paleo chocolate chip scones

Paleo Chocolate Chip Scones

Paleo Chocolate Chip Scones are a delicious gluten-free, grain-free, nut-free treat; naturally sweetened with honey.

I really don’t write a lot on my website because:

  1. I’m not a writer.
  2. I figure you all come here for the recipes anyway.
  3. What’s the point? I like short and sweet. Literally.

Every now and then though, I do get the itch to write just a bit. And this recent comment on Facebook tickled my writing fancy:

I absolutely adore your recipes. I’ve been Paleo for over a year and feel/look amazing. I have to ask, though, aren’t treats such as Paleo baked goods supposed to be a very occasional treat? It seems that they’re being posted on a near daily basis.

And this was my response:

You are totally right, however I have a houseful of almost a dozen growing boys here everyday after school and they aren’t Paleo (most aren’t even gluten-free) so they get at least a Paleo treat a day –far better than the standard teenage fare of soda and chips, if you know what I mean!

Why the heck are there so many dessert and bread recipes on here? Well, it’s not that much of a challenge to come up with a Paleo chicken recipe –they’re all over the internet. Just sift through the websites of people like Martha, Ina, and Elise, and you’ll likely find some nice healthy steak and vegetable dishes as well. They’re probably gluten-free and maybe even Paleo. However, when it comes to finding baked goods that are of course treats, well, that’s not as easy, and that it is something I provide on this website –I create classic Neolithic dishes (like these Paleo Chocolate Chip Scones) that use Paleo-friendly ingredients.

Further confirming this hunch is the list of the Top 10 Most Viewed Recipes on my sidebar; just crank your eyes over a few inches to the right and take a gander at that feature. As you can see, folks look at, and I assume therefore want, baked goods. And so I am pretty much always testing something, and thankfully, the hordes of boys that come to my house after school take pleasure in eating the items that I am continuously testing.

And now back to our regular programming:

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Paleo Chocolate Chip Scones
Serves:6-8 scones
  1. In a food processor, combine coconut flour, salt and baking soda
  2. Pulse in shortening, honey and eggs
  3. Stir in chopped chocolate by hand
  4. Scoop batter onto a parchment paper lined baking sheet
  5. Bake at 350° for 10-14 minutes
  6. Cool and serve

These gluten-free, dairy-free Chocolate Chip Scones are made from coconut flour. So no, the measurement of 1/2 cup of flour is not a typo (I get this question on just about every recipe on my website that uses coconut flour). Coconut flour is unique in that just a little bit goes a long way.

On another culinary note, I want to point out that coconut flour is quite light and fluffy –great for cakes and muffins. So these quick and easy Paleo Chocolate Chip Scones are rather cakey and fluffy and don’t have a heavy crumb. They’re a bit different than a classic scone. They’re also nut-free which is deliberate as I’ve had more and more requests for nut-free recipes lately.

Finally, yet most importantly, I based this recipe on one from Brian Musial at, although I’ve made a number of modifications. He has a lovely site that you may wish to peruse for other healthy Paleo recipes. Enjoy the scones and thanks for listening.

Peace out,


  1. Diana C. says

    Can the finished baked scone be frozen? I like to plan ahead for the holidays and if I can bake in advance, I would prefer to do that. I have no experience using coconut flour or palm oil.


      • Emma says

        Palm oil manufacturing is threatening the rainforest, so to make these environmentally sound, perhaps use coconut oil or another gmo free oil produced ethically. And thanks for not talking a lot.
        Yep, want recipes, not chat! Thanks for sharing your work!

  2. Brianna says

    I don’t hardly ever read or make comments on recipes. I try them and go on about my day… But I felt like I needed to say thank you. This week has been a struggle dealing with my autoimmune diseases. Yes, two. I decided to try these and yum. It made my day. It is nice to have some delicious go-to’s. I will be adding this to my recipe box. Thanks again.

  3. Chrissy says

    I made these tonight – fabulous! Thanks for a great recipe! I’m glad I doubled it in order to have some leftovers tomorrow. That’s how much my family loved them. ha, ha!

  4. Alana says

    How do these scones compare to Elana’s ‘Orange Dark Chocolate Chip Scones’? Debating which one to try first…craving chocolate today!

  5. Madeline says

    Making these right now. The house is smelling wonderdful and I can’t wait for them to cool a little so we can enjoy! Thank you for a super quick and simple recipe.

  6. Jeanette Regas says

    I made these by hand today, using ghee and agave since that’s what I had around. I stirred well after each egg. Fabulous. I am in love with these scones!

    • Tracy says

      I found using a pastry blender worked well to work the shortening/butter into the coconut flour and coconut palm sugar I substituted in place of the honey. after blending a fork can be used to mix the eggs in. It may seem a bit wet at first but the coconut flour quickly absorbs the excess liquid.

  7. Stephanie Todd says

    Vegan shortening? I don’t think there was hydrogenated oil during the paleolithic period. Would coconut oil work?

    • Roxanne says

      Palm shortening is not hydrogenated. It’s just clarified palm oil.
      Palm oil is a saturated fat and stays completely solid at room temperature.

  8. Shannon says

    What a lovely writing voice you have too… so succinct and polite. Thank-you for providing your wonderful recipies. I don’t indulge in them often, however, your page is a definate go to!!! Thank-you!

