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Paleo Banana Bread

paleo banana bread gluten-free recipe

Naturally sweetened Paleo banana bread is easy to make with low carb gluten free ingredients including almond flour.

This Paleo recipe for banana bread is a high protein gluten free treat that is quick and easy to make. When I posted my recipe for Paleo Bread, the feedback was so amazing that I knew I’d need to come up with more gluten free Paleo bread recipes for you all.

I’ve been working on this Banana Bread recipe for a couple of weeks and will be serving it to my guests when we break our fast for Yom Kippur this year.

We are having about 30 people over next week after Yom Kippur services and it will be the biggest break fast I have ever hosted. All of the families that we invited have sons in the boys’ Hebrew school classes at our synagogue. And all of the older boys (my son J’s age) are about to be Bar Mitzvah’d in the next year as is J.

If you are looking for a healthy gluten free menu designed to break your fast on Yom Kippur, then check out my Yom Kippur Break Fast Menu.

Paleo Banana Bread


  1. Place bananas, eggs, vanilla, honey and shortening in a food processor
  2. Pulse ingredients together
  3. Pulse in almond flour, salt and baking soda
  4. Scoop batter into a greased 7.5 x 3.5 magic line loaf pan
  5. Bake at 350° for 55-65 minutes
  6. Remove from oven and allow to cool
  7. Serve with Dandelion Root Coffee (optional)

Serves 12

When you make this banana bread, be sure to use ripe bananas. Also, if you want the loaf to be as tall as mine, then use the recommended size loaf pan, if you use a larger one, your batter will spread out to fill the horizontal dimension of the pan and will be short when it comes to the vertical dimension.

If you do not have (or are allergic to) the recommended ingredients and wish to make the loaf, feel free to experiment with your own ingredient choices and let us know how it goes. I am not sure how your desired substitutions will work out; as I often say, I wish I had a crystal ball and could automatically know if an ingredient change would work (or not). However, I do test each recipe, each time I make the slightest variation (think ¼ teaspoon of baking soda –if I add or subtract that, it’s a whole new batch of bread in the oven).

So, since I’m out to make the most recipes I can for my family (and you all), I’m moving on from this recipe and heading out to conquer others and make more gluten free Paleo recipes for everyone.

posted on September 30, 2011, 274 comments

  1. Chrissy

    Oh yeaa!! Thank you so much! I know I’ll be making this this weekend. I already make two loafs of your paleo bread every week (I think the pan MUST be the reason for the short loaf! Already ordered the right pan!). Thanks for adding another great bread that I can “treat” my kids to!!

  2. sarah

    hi elana,
    i don’t have access to vegan shortening. is there something i can use in it’s place?

  3. shirley

    I am very grateful for the Paleo bread recipe. It came just as I was beginning to want bread again, as a vehicle for other yumminess (not a desire for grain), and your recipe has been a lifesaver.

    The Magic Line Loaf Pan works great…I’m often wary of buying a new product to complete a recipe, but in this case, the pan has paid for itself in its worth to me, very quickly.

    You have made one more person in this world happy. Thank you!

  4. Gretchen @ gfedge.com

    These Paleo, gluten-free, low carb recipes are wonderful for people who have diabetes, metabolic syndrome, or have any kind of problem with simple carbohydrates. Thank you so much for sharing your hard-won knowledge!

  5. Jody

    I am DYING for a Paleo Pumpkin bread! Since fall has arrived, it’s all I can think about. (hint hint) :)

    I will be trying this banana bread today. YUM!

  6. Amy

    Sounds yum, I’m going to try it. I’ll substitute Artisan coconut butter or oil for the vegan shortening, though – not sure that vegan shortening would be considered paleo, though I don’t know for sure.

    Thanks for this site, it’s truly unique.

    • UNrefined palm oil is o.k.; refined palm oil is not paleo…and there’s no need for it in this recipe. I really don’t know why she chose that one.

      If you’re cheating and making a frosting or pie crust, sure, you’ll need your fat to stay stable at room temp, but for banana bread? Strange to say the least.

    • Holly

      Amy- I just made this bread last night and substitued the vegan shortening with organic cold pressed coconut oil. After 30 minutes in the oven, I could see that it needed to cook a lot longer, so I lowered the temp to 290 and let it bake the rest of the way at a lower temp (about 18 minutes longer). This worked GREAT! The bread was yummy and still paleo friendly.

  7. Laurel

    I made your Paleo Bread for my hubby about 3 weeks ago. He loved it but IMMEDIATELY, like after the 2d bite told me it would make a great Banana Bread. I told him I’d have to think about it because adding bananas would mess up the ratios.
    I then got out your 1st cookbook and made the Banana Cake w/o the chocolate chips but with walnuts. I’ve now made it for him twice, as cupcakes both times.
    I’ll make him this one next and see if he can tell the difference. :-)
    Thanks for always sharing so much.

  8. Amyella @ amyella.com

    This looks so good – can’t wait to try it!

    Do you have any recommendations for adjusting baking time to do banana muffins instead of a loaf?

  9. denise

    Hi Elana,

    Could you help me troubleshoot this recipe? I followed it exactly this morning, with the exception of shortening: I subbed the same amount of coconut oil. When the 30 minutes passed, the top was a little wiggly, and the toothpick came out clean, so I let it go 3 more minutes before removing from the oven. As it cooled, the center sank, and is less done than the outside edges. The same thing happened with Paleo bread last week – sunken middle and eggy taste overtaking the other flavors. The only thing that I can think of is that my oven is below the temp that it displays (checked with oven thermometer…takes longer to heat than it indicates with the ‘at temp’ chime). I want this to work!
    Thanks for all of the effort you put in to your work…your integrity shows!

    • Lisa

      In spite of having tested my oven temp, I always find that my almond flour baked goods require longer in my (preheated, gas) oven than published recipes suggest: often up to twice as long to get a firm center and a brown edge. Try keeping it in the oven longer next time. If you’re concerned about burning, turn the temp down 25 degrees and set the timer for another 1/4 (approx) of the suggested cooking time.

      It probably has to do with the heat transfer properties of the baking dishes.

      • denise

        Thanks, Lisa. I’ll give it a shot. The pan I use is dimensionally the same as called for, but stainless steel, uncoated. Leaving it in longer does seem like the answer…just didn’t want to burn. I’ll try your suggestion regarding temp. thanks!

        • Joan

          I had the same problem with the Paleo bread. I decreased the temp to 325 and increased the baking time to 50 minutes and that produced a perfect loaf. Another tip is to make sure all your ingredients are at room temperature – includung yor eggs before you start mixing the batter. Good luck!

    • Kari

      I had the exact same issue tonight. I even cooked it a full 10 mins longer. I would have gone even longer but we had to leave the house. I came home to a completely sunken loaf that is still so mushy inside it isn’t even edible. Though the top done edges tasted phenomenal. And I even have the right pan…..

