peanut butter protein shake

Peanut Butter Protein Shake

This dairy free peanut butter protein shake is a great way to start the day.  I like to drink it before I go to the gym –the protein (about 50 grams) gives me energy during my entire workout, and then some.

I’ve been on a major peanut butter kick lately, in fact, this is my third gluten free peanut butter recipe in the last week or so.  Earlier, I posted my Peanut Butter and Jelly Cookies, after that I posted my classic gluten free and vegan Peanut Butter Cookies, and now this here shake.  I’m in Texas, y’all, hence my new accent.

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Peanut Butter Protein Shake
  1. Combine water, protein powder, peanut butter, vanilla and stevia in a vitamix
  2. Puree on high speed until smooth
  3. Blend in ice cubes
  4. Serve for breakfast or as a gluten free, dairy free snack

We’re in Waco for my son’s Little League baseball tournament.  The thermometer says it’s 107°; in reality when we’re driving around, it’s closer to 112°.  The team could care less though.  They’ve been hoping to make it to regionals since they were 10 year olds (they’re 12 now).

Our summer has been filled with baseball and not too much else –the team has practiced 2-4 hours every day.  We won the district tournament, then went on to capture the state tournament, so we are now the official Colorado State Champs.

This week we’re here for the regional tournament.  If we win, we’ll go to the Little League World Series (an international competition), though between you all and me, that’s really a long shot!  We’re just trying to make it through the heat at this point against all of the amazing teams from the South.  Here’s a picture of our team.

Boulder Wildcats Little League baseball team 2011

Earlier this week I squeezed in a day at Jen Yu’s amazing workshop Food and Light here in Boulder.  I learned so many incredible photography and food styling techniques from Jen, Matt Wright, Diane Cu and Todd Porter.  I also met many wonderful people and spent time chatting with Averie from Loves Veggies and Yoga and Manisha from Indian Food Rocks.

It’s been busy, busy as you can gather from the above, so I’ve been relying on quick and easy gluten free breakfasts such as my:

Enjoy the shake!


  1. says

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    Several studies have found it effective for preventing fatigue during intensive cardiovascular exercise (lasting 2 hours or more) and effective for preventing pre-workout fatigue when taken daily. Numerous studies have linked BPA to various diseases and conditions including breast cancer, prostate cancer, diabetes, heart disease, liver abnormalities and insulin resistance.

  2. Sherry in Union, KY says

    I used unsweetened almond milk in place of water, Jay Robb chocolate egg white protein powder, and left out the Stevia since the protein powder was flavored with it already. The result was a peanut butter cup in a glass. Honest to God, this is the best protein shake I have ever tasted. Thanks so much for the recipe!

  3. Renee says

    Does anyone know what I could use instead of stevia? For some reason stevia seems to upset my stomach. For recipes that call for stevia, is there something I could use instead and still get similar results?

  4. Janet D. says

    We enjoy this recipe often with either peanut butter or almond butter. This morning I made a strawberry cream version. I left out the nut butter and substituted frozen strawberries for the ice cubes. Really good and creamy. I served it with your “Paleo Breakfast Bread”!

  5. says

    I add dates to my almond butter smoothie for sweetness instead of stevia or another sweetener ~ vanilla almond milk, dates, flax seeds, & frozen banana.

  6. says

    Just made a rendition of your recipe for breakfast! I love smoothies in the morning. Even when I’m feeling lazy and don’t want to cook, the VitaMix is so quick that I can still get lots of tasty protein in minutes.

    My subs were So Delicious Coconut Milk for the water and ice (we don’t have an ice maker sadly), so ~1cup coconut milk.
    I added a banana to make it creamier.
    And I hadn’t heard of your protein powder yet, so I used Life’s Basics Plant Protein in the chocolate flavor. I’ve been trying new powders though, so yours is going on the list. Thanks!

    All in all, my fav combo, chocolate peanut butter banana. Yum! It would have been even better with ice.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Misa says

    Hi Elena and other readers!

    First of all, I’d like to thank you for this great blog, I’ve got a lot great ideas and recipes from you. Being on gluten intolerant must not be an encumbrance – actually it can be a lot of fun when one is willing to experiment with new recipes! Plus most of the time they are healthier all together.

    I just wanted to point out for this recipe that I’ve heard that roasted peanuts are not good for you, as roasting makes the oils in the peanuts go rancid and thus causing damage to freeradicals. So, I’d suggest raw peanuts.

    Best regards to everyone!

  8. says

    Anything with peanut butter in it is just delicious. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of the protein powder but I’ll have to keep an eye out for it to see if I can find it.

  9. Sarah says

    A. maz. ing. I just made this for breakfast, substituting the stevia for 1 teaspoon agave and the protein powder for a cocoa version. That was the best 315 calorie breakfast shake that tasted like dessert that I’ve made in a long time. I’m going to try almond butter next time.

  10. says

    Thanks for the inspiration Elana!
    I created my own version of your shake this morning with a little more sweet and a little less protein. The result was heaven. It was so good I created a blog post for it :)
    Hope you have a great week and here’s to your boys making it to the World Series-


  11. Jami Fynboh says

    Best wishes to the team! What a great photograph!
    This smoothy looks wonderful! Have fun in Texas, watch out for that heat I know it from years past.

  12. Christine M. says

    Yum! I love peanuts, but I’m allergic. I think I’ll try this with roasted almond butter instead. :)

  13. says

    Congrats on being the state champs, hope the boys enjoy themselves! Good luck!
    The shake also looks really yummy, I’ll have to try it when it gets to summer in Australia :)

  14. says

    I love the look of that shake, Elana! :-) Congrats to the team on being state champs. Hope the time in Waco goes well and everyone stays well. Oh, and 2 years can seem like a lifetime when you’re in the 10 – 12 age range. Heck, sometimes it seems like a lifetime to me. ;-) Rooting for them all!


  15. Aidel says

    Stay cool & best of luck to that good-lookin’ team! Can’t wait to try this protein shake. Maybe you should whip some up for the boys before they play….you brought your vitamix along, right?

  16. says

    I make a similar PB shake in the morning with vegan protein powder, PButter, a frozen banana, vanilla, ice, and spinach or zucchini…you don’t even taste the spinach/zucchini (I promise!). Such a great way to start the day.

  17. says

    OMG, this is the exact shake I was making for ages! However, I often add banana instead of stevia. Your the only other person I’ve met who uses egg white protein powder. We were buying it from Rose Acre Farms.

  18. says

    Elana, it was truly SUCH a pleasure to meet you! I posted about meeting you on my blog a couple posts ago. You are SUCH a sweet, warm, awesome woman!

    Missed you on Wednesday but I hope your Wednesday and all you had going on went well and the travel went smoothly :)

    Your shake looks great…I am such a coffee girl. I’d maybe add a splash of coffee. Or freeze coffee in ice cube trays, then add those as my ice rather than regular ice. I always have coffee on the brain.

    You are a doll!!

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