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Paleo Spiced Nuts

paleo spiced nuts vegan gluten-free recipe
With black pepper, chili powder and cumin, any nut lover will enjoy the supercharged flavor of these spicy nuts!

I’m always looking for high protein snacks to keep me going during the day, and especially after a good workout at the gym. I find this little Paleo snack (my favorite recipe for spicy nuts) slightly addictive and nicely satiating.

I like to eat nuts because they’re full of good fiber, fill me up and don’t leave me hungry and lagging. In fact, I keep a little tin of roasted almonds in my car at all times, just in case my blood sugar dips when I’m out with the boys or running errands.

Paleo Spiced Nuts


  1. Place nuts in a large cast-iron skillet over medium heat
  2. Toast until lightly browned
  3. While nuts are toasting, prepare spice mixture
  4. Combine chili, cumin, black pepper and salt in a small bowl
  5. Coat nuts with olive oil, then coat with spice mixture
  6. Serve

Serves 4

The idea for this recipe came from a wonderful new book called Paleo Comfort Foods; I just got my copy and have to say it is a gem packed full of useful Paleo recipes and other information.

I’ve followed a grain free diet for a full decade now, even though I don’t mention it that often. I imagine that many of you come to this site because it offers grain free recipes. I feel much better when I follow something that resembles the hunter-gatherer diet, some people call this Paleo, I’m not entirely sure what to call it –it’s just the way I eat.

Let’s have a little chat. Are you gluten free? Are you gluten free plus grain free? Are you Paleo? What type of diet works best for you?

The winner of last weeks giveaway for a copy of the book Everyday Paleo is Kristin!

posted on September 15, 2011, 102 comments

  1. Eliana

    when I first found your site a few years back I was gluten free. I’ve been paleo/primal for the past year though and am planning on sticking with it. Labels don’t really matter much to me. I know if it is on your site, either I can eat it, or I can substitute a few things and then eat it. keep up the good work!

  2. Tonya Adams

    I am praising the Lord that I found out about gluten, grain and dairy free eating. I have an auto-immune disease and this way of eating has eliminated my symptoms!

    • Robyn

      Do you mind if I ask which auto immune disorder the gluten, dairy and grain free eating helped for? I have Hashimoto’s (a thyroid autoimmune disorder). I have been gluten free for a year now, have eliminated most dairy (except cheese sometimes) and am contemplating the grain free all in a quest to feel better.

    • Mary

      Hi Tonya, would you mind me asking what type of auto-immune disease you have? and has all the above mentioned, gluten, grain, dairy free eating been recommend to you for it? the reason I ask is I think (though not 100% diagnosed), have on, which is the reason for my question, and just want to know if Paleo eating is recommended. Thanks for your reply in advance.. Mary

  3. Rachel

    No labels here either, just looking to be healthy and I like avoiding sugar and gluten, it just makes me feel better. I have thyroid issues and keeping my blood sugar stable is so helpful to feeling normal. I’m interested in eating more dairy free and paleo friendly things. Your website has helped me to eat better and feel less deprived, so thank you for that!

  4. Chrissy

    We are trying to follow the GAPS diet as much as possible to heal my son’s autism symptoms so I alter your recipes a bit to fit … no agave mainly. I just bought your cupcake cookbook and I’m thrilled that I’ll be able to make my son and his class AWESOME cupcakes – that don’t fill them with awful stuff – to celebrate his upcoming birthday. I can’t believe how much better I feel after going gluten free … more energy, NO stomach/ulcer pain, etc. My whole family is thrilled that I’ve found your site – your brownies are cooling right now and your Paleo Bread has been the one thing my son will consistently eat for lunch. Thank you, Elana!!!

    • Phyllis Scherbenski

      What do you use in place of agave? I would like to try stevia, but don’t really know what the equivalents would be. thanks

      • Irene Elizabeth

        Thanks Elana –

        and thank you, Tina Jo, for your reminder about phytic acid – I was about to head for the kitchen to whip up these great paleo spiced nuts when I saw your comment. My new plan is to soak the nuts, dehydrate and toss them in oil and spices while still warm from the dehydrator. You just saved me a LOT of discomfort !
        Irene E.

