10 Healthy Christmas Cookie Recipes

After I saw Recipe Girl’s beautiful post, “25 Favorite Christmas Recipes,” I knew I’d have to do a similar gluten free post. You see, like everybody else, I’ve been slightly obsessed with Christmas desserts this month.

However, unlike many people, I’m Jewish, so I have a certain lack of confidence when it comes to identifying recipes that are Christmas friendly. Now, thanks to everyone who responded to my self-conscious twitter queries regarding Christmas-worthy cookie recipes I just might be in the know!

Here are my 10 favorite gluten free, grain free, higher protein, lower carb Christmas cookies. I hope you all enjoy them as much as we do!

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black white cookies gluten-free recipe

These crowd pleasing, whimsical Black and White Cookies are actually a New York deli classic. See, you can take the Jew out of New York, but you can’t take New York out of the Jew. Still, they’re a lovely riff on an “ultra-orthodox” treat that works at Christmas for Jews and Christians alike. Maybe Buddhists and Muslims as well, who knows?

gluten free chocolate chip cookies

Classic yet festive, Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies made with high protein almond flour are perfect for the Kris Kringle in all of us.

cranberry chocolate biscotti gluten-free recipe

Elegant Cranberry Chocolate Biscotti add European chic to your holiday table.

double chocolate mocha cookies cashew milk recipe

Can you say “adult friendly?” Deep dark chocolate and a hint of organic coffee merge to create Double Chocolate Mocha Cookies for the sophisticated Santa in you.

gingerbread men cookies gluten-free recipe

Adorable Gingerbread Men are the perfect decorating project for your children and a spicy palate pleaser for adults.

vegan gluten-free peanut butter cookies recipe

Vegans have feelings too –make these Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies for your plant eating friends.

gluten-free peanut butter jelly cookies flourless recipe

According to Andrew Broznya (husband of Kelly at Spunky Coconut) his neighbors used to bring over a plate of Peanut Butter and Jelly Cookies every year during the holiday season. These are made with heart healthy almond flour and low glycemic coconut sugar.

pecan shortbread cookies gluten-free recipe

Last year one of my neighbors brought a version of my Pecan Shortbread Cookies to our Christmas time cookie exchange. She let me know that she had altered my recipe by forming the dough into balls and after taking them out of the oven dipping them in powdered sugar –the result? Gluten free nut ball cookies.

sesame cookies gluten-free recipe

Simple Sesame Cookies contain both superfood almond flour as well as high protein, calcium rich tahini.

gluten-free star shape cookie recipe

Celebratory Star Cookies rock your holiday universe, and are great fun for kids with cookie cutters.

For substitution questions about these cookies, be sure to take a look at the Can I Substitute? post I wrote yesterday.

Didn’t find the cookie recipe you were looking for? Well, check out all of my gluten free cookie recipes. And while we’re at it, let us know what desserts will you be trying this holiday season.


44 responses to “10 Healthy Christmas Cookie Recipes”

  1. Long time reader, first time commenter. THANKS so much for your fabulous remakes (Christmas cookies, yay!). It’s such a blessing to have these recipes when raising the bar for my family. My daughters refer to you as “that amazing lady on the internet” who “makes great healthy recipes”. I often am asked, when a new recipe appears (which is often), if it’s from you! Kale chips are a fave here (thx to you and our CSA) and your porridge and a similar one are staples for the fourth grade babe here. LOVE sending kids off to school with a tummy full of nutrition and a lunchbox ready to energize. Thanks for being a warrior in the nutrition battle. Cyber hugs from me!

  2. We have decided on no cards, and only one Santa gift plus one from mom and dad (and a simple stocking). Focusing on activities and togetherness instead of the stuff.

  3. These all look delicious! Thank you! I am especially interested in the cookies with ground coffee chocolate and coffee combined? Yum!

  4. So, I did not make one of these goodies yesterday, I plan on making them today. I did however make Elana’s Brownies & them cut them out with cookie cutters and decorated with shredded coconut! (For adhesive I melted chocolate & a smidge of coconut oil) They were a huge hit at the Christmas party I went to. I am excited to try some of these this evening.

    Thanks Elana!

  5. I just made the sesame cookies yesterday…always a big hit! BTW, I am a half n’ half (one parent is Jewish, one is Christian) and we’ve never celebrated Christmas in a religious way but I like the holiday just as a way to get together with loved ones, bake great cookies and have some fun!

  6. I made your gingerbreads with my boys yesterday (they’re one of our favourites — so yummy!), and today we’re making the star cookies. I also use your linzer heart cookie recipe, but instead of making them into hearts, at Christmastime I roll the dough into balls and then make a thumbprint cookie with raspberry jam for filling. Delicious! :) Thanks for all of your wonderful recipes! They’ve sure made it easy to enjoy a gluten-free holiday season.

  7. Your posts always inspire me, Elana! I love coming to your blog and finding the continual reminder that sweets and treats (and cookies, of course!) can be made so much healthier without sacrificing flavor. Hope you have a fabulous holiday season! :)

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