Low-Carb Apple Galette

When apples are in high season this Low-Carb Apple Galette is a fantastic way to use 'em up! For this fall dessert, my Paleo Pie Crust envelopes sweet tender apple slices, spiced with cinnamon. The boys love this and I love that such an easy low-carb dessert recipe is also super healthy. It tastes so incredible though that no one will ever know this treat is good for you!

Low-Carb Apple Galette Recipe

My Low-Carb Apple Galette filling is made with only 6 ingredients total so you can throw it together very easily. I like to make a Paleo Pie Crust and divide it in half, using one half for the low-carb crust in this recipe. Then, I save the other half for another use, wrapping it in parchment, placing it in a plastic bag and storing in the refrigerator. Paleo Pie Crust will last for about 5 days when stored this way.

How to Make Low-Carb Apple Galette

The key to making this dessert is to roll out the dough so that it's very thin. After, that you'll place the apple slices in the center. Next, fold the crust over the edges, like I did in the photo above. The trick to this is to use the parchment to help you fold. That way, the flaky dough will move more easily. Another tip is to slice the apples very thin. I use this slicer and then slice each of the pieces into fourths.

What is a Galette?

A galette is a sweet or savory, rustic looking pastry. The French word “galet” literally means “smooth, flat pebble,” indicating something round. I've taken liberties and made this a rectangular dessert. Don't be distressed if the dough for this galette breaks, simply patch it with your fingers. Galettes are meant to be simple desserts and perfection is not an ingredient in this luscious rustic-style apple pie.

Low-Carb Apple Galette

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  1. Divide Paleo Pie Crust dough in half
  2. Place half of dough on a piece of parchment paper
  3. Form dough into a rectangular log
  4. Cover with another piece of parchment
  5. Roll into a rectangle, approximately 11 x 9 inches, ⅛-inch thick
  6. Remove top piece of parchment
  7. In a medium bowl, toss apples with arrowroot, cinnamon, maple syrup, lemon juice, and stevia
  8. Line up apple slices on rectangle of dough
  9. Fold up parchment paper to wrap dough over edge of apple layer
  10. Pour juices from bowl over galette
  11. Slide galette with bottom piece of parchment onto a baking sheet
  12. Cover baking sheet with tin foil
  13. Secure tinfoil to edges of baking sheet so that steam does not escape
  14. Bake at 350°F for 50 minutes covered, and 10-15 minutes more uncovered
  15. Serve
This was amazing!!! Thank you so much for another easy and delicious recipe!

Low-Carb Recipes that are Corn-Free

You'll notice this low-carb recipe is sweetened with maple syrup and stevia. I use this combination of sweeteners because I cannot digest traditional low-carb sweeteners like erythritol. Other than xylitol, most low-carb sweeteners are made of corn, a food that is incredibly inflammatory for me. Additionally, I cannot digest the sugar alcohols that the corn is turned into.

Keto Recipes

If you're looking for super low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) recipes, check out my Keto Diet Recipes page. It's full of healthy low-carb, paleo, dinners, desserts, and so much more!

Nutrition Information

If you're in need of nutrition information I provide it for all of the recipes in my low-carb cookbooks. The best one to start with is the New York Times best seller, Paleo Cooking from Elana’s Pantry. Leave a comment and let me know if you have my books, and if so what your favorite low-carb recipe is! And enjoy the galette!


58 responses to “Low-Carb Apple Galette”

  1. Hello – I will be making this at a friend’s home and she does not have a food processor to use for the crust. Will it work if i simply cut the butter into the almond flour until it’s crumbly and then form a dough with my hands “old school” style or is a food processor necessary for the results? Thank you.

    • Pat, thanks so much for your question. I haven’t tried making this without a food processor so not sure. If you experiment I hope you’ll let me know if it works :-)

  2. This absolutely delicious and I used 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract because my liquid stevia was plain. I used the other half of the dough and made a round galette and tried almond extract. YUM. Thank you! I’m a new follower.

    • Elizabeth, welcome! So nice to meet you here and thanks for letting me know this is absolutely delicious :-)

    • Allison, thanks for your comment! If you refer to the second paragraph of this post called “Low-Carb Apple Galette Recipe” you will be given that information :-)

    • Sharon, thanks so much for your great question! This is very low-cab given that most apple style pastries contain high carbohydrate wheat flour and at least 1 cup of sugar :-)

  3. I’m also severely allergic to corn.
    I also can’t eat any sugars, or have dairy or gluten.

    This site has – actually – saved my life: I can eat again more than just grilled veg and meats.

    I now bake my own food from this site. Eg the bread, the pie crusts.

    People have been stunned to see how happy I am to be able to eat a simple sandwich. I can eat bread again. The JOY!!

    • Ash, your comment made my day! Thanks for your sweet words, I’m so happy to be on this healing journey with you :-)

  4. I cannot tolerate sweeteners and now I understand why. I have a severe intolerance to corn and didn’t know that’s where they come from. I haven’t tried stevia due to giving up but I will give it a go. I react to all raising agents making bread of any type a no go. Does bicarb of soda derive from corn?

    Im looking forward to making this galette.

  5. It’s difficult to make low carb cakes from Pinterest considering the fact that so lots of them use this corn alcohol. I am also unable to digest erythritol. I informed my wife your recipes are so scrumptious and by no means fail because you test them so thoroughly. You are so very innovative and proficient.

    • Deepak, thanks for your lovely comment! I’m so happy to hear that you are enjoying my low-carb recipes :-)

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