      • Sharmista

        I’m a GAPS-ter and use honey as a sub for agave.

      • Sierra

        Vegetable glycerin is an EXCELLENT substitute for any sweetener! It’s a clear agave-like liquid, food-grade and doesn’t raise your blood sugars. I found out about this on the Eat Right For Your Blood Type site. I’m diabetic, and besides stevia (which I don’t like), VG is the only other sweetener that doesn’t touch my blood sugars. You can buy it by the gallon for about $18. It’s very sweet so you can actually use less than what a recipe calls for.

      • Cynthia Knox

        For an agave substitute, I use a product called Sweeten Me that contains erythritol and inulin along with clear stevia drops and water. If the recipe calls for 1/2 cup agave, I use 1/4 cup Sweeten Me (probably could sub straight erythritol)and add 1/4 cup water. I then stir and add stevia drops to taste to get a sweet syrupy mixture. Then I mix up the batter, taste again and add more stevia drops if I think it needs it.

        I have many food allergies including chicken eggs, wheat, rye,barley, gluten, gliadin, pineapple, and avocados. And I avoid sugar. I have adopted the Paleo/Primal way of eating to maintain my 100 pound (so far) weight loss. Elana’s Pantry gives me the most usable recipes for safe eating. THANKS SO MUCH!!!!

  5. GrainFreeGroupie @ grainfreegroupie.blogspot.com

    Going grain and sugar free has changed my life- and it’s been a lot of fun experimenting and learning new recipes. It’s funny how once you cut out sugar that even the sugar in fruit can start to bother you, if you overdo it. most people say things like “oh that sucks you must not be able to eat anything!” but it’s totally the opposite. really opens your mind to a whole new way of life.

  6. Bev Weidner @ bevcooks.com

    I’m not gluten-free or grain-free, and DEFINITELY not nut-free either. NutSO maybe, but not nut-free.

    These. Look. Amazing.

  7. I agree with the above – I sit somewhere between GF/dairy free, paleo, and WAPF, based on my body’s needs and the needs of the bodies I’m responsible for feeding. I’m grateful for recipes that tick those boxes but don’t scream “special diet”.

  8. Kiran @ KiranTarun.com @ kirantarun.com/food

    I am nothing “free”. Don’t have such will power. Kudos to some who do. Those spiced nuts looks soooo delish! I love the spices :)

  9. Lisa

    Are you going paleo Elana :-)

    I started a primal / paleo diet just 2 weeks ago and your recipes have been so helpful. This will be on my list of things to bring to the next tailgate.

    Keep them coming!

  10. Tina Jo

    Have you considered soaking and dehydrating the nuts and then applying the olive oil and spices. You could add the oil and spices while still warm from the dehydrator. This would remove the difficult to digest phytic acid and still retain the natural enzymes. The snack would be much healthier and easier on the tummy.

  11. Emily

    I was diagnosed with colitus about a year ago and the medicine was not helping me feel any better. In May I stumbled upon the Specific Carbohydrate Diet which has changed my life. A former sugar addict, I have done a 180 on my eating habits. I am now sugar free, dairy free, and grain free. While I have rough days still, I am slowly healing. I love this blog and it has been essential to finding things to cook and eat everyday. Thank you so much for your recipes! It’s been a lifesaver!

  12. Lisa

    It’s me again. I read your recipe but didn’t read the comments below it before I posted my last comment. SORRY. I see now that you are basically following a paleo/primal diet. I just read Wheat Belly and am working through the Primal Blueprint. Surprisingly I’m not really having any cravings for pasta or bread. Chocolate, well that’s another story!

  13. Hazel

    Just made a grain free granola. Not sure if it qualifies as paleo, but its a great snack and breakfast alternative. These spicy nuts are a great treat. Im gluten free but not a celiac. I have a wheat allergy. Thanks for all your inspiration and hard work!

