Paleo Porridge

I discovered this hot cereal on Ricki Heller’s blog, Diet Dessert and Dogs, after she tweeted it a couple of days ago.  I’ve had it for my gluten free breakfast every day since!  You can call it hot cereal or Paleo porridge, either way, it’s a super food way to start your day, and quick and easy at that. What is porridge?  According to Wikipedia, porridge is a dish made by boiling grains such as oats or other cereal meals in water, milk or broth.  In fact, there are lots of ways to make a gluten free porridge, this one just happens to be my favorite, probably because it’s Paleo friendly.I grew up on Cream of Wheat (isn’t that lovely). We did not eat ours with sweetener, it was a savory dish for us, with tons of butter (actually margarine) and salt.  This new gluten free breakfast brings back my memories of hot cereal during childhood.  Here’s my version of the hot cereal posted on Ricki’s blog (original recipe by Andrea Nakayama).

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Paleo Porridge
  1. Combine all dry ingredients in a vitamix
  2. Blend until finely ground
  3. Pour boiling water into Vitamix, cover with lid
  4. Blend very carefully starting on low setting, then moving to high, until porridge is smooth
  5. Transfer porridge to a bowl
  6. Garnish with raisins, sunflower seeds or treats of your choice
  7. Serve

I use a full teaspoon of cinnamon in this hot cereal as there are studies that indicate this spice controls blood sugar, and I also like its flavor. This gluten free hot cereal would make delicious and healthy breakfast with a side of Simple Fruit Salad and Dandelion Root Coffee

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  1. Kathy says


    I’ve done a lot of substitution with this recipe so I can give you some ideas, Ruth A. The first thing I had to address was temperature because my partner loved the porridge but complained it wasn’t hot enough for her from the Vitamix. It was worth my while to find another way to make it since she is bedridden and feeding us both with it meant my only making one breakfast instead of two.

    I grind everything in an old coffee grinder while the water is in a pot coming to a boil on the stove. Sometimes I’ll blend the lumps out with the stick blender, sometimes I keep them. It’s nice to have change.

    Grinding the ingredients in a coffee grinder is an art, they will turn into nut butter if you’re not paying attention and if you don’t pulse your grinder. Especially with the nuts, you have to keep the grinding time in its pulses under “one Mississippi” and it helps to hold the grinder (one hand on top, one on bottom) and shake it around as you pulse. Takes some co-ordination but it can be done.

    My biggest ingredient substitution is hemp hearts for the pumpkin seeds. I love the hemp hearts in the porridge, it makes it even creamier. I almost always make a double recipe. First I grind the hemp hearts and chia seeds together, the chia seeds help prevent the hemp hearts from getting as sticky. I empty those in one of the bowls. Then I put half the shredded coconut and half the nuts in the grinder. Pulse, shake and shimmy. Grind until they are as small as you like or until they roll themselves into a ball. Empty into the bowl, do the same with the last halves of coconut and nuts. When the water in the pot comes to a boil turn it off, it’s ready. I like to dump the ground hemp hearts, chia, coconut and nuts into the pot of hot water and stir. Then I add the salt, cinnamon and now I add ginger (dried ginger now but eventually I’ll use fresh root). My naturopath wants me to eat more ginger (according to Traditional Chinese Medicine) so I decided to do that here. It’s delicious. Then I grind the flax seeds and dump those in. If I decide I want it smoother, I’ll whiz it around with the stick blender. If I’m feeling lumpy or in a hurry, I don’t.

    I’ve substituted the walnuts with pecans, hazelnuts and brazil nuts. The walnuts and pecans are my favourite nuts in this porridge, they are creamy and buttery. Hazelnuts give it a sharper taste, still very nice, and brazil nuts make it really, really creamy. Brazil nuts are a pain to grind in a coffee grinder, though, they must have a higher fat content. Nuts from the freezer work better in the grinder than room temperature. I have a pastry brush that I use to clear out my ‘dedicated to coffee’ grinder after coffee beans go through. I’ve been using the same brush for my porridge grinder, I want to be sure there’s nothing going rancid in it, especially because of those fragile flax seeds. It’s also an art to get the ground nuts and coconut completely out of the grinder, even with the coconut making it less sticky. I wash the brush every so often and between washes I really work it into a piece of paper towel to remove the oils and particles. I wipe the bowl of the grinder with paper towel between uses, too. Grinding the flax seeds last will help remove residue from the grinder. Always remove as much of the sticky stuff as you can with your finger before you put the brush in there, it will keep your brush cleaner. Make sure you can’t inadvertently start the grinder while your finger is in there — the grinder I use has a safety, the blade can’t start without the lid engaged.