  9. says

    I love the recipe and to think something like this can be a healthy alternative is incredible. LOVE it…..Love the other comments too about coconut oil, etc. Keep up the good work.

  10. Angela says

    I made these last night and love them! I’m a Real Food foodie and don’t really “do” any one way of eating. I don’t eat processed foods or refine sugar. I do like to cook Paleo, Vegan, Gluten-Free and so on….if it’s good and good for you, I eat it! I used palm shortening and added walnuts. I had Vegan mini chocolate chips and used those instead. Thanks for all your recipes!!!

  11. Shannon says

    I just made these for my husband who has finally decided to join me in eating gluten free. They are delicious!! I used coconut oil instead of shortening, added a tsp of vanilla and a little bit of shredded coconut. So good and so easy!!! This is def. going to be a regular go to recipe in our house!!!

  12. Jay Smith says

    Cave people did not have chocolate chip chunks or baking soda–or most of these ingredients. This fad will die like all the others. Remember South Beach? Atkins? Any number of others. Go get a real scone. It won’t kill you.

    • Roxanne says

      For those of us with Celiac disease, food allergies and autoimmune issues, “a regular scone” is a serious compromise to our health.

      Paleo eating is less about “eating like a caveman,” which is unrealistic for the 21st century, and more about eliminating inflammatory foods from the diet.

    • Tracy says

      For some Jay, eating foods that are made with regular flour causes a serious response in the immune system (IGg and IGa) that creates severe abdominal cramping and in some with severe allergy can cause an anaphylactic shock and can be life threating. Try being more informed on why people change how they eat. Eating a Paleo Diet is not about dieting to lose weight but a better way of eating to keep immune response down and eliminate inflammation in the body that cause other issues. It is difficult for someone who does not have any food allergies/sensitivities to understand this – making yourself more educated may give you a better understanding of how some people respond to certain foods – only an intelligent person would know better than to reply with such an insensitive response.

  13. Linda says

    New to your site and I’m loving it so far. I was just wondering if you knew of any no-bake type desserts? I’m trying to get into the Paleo way of eating. Cutting out…slowly grains, etc. Any tips and/or advice you can give is appreciated.

    Thank you,

  14. Mariann says

    Thanks for another nut/seed free recipe. I love your baked goods recipes, but can’t handle almond flour more than VERY occasionally and in small quantities. Looking forward to trying this one.

  15. Peggy Ashcroft says

    I’ve just made these this afternoon and they have gone down a real treat, so thanks for the recipe :-) I replaced the shortening with coconut oil and formed them in dessert spoon sized dollops. I also replaced the honey with an equal amount of xylitol (thinking about tooth health and cutting down on sugars). They have a lovely, light, cakey texture and will make a great treat for lunch boxes this week. I doubled the amount and am going to try freezing some…we’ll see how that goes…

  16. Judy Mangione says

    Thank you so much Elana for all the great recipes! There’s so many of us that suffer from digestive problems with all the gmo’s now and intolerances it wouldn’t hurt if everyone went on a gluten free diet. I never realized almond flour was higher in protein and lower in carbs than wheat! It has been an arduous task for me, giving up wheat. Food choices are habit but once we relinquish the fight to hold on we can start healing ourselves. Look forward to using your recipes for me, my family, friends and community.

  17. Sarah says

    I used coconut oil instead of shortening and I made them into bars instead of scones. Not to bad but not sweet enough for me. I used buckwheat honey, could be why they were not that sweet. Otherwise nice recipe and thanks for posting!

  18. Sam says

    Ha, I love this article! I find eating paleo a breeze most of the time as I was brought up in the country where dinner was always meat and vegetables or a variation of. But what I do struggle with is my love of baked goods and breakfast cereal and that’s why I love visiting your site so much. Without your ‘treats’ I would go out of my mind. Thank you.

  19. says


    Having had only 3 boys of my own who regularly had a buddy or two in tow, I can’t imagine feeding as many as you do!!! I especially appreciate all the treat recipes for the very reason’s you yourself stated. Boys need plenty of “filler food” (as my Husband calls it) and finding healthy versions that aren’t empty carbs is almost impossible not to mention ridiculously expensive.

    Thanks again, you are a lifesaver indeed!!

  20. leah says

    I just made these scones and substituted palm shortening for the vegan shortening and had to cook the scones for maybe 5 minutes longer and they are to die for. Light, fluffy, sweet, delicious. Delicious with some nice cold water or milk. Thanks Elena. I love your recipes.

  21. Sandra says

    I substituted coconut oil for the vegan shortening, and the scones turned out perfectly. Had to bake them a couple of minutes longer, probably because we are in high altitude. No wait, we’re just 10 miles from Elana … so maybe it’s just my oven.

    My 7-year-old daughter is eating one of the scones for dessert right now (I made them for breakfast for tomorrow morning, but she couldn’t wait). She is loving it.

  22. Cynthia says

    These are great! I used Earth Balance’s Coconut Spread in place of the shortening because it is what I had. They came out great. Definitely a keeper for me. Thanks for sharing them.

  23. says

    I can’t wait to try this! I tried your paleo breakfast bread and loved it… Can’t wait to try this one out in the morning! mmm!

  24. Alexis de Onís says

    Curious if there is a good alternative to palm oil shortening. Palm oil harvesting is absolutely decimating orangutans–they are close to extinct because of it.