  14. Beth

    I am gluten free, dairy free, soy free, yeast free – my kiddos are dairy and soy free. My hubby can eat it all, but thankfully goes along with what we need to eat. I love this website as the ideas are wonderful, the food is delicious, and it is all in one place.

    I have been contemplating eliminating grains and sugar – but I do love quinoa, and I adore dark chocolate (and while it is lower in sugar, it still has it). However, I think it will help me feel even better than I do now.

    Thanks for all of your recipes Elana!!!!

  15. Lulu

    Mostly Primal/Paleo for me. My husband and 3 children are mostly GF,DF, corn and soy free. I reference your website almost daily! Thanks you Elana, for all your effort and for generously sharing.

  16. Joanne

    This sounds sooo good and is timely with the harvest season for nuts soon to happen. I will definitely have some in my car also, for those all too frequent times of not being able to find food that works for me. Thanks Elena for all your support and recipes.

  17. Yum. I think I’m addicted to nuts.

    I’m not actually anything (formerly lactose-intolerant, but no longer, slightly inclined towards candida overgrowth but not really an issue) but I love my sweets so rather than saying “no” to anything I follow a low-dairy, low-gluten, low-refined sugar diet based primarily around vegetables and protein. I started this a few months ago and not only has it helped me drop and maintain a weight I’m super happy with (especially coming up to summer here in Australia), I feel like I have so much energy. And this is coming from a former caffeine addict.

    Besides, I enjoy playing around with the recipes. It’s hard because I’m the only one in my family who follows this diet, but luckily they’re quite accommodating and open to trying anything I make and giving feedback.

  18. Christine

    Primal. With a little dark chocolate as a treat.

  19. Amy

    What Eliana said.

    I’m neo-Paleo, I guess you could say. Have about one latte a week, and occasionally have a teaspoon of some sugary treat, never more than a teaspoon though. Other than that, I am pretty focused on eating as close to nature as possible. I feel much better eating Paleo, but I don’t talk about it.

    I’m here for the grain-free recipes and you got me to come to the website from the email with the word Paleo. Usually I just come when I’m cooking!

  20. Adrienne

    I feel at my best when I cut back on starches, eliminate dairy and avoid sugar (except a little raw local honey and agave). It’s tough to stick to, but I’m learning, because my body lets me know. I eat natural starches (summer and winter squash, bananas, etc). Once I lose the last 10 pounds, I’m going to try more of your almond and coconut flour recipes. :)

  21. Lani

    Thanks Elana!
    I have been following a paleo diet for about a year, and my IBS symptoms are GONE!! For a rare treat I might have something with rice flour (the most important thing being gluten free), but even that comes with a tummy payback. So I now view those foods like they are bad for me and make me sick, so why would I eat them?
    Love the books, Paleo Solution and Primal Body, Primal Mind.

  22. These nuts look wonderful. Can’t wait to try them.

  23. Niki of Spilled Ingredients @ spilledingredients.com

    These look so much healthier than the candied almonds I just made, sitting on my counter. I’ll have to replace my palm sugar with cumin and chili powder next time. Ahem. :)

  24. Just realized I didn’t address your questions. I’m still struggling to find what works. I’ve been gluten-free for one year, dairy free about 11 months. Only in the last few months have I gone grain-free completely. I’ve been trying Paleo for a month or two, and I still have bouts of pain and such from time to time.

    I am so jealous, though, still waiting for Paleo Comfort Foods. Just finished reading Sugar Nation, and started Wheat Belly today.

    Oh, and I live on your crackers. I substitute coconut oil with great results. Thanks, so much.

  25. Christie

    These looks SOOO good…I have all the ingredients and will have to try them ASAP. I’m on an anti-candida diet…somewhat. I don’t follow it 100% because I’m breastfeeding and hungry all the time. I eat mostly meats and veggies. I let myself have nuts as my “carb” so your recipes have been really helpful. I usually just do xylitol as my sweetener because it has the smallest effect on me.

  26. Sharmista

    We are on GAPS, so grain free and sugar free (except for honey). I love it!

  27. Strict paleo/primal for a few months now, though I’ve dabbled with it for over a year. I love it! Just got my husband on board, and the banana muffins from your cookbook are a lifesaver for keeping him fed!