      • Kari

        I just tried again. Used slightly smaller bananas and a small packet of coconut butter instead of the shortening. It turned out perfectly. I also cooked it for about 45 mins. But it wasn’t as huge and the first one and cooked all the way through. Yummy!!

  10. Amanda

    Thank you Elana. Made this this morning for my toddler. She loves them. I made some changes and it still came out great. I used 1/4 cup grass fed butter in place of the shortening. I also made them in muffin cups.Thanks for helping us stay Primal.

  11. Rachel @ bb4wa.com

    I don’t use the Spectrum and really don’t want to buy yet another oil. However, I have Ghee, Coconut Butter and Coconut Oil. Has anybody successfully tried either of these with this recipe?

  12. Spectrum contains REFINED palm oil.

    …also a side effect of harvesting it is clear cutting forests and leaving orangutans (and many other species) homeless. While Spectrum is harvested sustainably (http://www.spectrumorganics.com/?id=269) there’s no need to use palm oil in this recipe.

    Refined palm oil is best suited to frosting or pie crusts, something where its lack of flavor and solid-at-room-temperature state is most needed. It is also commonly used in deep frying.

    Since palm oil is so high in fat, you should be able to sub in another type of oil at a 1:1 ratio. (http://paleodietlifestyle.com/paleo-fats/ & http://robbwolf.com/faq/) I’ve used olive oil to great success in the past. When in doubt, though, try using lard. Yum. :-)

  13. Diane

    Elana! I was staring at your banana cake recipe last week thinking about taking out the agave. Voila! This is more what i had in mind. I can’t wait to make this and your Paleo bread. Waiting for this heat to break (I’m also in Boulder) so that my kitchen is not so hot and I can start baking! Thank you!

  14. Diane

    Oh, one more question: my son needs to go on an anti-candida diet shortly. I’m wondering about the role of honey in your Paleo bread recipe. Is it for taste or something to do with the chemistry of the bread? Thanks!

  15. Thank you so much for sharing all these wonderful recipes with us! I am always so amazed at your generosity. I can’t imagine the work it takes to come up with each of these recipes, and each one is delicious! I have yet to try a single recipe that I haven’t loved!
    Thank you Elana:)

  16. I can’t remember the last time I had banana bread. So excited to try this recipe this weekend.

  17. glutenfreeforgood @ glutenfreeforgood.com/blog

    Not only does this bread look and sound wonderful, it appears to be very easy to make. My kind of bread making! Thanks, Elana. And, I’m definitely trying the dandelion root coffee. =)

  18. Lorain

    I have always used the Banana cake recipe and made it into muffins…i like it so i don’t think i’ll change.
    I have substituted applesauce for the banana as well as pureed pears (my favourite!!) and added about a Tbsp of cinnamon instead of the vanilla and a handful of raisins…very good.
    I also use an egg substitute and although it’s not the same as eggs it does the trick

  19. Nicole

    This has to be the best “bread” I’ve ever had….It actually taste and feels like bananna bread! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! I heart YOU! :)

  20. Robin

    Drat. I just made this following the recipe exactly with right pan and after an hour of baking it is still underdone in the middle and very brown crust. I had no trouble with the original Paleo bread other than needing to bake it longer. I’ll try again and fiddle a bit to see if I can get it to turn out right.

    • Laura

      I also have a gas oven. The loaf in the magic pan has been going for 50 minutes and I just set the timer for another 5. It still looks beautiful but I don’t want the dreaded GF wet inside, since it is for a bake sale.

  21. Johanne

    I just made it and I love it! I used coconut oil instead of the shortening. I had to cook for an hour before the centre was cooked.
    I also added raisins. Soooo good!

    • Lizzie B

      Glad to know yours went for an hour. Making this right now and thought I was out of my mind! Just set the timer for another 10 minutes, bringing total baking time up to 1 hour. Hopefully, it will no longer jiggle in the middle.

  22. Kate

    Thank you Elana for all of your work. You make living gluten-free much easier… and delicious.

  23. Wow, this is the best banana bread ever! I made it instantly upon finding 3 perfect bananas ready to be baked. My only comment is that it made a lot of batter, and overflowed my magicline pan, forcing me to eat the edges before I could get it out of the pan. (nom nom) Next time I will use the next size-up loafpan. Otherwise the most perfect loaf of de-lish-is-ness! Thanks so much Elana!

    Oh, I didn’t have any spectrum shortneing and so just used coconut oil. I can’t figure out the difference. Where can I find info about the shortening and when it would be best used?


  24. Kim

    Used whole foods coconut oil b/c didnt have the shortening. Put in mini bundt cake pans and reduced the time a little. My husband and kids went nuts for it! Excellent texture, taste and so moist. Thank you!!

  25. raquel of galilee

    For Rosh HaShana I made the family banana muffins… and watched them enjoy them.
    Now that the holiday is over, I opened the internet and know that I can enjoy them as well using your recipe. How could you know that I was jealous?!?

    Shana Tova, Elana! May it be a year of good tidings of all kinds!

  26. Thanks for this recipe! I’m trying to cut down on bread products and this looks like it could be really helpful. I think I’ll try what @Kim did and use coconut oil for the fat; I just got a huge container of it that I want to use. Can’t wait to try it!

  27. Stacy

    This sounds delish! It is in the oven this chilly TN AM. I would love a Paleo orange bread recipe too… maybe something based on your orange cake (with the boiled orange)?

  28. I love your recipes! Love them. I’m excited to try this one and am hoping that in the future you will tackle pumperknickle, that dark rye yumminess is the only bread that I truly miss and one of these days I’m hoping that we can find something that is at least reminiscent of it. I tried a bit with your chocolate cake recipe and got some interesting flavors but somehow just not right and am not as good at this as you are, so I’m trying more recipes hoping and waiting for you to tackle pumperknickle!

  29. Lindsey

    I just added two mashed ripe bananas to Elana’s Paleo Bread recipe and it turned out perfectly. I’ve also added grated apple and cinnamon to the plain Paleo Bread recipe and that turned out moist and delicious as well. I’ve also made lemon poppyseed bread out of the original Paleo Bread recipe. I think that Paleo Bread recipe is a pretty good base and can be played around with a lot instead of just creating a whole new recipe with different ingredients. Just my two cents.

    • Jeanne J

      What other variations have you tried? I did an orange, cranberry bread variation on Elana’s Paleo recipe which was great. I’m thinking about a cardamom variation next…

  30. Debbie @ Easy Natural Food @ easynaturalfood.com

    Hi Elana,

    This is unrelated to the recipe but I can’t see another way to contact you. You might already be aware of this…but the other day my 5lb bag almond flour arrived from Honeyville Grains and I noticed they print your recipe for Chocolate Chip cookies on the back, which they credit you with. However they’ve mispelled your website – http://www.elanapantry.com instead of http://www.elanaspantry.com

    Just in case you don’t already know!

