Cinnamon Apple Cake

Cinnamon Apple Cake is a fabulous fall dessert and super easy to make. This paleo cake recipe calls for 8 ingredients total. All you need to make it is apples, orange juice, almond butter, eggs, honey, cinnamon, vanilla, and salt. My boys adore it smothered in my classic Whipped Cream or Dairy-Free Coconut Whipped Cream.

Healing Properties of Cinnamon

This healthy flourless cake recipe is not overly sweet and brims with the aroma of warming cinnamon. I love cooking with cinnamon because it’s a healing super-spice. Cinnamon regulates blood sugar and is touted in Ayurveda as fixing numerous ailments, including calming down the vata dosha. My go-to spice, I often add cinnamon to my morning Protein Shake and Dandelion Coffee.

Cinnamon Apple Cake

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Servings 12



Prep Time 15 mins
Cook Time 32 mins
Total Time 47 mins
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Low-Carb Cinnamon Apple Cake

This Paleo Cinnamon Apple Cake recipe was inspired by Andre Anna. Just a few of the changes I made include using apples instead of bananas, adding a ton of cinnamon, and reducing the amount of sweetener in order to make this a low-carb flourless cake. If you are cutting back on your intake of sweeteners you’ll want to check out my Low-Carb Diet page. If you have totally eliminated all sweeteners that can spike your blood glucose you’ll want to take a look at my Ketogenic Diet page.

Healthy Apple Recipes

Love my paleo Cinnamon Apple Cake recipe? Here are some more low-carb apple dessert recipes for you!

This post is an oldie but goodie from the archives. I first published this recipe in 2010.

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101 responses to “Cinnamon Apple Cake”

  1. Made this cake with my 7 year old. He chose a cross shaped pan, had to bake a little longer but it came out amazing! So moist and so much flavor. Did the cool whip icing with maple syrup for the top. I love easy recipes that my kids can be involved in!

    • Cindy, thanks for letting me know you made this cake for your 7 year old and that it came out amazing! I loved making this cake with my boys when they were little :-)

    • Laura, thanks for your comment! If you follow the recipe and use the 2 tablespoons of cinnamon called for, this cake is definitely not bland. It is not very sweet though which could be an issue for those that are used to sugary recipes :-)

  2. I’m excited to try this recipe- but I have a sensitivity to almonds. Do you think a different nut butter could substitute, and if so, what would you suggest I try? Thank you!

  3. Elana this looks wonderful!! I am going to make it for my Mother and myself. I am wondering if it would work to make as muffins or cupcakes rather than a cake?
    Thanks for all you do for us! God bless!!

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