Nutrition Information for My Low-Carb Cookbooks

Nutrition Information for My Low-Carb Cookbooks

I’m so happy to let you know that I now provide nutrition information for all of the recipes in my books! Go straight to it on the links below:

The Easiest Low-Carb Recipes

If you own my low-carb cookbooks, you’ll have all the macros available to you! If you’re thinking of buying my New York Times Best Seller, there’s a free sneak peek of every recipe here!

Nutrition Information for Website Recipes

Over the years some readers have been concerned that I haven’t provided nutrition information for the recipes here on the website. I was a bit surprised when I received the comment below regarding the 1,000 free low-carb recipes I provide here.

Yes, we know you do not answer nutrition questions, but it would be helpful, useful, and simply kind if you would simply supply this information with the recipes you provide. Organic Valley egg nog has 180 cal. and 10 g fat, while Living Without vegan egg nog has 366 calories, 33g total fat, per serving! And Elana’s recipe? God alone knows. Elana– this seems a bit of a grinch like policy on your part.

Juggling My Way Through Life

I’m not a big corporation. I’m a mom with celiac disease, multiple sclerosis, two children, and a husband. Just like all of you, I’m juggling my way through life every single day.

Free Low-Carb Recipes on Elana’s Pantry

I have a thousand free-recipes here to share with you because it makes me happy. Sitting with spreadsheets and calculators? That does not make me happy. That’s what I used to do that when I owned a big company back in 1995. I was 28 years old. I had lots of employees. I was in Fortune Magazine. I made loads of money. More than I do writing books. But writing books is fun. So I traded in my power suit and now I write low-carb power bar recipes.

Nutrition Information from My Amazing Readers

If you check out My Fitness Pal you will find the nutrition information for the recipes from my website. My fabulous readers have done the work for you using that fantastic nutrition calculator!

Nutrition Information for Paleo Cooking

Click here for nutrition information for the recipes in my New York Times best selling cookbook, Paleo Cooking from Elana’s Pantry. Grab a copy of the low-carb best seller!

Buy My Books!

paleo cooking from elana's pantryGluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook

As a nutritionist reading this, I couldn’t agree more with your philosophy. You are the kindest, sweetest blogger serving people with this INCREDIBLY valuable (not to mention FREE) resource.


285 responses to “Nutrition Information for My Low-Carb Cookbooks”

  1. My story when I was 15 (I’m currently 17), I began having a really foggy brain. Unaware of my surroundings, getting confused easily, inability to focus, etc. This lasted for about a month, and after that I was having horrible respiratory problems. This went on for a year with seeing different lung specialists, running lots of lung function tests, and taking all the asthma meds possible. Nothing ever worked, and after a lot of searching, I stumbled upon EverydayHealth suggesting, developing a gluten-free diet is your best bet for keeping symptoms under control and seeing if that was causing my breathing problems. After 2 weeks of being gluten free, my symptoms were completely gone. I could breathe perfectly fine. I was gluten-free for a month when my Dr. suggested Celiac testing. I ate gluten for 2 weeks and did blood tests that came back negative. So I’ve been living as though I’m gluten intolerant since June/July 2015. I’ve become extremely sensitive to it. If my food touches too much gluten, and then I eat it, I have diarrhea, sometimes lasting up to a week of feeling sick. I’ve also had 2 stress fractures in my foot, and 1 fracture in my toe since June, and I think Celiac can lower bone density(?) Has anyone had similar symptoms? Should I get retested? I’d appreciate any advice I can get! Thanks

    • That sounds like it could be a thyroid issue. I experienced similar symptoms — especially brain fog — when I had a recent thyroid flare (I have Hashimoto’s). Some people with thyroid issues are sensitive to gluten, while also being not-celiac or having a thyroid-related auto-immune disorder. Testing your thyroid is a simple blood test. Make sure they also do the TPO test, which will indicate if you do have an auto-immune disorder.

  2. Hello Elana
    We love all your recipes but I am looking for a good mandel bread recipe .. any suggestions?
    Many thanks

      • Elana,
        When I first found you, I was put off by the use of almond flour because it’s so expensive. However, over time I have learned to appreciate your recipes and your grain-free flours. I have discovered that when I eat ANY kind of grain flours, I bloat up and feel horrible. You were right all alone, Elana. I so appreciate your blog, your recipes, and your willingness to share with the rest of the world. I am always recommending your site and your recipes to friends. Blessings to you, dear woman!!
        Gayle Brosnan-Watters, PhD

        • Gayle, thanks for your comment! Agreed, that’s why I switched to eating only grain-free flours, like almond and coconut, back in 2001. Blessings to you and thanks for being on this healing journey with me :-)

  3. I am 85 years young. Just wanted to say I have been health conscious for 40 years. It has been trying because of diet issues so many claim to be healthy. I am so blessed to find yours and so excited to try yours. My doctor wants to medicate me for minor ills and I am fighting it. I have lived this long without meds and want to keep it that. I am so happy I have found you and bless you for so much you do for others

    • Good for you for staying off meds. I am a retired nurse & am77 also on no meds. My doc also wants me on meds but with a good diet I think we are healthier. Once you starts meds then u have to add more for the side effects of most drugs & it goes on from there.

  4. As a nutritionist reading this, I couldn’t agree more with your philosophy. You are the kindest, sweetest blogger serving people with this INCREDIBLY valuable (not to mention FREE) resource. Please know that many of my colleagues and I send many people your way. Thank you SO much for ALL you do from the bottom my heart. You are amazing! <3

  5. Can I ask how you stay so thin? I noticed in one of your comments you are grain free. I am currently following a paleo type diet but seem to be having trouble losing! Love your recipes! Just made the mug cake tonight, delish!

  6. Thank you for so much great information and recipes! Do you know of any reason that a person cannot tolerate even gluten free Paleo flours? I don’t get sick, but I DO bloat up for almost 3 days almost like the grains or flours are causing me to retain water….. I usually eat Paleo and occasionally like to bake with almond flour and some coconut flour, etc. I don’t even do well with those. No one has been able to answer my question including my allergist/immunologist. Thank you!

    • Gail, thanks for your comment! I don’t eat any grains including gluten-free flours such as corn, rice, and potatoes since they don’t agree with my digestive system. If you are reacting to baked goods with flours that are paleo like coconut flour and almond flour it could be that you are reacting to other ingredients like the sweeteners that are often used along with them. That could mean candida, or a number of other things. I hope you’ll keep me posted on how you’re doing :-)

    • gail, I think you should try the low fodmap diet. it has really helped me a lot with those issues.
      best of luck!

  7. OMG, I know this is a thread from 2011, but I just read the comment you featured above. I have been thinking as I come back to your site again and again, why it is special. You share yourself here. It’s personal, a labor of love. There are no constantly intruding advertisements. Thank you, thank you, and for the rest of us, use your head. There are plenty of ways to calculate nutritional information, do it and be grateful that you can.

    • Ellen, thanks for your sweet comment. During times when health issues have flared up a bit this website, and readers like you, have been a lifeline for me. Thanks for being more important to me than you could ever know :-)

      • Elana,

        I am fairly new to your site, and I think it is really amazing. I, like the other commenter, just wanted to say thank you! All of the information and detail that you offer is beyond what I could expect from a free site. I have shared it with others and am so grateful it was shared with me. You are making healthy alternatives easy and available. Keep being awesome and be well!

    • Absolutely beautifully said Ellen! I feel the exact same way and so grateful to have found this amazing website. I just finished making Elana
      Keto chocolate chia pudding and can’t wait to try it tomorrow.
      Thank you Elana for all that you do!

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