    There are endless substitutions to make in this porridge, sometimes you might want a bit more hot water with less oily nuts like hazelnuts. Sometimes I make the porridge thinner, sometimes thicker. Sometimes I sink a pat of butter into the middle and let it melt there. I’ve even added a tsp of cacao powder to it, that was great but my partner didn’t like it. I always float 35% cream on it. I put maple syrop on for my partner but not myself, even when I added the cacao powder. I’m fighting cancer so not using any kind of sweeteners but as far as I’m concerned, this porridge is the bomb and needs no sweeteners.

    This is a wonderful porridge with endless possibilities, Elana, I’m so grateful to you for sharing it with us.

    • Elana says

      Thanks so much Kathy! Wishing you all the best on your journey to health. I loved reading all the details in your comment :-)

  2. Emily says

    I am so excited, this tastes so similar to cream of wheat, you just made my day! I added a little bit of ghee, just a tad, and reduce my salt to 1/8 as I tend to taste salt easily, and kept everything the same, garnishing with raisins, and I am over the moon excited for this breakfast. Thank you. This is fantastic and I’ll be eating many more bowls of this, especially as the weather changes.

  3. Rosita Thibodeaux says

    Elana, Elana, Elana. Baby girl,baby girl, baby girl, that porridge was so delicious and filling. I loved everything about it, didn’t change a thing, the cinnamon was RIGHT THERE perfect. I have admired you for years. My baby brother died ten years ago at age 56 from Hodgkins. He also suffered horribly with Celiac problems many years before because of misdiagnosis. When he did get the right diagnosis there wasn’t much out there to help him with his diet. You are a hero, an angel to so many people. I am always amazed to see new recipes you share with us, and of course the older ones are just as great. You and your family are in my prayers. Please continue to take care of yourself – we need you.

  4. Kathy says

    I just tried this recipe today and I LOVED it!! I’m eating very low carb high fat, since I’ve found I’m sensitive to eggs I’m struggling to find new breakfast foods. After eating some form of avocado most days for a month I think you can imagine my thrills at finding something new — and it’s warm and creamy to boot! I haven’t had a warm breakfast for almost a month, too, yippeeee! I’ve been trying to incorporate fresh ground flax into my diet since June but so far haven’t managed to — this breakfast serves me two-fold. Thank you so much for solving these problems for me, Elana!

  5. KJ says

    This is amazing! I didn’t have all the ingredients so I made some substitutions with other nuts I had on hand.

    Used a food processor as well. As I like my porridge more sweet than savory I also threw in 2 medjool dates, and instead of adding one cup of boiling water I did half a cup boiling water and half a cup boiling coconut milk.

    Very yummy! Added blueberries to the top, and I can’t believe how well it turned out!

    I often have a similar breakfast without blending it, like a cold cereal, but this is much easier on my jaw. Not so much chewing!

  6. Justine says

    Ouh! Of course I had expectations about this because everything you do is just wonderful but oh boy this is good! I thought the texture was more like one of cream of wheat !! So smooth and I think I will be full for the next decade. Of course being from Quebec I liberally poured some maple syrup in it! Simple delicious. Will prepare a huge batch in advanced! Thank you Elana :)

  7. GraffitiGrammarian says

    I’ve tried a handful of paleo porridge recipe, but this is by far the best.

    But I wonder — is there a way to thicken it up a bit? The chia seeds help in that regard, but not enough.

    Someone in the comments section mentioned almond meal — I’ll try adding a tablespoon and see what that does.

    Someone else said the calorie count on this recipe was around 450 calories. I say no way! The walnuts would be about 130 and the shredded coconut — both tablespoons — would be about 80 calories altogether. No way the other ingredients have more than 200 additional calories.