  28. jean finch

    These nuts look so good! I will soak and low dry them before trying that fabulous spice idea!
    We are Weston A Price here along with no sugar, no gluten, and I substitute with coconut oil.
    Lovely site

  29. SamMonks

    WOW these look great. I have everything to make them right now!
    and to answer your question I have been eating grain free, dairy free, almost sugar free for 4 months. (Paleo :)) and I love the way I feel inside, perfrom at the gym and then how my bikin fits now. Your website has been a great help on my journey. Thank you Thank you!!!

  30. Karen

    I have to be gluten, dairy, and soy free, and limit egg yolks. Now I’m allergic to almonds (still in shock). I found your website and tried your recipes and loved the no grain so started using your recipes a lot and then found other sites. I’m grain free now. The recent test that forced me to give up almonds has resulted in more exploring of other nuts (I did not test allergic to others and I think that I probably ate more almonds so that was a factor in the allergy). I still use your recipes, I just use other nut flours. Your simple bread is beyond excellent when made with hazelnut flour. I have pecan and cashew flours to play with as well. I am trying to rotate. I have not found a source for walnut flour. Depending on the recipe, I choose the flour that seems most compatible with the ingredients. Your simple bread works with any nut flour.

    I don’t think I would have tried nut flours if not for your website. Now I do nothing but nut flours! Just feel better with them.

  31. cindy drozda @ cindydrozda.com

    Gluten-free (intolerant, not Celiac), cow milk free, processed food and chemical free. I’m trying to reduce or eliminate sugar (including fruit) and grain. I love cooking with almond flour! Elana’s recipes are so easy to make, compared with grain-based gluten-free baked goods. Most recipes can be made without the sugar, or sub a little coconut sugar.
    Thank you, Elana!

  32. We are Primal/WAPF here, mostly just because we feel better that way. We don’t have any allergies or major health problems, but eating this way just makes so much sense to us that we haven’t looked back! My kids have taken a while to come around to being Primal, but just tonight I served them spaghetti and they ate all the meat out of it, told me they didn’t like the noodles (a year ago they would have eaten mac and cheese for every meal), and asked for a second helping of just the meat sauce! Thank goodness for the internet and blogs like this one that keep offering new ideas of things to make for my family.

  33. Elana, Thanks for starting this discussion. I’ve been gluten free (and dairy free and sugar free) for many years (well, mostly), and thanks to you I’ve started eating less grains. I’m not sure if it’s less grains that have made a difference so much as more nut based baked goods.

    I’m one of the lucky ones and have no problems with nuts, and I seem to thrive on them. I make a variation of your classic drop biscuit recipe but with no agave, more lemon juice and a little stevia and call them scones. My husband Steve and I are addicted to these simple little treats that may be breakfast, afternoon snack, or emergency food. (great for camping)

    Thanks so much for all you’ve done! Can’t wait to try the spiced nuts. I’m going to try adding a little lime juice.

  34. I am gluten-free and follow an Ayurvedic diet advised by an Ayurvedic physician who is also an MD. It has changed my life!

  35. loligoss

    Discovered your site because I was searching for low-carb kosher passover recipes. I liked the fact that it was dairy free so that I could make parve (non-dairy) dishes for our Friday Night/Sat morning desserts. At the time I was on phase 2 of the Atkins diet. I have always preferred less ingredients and a more wholesome approach to food.

    I heard about Paleo about a year ago and decided it was too restrictive for me and my family. However, I then discovered primal and loved the wholesome approach to health but still couldn’t imagine living that way.

    In the last few months I discovered that every time I ate sugar I felt sick and that sweeteners (I tried them all) are much worse for me. On Atkins you are encouraged to use SF and sweeteners and not sugar. It’s difficult for me to see that SF Honey is better than raw, organic (it even has the honey comb part in it)non sugar added honey.

    Apart from a slight thyroid issue and un-diagnosed IBS I don’t have medical issues but I wanted to make sure that my family is healthy. My two boys have ADHD, My hubby was on the verge of sugar issues and overweight.