  31. Mahala

    Elana: LOVE your site. I’m gluten intolerant and was so happy to find such yummy recipes. And I especially love not having to pay $7 for a frozen loaf of bread!

    I had never before had an issue with your breads not baking in the middle, but I purchased the magic loaf pan to get a ‘higher’ loaf. Ironically, I tried the new pan this weekend and when attempting to get the loaf out, the top fell off and raw dough poured from the middle. The sides were perfectly done. Any ideas on how I got the opposite result?

    Thanks for your time!!

  32. Amy

    LOVE that you make your recipes “printer friendly”. Makes it so much easier! Can’t wait to try the banana bread. Loved the paleo bread. Kids had zucchini choc chip muffins this morning and I had muesli scones. Thanks for all of your hard work!

  33. Miriam @ Sometimes I Veg @ sometimesiveg.com

    I better grab my quickly over-ripening bananas to make this before my hubby throws them away. I really like that you aren’t sweetening them too much.

  34. Katie

    Thank you so much for this post!! I was searching your site the other day for a palaeo banana bread! If I used coconut flour instead of almond flour would it work?


  35. You are on a Paleo-kick and I am LOVING it!! PULEASE keep them coming! Ha! I love your disclaimer above…can’t imagine all the questions you receive! :)

  36. Robin

    I tried this recipe again after my first attempt resulted in bread with a pudding-like undone center after an hour of baking. I reduced the mashed banana to 3/4 cups, reduced the eggs to 2 instead of 3, and added 2 tbsp coconut flour (like the original Paleo bread). At 45 minutes in the oven in my Magic Line pan, the bread was baking better but was still not done. I had to leave for my daughter’s dance class, so I turned the oven off and left it. When I checked later, the top of the bread under the crust wasn’t all the way cooked but the rest was, so I sliced that part off and sampled the cooked part. It tasted great, was nice and moist. If I had the time to have baked it longer, maybe an hour, I’m thinking it would have turned out perfectly. I’m not sure what the issue is with my technique or my oven, but these changes seem to make a difference in my results with the bread and I will make it again and bake it longer.

  37. Mel-Beth

    Made this recipe as muffins this morning! Turned out great! Thanks so much! I used Coconut Oil instead of shortening. The recipe made 12 regular sized muffins.

  38. Lizzie B

    I give up on the MagicLine loaf pan. So sorry I paid $15 for a new piece of useless kitchen stuff. I did get the paleo bread recipe to work in the pan, after doubling the bake time. This recipe is still in the oven after an hour, sides a little crispy looking, center soggy. Other than having a weird shaped loaf, my regular bread pans worked fine. The cooking time was what was suggested in the recipes. I am using one of the recommended almond flours, and my only substitution with this recipe was coconut oil for the shortening. I am baking at only 1000 feet lower altitude as Boulder.
    I do love the flavor of these recipes though, once they are baked through they are absolutely delicious.

  39. Laura

    I just made this with one of my closest friends who is starting the SCD. She was feeling very anxious about it, and I wanted to show her that she can still eat really well on the SCD. It was pouring rain here, and eating this bread on a rainy early fall night with a good friend was perfect.

    The bread was like a banana bread souffle — so delicious and filling. I think that maybe I will add chopped walnuts to finish it over next time after it’s cooked…. just sprinkled on top. Amazing recipe. Very easy and very quick.

    It did take longer, though, and I used the regular metal loaf pan. I’m in Oregon, so maybe that has something to do with it. Next time, I’ll just put it in for 40-45 minutes right off the bat.

  40. Julia

    The link to the Magic Line Loaf Pan doesn’t work. I’m curious about it! Can you post another link? Or suggest another supplier?
    I’m assuming it’s a manufacturer name…

  41. Amanda

    Great recipe! I used coconut oil instead of shortening and made 12 muffins (22 minutes at 350). Came out perfect! Thanks for another recipe :)

  42. Louise Blackmore

    With out a doubt the best Banana Bread. My 14 year old son does not normally enjoy ‘paleo’ baking but loved this, and trust me that is a big thumbs up.

  43. Alicia

    I made this last night but substituted 3/4 cup walnut flour and 1/4 c coconut flour because I cannot eat almonds. It turned out fabulous! Thank you for the recipe. I am excited to try the paleo bread recipe with Walnut or Hazlenut flour.

  44. Karin J

    This turned out fantastic! The only sub I made was butter instead of shortening. Also, I started to smell burnt at 50 min., so next time I’ll bake for about 45 min.

  45. Nancy Bennett

    Made this using 1 1/2 C pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice instead of bananas and coconut oil instead of spectrum. Didn’t have the pan size so used 2 yes TWO 6.5X4

    Since I had two pans I added mini choco chips to one and chopped pecans to the other. Both turned out greaaaaat

    350* 30 minutes, Thanks Elana

  46. sophie

    Hi everyone!

    Has anyone tried making this bread without eggs – using flax “eggs” instead?

    By the way – thank you Nancy for telling us about the substitution – I wanted to make pumpkin bread myself :)


  47. Bev

    Made just a couple sweetener subs and just pulled this out of the oven.
    Smells and tastes awesome!!

    Thanks again Elana!!!

  48. sophie

    what were your sweetener subs?

  49. Lisa

    Paleo pumpkin chocolate chip bread!!!!!
    I substituted 1 1/2 cups pumpkin and the standard pumpkin pie spices and added the mini chocolate chips. Yum!
    Questions: this tasted great but it turned out to be a “fork required” texture. Maybe you could give it a try and let me know what u would do to make a bread that wouldn’t fall apart in your hands. Oh and I did 3T honey since the pumpkin isn’t sweet like banana. 1t cinnamon ant 1t nutmeg.

  50. Balkan music lover @ musicofthebalkans.com

    I love it, I also put some cinnamon and home-made strawberry jam :)

  51. Geralyn

    Hi Elana – Thanks for this wonderful recipe! Do you know if I can use coconut flour in place of the almond flour? I can’t have almonds, but would really love to make this bread.


  52. Beth

    I just made this bread for the kids. After 35 min. I tented the loaf with foil and continued baking at 5 min. intervals for another 20 min. Finally, I had to take the bread out; it was really beginning to brown, but still slightly jiggly in the middle.

    Next Time: I think I’m going to reduce the number of bananas to 2 (just 1 cup mashed). I think that should take care of the moisture problem. My old wheat flour banana bread recipe only had 1 cup banana and it had 3 cups of regular flour to absorb it! I love banana bread and so do the kids, so I’m not giving up. Just foraging ahead.

    Thanks, Elana, for a great place to start. I always look to you for great recipes and inspiration!