  25. says

    I had a hankering for scones (like I do most days), but knew I wanted to experiment more with coconut flour so I was thrilled to find this recipe. I replaced the vegan shortening with lard, 3 T of Grade B maple syrup in place of the honey, and 1/3 c chopped toasted pecans in place of the chocolate chips. I like to make mini scones to pretend I’ll eat less so I used a 1/8 c measuring cup to scoop them onto my baking pan, which made 15 scones. They were done in 16-17 minutes. Delicious!

  26. Betsy See says

    I just made these and not sure what I did wrong but the batter was way too thin to “drop” on parchment paper. So I poured it into muffin tins and made muffins. My chocolate chips all fell to the bottom, but they did turn out OK.

    I’d love a good scone though, any idea what I could have done wrong? I did sub the palm shortening with coconut oil. Other than that, followed this recipe to a “T”.


    • Marilyn says

      I had the same issue… the batter was so runny, I had to use muffin tin cups… I followed the recipe, and also live at about 5,000 ft… anyone out there w/an idea of why they were so soupy ?? Thanks.

      • Elana says

        Hi Marilyn, thanks for sharing your concerns with this recipe. I live at 5,000 feet and develop all the recipes at this altitude. The issue with the consistency of the batter actually depends on the flours used (this recipe calls for coconut flour, almond flour will not work as a substitute) as well as the brands used when baking. Best results come from using the required ingredients as well as the recommended brands that are shown when clicking on the green text in the ingredients portion of the recipe :-)

  27. Kelly B says

    I stumbled across your site as I was searching for coconut flour recipes.
    I love your recipes and I love your site.

    Well done and thank you! :)

  28. says

    okay–a friend led me to this website. i am always interested in new and better ways to fuel the body.—now i just have to ask—does it have to be CELTIC sea salt or will another body of salt water salt do as well.? ;^D

  29. RP says

    I am amazed that there are 3 commenters with coconut allergies!
    When I found out I was suddenly but allergic last year, we ruled out coconut as a danger as some googling found that “coconut allergies are exceedingly rare, to the tune of like, 10 people historically, ever!”
    Whoa, is that clearly false!

    Thanks for any nut-free goody recipe, I stumbled here via Pinterest.

  30. Amy says


    Thanks so much for this recipe. I will be cooking for some Paleo friends and thought this might be a nice treat. My only concern is what Paleo people say about chocolate chips. Are they okay for strict Paleo types?



  31. Kate says

    What is a substitute for palm oil shortening? We live in Wyoming and not very near a town….i use coconut oil a lot

  32. says

    I love your paleo baking recipes! Please keep posting. I’m not a strict paleo eater, but I’m really interested in raw food and live low carb so most of your recipes are right on the money.

  33. Shawna says

    I love your recipes. I’ve only made a few because I don’t make treats everyday. Once I have something great, I’m delighted to make that again. :)
    I’m not paleo in philosophy, but I have to avoid all grains and legumes to avoid lupus pain in my joints. In the summer when I was first making changes, I was far too weak and weary to do more than that look at your site and be comforted knowing that someday I could have bread or a cookie again. Now I delight in trying your recipes. Like another commenter said, I always look here for a recipe first, because if you posted it, I know it will turn out!
    Substitutions I’ve found work well for your recipes:
    Butter for shortening or grapeseed oil
    Molasses for zaycon
    It’s great that your recipes are so versatile for all of us with different needs.
    I love that you understand my need for chocolate!

  34. JoFitness says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! I use room temp coconut oil, which I think simulates vegan shortening. Love how simple and delicious they are, I am baking challenged (I hate the precision) but love how easy these are to throw together. I can eat two and be satisfied, instead of eating the whole tray. I really appreciate recipes like these! Thank you!

  35. Jane says

    Hi Elana,
    Delighted to see a new recipe as always and especially one using coconut flour in a new way. I’ve been wondering if you’ve ever attempted a coconut flour pizza crust recipe. There are a few on the web, but I’d always rather my recipes come from your reliable site :)

  36. Queen Jelly Bean says

    For those who like to know the calorie breakdown . . . here it is, but this is without Chocolate chips. You’ll have to figure out how many calories per scone to add based on the amount of choc chips you use. All other ingredients lited in Elana’s recipe are in this calculation:
    calories 204 /
    fat 13 gm /
    carb 16 gm /
    fiber 2 gm /
    protein 5.6 om

  37. Jules says

    I made these scones a few days ago and like other reviewers mine to much longer to cook, more like 20 minutes, and didn’t have the same smooth look as those pictured above but followed the recipe EXACTLY. I am new to gluten free/grain free baking and I was very disappointed, however, they tasted great and got even better over the last few days. Today I split one in two and used it like strawberry shortcake, drizzled with a little vanilla agave sweetened half ‘n’ half. It was absolutely delicious! Thank you Elana.

  38. Rachel says

    For those who are looking for a shortening substitute and are not vegan, I used lard from pastured pigs and they turned out fabulous! Like some other posters mentioned, it took about 22 minutes to cook, but it was worth it. These will be a regular in our family!

  39. Shannon Murphy says

    I’m not sure what your Facebook commenter is talking about…you post only 2-3 “treat” recipes a month, which I love, but in no way is it a “near daily” occurrence. I’m sure you’re baking often, and we very much appreciate it, but that commenter’s observation is complete fiction.

