I’ve been using coconut flour since 2006. During this time I’ve perfected low-carb recipes ranging from breads to cakes using this amazing flour.


Coconut flour is a bit lighter than almond flour, which makes it perfect for cakesmuffins and breads. Further, it is gluten free, high in fiber and low in carbohydrates, making it an ideal ingredient for celiacs, diabetics and those concerned with GI (glycemic index). I store my coconut flour the same way I store my almond flour.

As I’ve previously mentioned on my Almond Flour page, there are various ways to measure flours. I use the “dip and sweep,” method which is generally not considered the standard culinary technique. This method entails dipping the measuring cup into the flour and scooping the flour into the cup; then sweeping over the top of the cup with a knife to level off the measurement.

I do not pour the flour into the measuring cup because this will yield significantly less flour than one of my recipes calls for. For your reference, when ¼ cup of coconut flour is called for in one of my recipes it will need to weigh about 1 ounce to yield the proper results.

¼ cup coconut flour = 1 ounce

Coconut flour is different than other flours, a little goes a long way. Coconut flour is very dry; like a sponge, it sops up moisture, so you can find recipes that use ½ cup coconut flour and 4 eggs, plus ½ cup agave (such as my recipe for Strawberry Cupcakes on page 24 of Gluten-Free Cupcakes). That is a crazy wet-dry ingredient ratio, but necessary when cooking with coconut flour.

I recommend Nuts.comTropical Traditions, and Wilderness Family Naturals Coconut Flour. I have found the brands Coconut Secret and Let’s Do Organic do not work when used in my recipes.

Coconut Flour Brand

   Does it work in Elana’s recipes?

 Coconut Secret        no
 Let’s Do Organic        no
 Nuts.com        yes
 Tropical Traditions        yes
 Wilderness Family Naturals        yes


In the photo below, you can see my testing of some of the various brands of coconut flour in my Cranberry Orange Biscuits recipe. The results are interesting, some of the brands of coconut flour do not yield a biscuit, but more of a flat cookie that spreads, therefore I do not recommend them in my recipes. I’m not sure why these brands do not yield the desired results, I am simply sharing my findings. Many thanks to all of the commenters on my Cranberry Orange Biscuit post, who brought this issue of varying results in utilizing different brands of coconut flour to my attention!

Coconut Flour Brands comparisons

Coconut Flour Recipes

View all of my recipes that use coconut flour, which by the way are gluten free and mostly nut free. If you are looking for exclusively nut free recipes, please go to my nut free recipes.
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