Passover Round Up

UPDATE: Here’s my latest Kosher for Passover recipe roundup.

Passover is this Saturday! I have been cooking up many Pesach dishes of late and am happy to provide a round-up below.charoset

A couple of notes:

I did not include a vegetable dish in the above list. Generally, I like to serve steamed broccoli or broiled asparagus with our Passover meal. I have linked to a squash pie recipe that I use during Passover as our squash “kugel.”

As you will notice, matzoh is conspicuously absent from the above list. I purchase a gluten-free oat matzoh for my boys, however, I do not eat grains, so I create an almond flour matzoh for myself to use as a vehicle for the Hillel Sandwich. My husband says the matzoh that I make is so bad, that I have deemed it unworthy of ‘blogage’.

Happy Pesach to you and yours!



13 responses to “Passover Round Up”

  1. Hi friends.
    I have just finished preparing a Tarte Tatin (French upside down tart)
    Gluten free, dairy free, kosher for passover.
    Using an adaptation of Elana’s short bread cookie recipe, with substitutions of grapeseed oil instead of butter and sugar water instead of sugar, it looks just like the real thing, we will taste it for Shabbat dinner tonight and I will let you know how it all turns out.

    I would send you a photo if I knew how to, but it does look awesome!!!!!!!

  2. Shalom and Greetings!
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