  40. Stephanie says


    Your recipes are amazing! I made these scones the other night and my husband ate 4 of them! Thanks so much for posting your fantastic recipes! My whole family is hooked ;)

  41. Sarah F says

    doing no sugar for a month and i’m in the middle of it and needed something sweet! had coconut flour lying around so i made these with blueberries instead and they’re delish!! thanks for the amazing gf recipes. would love to see even more with coconut flour!

  42. Jennifer says

    Well I tried again and they crumbled this time…I give up! Sorry, it looks good but not as easy as it looks. I’ll try again…next year when my almost walker can help me. :)

  43. Jennifer says

    I tried these but they melted on the parchment, in other words they didn’t hold their shape and i’m putting them back in for another 5 minutes to see what happens. :( Frustrating! With an 11 mos old I have no time to mess around, help…I’d like to make these again.

  44. says

    Hi Elana! I recently turned Paleo because I really believe in this beneficial lifestyle change! Wheat and grains have left me with a bloated tummy, but since switching to Paleo recently, I have lost some of my “muffin top” (also a result of 3 babies) and even lost 8 pounds in 2 weeks!

    I am so glad to find such a reliable gluten-free, grain-free, refined sugar-free, high protein and plant-heavy way of eating. And your blog reflects all of the above! Thanks :) Will be visiting regularly to look for inspiration for my own blog :)

  45. Nissa says

    I love being able to provide my husband with treats that are paleo and keep him from being tempted by what my kids eat…. They are both picky and skinny….and while I’m trying to get them to eat more paleo, that hasn’t happened yet and my husband finds it hard to resist if I make them cookies. So it is a Godsend to find this site and have treats for my husband and myself that allow us to avoid sugar and refined flour.

    The recipes are delicious and easy to make and I also hid the samoas from my family and have been eating one every other day or so….. I feel so decadent!

  46. Amy K says

    I love your baked goods!!! Keep em coming!!! (In fact, going online right now to make your paleo chocolate chip cookies….)

    Looking forward to your new book!

  47. Melody says

    So I did as a few people suggested here, and used maple syrup instead of honey. Also used Ghee (same exact measurement as the vegan shortening), and added a drop of vanilla to the batter. Really good I thought. Sort of reminds me a little of that girl scout cookie, samoas, but fluffier. Maybe it’s just me though.

    Thank you Elana! I love how you keep your recipes simple and inexpensive. You are an inspiration.

  48. Paige says

    I absolutely LOVE your recipes. I am fairly new to your site, but it already has a place on my bookmark bar! Keep doing what you do!

  49. Adrienne says

    I am very thankful that you do post so many dessert and bread recipes. You are right, they are harder to find, and good ones are very limited. Yours are great!

  50. April Guardabascio says

    This is so funny! I have to admit that all your recipes are delicious, (mango chicken was a huge hit) and I found myself baking 2-3 times per week. As none of our waist lines were shrinking no matter how much I extolled the virtues of almond flour, my husband finally demanded that I “stop baking!” :D I’m down to once a week, though I may sneak in some of that Vegan Vanilla Icecream as an extra. We live in Florida so ice cream in January is perfectly acceptable. Bake on! ;)

  51. Heather H says

    Elana,as a mostly paleo eater I too appreciate that you post ideas for baked goods so I can make them on occasion, either for myself or my kids. I personally think the concern paleo folks have (myself included) is that the ratio of sugar in your recipes is higher than what would be considered paleo. As an example, the original recipe from Brian linked in your post uses a mere 2 TBSP honey to 3/4 cup flour, vs your 1/4c honey to 1/2c flour. The reality is most paleo folks like a treat but we want those treats, if called paleo, to be as low in natural sugar as possible. I continue to use your recipes and book as a guide and enjoy them, I just adjust the sugar level down for my own taste buds. Thanks!

  52. Amanda says

    Love your “sweet treats” and make them often. My daughter (6) was diagnosed with diabetes almost two years ago and people always want to know what she can’t eat, namely desserts. I hate that negative way of looking at food, like her diagnosis means she doesn’t get to enjoy eating. I use your recipes to reshape that paradigm to show her what she can eat–eg, she enjoyed your apple tart yesterday with no sharp rise in blood glucose. She ate it, gave me a thumbs up and told me to “add it to the keeper list.”. So, thank you!

  53. Amyd says

    I used butter and the recipe turned out great. I may have used less salt (my 3 year old helper accidentally spilled it on the counter so I only added half as much just in case some made it in). I also made them without honey as I managed to forget about it until after they were baking. The coconut flour and chocolate saved the taste, so if you aren’t big on sugar, you could use less and they will still taste ok.

  54. Minnestalgia says

    OF COURSE desserts are meant to be a treat! But as Elana said: it’s much much harder to bake paleo treats than to cook paleo meals (meat and veggies, basically). Thank you, Elana, for all of your treats; they help keep my family happy and healthy!

  55. Cat says

    I thank you for your recipes. I have an autoimmune condition and have been working on trying to figure out what foods trigger inflammation. I also have three children and do not have the energy or time to cook two sets of muffins etc. Your recipes are always a hit with my children. I love making things that are healthy and that I can eat if I choose. I also appreciate the non-baked good recipes you have provided through the years. My favorite thing about your recipes? They taste very good and they are usually very simple. The roasted chicken with olives and prunes has been made twice a month for over a year now. I have come up with all kinds of variations. My family raves about it ever single time. So thank you, thank you, thank you. I have pre-ordered your upcoming cookbook for myself, my mother and a dear friend with autoimmune condition.