  53. Kelsey

    Made this last night–my boyfriend and I both LOVE it! Subbed cold-pressed coconut oil for the vegan shortening and it worked out perfectly. Also, couldn’t find the pan size recommended, so we opted for two mini-loaf pans which made for perfectly moist, petite breads when baked for 45 mins. Great with coffee in the morning. Thanks for all your hard work, Elana!

  54. stacey

    I made these tonight and they were fantastic. I only had two eggs and two bananas so I halved everything else. I used Ghee instead of the shortening. I baked them in mini muffin pans at 350 for 12 minutes and they came out perfectly cooked. I put pecan pieces on top of half of them before baking – even yummier.

  55. Erin

    Fan-friggin-tastic! I used coconut oil instead of shortening. I have an almond allergy so I used 1 cup of coconut flour and 1 cup of hazelnut flour. I’m really surprised at how moist it is. This is actually the most “bread like” of all the paleo bread recipes I’ve tried.

  56. Sarah F

    I LOVE this bread! It’s the first gluten-free bread I’ve had that’s moist, doesn’t crumble, and is absolutely delicious. I’m keeping this recipe handy. Thank you for sharing it!

  57. Amy

    Elana, do you have to melt the shortening first, or just put it in there solid? Thank you!

    • Tiffany McCullough @ None

      I would say no, however, by it being put in a food processor it’ll get whipped with other liquid ingredients and, therefore, become fluffy and will incorporate with the dry ingredients. Personally, I use coconut oil (when I remember to put the oil in at all..they taste good anyway even w/o the oil). Coconut oil (CO) is so good for your arteries and that’s how I cleaned the “gunk” out of my heart and carotid (neck) arteries (by cooking and/or eating 1 tsp/day of CO). Tropical Traditions is a good supplier and often have 2-4-one offers or free shipping as well. I also like that CO takes high temp cooking/frying.

  58. Tiffany McCullough @ None

    Let me try again…..This is a winner recipe even though I forgot to add the oil (was using CO), they were still marvelous and would’ve been even better I suspect with the oil. I’ll do better next time! Love the Honeyville Almond Flour and ALL your recipies. After I eat any of the items, I’m loaded with energy. Thanks for developing these recipes….I’d have never done it (too old now at 70), but thank God you’re there! Gotta mention how much I have always disliked banana bread (that was before gluten intolerance and diet rearranging), but you’ve got my heart here with this one.

  59. Anastasia@healthymamainfo.com @ healthymamainfo.com

    I made it today and all the family loved sweet banana bread! Thank you!

  60. tina

    I made this and it tasted yummy. However, it burned a lot and this was despite me keeping the temp a little lower and not baking the full 55 min. Did anyone else have this problem? Any recommendations?

  61. loligoss

    Really really good.

    Just gave half to my parents so that I don’t eat too much of it in one go. Had 3 bananas that needed to be used asap.

    I think next time I would leave it in for 50 minutes instead of 55.

    I also used butter instead of shortening.

  62. Debbie Carr

    Elana et al,
    Just wanted you all to know I have now made this bread two times. The first time I used butter. Delicious. This second time I used coconut oil. Delicious. I did add 7 drops of stevia this second time as if you are used to really sweet banana bread, Elana’s recipe has a really low sweetness factor. I wanted a tad more sweet so did the stevia and it worked. It’s still not sugary sweet so if you want that….you’ll have to add more sweetener.
    The other note I have. I use the small pans Elana does. I have enough batter left over to make a few muffins too!
    Thanks Elana,

  63. MJ

    This recipe is awesome; I prefer it to traditional wheat-based banana bread–thank you!

  64. Joanna

    LOVE this banana bread recipe! I’m new to using almond flour and this was my first recipe to try! It turned out perfect! I used butter instead of the oil, and didn’t use honey because my bananas were ripe enough! WOW! I’m sold! Going to buy your cookbook tonight!

  65. Mary Louise

    I made this with 1 tablespoon of anise extract and 1/2 tablespoon of vanilla. Nice flavor combination. Thank you Elena for all of your wonderful recipes. I appreciate the simplicity and wholesomeness of the ingredients used, since I have Celiac.

  66. Just made this last night– it turned out great! I substituted the honey with molasses and the shortening with coconut oil. I also added 2 T of mini chocolate chips. My husband and I had it this morning with breakfast. Goes very well with Chai Tea! Thanks, Elana!!

  67. Sandra

    I made this recipe today and it was tasty! Much like the banana bread my granny made when I was young. I did add some chopped pecans and made muffins instead of a loaf and they turned out great. Thank you for sharing this recipe!

  68. Laura


    I think your recipe’s are great. But I was shocked to see that you use palm oil products in your recipes. These products are responsible for the endangered orangutan devastation and soon to be the reason for their extinction (there is much info on the web about this). I tell you this because there are many that are unaware of the destruction that goes with this product. Thanks again for all your wonderful recipes.

  69. Elana, thank you so much for this recipe! I’ve recently been experimenting with a gluten-free diet and this bread was fantastic!

    I posted about it on blog (with a few modifications) if anyone’s interested: http://wholeytreats.blogspot.com/2012/01/low-sugar-gluten-free-banana-bread.html

  70. Delicious! Here are my modifications: Forgot the salt (on accident) and didn’t miss it though I’ll add it next time since I like salt. Two large bananas (all I had on hand) instead of three. Subbed coconut oil for the shortening (and greased the pan with it). Added 1/2 tsp. each of cinnamon & nutmeg and a half cup of chopped walnuts. Turned heat down to 325 degrees after 40 min. and put a piece of foil on top to reduce further browning. I will also try this with pecans and organic dark chocolate chunks. Divine.

  71. Emily Aranbayev @ suedemarmalade.tumblr.com

    Hello Elana,

    I’m planning on making the Paleo Banana Bread.. is there any substitution for the blanched almond flour? please help!! :)

  72. Maggi

    I have been eating Paleo for the past 2 1/2 weeks. Made your banana bread tonight, except did not have the palm shortening, used walnut oil. All I can say is YUM, will be adding nuts the next time I make it, though. Thanks for your experimenting!! Who says you can’t eat healthy and still have a great treat.

  73. My daughter is allergic to almonds, so I made this recipe with ground walnuts 1 1/2 cup (threw small batches in the food processor and pulsed until ground up, they aren’t quite like flour, but just short of turning into nut butter) and 1/2 cup coconut flour, also used coconut oil instead….it turned out very good! I have also added some oatmeal to a loaf and that was good too! This is a great treat to have around.

  74. Liz Eastman

    Delicious! Fast! Easy! I substituted coconut oil, which worked well.

  75. Suanne

    OK…I made this today, subbed butter for the coconut oil and added a handful of walnut and of raisins…and it cam out great! Also, I baked it in a regular pyrex loaf pan…rose right to the edge of the pan. Also added about a tsp of cinnamon powder. Very nice recipe! Thank you!

  76. Suanne

    Oops, sorry, that should have been, subbed butter for the shortening. Very moist and tasty! Also, baked for at least an hour until tested done. Also, I made it with a blender instead of a food processor. It is delicious!