    We got rid of junk juice also about a year ago. We used to “treat” them on the Sabbath and holidays to coke. What a mistake. After I weened hubby off coke completely including coke zero we stopped having it in the house at any time. My parents visit about every other month and they used to bring a box of junk drinks so I finally had enough courage (my Mum is doing Atkins too) to tell them please don’t bring that into our house anymore.

    We have fresh organic veg (surprise box) delivered on Wed together with eggs (what a difference to the store bought ones), goats cheese and yogurt (I use in my cooking), On Thursday we get fresh 100% juice (apple and orange) delivered. We buy organic and 100% beef time products.

    Any product that has more than 5 ingredients in the label is left on the store shelf.

    Elana’s recipes have helped ween hubby off bread. We have tried them all but our favorite is Paleo bread. Has helped us use up the Pumpkin that keeps coming in our delivery box each week. What amazing ways (cupcakes, bars etc..). I never liked using cans for veg and roasting pumpkin which afterwards goes into an egg cupcake or the soup makes it so much more flavorsome. The roasted beets are to die for.

    I keep coming back and trying to find subs for agave and grape seed oil etc.

    I am now trying to be primal but keeping to the 80% 20% rule. That way you don’t feel compelled to cheat. I always have the need to cheat especially when I’m close to goal and then I binge and get terrible IBS and feel bad etc. On Primal I just feel so much more energetic.

    Elana thank you so much. I appreciate all you do. I’m looking forward to making the “honey” cake for Rosh Hashana.

  36. Heather

    I have been totally grain-free and paleo for more than 15 months. It started out as doing an allergy elimination diet because my son was having major allergic reactions to foods coming through my breast milk. At 18 months he is still nursing, and I am pregnant, so now I’ve added bone broths and juicing to make up for not being able to eat eggs or take vitamins. I won’t go back to eating grains- I lost more than 50 lbs and am healthier than I’ve ever been, plus my food allergies are finally in control.

  37. MaryBeth

    I love the idea of toasting the nuts on the stove. My other recipes for spiced nuts require toasting in the oven, so I’m happy to see a method for stovetop spicy nuts! I also like the idea of mixed nuts. Will have to try today!!! Thanks so much for your culinary creativity!

  38. Sara @ none

    Hi Elana! I am a raw food vegan, but like to look at your site for ideas which I can then alter. I will make these nuts, but will soak them first and dehydrate (at 105 degrees) them before adding any oil or spices.

    I used to be many things, WAPF, Paleo, Atkins, etc. I discovered than I was still very sick when I followed these plans. I discovered that cooked food was really hurting me. When I switched to raw, I lost 50 pounds and feel better than I have in 35 years.
    I had no idea that RAW was the key to my health, but let me tell you, I finely have my life back and I will never go back to all or mostly cooked food again.

    Thanks for the great blog.

  39. Maria

    We’re not really free of anything, because my experience has taught me to be a bit wary of cutting out entire categories of foods. (I was vegetarian for 9 years and thought that I always would be, but my body’s needs changed and I went back to eating some organic meats.) I now feed myself and my family according to what seems to work best for all of our bodies. We’re primarily low gluten, low sugar, low dairy, and as organic as possible.

    What I like best about your recipes, Elana, is their higher nutritional quality and ease of preparation. I do allow my kids the occasional treat made with grain-based flours, but I know they’re getting more nutritionally from the almond and coconut flour recipes that I’ve gotten from you. They love your almond butter brownies (it’s requested for almost every birthday ’round here) and I feel better knowing that this goodie is giving them an extra boost of protein, fiber and healthy fats. Btw, we got your cupcake book a little while ago and are having great fun trying the recipes there, too. So far, the chocolate-banana cupcakes are the biggest hit. So blessings to you, Elana, and keep up the good work!