  56. Kiki says

    I LOVE! your writing! I miss it, seriously! I have two boys about the same age as yours and I would love to provide the atmosphere that you have at your home so all the boys want to come to my house. My favorite was the one about what chores you have your boys do at home. I printed it out and posted it on my refrigerator. Thank you for sharing with us!

  57. Alta van Zyl says

    Precisely! I do not want and/or peruse paleo cookbook/websites/blogs that tell me how to cook on top of the stove, or roast a chicken, as you rightly said. I want to know about paleo/SCD baking, as ratios, etc
    are so different, always more of a challenge.

    You are an inspiration, always!

  58. says

    Thanks for your awesome recipes Elana! I made these tonight and will be packing them to work in the morning. BulletProof Coffee and Chocolate Chip Scones, what could be better.

  59. Trina says

    Ancient man was also a cannibal … how literal does one want to be? I hate to see any WOE become zealot like. I follow Wheat Belly not paleo and I’m grateful for all you dessert creating bloggers. You are 100% correct – these are the recipes that are hard to come by (especially good ones). I also have young growing boys around and they can eat. Agree I’d rather it be one of your treats than the SAD options :)

  60. says

    I love it, the next diet wave will be Neolithic :)

    I have to admit, I’d LOVE more savory recipes for paleo. While there are a ton of say, chicken recipes out there, you have to sift through so many that use bisquick and cream of mushroom soup to find the gems that just use flavorful spices and veggies. Having that “paleo” label does help in quickly finding ideas!

  61. says

    I’m thrilled with your goodie recipes. I always look at regular food and think “that’s kind of a no-brainer”. . . baked goods are another thing all together. These are in the oven right now for my large and rambunctious crew to enjoy after school, because who wants to be the mom who never gives their kids chocolate chip “cookies”. :-)

  62. says

    I made these today, using lard instead of shortening and about half the honey, and left out the chocolate chips. The result was basically a very slightly sweet little drop biscuit that I used to make sandwiches for my (grain-free) kids for lunch. They loved them, and it was great because a lot of coconut flour loaf breads take an hour to bake, but these were so fast! I might use half lard and half cold, cubed butter next time to see what happens. Thank you!

  63. Diana says

    Just trying out your Paleo Chocolate Chip Scones … mine did not look done after 12 minutes. Do they set more as they cool? Or should they look completely baked after 12 minutes?

    • says

      Mine weren’t done after 12 minutes either. . . but time always varies based on a lot of factors. I just added more time and watched until done. I also used butter instead of palm shortening, so I figure that could affect it.

  64. Angela says

    Thank you for all the wonderful paleo dessert recipes and bread recipes. As you said above the meal recipes and ideas are easy to find and easy to make substitutions on. Desserts take time and effort to convert and we appreciate all the time and effort you put into posting your delicious creations for us.

  65. Lindsay says

    We’re so lucky that you come up with these treats and decide to share them with us. I’m Paleo and I definitely enjoy your treats. More than occasionally! I feel like I’ve given up a lot to get my immune system back on track. Let me have my treats! Thanks.

  66. Kerry says

    THANK YOU THANK YOU for always posting baked goods and delicious desserts. I think that’s the most challenging part of eating Paleo! (And I am not Paleo, but gluten free). I’m sure other people have chimed in with thanks, but had to add my own. Your recipes are wonderful, and the resource that your website is to me is absolutely INVALUABLE. You are so generous with your time and intellectual property! Thank you so much for sharing it with us Elana. And I will keep eating delicious paleo, gluten free baked goods forever. :)

  67. says

    I love that you post paleo/gf baked goods. They are always good! Just because you post them doesn’t mean we have to make them all or eat them all.

  68. Anne Marie says

    I love it! There is another great paleo website that gets so many comments on what is/what isn’t Paleo that they have a manifesto at the top that basically says their cooking is based on Paleo principles and is without the DOGMA so many people feel the need to correct other folks about. Most of us are not trying to recreate Paleolithic living, but apply healthy techniques to the lives we live here in 2013. Every person is different in how often they can/want to consume “treats.” Elana, thank you for all of the great recipes for those of us who choose to use our brains in consuming the occasional treat.

  69. says

    i love your recipes and in my house it is similar, i always need healthy “snacks/treats” for my kids and super runner husband, (none of whom are as concerned as i am about gluten free etc) and i consider these versions much healthier than any store bought for that matter. thank you!!

  70. Claudia S. says

    Thanks to your tasty recipes Paleo and others, I was able not to go bonkers when I had to give up lots of my fave treats specially for my birthday and holidays. I’m very happy you experiment and then share your good results with us.

    We all have our calling and yours is to share these great tasty treat recipes with the world!

    Thank you again and again!

  71. says

    Love your site and recipes just keep doing what you’re doing!
    I’m looking for a recipe that can be used to make a stuffed bread. I’ve tried one from another site but it didn’t work…when attempting to “roll” the dough around the filling (cheese & broccoli) the dough just tore. I ended up making a type of flat bread pizza out of it..still tasty, but I’d really like to be able to make a grain free stuffed bread!! Any ideas??

