Paleo Passover Recipes

Paleo Passover Recipes

Paleo recipes take your gluten free seder to the next level of healthiness.

Although I’ve been grain free since 2001, this will be our first strictly Paleo Passover seder. I’m sharing my seder menu since the requests for Paleo Passover recipes are coming in a mile a minute.

Many of these gluten free Passover recipes are traditional Jewish fare and can be used for other Jewish holidays as well –think Squash Pie, which I serve as kugel.

I hope this menu will make the combination of being Jewish and Paleo a whole lot easier for y’all. If you’re not Jewish, feel free to enjoy the Paleo diet recipes below, some of which are all time favorites of mine, such as the Paleo Matzo Ball Soup.

Maror or Beet Maror
Gefilte Fish
Arugula Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette
Grain-Free Matzo
Matzoh Ball Soup
Squash “Pie” (I am using this as my kugel)
Roasted Chicken with Olives and Prunes
Paleo Coconut Macaroons
Egg-Free Macaroons

You’ll notice the stark absence of matza from this menu. That’s because I am still working on a gluten free Paleo matza recipe –I have been for years. And the matza I throw together is hardly worthy of public consumption. I make a couple of pieces for myself and purchase organic gluten free matza for the rest of my family at the health food store (you can also find it online).

What are some of your favorite gluten free/Paleo recipes that you will be making for Passover this year?