  77. Tracy

    This recipe sounds really good! I’ve also enjoyed this recipe with coconut oil and walnuts: http://www.chiquitabananas.com/Banana-Recipes/Grain-free-Banana-Loaf-recipe.aspx
    I’m going to try the pureed pear suggestion too, that’s a great idea.

  78. Tracy

    I evolved from eating gluten free to Paleo about a year ago. I love that I can still find recipes on your site that match the new way I eat. Thank you so much for all you put into creating your great site and books.

  79. Hello!
    This is my first time here! i went to making this recipe, and kinda combined the banana bread and the pumpkin bread recipe. i then added a bunch of water a little bit at a time. its pretty hilarious actually. its cooking now and i am kinda scared. lol.
    after i sent my friend a msg saying ” the consistency is soooo different from reg banana bread” she was like ” i know, make sure you follow the recipe” and thats when i had to laugh out loud.
    i added so much stuff.
    we shall see!
    none the less…i love this blog. new favorite!

  80. Brenda

    I made this today with coconut oil instead of palm oil. It turned out GREAT! I was concerned about the inside being uncooked because there were numerous reports of that, but I turned the temperature down to 315 or so for the second half of cooking, and put a foil tent over it as recommended in another note.

    I’d like to try adding some spices too – cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, etc.

    This is definitely what I’m taking to my Easter family get-together next weekend. Thanks so much!!

  81. I made a banana bread using this recipe as a guideline and it turned out amazing!
    You’ll find a recipe on my blog: http://locker301-320.blogspot.com/2012/04/treffit-taatelikakun-kanssa-my-date.html

    I’ve also baked this banana bread using ½almond flour and ½ whole grain ricwe flour. Turned out tasty as well.

  82. ariana

    Hi Elana….i would like to try your banana bread recipe…is a TABLESPOON of vanilla the correct amount? It just seemed like a lot of vanilla for a bread. Is this an error on the website or do you just like alot of vanilla? Also, in your bread 2.0 recipe…is it really 3/4 cups of arrowroot powder, this too seemed like alot as well? Just curious as sometimes translating to websites there can be errors…none the less your recipes are fabulous…and i look forward to trying more and more. Happy eating!

  83. Boseph

    Wow this is a really fantastic recipe- a total hit with my work crew who are definitely not healthy eaters. The only thing I did different was I doubled the amount of vanilla and added several good dashes of cinnamon to compliment the vanilla and bring out the sweet tones. Of course, doubling the honey makes it sweeter and more like traditional banana bread which is very sweet but the vanilla & cinnamon makes it perfectly balanced sweet-wise, for my taste (sometimes, I even triple the vanilla since I’m a huge fan of it). One thing’s for sure- USE RIPE BANANAS. Ones that are starting to brown or are already slightly brown are best for that strong banana/sweet taste. I love how the natural oils and almond meal create a totally “buttery” taste without the butter! My roommate had to take a double-take when I told him it didn’t have any butter- he was sure I’d made it with butter. Not at all, just delicious. THANK YOU, Elana!!!

  84. Cristina

    I made it today but I put it in a cake pan instead. I also added 1 cup chocolate chips and 1/2 cup walnuts. It was done in 30 minutes(much less than if it were in a bread pan) and was delicious!!

  85. Cristina

    I forgot to say I used light flavoured extra virgen olive oil instead of the shortening. Since we have plenty of it here in Spain and it is so healthy I always use it instead of the other oils in the recipes. It was really good!

  86. Cara Hebert

    Just tried this one & its FABULOUS. I substituted the palm oil for coconut & the almond flour for all purpose GF cause it was all I had. My husband & 2.5yrs old had 3 pieces!!! And my husband is not a sweets fan at all! I plan to try this as muffins next time. I also only had it in the oven for 40mins. Thanks!!!!

  87. Jennifer

    Hi Elana, I just wanted to let you know that the link for the palm oil goes to a page that says, “The product that you tried to view was not found.
    It may have been discontinued or removed from our website.”

  88. Tracy

    My friend made this for me, she is Gluten-free and I am Low-carb…. it was amazing. Made it myself and super easy, turned out perfectly. We used butter instead of the shorteneing. Thankyou so much, this is a great recipe. Love it.

  89. Emily

    I substituted 1/4 cup mashed avocado for the shortening (you’d have no idea – no color change or weird flavor), and stevia extract (roughly 10 drops) for the honey. Amazing! And very paleo friendly.

  90. Kelly

    We inhaled this banana bread. I think it is the best I’ve had!!!

  91. Charlie V @ thehealthystyle.com

    This banana bread is the best, even the kids love it and ask for more! It goes great with Almond/coconut milk. Just make sure to double the recipe so you don’t run out of it as quickly :) Thank you for this awesome recipe!


  92. Julie

    Hi Elana,

    Thanks so much for posting such amazing recipes. I can’t wait to try them since our family is trying to to eat more gluten free. My older daughter has a peanut/nut allergy, is there anything else I can use and still works well, instead of the almond flour? Looking forward to hearing from you!!!


  93. ironcharles

    This bread is really wonderful, perhaps my favorite on this site. I tried it in a small loaf pan first and, despite the great taste, I hate having to fish out small slices from the toaster. So I basically doubled the recipe and merged it with the pumpkin bread recipe on this site, then I baked it in a standard size (9″x5″) loaf pan. I’ll keep playing with it, but it’s quite good like this. Here’s what I did:

    1 banana, mashed
    1 cup pumpkin
    6 eggs
    2 tablespoons vanilla extract
    2 tablespoons honey
    1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
    1/2 cup butter/your preferred oil
    4 cups almond flour
    1 teaspoon celtic sea salt
    2 teaspoons baking soda
    1 tablespoon cinnamon

    Baked at 325 degrees for 55-60 minutes.

  94. Claire

    Has anyone tried substituting pecan meal (almond allergy) or making this dairy free?

    • Melissa

      Claire, it already is dairy free? But as for the pecan meal, just give it a try. This recipe uses a flour, which is lighter in texture than a meal, but other than that I can’t think of any major issues. . Give it a try and see what happens. I have seen many comments on other recipes calling for almond flour in which people substitute meal instead and are perfectly happy with the results. Happy baking!

  95. Michele

    I use Canola Oil and added some nutmeg and it is DELICIOUS!!

  96. Lara

    Very awesome banana bread! Was very popular when I made it. I used organic, grass-fed butter instead of palm oil shortening (just cause I didn’t have palm oil shortening) and it was yum. I also used 4 bananas. I didn’t actually measure, but 3 bananas seemed under 1 1/2 C when mashed as the bananas were only small to medium size. I would also try this recipe with rice syrup and a touch of stevia instead of the honey. That would make it less paleo perhaps, but more fructose-free friendly. Of course there’s no substitute for bananas though! Thanks Elana, another most awesome recipe :)

  97. Melissa

    I made this into muffins yesterday- it made 12. I substituted maple syrup because I can’t have honey ( fructose malabsorbtion) and I used baking powder just because of personal preference. They cooked in about 30 minutes. The whole family loves this recipe.