  72. Mary Simonson says

    Thanks Elana for all you do for the rest of us. I’m 72 years old and was diagnosed with celiac disease 4 years ago. I agree, deserts are hard to come up with. I take comfort in knowing I can have some sweet morsel if I choose. Until I found your sight, I wasted a lot of ingredients, trying to perfect breads and pastries. My husband ( who is a sweet eater), enjoys the Paleo deserts as well and I know they are much better for him than what he use to eat. Keep up the good work. I for one appreciate you. Mary

  73. Denise Fedor says

    Thank you for this NUT FREE recipe! I now usually click delete or say goodbye to bloggers who announce PALEO because of our nut allergies!

  74. says

    Another great recipe! And I *so* agree–it it the baked goods that are the challenge. For me it is so important to have good paleo/gluten-free substitutes so I don’t fall off the wagon. Thank you and best wishes Elana!-Julie

  75. Lori says

    PLEASE don’t stop posting your recipes! If people want to eat this way occasionally as a treat then that is their business but some of us use your recipes three or four times a week!! I would be lost without you! If my daughter goes to a birthday party or something I always bake her one of your recipes so she doesn’t have to feel left out by not having cake or something sweet. Your recipes make us feel more “normal” but without the health risks associated with consuming the typical American diet. Thank you!

  76. Tracy says

    I can’t wait to try these. I have made your almond flour scones and love them. In fact I made the almond flour scones without chocolate chips and halved the “sugar”, let them dry out over night and used them as “cornbread” for my thanksgiving stuffing this year. Thanks for providing such delicious delicious recipes. I have two if your cookbooks and look forward to the third one!

  77. Anna says

    You wrote exactly what has been on my mind for a while. Every individual has their own reason for appreciating your recipes. I certainly have mine. So don’t feel the need to make excuses for yourself due to some standards that others are holding you to. I mean, it’s your blog. Post treats every day if you wish, there is no law against it! And you’re absolutely right, that’s why I come here! Thanks again for all you do.

  78. Lee says

    I made these tonight…and they were fantastic!! Very quick and easy to make too (always a plus with gluten free baking). I lightly melted the extra chocolate I had and put it in some almond milk…my husband was raving about dessert for the rest of the evening! :) Thanks for making me look like a superstar-in-the-kitchen!

  79. Judy says

    While I personally don’t have gluten problems, dairy is an issue for me. I love having a resource of simple delicious recipes. Thanks!

  80. penny says

    No kidding. Meat and veggies are easy. Its the science of making a baked good turn out that I need help with. Thanks so much for making that easier for me!!

  81. Kimberly says

    This looks lovely! Thank you for the nut-free recipes! As much as I love the almond flour, I have one child that can’t eat almonds. Keep the great recipes coming!

  82. tiffany says

    OH yeah – a recipe with coconut flour! I have to try this!!!!! I have been experimenting with coconut flour – it is quite different than the almond- we love the almond flour scones too!- so It will be super fun to try this out and wrap my head around a tried and true recipe! Thanks for all you give Elana!

  83. Amanda O. says

    Thanks Elana! I’ve basically changed my life in the last year and a half thanks to a diet overhaul and your website has been an amazing inspiration to me. I’ve pre-ordered you next book (I already own the other two), because I am happy to support you and your goodness. Looking forward to its release!

    For those looking for sweetener alternatives in this recipe, I have substituted stevia in place of agave or honey in many of Elana’s recipes with fairly good results and I’m sure this scone recipe would be the same. I’ve made a pumpkin bar with stevia in the raw and coconut flour for sometime now. If you don’t like the stevia aftertaste, sometimes a little applesauce helps. Or some full-fat coconut milk.

    Happy baking!

  84. says

    Took the words right out of my mouth. My site is nearly 100% baked goods and I was pondering this very issue just recently, especially as I now personally eat mainly paleo and sugar free. But you are so right. The need is not for everyday recipes, there are a million places that meet that need. But tasty grain free gluten free nut free dairy free goodies to make growing kids and non paleo partners happy or people with allergies who just want to feel more normal sometimes, that is the big gap that needs to be filled. I loved it when you went paleo as it meant you are now grain free which is awesome for me/my family and I am loving the recipes coming out of your kitchen. I’ve never commented before but thought I would stop lurking today and say hi and thank you.

  85. Michelle says

    I personally love that there are so many sweet treats on this website b/c this is where I go first to satisfy my kids sweet cravings….like the other day when were snowed in….we made your chocolate torte & homemade hot chocolate. Perfect! & my kids think I’m awesome for letting them have it for a snack when they usually get fruit :)

  86. Kathy King says

    I don’t know what I would do without your baked good and dessert recipes. I look at your blog more than any other. Thank you so much!

  87. Reney says

    First time commenter. I’m in the same boat as Jennifer. I became allergic to everything coconut during my pregnancy. So many paleo recipes use it, and I have not been able to come up with a decent substitute. If anyone else has had any experience with this, I’d love to know what you’re using instead.

    Elana, thank you for all these amazing recipes over the years. So many of your earlier almond flour recipes are my go-to for just about everything!

  88. Nina says

    Just curious about the amount per scone that you put onto the baking sheet? Any guidelines?

    Love your site if you are out there Elana! I’m a Jamestownian just above you by about 2,000 ft. and I appreciate that your recipes work for me.

    Many thanks for bringing a bit of sweet bake into my cave woman life (and my family appreciates it too).