    However there was a suggestion of adding warmed applesauce, and that does sound good. I’ve been cutting up a piece of fresh fruit — an apple or a pear — and throwing it in, but it’s generally too much fruit. With applesauce you could add less and still get a fresh fruit vibe.

    • Stacey says

      It actually is 450 calories. Walnuts are 200, coconut 100, pumpkin, flax, & chia combined come up right around 150. That’s not bad, though. If all meals were like this, that’s around 1400 calories per day, not including snacks.

    • MickiSue says

      Oils get rancid when they’ve been sitting for too long; raw nuts can get rancid as easily as roasted or boiled ones.

      Regardless, if you make this yummy sounding hot cereal from fresh ingredients and eat it right away, there is no time for the oils to get rancid.

  8. Irene says

    I have just discovered your blog and I have felt in love with it. Apart from the health concern (gluten free, paleo diet, candida diet..) I really like that the recipes seem easy and dont have thousand of different ingredients. I will definitely try lots of your recipes :-)

  9. Marie says

    Elana – thank you so much for this recipe! I am doing the candida protocol and was dearly missing my regular breakfasts (usually, root veggie hash). This porridge is delicious! You can’t even tell it’s missing grains, and I love the addition of cinnamon. Thanks so much. Marie

  10. says

    This is the best breakfast ever! My only change is to make the recipe x 4 as we go through it so quickly, reduce the salt, and I replace half the walnuts with almonds – only because they’re cheaper. We serve with homemade 24 hr yogurt and walnuts sprinkled on top.

  11. says

    Hi Elana, thank you for all your great recipes and ideas especially for GF and Paleo cooking..I love the grain free porridge recipe you just posted and cant wait to try it! I don’t have a Vita mix. Any suggestions where is a good place to buy one in the US? Will a coffee grinder do in the mean time?
    cheers and thanks again..

  12. Suzanne Davis says

    I have made a good hot cereal out of nut meal – I’ve done almond meal and it was very satisfying. I also grew up on Cream of Wheat, and Cream of Rice as well. I have been hungry for hot cereal, and I’m thinking of it for dinner tonight. We try to do our big meal at Lunch and eat smallish in the evening. I’m thinking of making a mixed pecan and walnut meal (I’m out of raw almonds right now.)

    I make the nut hot cereal much like I did Cream of Wheat. I use a mixture of hot water and half & half (full fat) to a cup or more of nut meal. I zap it in the microwave. Then I add coconut oil, little Stevia, tablespoon or 2 of almond butter, and a hint of brown sugar. I know I shouldn’t do the brown sugar, but I like the look and taste. Any low carb or sugar-free substitutes out there? OH, I forgot the cinnamon. Cinnamon is such a beneficial spice, I use it on and in tons of edible creations.

    One more question: is the frig or freezer the best place to store nuts in any form? Thanks!

  13. Beverly says

    Love your website and recipes. They are not only healthy, but taste great. Tried the porridge today and really enjoyed it. I’ll probably have that a few times a week even in the Summer. I am always trying to think of things to make for breakfast. Thank you so much!

  14. says

    Hi Elana, I am Sheila from Brasil, I work with raw food and I love so many of your reciped! Thank you for sharing, it is a real treasure and inspiration.


  15. beck says

    OMG! thankyou so much for this recipe! ! I only had cashews and almonds for the nuts so I used a mix of the two…with a drizzle of honey on top YUM! really felt like I was eating a bowl of warm porridge thanks again x

  16. Theresa says

    1. Can I leave the flax seed out totally or would I need to replace with something. Flax is off my list.
    2. can I leave the chia whole and add it in after everything like the seeds and raisins? I love the texture of chia but not sure if it would glob like others are talking about.

  17. Dawn Betts says

    Hi Elana,

    Is this recipe for 1 serving? If so, I find it very high in calories-477. It sounds delicious, but is out of my reach calorically.

    Thanks for all you do to provide delicious, healthy recipes!