  98. CarylMay


    Would this recipe work to swap the vegan shortening with grapeseed oil and switch the honey with agave?



  99. Pc Moore

    I used coconut oil instead of palm. Have you ever tried to buy palm. You can online if you want bulk. I get all my stuff except palm shortening at Whole Foods.

  100. Nancy

    Wonderfully moist, tantilizingly fragrant…best ever banana bread!

  101. I just made this using coconut butter in place of the shortening and a tbsp of maple syrup instead of honey (my daughter’s stomach doesn’t do well with honey). It was seriously delicious! I love that there is hardly any added sweetener. Thanks so much for this recipe! :)

  102. Nancy Cherven

    Was wondering, Elana, do you use the 25lbs box of Honeyville Blanched Almond Flour or the bagged 5lbs? Is the texture different from one to another?
    Thanks Nancy

  103. Sue

    I made this today – it’s so yummy. Thanks

  104. Kate

    The paleo pumpkin bread looks amazing but what could I please use in place of eggs? I am a vegan. Any suggestions would be appreciated!


  105. Jen

    This bread is absolutely amazing! It is every bit as good (if not better) than traditional wheat flour banana bread. I was very worried at first as I ended up cooking almost 75 minutes for the center to be done. Maybe I had too much banana… The outside was very browned and I was worried it would have a burnt taste, but it is oh so perfect. Thank you. Oh and I used coconut oil instead of the shortening.

  106. Silvia

    I switched to paleo 4 weeks ago and made this recipe today. The result was great: fragant, moist and unexpectedly fluffy. Great recipe, thanks so much!!!

  107. Anna

    My kids LOVE this – it’s so nice to be able to give them ‘treats’ that aren’t unhealthy!!

  108. Molly

    Just made these in muffin form.. Amazing, just sprinkled a little salt on top! Thank you for this

  109. Anna

    Has anyone tried freezing this, either whole or in slices? Am not sure whether to just freeze my bananas, or try making this and freezing it to pull out midweek (kids love it in their lunches, and can easily get through more than one in a week!)

  110. Camille Maes

    Thank you for sharing this recipe, my family loves it! I put them into paper lined muffin pans and decrease time to 30-35 min. Makes about 16-17 regular size muffins (regular sized ice cream scoop to measure batter). What we have also tried is adding chopped walnuts, and chopping up one of the bananas so you have chunks of banana when you take a bite.

  111. Hi Elana,

    Thank you so much for this recipe! I made your banana bread last night and I must say… we were fighting off the natives! My family loved it! Looking forward to baking a lot more now that we have a healthier alternative. Thank u!

  112. h

    made this with 1/4 c. almond butter – unsalted, instead of vegan shortening. baked in convection at 325 for 40 min.

    it turned out very nicely.

    the recipe is lightly sweet.

  113. Bill Funkhouser @ woodfiredpizza.org

    I have taken to occasionally using (canned) pumpkin instead of bananas in recipes like this and the results are terrific. To keep the sweetness the same, increase the sugar a bit (about 15%) or enjoy a less sweet pumpkin version.

  114. I admit to being a bit skeptical about how this recipe would taste when compared to my favourite banana bread recipe, but I was pleasantly surprised. I used coconut oil instead of the vegan palm oil shortening. Since I didn’t have enough almond flour, I used 1 cup almond flour and 1 cup of buckwheat flour. The loaf did rise quite high even with the same size of loaf pan as mentioned in the recipe, but it didn’t overflow or present a problem with removing from the pan. As for taste, I loved it! My husband and daughter also enjoyed it. While I do not follow a paleo diet, I am trying to be wheat-free, so I am glad to have a delicious recipe like this for those times when I want “bread”.

  115. Anna

    I’ve made this twice now, with the following subs:
    -ran out of coconut oil and it’s freakishly expensive here (Shetland Islands) so used butter
    -doubled the honey
    -added about a teaspoon of cinnamon
    -added chopped walnuts
    -doubled the vanilla

    The recipe is fantastic just as it is, of course; I made the above mods because I’m cheap and/or like stronger flavours. I’m just giving the mods as a prompt for having tested them and they work. The loaves came out just like the picture and are delicious; general approval all round, including from the gluten free skeptics.

    Thanks Elana for a terrific loaf – this is the first time I’ve had a proper bit of toasted, lovely, butterable bread for breakfast and snacks in months. I’ve tried so many recipes that don’t work and this one just knocks it out of the park.

  116. Lisa

    I’m baking a loaf as I type. So far so good & I have absolutely no clue on how to cook with a food processor.
    I bought my processor just so I could bake this loaf!! Pulled it out of the box…watched the tutorial on how to use it & then made my own almond flour & then made the batter for the loaf. I used olive oil instead of palm oil…it was all I had on hand…I can’t wait to see how it’s going to turn out! My thumbs are sore from blanching & skinning the almonds lol!

  117. I made this exactly as written and the top of my bread was burned and the inside still mushy and doughy. Any clue what I did wrong???

  118. Alicia @ comingsoon!

    May be the best Banana Bread EVER! My boys would have eaten the whole loaf in one sitting if I would have let them. Subbed TJs Coconut Oil for Palm Shortening and used almond meal instead of flour. I think this resulted in a denser bread – but OMG fabulous! I will be ordering the pan – as mine was quite stuck!

  119. Elizabeth

    These are amazing!! I made them as muffins. My 3 yo and 21 month old LOVE them!! The texture is a little different than “normal” ones but not much. Other family tried them and had NO idea. I made them for camping this weekend, now gonna try the pumpkin ones.

    I used butter since I had no shortening on hand. First highly successful almond flour recipe!! :)

  120. Clover @ n/a

    Why no liquid in the recipe? I’ve got a bowl full of crumbly dough….added another mashed ripe banana and another egg, but no real change…..maybe I’ll try making this recipe into cookies???

  121. M. Bernadette Cornett

    We thoroughly enjoyed this paleo banana bread and were blown away by how moist and filling it turned out. I substituted coconut oil and agave syrup since we had that on hand and the bread baked up wonderfully. I recently began baking with almond and coconut flour and this recipe has been one of the best I’ve tried. Thank you for sharing this! I look forward to trying out more of your recipes and following your blog!

  122. Rodica

    Finally a banana bread that is just perfect. Love it!!!! I used coconut nectar instead of honey. Thank you for sharing such a great recipe.

  123. Clover @ n/a

    I had to add at least a cup or more of OG soy milk, after also adding another egg and banana and baking powder…..it was my first gluten free recipe attempt and I was not very happy about it….is there an ingredient missing? It was edible, but barely. I was pleased that it only took 1-Tbl of honey. Oh, then I added some OG dried blueberries to the final batch and it was a little more worthwhile. It was a great learning recipe for me.

