cookbook. I’ve never made the whipped cream, but the cream itself is great so I’m sure it would make a good whipped cream. Hope that helps!

  9. Rita says

    To prevent slugs use Permagard Food Grade Diatomacious Earth. Just sprinkle it on and since it is food grade it is safe for human comsumption. Works for all garden bugs!

  10. says

    Yum! Cherries AND blueberries! Looks delicious!

    Snails ate my basil up last summer. Yes, they like basil! They don’t like copper, so you can line your pots with some copper. But, it can’t be a thin wire, it has to be at least an inch thick or they can lift themselves over it. Yes, my husband and I experimented with this as he has copper at hand for his water sculptures. The copper hurts them or something, so we watched the little bugger avoid the copper. Unfortunately, it’s an expensive deterrent. Good luck!

  11. says

    Congratulations on being selected as Chef of the Month!
    Thirty miles east, the slugs are horrible in our garden as well. We’ve noticed that the slugs stay out of the red romaine but absolutely love the black-seeded simpson lettuce so I gave up slugs in our salad by switching types of lettuce. Also, picking the lettuce before watering definitely helps.
    This recipe sounds scrumptious!

  12. Karen says

    The crumble looks gorgeous – and I happened to get a ton of blueberries and cherries the other day. Score!

    I hate those darn slugs too. Every time I go to pick strawberries from the yard at least half of them have munch marks from the slugs or the pillbugs. Drives me nuts.

    I have heard garlic is a natural enemy of slugs. Haven’t had a chance to try it but thought I’d pass on the tip…

  13. Jan Seward says

    Hi, Elana. Love your site. Have you ever tried washing your greens in a mild hydrogen peroxide solution? It kills most varmints – wonder how it would work on slugs?

  14. Stephanei says

    I absolutley LOVE your photography, and imaginitive dishes! Nice job, this is a perfect summer dish!

    thanks for shaing!

  15. Ali says

    YUM!! I added some vanilla extract in with the grapeseed oil when I made a strawberry crumble this weekend, as well as a bit of cinnamon. It was a great addition. I plan to pick cherries this weekend and hope to make this.

  16. Sara says

    YUM!! Just scored both organic bluberries & cherries at Shop Rite (a rarity!) and will definitely be giving this a try. I love that so many of your recipes are also dairy free! Thanks!

  17. Rhonda says

    With the wetness of May still being experienced in Seattle, I found that there are an abundance of slugs wanting to snack on my garden stuffs. I heard that they don’t like coffee grounds so I mounded grounds around my Romanesco, cauliflower, and celery plants. So far it has worked beautifully. I keep finding them, but not where there are coffee grounds…

    I have my lettuces planted in containers, with drip basins beneath them, and haven’t had any slug issues with them at all.

    • Kari says

      Blanched is almonds without the skins. Tends to me lighter and fluffier. The difference in the two will make a difference in baking.

      • Karis says

        Perfectly true, though for the record I’ve had excellent results with Trader Joe’s UNblanched almond meal. I haven’t tried the sandwich bread-type items, but it’s awesome for the cookies I’ve tried (the chocolate chip cookies are a staple in this house!), the banana bread (makes great banana muffins, which also freeze and reheat well!), the pumpkin muffins (perhaps my favorite…), the crisps and crumbles and then some.

  18. says

    I am going to feed this to my family–those of whom believe eating “healthy” must be torture. They won’t try it when you tell them that it is good for them, or if they do, they have already made the decision that it will taste horrible (which it does when you are already in the mindset).

    So, I will make this, tell them it is made with white flour, white sugar, corn syrup, pesticides and the like–then I will see their reactions when I reveal, right at the end of the last bite, what they were truly eating. It’s so cool to see their faces (I’ve already tried it on a couple of friends of mine–awesome reactions!).

  19. says

    I found my first slug last night (I live in Boulder, too) on my lettuce leaves :( Fortunately I found it while picking them, so I made sure to wash each leaf individually. No offense, slugs, but get off my food.

    Awhile back you mentioned a place where you could get the almond flour you use, somewhere here in Boulder. I can’t find it now–where do you get it? I am ready to reintroduce almonds into my diet.

    • Ali says

      Down near the bottom of the page on the right hand side she has a section called Purchase where she links almond flour amongst many other things. I’ve found Honeyville to be the BEST almond flour and thank Elana for the link. I bought a case of the 25 lb and store it in gallon sized freezer bags in the freezer and keep one in the fridge at all times. I only cook for 2 and the occasional group get-together. I’m sure it will last me a year, as I’ve plenty left and only a few months left to go (since I bought it). Cheapest to buy in bulk. Great quality!

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