  18. Jaclyn VanderVeen says

    this porridge is delicious! and it was a lifesaver for me! I just took my 2 year old off all grains r/t eczema – and she’s used to eating oatmeal every morning. I tried this recipe – but only used coconut, sunflower seeds and flaxseeds (b/c of other allergies and sensitivities). I adjusted the amounts accordingly and it was a hit! with both my 2 and 4 y.o. girls. thank you!!

  19. says

    I loved this!!! I made it this morning using unsweetened almond milk instead of the water. Didn’t have pumpkin seeds in the pantry, so I used unsalted sunflower seeds instead; and I also didn’t have walnuts but I had almonds! They worked great! I enjoyed this with 2 teaspoons of Truvia. It was fabulous and made me smile. This is much better than the other grain free cereals I’ve made that feature a blend of ground flax, chia, coconut and nuts…..a bit less viscous. The dash of salt really helps. I could eat it every day!!

  20. says

    I made some ingredient and process substitutions, too, and posted my version on my blog (credit to you, of course). This has become my family’s morning go-to breakfast (and snack!).

  21. says

    This is delicious and creamy! I’ve tried a different version of this, that didn’t use the vitamix, and this is way better. Also added 1/4c sprouted dehydrated buckwheat, vanilla, and a hunk of frozen banana. Thank you!

  22. karen says

    I make this porridge a lot, i have added some things, taken some things away but its always delicious and works great for my husband who pouted for years that he can’t have cereal:)

  23. kathy scott says


    Love your blog! Incredible recipes. I don’t have a vitamix. Could i still make this and any suggestions on using just a blender?

    Kathy (Ontario)

  24. says

    I love this! I blogged about how great it is and eat it almost every morning since I read this!! It completed helped my oatmeal cravings!

  25. Lauren says

    Made this recipe this morning and oh boy I think its my new favorite!!! I have recently gone paleo (previously was only gluten and dairy free due to interolences)and was feeling a little limited on what I could eat for breakfast (was getting bored of eggs and smoothies). Well this sure solved that! PLUS it kept me full for 5hrs and I am still going strong. No carb or sugar crash here! Tons of energy and mental alertness. Thanks for posting this! I will be trying all of your other paleo recipes as I embark on this new lifestyle.

  26. Jen Fong says

    This is absolutely wonderful. I’ve made it several times already. I do add a bit of maple syrup to sweeten, top with blueberries, and today I used coconut milk instead of boiling water. I also swapped out the walnuts for almonds and added a banana to the vitamix for variety today. Delicious! I keep the base seeds, etc. measured out in individual containers in my pantry, and then add the nuts when I make in the morning. Thanks for a great recipe!

  27. Lea G. says

    I made this porridge, but without the flax seeds (I don’t seem to digest them very well) and used sprouted pumpkin seeds. I also used unsweetened coconut flakes instead of shredded coconut. I have to say the porridge is absolutely delicious. It is my staple breakfast on the weekends. I actually cook it in unsweetened almond milk for creaminess. I top it with sliced banana and berries. I usually make a big batch and keep it stored in the fridge or freezer. What I also like about the raw mixture is that I can sprinkle it on top of yogurt too, or roll baked confections in it. AMAZING. Thank you.

  28. Molly says

    Fantastic receipe .simply WOW…wish my 4 yr old would eat it. Tried by adding a generous amount of agave to her bowl , but no luck :( l

  29. says

    I tryed your silver dollar pancakes but your recipe called for 1 1/2 cups almond flour I used coconut instaed didn’t have almond the amount was to thick for the recipe,not sure what to do or if adding less flour would be the best even with almond flour. I live at 4000 ft elavation and sometimes go to 8000 ft so I wonder if that has anything to do with the mixture of flours? I try adding more water but not sure it will get to a pan cake mixture. What did I do wrong or can you suggest what to do.???

    • Kelly S. says

      You can’t interchange coconut and almond flours. Coconut flour requires much more liquid (usually in the form of eggs) b/c it soaks it up.

    • Cherea says

      I don’t have a Vitamix and can’t use hot water in my nutribullet. I also don’t have a coffee grinder. Does anyone have suggestions on how to do this using a nutribullet?