  89. says

    Hi, I am curious as to why use vegan shortening when the recipe includes eggs and honey, what else could be used instead of vegan shortening? Butter?


    • Deirdre says

      I have used butter as a substitute for vegan shortening in another of Elana’s recipes and it worked fine – equal measurements. If you’re not dairy-free then go for it!
      Another general suggestion is to halve the recipe and try it with substitutions, then you’ll know to play with the ratios and see if the oil content is right. Good luck! :)

    • Cat says

      I sub coconut oil for shortening in baked good recipes all the time. I love it because it seems to make the outsides of things crispier, while the insides stay tender. Have used it with great success in cookies, muffins and scones.

  90. Lisa says

    I am also glad for your baking efforts and sharing the results with us! I love to bake and having your recipes to use instead the wheat filled (unhealthy in my eyes) bread and scones is a blessing when I am ready for a treat! Thanks =)

  91. Julie says

    You are so right – it’s easy enough to wing it on gluten free and paleo meals… but desserts? Baked goods? Completely baffling! Thank you so much for your super delicious, and super SIMPLE, recipes! I’m never disappointed. If ever I have to bring a dish to an event, I hit your site, and usually end up sending a handful of friends there after they enjoy the recipe!

  92. says

    When I gave up grains and flour products, I was feeling so deprived until I found you, Elana! Sadly, there are so many gluten-free recipes out there that call for sugar and I can’t eat that either. I love, love, love your dessert recipes. They give me so much pleasure.

  93. says

    Thank you so much for your generosity of sharing your passion wit us. We love your recipes. I live outside the USA and its very hard to find good Shortening. What could we do to substitute for that?
    Thank yopu!!!

    • Meg says

      You could try substituting butter or coconut oil for the shortening. I found that coconut oil nearly doubled the baking time in the batch I made, but that may be because I did something wrong (the eggs weren’t room temperature, for example). Despite the longer baking time, the scones were still very tasty. Good luck with your baking! :)

  94. DamselflyDiary says

    I did not start reading your blog because it was Paleo. I am not Paleo. I started reading it for the gluten free goodies as I was a little lost after going gluten free.

    I do try to eat gluten free and as a fish eating vegetarian, I appreciate the high protein, healthy and simple recipes! My favorite? Fruit cake!

  95. Britt says

    Your blog has been a saving grace to me over the past couple years as I’ve journeyed through all sorts of GI health issues to finally find the (very restrictive) diet that works for me. I particularly appreciate these treat recipes, as I agree that they are the most difficult to come up with and being able to treat myselves once in a while is what keeps me sane on this diet

    I follow the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, which is similar to Paleo in many ways, for health needs, AND I am a pescatarian by choice. I would, personally, love to see veggie and/or fish dish recipes in addition to all these beautiful baked treats you give us. Or if you, or anyone else reading this comment, have good suggestions of where to find those, I’m all ears!

    Thanks for all you do to help out all the different varieties of “restricto-diet” eaters out there!

  96. Hope says

    I totally agree with you Elana! I have 4 children, 3 of them are boys and they eat me out of house and home. We are always baking something! I so appreciate your blog! The baking & snack item recipes are a big help.

  97. valerie s. says

    I am soooooooo grateful for the baked goods recipes. Just getting into the paleo groove, this is the most challenging area for me. I too have guys in the house always looking for “something good”. Please keep the treats coming!

  98. says

    Love your “Peace Out” at the end, Elana!

    I have all of these ingredients and am trying them this Wednesday. Cannot wait, as I love, love, love chocolate! :)

  99. Susan says

    Elana, I find it refreshing to hear you don’t like to write all that often. There is hope for me! I do love to bake and you are right about all the recipes for all the other stuff. That’s easy, but baked goods that’s a whole other thing! And you make it so simple and fun! Thank you for making it so! Keep those goodies coming.

  100. says

    I agree and appreciate the baking recipes. With entrees, it’s seems so clear how to be sure it’s gluten free. I also really appreciate how user friendly your site is, the print button works beautifully and the comment option is clean and can even be used by someone without 20/20 vision :)
    Can hardly wait to put these on the table with soup for dinner!

  101. Fariba Kerendi says

    Elana…you are wonderful, amazing and super uber talented! I have learned so much from you and I will be forever grateful. You can post as many baked good/desserts as you want and I will faithfully bake them every single time! You have made one mother’s job that much easier by directing us in the right direction and constantly mixing it up and keeping it fresh. THANK YOU!

  102. MamaCassi says

    Right on. I have 4 small children, a husband, and bake for a gluten-free (and slowly more paleo) crowd in our community, and baked goodies are what I’m looking for. I can make chili, roasted meats, stews, soups, birds, veggies, and even fruit dishes no problem.

    But it’s when I make the birthday cakes, or show up at Thanksgiving w/ pies and squash breads that are BETTER by far than the standard fare, that’s when people get really excited.

    I also love that my kids prefer my treats to any other junk food out there they have tried. That is huge. Scones for my husband’s men’s group? Better than donuts or other breakfast fare!

    I didn’t bake gluten-free (I’ve been gluten-free since 2001) for years, until finding your site. Now, I’m happy to enjoy baking- b/c the quality of the ingredients and the satisfaction of the delicious treats are well worth it, though I rarely sample all the treats I make! The samoas are an exception- I hid those from my kids and didn’t NOT share them all.