  124. Michael Rossney @ michaelrossney.ie

    Thank you for this fantastic recipe. It ticks all the boxes; high in protein, delicious, nutritious and easy to make! I thought my days of making banana bread were over when I cleaned up my diet! I’ve already started telling my clients about it…

  125. Kerry

    I made this last night for the fourth or fifth time and it came out the best ever! Soooooo good. I’m using egg replacer too, and it’s still a really great bread. Thanks again.

  126. Kelli

    I made this bread yesterday and it was delicious! Thanks!

  127. Chelsey

    Is there another type of flour that can be used for all these recipes. I have a little one with a peanut allergy so I am not able to use almond flour. Thanks.

  128. Lena

    This is amazing! Someone told me that this was the best banana bread they had ever had when I made it for a small group of people. And it is so easy!! I subbed coconut oil for shortening and it is tough to get the middle cooked without overly browning the outside but I did what Elana recommended and left it in on very low temp for a while after the advised cooking time was over. This worked! I also added a little bit of vanilla stevia and some cinammon and dried cranberries. YUM!!! Thank you for this delicious recipe :) Also to note: while the loaf actually looks very browned when it comes out, this actually is part of what makes the bread amazing– crusty out the outside, moist on the inside!!

  129. Michael Rossney @ michaelrossney.ie

    I made this again today (with ground almonds as flour) but I added in some walnuts and poppy seeds. Even more delicious! Thanks again!

  130. KShamel

    Elana, you are my hero! This bread is so amazing! My husband can’t stop telling me how much he loves me! HA! Thank you for your fantastic recipes and keep em coming.

  131. Audrey

    Thank you for another wonderful recipe. This was teenager approved, so it will be on my list of recipes to repeat, I think it will be a regular.

  132. Connie

    My family loves, loves, loves this banana bread recipe. I added a handful of chopped walnuts to mine, and we all agreed that it is the best banana bread recipe we have ever tasted. Thank you for putting together such a fantastic recipe collection!

  133. Kristin

    This recipe is fantastic! Since I’ve got 2 little boys at home that don’t always eat their veggies I added a heaping cup of spinach to the recipe. It turned out wonderfully still and you couldn’t taste the spinach! The bread was slightly green but I’m more interested in taste then show :)

  134. I just made the Paleo Banana Bread, tonight. I have been on the Paleo diet for a week now, by doctor’s orders. I have been wishing for a dessert type food to eat. I am so pleased with the banana bread, it is delicious! I don’t have a food processor so i mixed it with a potato masher and a spoon. Used high quality coconut oil for the vegan shortening and baked it in a approx. 10 inch round dish for only 48 minutes. It turned out wonderful.

  135. Cass

    Hi, I just made this and it is so stodgy and dense. I think maybe not enough moister? Also I used 1 cup almond and 1 cup of coconut flour because I didn’t have enough almond flour. Pretty disappointed actually, was really looking forward to it!

    • Fred

      I think it is the coconut, it absorbs much more liquid than almond. I had the same issue in reverse with other recipes (using almond instead of coconut)

      To me this recipe works like a charm. Nowadays I usually skip the salt and use olive oil or melted coconut oil instead of shortening, but it is just a matter of taste and availability of ingredients on this side of the globe.

    • Michelle

      You can’t sub coconut flour for almond flour that’s why yours didn’t turn out!

    • Cass

      Thanks so much, I think I’ll give it another go. It’s a shame almond flour is so much more expensive than coconut.

    • Tanya

      Why would you want to use coconut flour? (what was the goal?) I find to sub in coconut flour I add 1/4. So you might want to try to use 1 cup almond flour and 1/4 cup coconut, then add in some more moisture. An extra egg, maybe another half banana, or maybe even some water.

  136. Sandra

    Just did it today… very pleased with it. What a surprise.

  137. Huma

    My GF toddler loooves this bread, even though I lessen the amount of honey. My husband and I recently started juicing, and I added about a half cup of carrot/apple/orange pulp to it to give it a fiber boost. It gives it more texture and baby still loves his “birfday cake”! Thanks Elana! I have yet to be disappointed by a recipe of yours.
    For some reason I find I need to add baking powder as well or it doesn’t rise as much. I’m in NJ so humidity is not an issue. Hm, one of thise things I guess. Still tastes great and the kitchen smells like banana heaven.

  138. Cheryl

    I made the Banana bread today and added chopped walnuts and unsweetened coconut and it is out of this world! The flavor is incredible and if you want to take it even higher add a little almond butter after it is cooked!

  139. Amy

    Just had my first slice and it is delicious! Added half cup dark chocolate chips. Baked for 50 minutes. Perfect.

  140. Gingi

    Anyone here try this with frozen and thawed bananas? I often have ripe bananas in the freezer for smoothies etc.

  141. Harriet

    Is blanched almond flour the same as regular almond flour? Thanks. Sounds great for Passover. May try it then too!

  142. Christine

    Do you have to use a food processor? Look yummy!

    • Tracey Fortich

      I just made it for the first time and used my hand mixer, which is all I have so it’s what I use for everything. I wonder if it makes the batter wetter than a food processor would, but it turned out perfectly — moist, dense, delicious. Enjoy!

  143. Laura

    I made this banana bread into muffins this morning. I made some muffins with chocolate chips, cinnamon, cinnamon and raisin, and plain banana muffins. I baked at 350 for about 30 minutes as to ensure the insides were not too spongy (it was too spongy after 20 min baking). They taste great! Thanks for the child friendly recipe!

  144. Jori

    Hi. Just made the Paleo Banana Bread and it is delicious!! Do you have any nutritional info/breakdown for your recipes?

  145. Liza

    my fussy kids love it!!! thanks Elana!!

  146. Samantha

    Oh wow, I just made this, with a few extras for a treat. I added dark chocolate chips and crystallized ginger. YUM… Thank you Elana!

  147. Karen

    My Family LOVES this recipe! Banana bread was always a regular and a favorite on Sunday mornings. We actually think this is even better than my original recipe!

  148. Nancy

    This recipe is fantastic and very easy, once you have all the ingredients in place! Followed the recipe (used the Honeyville Farms blanched almond flour, and tried the “butter flavor” Spectrum organic vegan shortening.) The only thing I added was 1/2 c. chopped + toasted walnuts that I tossed with a bit of the almond flour before adding (so the walnuts wouldn’t sink). I baked in an aluminum pan from the grocery store (I need to get that magic pan now!), and for me I needed to bake the full 60 min. in a regular oven for the toothpick to come out clean. The middle did sink a little bit, but was baked beautifully. Perfectly browned, moist and heavenly…absolutely delicious. Loved the walnuts in it. Everyone went crazy for the scent too…highly recommend! Thank you so much for the wonderful recipe. Am attempting to freeze some of it…will be interested to see how it holds up!