  30. Carole says

    What a delight to find your blog last night and to try this hot cereal this morning! It’s under 10 degrees here this morning…and Paleo breakfast has been the biggest challenge for me. Like others, the coffee grinder worked for flax (no chia in the house), and the food processor worked for the rest. Just based on what was I had, I substituted almonds for walnuts and added sunflower seeds instead of chia. I decided to actually cook it for a few minutes in Sooooo Delicious Coconut milk, and added a chopped apple to the mix before cooking. It thickened up just perfectly, and had a little added sweetness. I let it stand, covered, for maybe 5 minutes – then yum!

    Thanks, Elana – your blog is rejuvenating my enthusiasm for cooking Paleo!

  31. Vee says

    I made this, this morning. It was creamy but I thought it was a little bland. Does anyone have any ideas how to”sweeten” it a bit. I do miss my oatmeal in the mornings since going Paleo, this could be a great replacement.

  32. says

    I appreciate how simple and easy this recipe is – everything from your instructions to the ingredients is very accessible. The chia seeds might prove to be a challenge to find in Japan, but to have something warming in this cold weather will be worth it!

  33. Maddie says

    I found your recipe for porridge a couple of days ago and have now had it for breakfast two days in a row. It’s so delicious and easy!
    I’ve been advised to eat a gluten/dairy/soya/sugar-free and low-grain diet and I often look on your website if I need some new inspiration. Thanks for all the fab recipes!


  34. jenn says

    I tried making this tonight and I’m having a hard time getting my flax and chia seeds to blend up in my dry container. Are they supposed to stay whole? It seems a little crunchy but still tastes delicious!

  35. jessica says

    i love this recipe, but one thing i do different, is i buy the chopped walnuts from the baking aisle, that are chopped up really little. i put everything else in the coffee grinder except the walnuts, and then add them at the end in my bowl before the hot water. it makes it almost like irish steel cut oats.

    i like things chunky

  36. Maggie says

    Delicious! I had to substitute sunflower seeds for chia seeds (my store was out of chia – I live in Alaska, and when your store is out of something, it’s a tough-cookies ditch), and 1 cup water was a bit too much, but it tasted great, and filled me right up. Thanks!

    Any other good suggestions for no chia?

  37. Tami says

    This is an absolutely incredible recipe! I made this x10 batches and stored in my frig after trying it the first time. My son, like many kids with autism, is unable to digest disachharides (starches/sugars).

    He loves this recipe! Me too! In the past 5 years, we’ve fed more attempts of starch-free hot cereals to our compost than I can count. This is a fantastic answer to a grain-free dieters dilemma. Thanks!

  38. Marci says

    I’ve missed oatmeal & Cream Of Wheat sooooo much since being diagnosed as allergic – cannot wait to try this recipe, it sounds delicious, thank you!!!

  39. Desirea Samhouri says

    This was such a great alternative to my morning bowl of steel cut oats! I have recently had to go grain free and I was trying to think up a way I could still have my “oatmeal” in the morning and then I found this post on your website. I made it this morning using my coffee grinder as well, and using 2 tbls of pumpkin seeds as I had just ran out of my chia seeds. I also used flax meal since I don’t have flax seeds.

    I heated up a cup of unsweetened almond milk and let it stand for 5mins and the result was so scrumptous that I can’t wait to have it again tomorrow. Though I might try a mixture of walnuts and almonds.

    thanks for posting this!

  40. Kandy says

    Elana, your website is so awesome. I come in here to look for a specific recipe and I end up traveling the world to enjoy other food adventures. You have provided such good, wonderful, beautiful recipes and it is such a pleasure to have your input. Have a great weekend!!!!

  41. Sabrina says

    Even though it’s still pretty hot where I live, I couldn’t resist and made the porridge this morning. i didn’t have pumpkin seeds, so I substituted sunflower. It was a delicious and very filling breakfast! It will be great for this fall and winter. I’m still not hungry for a typical mid-morning snack. As I’m transitioning to a more paleo diet, I’m really happy to have such a protein, fiber, and healthy fat-loaded breakfast that doesn’t need animal protein.

  42. Lora says

    Yum!! tried it this morning but did not have chia so I subbed quinoa seeds (uncooked!) and it worked! tiny bit crunchy which I prefer so turned out the way I like it! Thanks!