  103. says

    One of my favorite things about your recipes is so many of them have such simple and few ingredients!

    I’ve recently been on a coconut flour kick and can’t wait to use this as a base for my future baking projects! (

    I am hoping coconut oil will be an ok replacement for the shortening)

    • Alex says

      I feel the same way about this website. Elana’s recipes are my favorites because 1. she uses so few ingredients and 2. She uses so few flours… some websites call for a variety of gluten-free flours and I dont want to have to purchase all of them. Using almond flour and coconut flour (both tasty and nutritious) makes it easy! Thank you, Elana!

    • Michele says

      I bet it would work, maybe a little different texture but likely still lovely. Let us know how it works if you do try it soon!

    • Meg says

      I tried coconut oil instead of shortening, and I found the scones took nearly twice as long to cook (over 20 minutes). Not sure why this is…

    • says

      Update- the coconut oil worked great! but as meg said, i had the same experience in that the cooking time was much longer (30 mins for mine!) not a problem though as it just filled the apartment with baking aromas for that much longer :)

      • Shanna says

        I un-paleo-ed this recipe and used butter instead of shortening then replaced the chocolate with raisins. Plus, a bit of vanilla extract. Cooking time was about 20min. My family and I enjoyed the fluffy texture of these scones. I hope to have chocolate on hand next time! Happy Holi! Viva Nepal!

  104. Rebecca Miller says

    I love your recipes. I could care less how often anyone makes dessert. I am just grateful someone has made recipes I can use and enjoy with my family. Thanks!

    • jennifer hirshhorn says

      Can anyone suggest a substitute for coconut milk and coconut flour. More and more recipes are calling for these as a substitute for other ingredients…I am allergic to coconut. I use almond milk and almond flour and other gluten free flours for baking, as often as I can. The prevalence of coconut products is starting to create a challenge for me.

      Thanks for your help.

      • Michele says

        Jennifer – It would probably be easier to find one of Elana’s recipes that uses Almond flour. She has a ton on this site and a whole cookbook (which I can wholeheartedly endorse). As almond flour is so pricey I have always preferred to use her tried and true recipes rather than trying to sub stuff around flour wise. I absolutely sub oils and sugars though (for example, I sub coconut oil and maple syrup when Elana calls for grapeseed oil and agave).

        Also, a huge problem with subbing recipes calling for coconut flour is that the egg content is so high because of them. It would be a totally different result taking out the coconut flour/eggs.

        • Cate says

          Regarding the allergy to coconut flour, that’s cool (or not) but may I suggest something?
          I’ve been primal (paleo but more experimental) for almost exactly a year and have done some serious extra-curricular testing on various foods.

          Since I went primal everything baked was using almond (soaked, blanched, dehydrated, ground) flour or coconut flour out of a packet. I noticed a reaction to the coconut flour fairly early on, so dropped it altogether.

          I hammered almond flour because I love to bake and eat tasty treats, but after about seven or 8 months of this, it too started causing issues. Around this time, maybe four or five months ago I started using purely EGG YOLKS at double the quantity of ‘eggs’ stated in any given recipe. This has upped the nutrient content, the moisture content and flavour content astronomically.
          Even if I could eat egg whites again, I still wouldn’t, now I know how divine baked goods can taste, and how good I feel/how quickly I’m sated nutritionally speaking.

          I’m not suggesting we share the same gut flora so this will work for everyone, but I have to say I was and am a gaseous wreck with egg whites in my system. Dumping the whites means I can eat coconut flour (and yolksyolksyolks) like it’s going out of fashion. So I do.

          • katherine says

            What a great idea to double the yolks and skip the whites. I think I’ll give it a go!

      • says

        I have the same problem, (being allergic to coconut), but my family is not. So often I bake for them and the upside is that it keeps me from eating to many treats! There are quite a few almond flour recipes out there (Elena) has quite a few too. But really coconut flour is much better for you, thus the reason you are seeing more and more of them hitting the internet.
        Thank you Elana for another great recipe, can’t wait to try these out on the kids.

        • Donna says

          These chocolate chip scones made with coconut flour, where quite honestly horrible. They did not cook fully through even after leaving in for 5 extra minutes. They were very ‘brown’ on bottom and then on the top. Not much flavor also. I sadly wasted quite a few ingredients. FYI Elana did state that the 1/2 cup of cocounut flour was ‘not’ a typo. I am just wondering if there was something else either missing or not completed. Thank you.

      • katherine says

        Since coconut flour has very unique properties, substituting for it isn’t simple. Best to just look for other recipes based on plantain, almond, tapioca, rice etc. Elana has tons of coconut free recipes here based on almond flour–and definitely check out her almond flour cookbook!

        As much of the paleo community considers tapioca, arrowroot and white rice flours (not brown rice) to be very biologically appropriate (ie paleo), I often use regular gluten free recipes with these common gluten free flours and simply reduce and substitute sweeteners. I tend to use honey, date sugar, maple syrup and sometimes even succanat. has a good number of non-nut, non-coconut recipes worth checking out. She gets pretty adventurous with plantain and pumpkin.

    • Alexa says

      Ditto Rebecca! And thank you Elana! Yes, it’s fairly easy to come up with a paleo version of a meat recipe. Baked goods are much harder and I’m glad someone is doing it for me. :)

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