  40. Marycay

    To be honest, Even tho I’d heard great things about your website, I stayed away thinking your recipes would be full of grain and starchy gluten free flour subs. Then came across an article in Natural Solutions that featured your almond flour cookbook. Decided to finally take a peek at your site and I’ve been singing your praises ever
    since. Your recipes make going grain free possible! Thanks MaryCay

  41. Patricia

    Just finished making a batch of your paleo nuts: they are super delicious and extremely easy to make. Absolutely love the combination of flavors!
    Thanks for sharing such an amazing snack recipe!

  42. JanaC2 @ writeonjana.com

    I am transitioning to a gluten-free lifestyle after more than 20 years of horrible digestive problems and have been chronicling my decision-making process on my blog. Since I have had such horrible luck w/doctors and have a limited budget for out-of-pocket testing, I am trying gluten-free on my own to see if it helps and so far, so good! I appreciate your wide variety of recipes and great information and look forward to checking back more often!

  43. Lindsay

    I follow a paleo/primal diet for the past 17 months. I love it and have such great energy…I was even able to give up my regular coffee fix–which is unheard of for a teacher.

    I love all your recipes!

  44. Betsy

    I eat paleo as it is what I’ve found makes me feel best. I eat a fairly strict version of it – very limited nuts, berries and plenty of grass fed meats and wild caught fish and good fats. I am gluten intolerant and have MS so keep my diet pretty tight. However, I occasionally have one of your delicious molasses-spice cookies.

  45. Sandy Schneider

    I do not follow the Paleo/Primal diets; but I do try and eat mainly foods that are low glycemic. This basically means no gluten but it depends on the food. I originally started eating this way because I teach a weight loss class that is all low GI foods. However, I have also found that eating this way really helps my heart — I have PVC (Pulmonary Ventricular Complex). Exercise and eating low GI have really helped control the irregular beats immensely. Thanks for the many yummy recipes Elana!!

  46. Katie

    We follow the “Rafael” diet. That is, one that takes my 2 year old son’s allergies into consideration. He is (mostly) gluten free (we do a little barley here and there), dairy and egg free, (mostly) legume free (occasional beans once in a while), and more (many nuts (not almond thank god), mango, strawberry, red dye (who needs it, seriously)…).

    I love, love, love this website (though I have to sub out eggs and some nuts once in a while) mostly because as his allergy list grew this site kept my hopes up. No matter how many limitaions in one’s diet there is so much out there–you just have to go and find it. And, amazingly, the healthier you get and the better you feel the less limiting your diet feels and the more excited you are to go find some other cool new thing (like millet scones with homeade earl grey tea peach jam). Thank you Elana for getting me through one of the absolute hardest phases of my entire life.

  47. Eileen

    These days it seems easier to say what I do eat, than what I don’t. I thrive on a diet that consists of 70% veggies, lean meats or fish, sprouted beans, nuts, seeds and low sugar fruit.

    I have issues with yeast so I pretty much avoid dairy, wheat, soy, alcohol, sugar & most sweeteners, except for stevia and…and if I’m feeling like a rebel…coconut nectar.

    I really appreciate your blog and all your wonderful recipes!

  48. Leah

    Well, a year ago we started a path towards wellness. I just knew that I was most likely going to have to go gluten and dairy free. Sure enough after the results I was needing to go gluten, dairy and egg free plus mostly soy free as well. The surprising part was that my husband and both boys had to all go dairy free as well. After getting all of our lab work done this year, my husband now has to go gluten free too. A journey to health can be a long process, but I love that we get to do it together!

    I like learning about the paleo diet on your blog. I had never really heard about it before this last year and I’ve found you to be very insightful about different resources and cookbooks that work for you. Thanks!

  49. Katherine

    Like many others have described their diet, I don’t like to label the way i eat. I would say we try to eat very little processed food, not too much added sugar, mostly organic, not too much meat (we focus on getting good quality, local, preferably organic meat). We eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, beans and grains mostly whole (we try not to eat to much wheat).
    I cam across this website while looking for dairy free icing. I loved the simple recipes and the beautiful photography. It also got me interested in different ways of eating.