  43. me.you.key says

    I’ve made this three times already in three different variations – with walnuts, almonds, or pecans – it was great each time! Thanks for the great breakfast recipe. So easy.

  44. Karen says

    Anyone have insight as to where there is a carb counter I could use to calculate carbs in this. I love it but need to track carbs. It’s become my new ‘go to’ breakfast, especially since I can make it all ahead and pull it from the frig in the morning and just add hot water. Closest thing to an instant breakfast I’ve had in years. But I am paranoid about the carbs….Need to track them.

    • melissa says

      I worked this out at sparkpeople.com, where they have a nutrition tracker.


      428 calories
      26 grams carbohydrates
      35 grams fat
      11 grams protein

      It also packs a walloping 12 grams of fiber.

      Of course adding any nut milk, berries, whatever, will add to these numbers.

      • melissa says

        Btw, just to give perspective, a serving of McCann’s steel-cut oats has the same amount of carbohydrates.

  45. says

    Oh my, I missed this one over at Diet Dessert & Dogs. So glad you shared it again. I better head on over to Ricki’s site to see what other brilliant recipes I’ve missed :)


  46. Vivian says

    I have made a similar recipe for years but it contained wheat germ and I had to give it up. I tried this this morning and loved it! I plan to add a scoop of protein powder (an idea from my old cereal mix!) I also mix it up, put it in a jar into the refrigerator so it is quick when I want it. Thanks for a great recipe!

  47. Julie says

    This was a great breakfast! I topped with chopped peach and had a green smoothie on the side. Great way to start the day! I’m going to grind up a bigger batch so that I can throw it in the fridge and make it quickly in the morning. I didn’t have any flax so I subbed hemp instead, and I’m sure you could do a lot with whatever nuts and seeds you happen to have (though I think the chia would be essential to hold it together). Thanks Elana and Ricki for the great recipe!

  48. says

    I made this for breakfast this morning. It’s delicious and very filling! I did add a bit of sweetener and some sugar-free dried cranberries. After 5 minutes of resting I thought the consistency was perfect. Very yummy start to my day! Thanks

  49. says

    I have to say that I am not a fan of oatmeal or even worse, Cream of Wheat (Yuck!) I blame my mom for letting me eat Captain Crunch for so long. Now that I’m a mom, and realize the benefits of healthy eating, I’m trying to get good foods into picky eating son, so I bit the bullet and made this recipe (for him not me!) in hopes he’d like it. And he did!

  50. Heather D says

    I once saw “almond polenta” on Iron Chef. Have any of you tried such a thing? It sounds delish.

  51. melissa says

    I just made this and it was very good! However, the chia seeds made the consistency like a globby solid. Yours doesn’t look globby at all. Neither does Ricki’s. I wonder what the texture would be if I left them out… Did this happen to anyone else? Maybe I waited too long to eat the stuff.

    • Kandy says

      I made this today. It is very thick and a bit “globby” but it is a combo of the chia AND the flax I think…I loved it and as a diabetic I don’t think I could find a healthier, easier breakfast for myself. Planning on making up bags of it for “instant” breakfasts. It is very filling also. I did use a coffee grinder, the walnuts turned into a bit of a paste but mixed well with the boiling water. Awesome.

    • Michele says

      Mine also had a viscous texture. The flavor was really good. My boys ate it but could not get past the texture. I doubt I will be able to get them to eat it again, but it has given me some great ideas for experimenting!

  52. Joelle says

    Yum, luckily I had all the ingredients on hand and…voila! I also added some hemp seed and bee pollen and sweetened it a bit with raw honey. Thank you Elana and Rick!!

  53. Emily says

    This sounds delicious! It’s definitely porridge weather where I live (south-east Australia)and I’ve been missing hot cereal. I look forward to trying it.

  54. says

    Sounds fantastic …thanks for sharing, Elana. A variation of one I make & just perfect whilst travelling…my motto ‘have grinder will travel ‘( along with my immersion water boiler, stainless steel mug & organic tea bags)…off to the snow for 10 days (DownUnder)… so wholesome & nourishing & such a great start to the day :)

  55. says

    Thanks, Elana, this looks great!