  50. Janet NZ

    Gluten-free since diagnosed with celiac disease nearly two years ago. Grain-free for four months (and feeling SO MUCH better for it). Now, I’m trying [and so far, failing] to be sugar free.
    Sugar makes me feel bad – and is even tasting bad (metallic somehow), but the stuff is addictive for sure. I have to try much harder…
    I really appreciate your blog. It is so inspirational to realise that being whatever-free isn’t restrictive… rather, it is empowering.
    An ‘excuse’ if you like, to eat good food.
    Thank you.

  51. gina

    I am doing the Paleo diet. It has been very good for my health. I think every one can benefit from gluten-free.

  52. Sarah

    These are really tasty. I put a couple drops of stevia into the oil before I coated the nuts so that they would be spicy AND a tiny bit sweet. I plan on making these frequently!

  53. S J Supp

    I follow GAPS, grain free, gluten free, soy free, lactose intolerant….The list goes on. I have a long standing auto immune disease and am having to limit my food choices continually. Moving towards Paleo. I have been using Elana’s recipes and am encouraged that there is life after grains. Please keep up the good work.

  54. Dodi

    Hi Elana–Although I don’t chime in often, I love your blog. I have a kosher kitchen and appreciate that your recipes are kosher friendly. I don’t have any food sensitivities, but I’m very interested in preparing healthy foods for my family. Your blog is a wonderful resource for me. I’m planning to make these nuts today!

  55. JB

    I went gluten-free 3.5 years ago and have discovered that while I do great with GF whole cooked grains (quinoa, brown rice, etc), I don’t do well if I eat a whole lot of GF flours (even those made from quinoa, brown rice, etc) and xanthan gum. So I bake mostly with almond flour and just bought my first bag of coconut flour to try. I also try to minimize sugar and dairy, and am a vegetarian. Elana’s recipes have been great!

  56. Christy

    I’m eating the Specific Carbohydrate Diet for Crohn’s disease and find it almost identical to a paleo diet with just a few minor changes . I find your website invaluable for my dietary needs. I feel much better eating this way and have lost a lot of weight effortlessly. I’ll never go back to my old way of eating.

  57. Nicole

    At the advice of my naturopath to treat PCOS and hypothyroidism, I went primal a couple of weeks ago from a pretty SAD. I’ve been a carb junkie, but surprisingly I don’t miss savory carbs at all and have only had moderate sweet carb cravings. I’m doing no sweeteners at all (besides eating a bit of whole fruit) for at least a month, but I’m looking forward to trying some of your recipes as treats when I start eating some sweeteners again!

    Just made the spiced nuts using a combo of almonds, walnuts and sunflower seeds. Added a 1/2 t cinnamon and pinch of nutmeg–YUM!

  58. Chelsea

    I’m usually more of a silent reader than a commenter, but i had to say how freakin delicious this recipe is. I ate nearly a whole batch of them yesterday! Beats anything I’ve ever bought in a store. Thank you!

  59. I have ulcerative colitis and recently had a flare begin where some of the strongest drugs available for colitis didn’t make a difference. I started seeing a chiropractor who recommended going gluten-free, dairy-free (although I’m back to eating yogurt now), sugar-free, and corn-free. This blog has been a life-saver, and I just ordered your almond flour cookbook and am so excited to receive it! My flare has improved so much, thanks to this “diet” and also supplements and acupuncture.

  60. I am more recently a complete paleo mama(:. I’ve been gluten free for many years; but I knew to really amp up the health factor it would mean giving up the rest of the gluten free foods that were really not working for me (corn, rice, dairy, sugar, etc.) I now enjoy so many good soups and salads, meats, seafood, veggies, fruits & nuts in limited amounts. I had to take an Elana’s Pantry break because there were just too many goodies posted that I knew would be a detriment to my good judgement and willpower! Plus I am sorry to say there was too much agave use and it was hard for me to work with ingredients in substitution form that may have not worked out.

    Imagine my surprise taking a peek back here and seeing recipes for paleo bread (which I made by the way-and although so grateful for it, it has a strange taste/aftertaste like baking soda or something). I will still make it and try different versions because it really is the best thing since sliced bread :-P

    I have noticed a recent trend here with getting on the paleo bandwagon and I embrace it for certain. And I credit Elana for my decision to get backyard chickens and I have a pretty extensive stockpile of mason jars thanks to the inspiration of Elana also.