    Another “porridge” I eat is the pulp leftover when I make almond milk in my Soyabella (soy) milk maker (I highly recommend it). I sometimes add some hemp seeds. Maybe I’ll try some chia and flax seeds, and maybe walnuts in it next time.

    • Sheila says

      I think chia seeds are like flax seeds, they go through you
      like corn does, that’s why you need to grind both seeds up.

  56. Maria says

    Yeah, I grew up on Cream of Wheat too. The maple flavored stuff with sugar thrown into it and cow’s milk poured all over it. Oh, how times have changed!

    This looks yummy. I’ll have to track down some chia seeds, though.


  57. says

    Yummy! I have really missed my morning oatmeal since going primal/paleo too…I saw this post on DDD as well…cant wait to try it!

  58. Jan says

    I’m keen to try this as I love porridge and miss it terribly. Do you think you could grind up a weeks worth at once and keep it in the fridge?

  59. Melanie says

    Thank you so much for this recipe! I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ve been hoping to find a grain-free recipe for my son to use at his Waldorf school snack time. The children sit down to a snack together and usually have a warm grain-based snack and I was hoping to find something for my son that is similar to what the other children are eating while we are on the GAPS diet. Can’t wait to try it for both of us!!

    • Kelly says

      That is such a great idea, I am going to do the same! At our Waldorf preschool Tuesday is whole wheat bread day, Wednesday is millet day, and Thursday is oatmeal day!! Love Waldorf, don’t love the grains. So glad to have this grain-free porridge recipe.

  60. June says

    Sounds really good as a hot cereal!

    We eat a similar cold cereal version with almond milk,ground flax, chopped nuts, and fruit (chopped apple,blueberries,raisins, etc.) for texture.

    Thank you for all the wonderful recipes!


  61. Karen says

    If you find Goldilocks sleeping in your bed, don’t be mad at her. She’s just content from eating your porridge :-)

  62. Michelle says

    I was just wondering this morning if I could make hot cereal out of almond meal. This is a comfort food that I’ve been missing since going paleo. I ground everything in my coffee grinder, and it worked great. Tomorrow I’m going to try subbing almond meal for the walnuts and flax meal for the flax seeds because I have some of each to use up.

  63. says

    Elana, I’m so glad you like it–thanks so much! I’ve also eaten it quite a few times in the past week. ;) I tend to go a bit heavier on the cinnamon, too, since I love the flavor and I’m also counting on the blood sugar-balancing effects. I’ve also made it since with some hemp seeds added–equally delicious. :D

  64. Golden says

    whoa. Not only gluten free, but totally grain free. Like nut/seed porridge. I am very intrigued. I ordered chia seeds last night and this would be a good thing to try them in. Thanks!

  65. says

    Wow! I cannot wait until it starts getting cooler so I can try this. At 105 degrees, it is quite warm for me at the moment. Am definitely putting this on file.

  66. Nikki says

    We are about to more closely follow paleo, we’ve been modified for a year or so, it was my understanding that flax is not allowed. Anyone know the answer to that? Thx!

    • Sabrina says

      I thought paleo allowed flax seeds, but as I’m just re-entering the paleo diet myself, I need to look this up!

    • Ellen says

      I never use flax seed. It’s a estrogen disruptor. I use chia or hemp in place of flax when I come across it in a recipe.

        • Noella Lang says

          I avoid flax seed as well as soy, as they seem to mess with my thyroid med. No science, just my own body consciousness. Maybe being an estrogen disruptor has something to do with it. Chia and Hemp hearts seem fine.

          • Cindy Morris says

            There are many foods that contain oestrogen like substances known as phyto-oestrogens. Flax, soy, alfalfa among others. These photo-oestrogens have a very mild oestrogenic effect in the body which makes them actually beneficial to consume. This is because these mild oestrogen help to block the ill effects of stronger oestrogens that are produced in our body or obtained environmentally from plastics for examples. Ie the mild phyto-oestrogens compete with the bad strong oestrogen for oestrogen receptor sites, hence helping to balance cases of oestrogen dominance. In cases of low oestrogen they can also help by slightly increasing levels, great for after menopause.

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