    Cheers to good health!

  61. I consider myself a “primal” eater in that I do consume raw milk dairy occasionally. I have been completely gluten-free and refined sugar-free since 2007 but cut out grains in August of 2010 after reading The Primal Blueprint (which I found through a post on your site, thank you very much!). I had been training for a marathon and began having weird swelling of my feet and hands which I attributed to the extra mileage I was putting in…not the additional gluten-free grains I was consuming. After reading The Primal Blueprint I cut out grains (oats, corn and brown rice)…and wah-lah…no more swelling! I have been completely grain free for over a year now and feel GREAT!!!

  62. Shannon

    I have been gluten & dairy free for almost 2 years. I have a lot of sinus issues and found, through research, that grains could be causing it. I have been transitioning to a grain free diet also. It is amazing how much better I feel without them. I appreciate your site so much Elana!! :)

  63. Bev

    Made these(added a bit of garlic powder to the spice mix-YUM)!
    Been eating them all week for a snack.
    Thanks so very much for this “spicy treat”

  64. Emily

    I just made these and added a good amount of cinnamon and a little bit of sugar. I think just adding cinnamon is a fun twist. They are delicious, thank you!!

  65. Fran Kozicki

    Does this recipe keep well?

  66. Rachel

    These were a big hit at Thanksgiving, thanks!

  67. Great! I used half walnuts, half almonds. Didn’t have chili powder, so used 1/4 teaspoon each oregano, paprika, basil, and coriander. Also, I used 1/4 teaspoon cayenne rather than the black pepper. :)

  68. Anastasia@healthymamainfo.com @ healthymamainfo.com

    These look amazing and super healthy!

  69. kelsey

    Just made these, THEY ARE DELICIOUS!

  70. Kristen

    I am trying these today because I LOVE the sweet and spicey nut mix from the stupid gas station but they are TERRIBLE TERRIBLE. So, I will just have to keep this on hand for us since wer are just beginning our adventure of getting serious about making our lifestyle more primal/paleo.

  71. I have been gluten-free since April 2012, and I have been on the Candida Diet, no eggs, since last week. I recently found out that I have a high sensitivity to eggs, which makes baking very difficult. Baking without eggs or fruit or regular sugar seems darned near impossible. I won’t use EnerG egg replacer because of all the additives, and the extra starches make it not suitable to the Candida Diet. Does anyone know how to make pancakes without using eggs, sugar, fruit, or gluten? I’d love to know that magic secret!

  72. Claire @ facebook.com

    I have been gluten free for six weeks now and feeling fabulous … Love the paleo recipes , will never consume grain products again

  73. Sheryl G.

    Love this recipe, I’m vegetarian planning on going 50% raw, gluten free, dairy free.

  74. Sally

    I love all of your recipes, especially nuts–this one is awesome! I find myself baking these at 350F for 15-16 minutes on a parchment paper covered cookie sheet, turning half way through. Same ingredients. Just easier prep to me.

  75. Jean

    We had spicy nuts in a restaurant last night so today I did a search to figure out how to make them and came across yours. Since I am primarily Paleo yours peaked my interest. Most recipes used brown sugar as the first ingredient. I just made some up using only almonds and pecans because it’s all I have right now. They are wonderful! I’m sure I’ll be making them often now that I know how good they are and how incredibly easy they were to make. Thanks so much!

  76. I started following a strict Paleo diet exactly 110 days ago, for nothing more than the fact I was overweight and not very healthy. I have no allergies or issues with anything, I just want to get healthy.

    I am documenting it in my blog at http://whole360.blogspot.com if you have any suggestions or tips please I’d love to hear them.

    Also thanks for this recipe, a friend shared it today and it’s awesome! I am going to share it with my readers as well!

  77. Christine

    I have a question about a specific ingredient. Is the chili powder called for red pepper/cayenne or the spice blend known as chili powder? Thank you.

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