  149. Chelsea

    This was a hit with my family. People cannot believe that food so good can be made without any grains what-so-ever. This is the perfect breakfast treat. I like to warm up a slice, put a little vegan butter on top, and drizzle with honey! YUMM. :)

    Thanks again for a great recipe!

    P.S. Got your almond flour cookbook today! So stoked!


  150. Lori

    Hi – I just made this for the first time and I’m so happy with it! Yum! Next time I might throw in a few walnuts or chocolate chips for a change. Really glad we have your website, Elana!

  151. Evelyn

    HI! Thank you for the recipe!

    It was wonderful! I sprinkled cinnamon and topped it with some semisweet chocolate chips just to funk it up a little and it was delicious! I bake 2 loaves of your regular paleo bread every week. My family devour it and they are not even on a paleo/ wheat free diet! I cant wait for them to try this one! Thank you again!

  152. Heather

    Absolutely wonderful and so easy to boot! Thanks very much for this wonderful recipe and keep up the great work!

  153. Carmella

    holy crap is this stuff actually good for you?? it is sooooooo good!

  154. Cynthia

    Baked perfectly. It rose perfectly. Light texture; not dense at all. The only sub I used was vegan butter. Baked for 45 minutes, turned off oven, and left in oven for another 5 minutes.

  155. Colleen Stewart

    Thank you so much for this banana bread recipe!!! It is absolutely delicious!!! My new go to recipe :)
    PS some how I forgot the shortening (I was going to use coconut oil) apparently it doesn’t matter. It’s supper moist and yummy without!!

  156. Shanna

    This looks really tasty. Just wondering if I could substitute coconut oil for the shortening?

  157. Tracey Fortich

    Wow this is amazing! So close to my original family recipe, yet only one T of sweetener. ONE!!! Thank you, Elana!

  158. Jilll Belanger

    I have thoroughly enjoyed everything I have tried from this site! Thank you for sharing your efforts with all of us! I just wanted to comment on the banana bread variation I made. I threw in a handful of slivered almonds and a handful of raisins. It turned out great. Thank you Elana!

  159. Joan Cortez

    This recipe was incredible. It was moist and delicious. I added a half cup of walnuts because I love Banana Nut Bread.

  160. Tanya

    I used a 9×5, and multiplied all the ingredients by a third (multiply by 4/3, or 1.333). So 4 bananas, 4 eggs, etc. It’s a bit weird cuz need 1 1/3 tbsp honey, but anyway, want to keep the perfect Elana ratios. Then cooked it for about the same, 60 minutes and turned out fine! I cut super thick slices then cut them in half for a portion, cuz the pieces are big coming out of the 9×5. Used coconut butter for shortening, wonder what diff would be to use the coconut oil.. Might report back later!

  161. Courtney

    Made this today and turned out gorgeous – kids loved it !!

  162. Amazing banana bread! I like to slice it and store in the freezer so I can just pull out one slice at a time and pop it in the toaster or microwave. I love that it is paleo, but sadly I have to limit paleo treats. I wish I had more control around yummy baked goods!

  163. Tilly

    This is such a versatile recipe and super easy in a food processor! I’ve subbed plenty of things (which make it NOT paleo ha!) and the bread always come out moist and delish! I do melted butter instead of shortening, maple syrup and honey and when I’m feeling an extra sweet tooth– some chocolate chips added at the end. I’ve also ran out of almond flour and used brown rice flour, it’s always worked out great!

    I use a muffin pan instead of the bread pan, and they only take about 20-30 minutes in my oven.

    Thank you for posting such easy and adaptable gluten-free recipes.

  164. Barb

    Wow! This banana bread is delicious! Only change I made was that I used apple sauce instead of the shortening. Honestly, it’s the best I’ve ever tasted …even in the wheat flour days.

  165. Sophie

    Elana – I just made the banana bread from your Paleo Cooking book which is a slightly different recipe to the above. It’s amazing. Although I couldn’t get coconut sugar (I live in the UK) so I used Xylitol instead. So light and fluffy and super tasty. Thanks for such a great recipe!

  166. Lianne

    So I tried the banana bread. I substituted the eggs for flax “eggs” as I’m egg intolerant. It worked well. Maybe not as fluffy as it might have been with the egg. I used thawed frozen bananas. Next time I think I will not use the banana juice. I also put walnuts in mine. Thanks Elana for a good solid base. It would have been a total disaster without it.

  167. Tonya

    Banana bread is awesome!! My family didn’t even know it was paleo. Great stuff.

  168. Livi

    I love this banana bread recipe! Being gluten intolerant is no longer as big a challenge as it was ten years ago, but a moist gf bread recipe is not easy to come by. I also am so glad to have found recipes that are lower on the glycemic index. I made a loaf of this, and the pumpkin bread for my grandpa, who has diabetes, and he really enjoyed it. He had no idea it was gluten free! Thank you Elana for your health, and allergy conscious recipes!

  169. Davila

    Delicious. I love it more than my traditional banana bread recipe. Thank you!!

  170. Grover Naslund @ readingpillowlight.com

    I just looked at your recipe for paleo banana bread and it seems to me to defeat the purpose of the paleo diet by using vegan shortening. I would think you’d want to use lard. Isn’t shortening, even vegan shortening a highly proceeded oil, thus maybe not so good for you?
    Don’t mean to be critical, I’m trying to learn.

  171. Sue

    I have made this a couple of times lately. This last time I used ‘very’ overripe bananas and it was much moister. I had a little too much mixture to fit in my smaller loaf tin so I made mini muffins with the rest. They were beautiful.

    Thanks Elana for your recipes. I use lots of them.

  172. Kelsey

    Great recipe!! I substituted the vegan shortening with organic creamed coconut. I chose this because it has a similar consistency as shortening. I also added a dash of cinnamon and a couple tablespoons of raw flaxseed for their added nutritional benefits :)

  173. Sally

    Everyday I look at the wonderful delights of Paleo cooking and always there seems to be an ingredient that is not ordinarily accessible. Its most frustrating and puts me off.

  174. Steffie

    I made this recipe twice; the first time I thought it was too salty so on the second go-round I left out the salt, since the baking soda has enough salt in it. All in all, a great recipe for those of us looking for wheat alternatives!

  175. Debbie

    I just made this (totally new to Paleo btw) and I cooked it in muffin tins…used all the recommended ingredients and brands of flour but the texture is kind of mushy on the inside. Is this normal for a paleo bread or do you think it needs a longer cooking time? Any suggestions would be welcome. I just don’t know what’s normal. The outside is dark, tasty and not burned but seems like it would be if I cooked too much longer.

  176. Cathy

    Thank you for this recipe. I made it tonight to help my sweet tooth and must say, I really enjoyed it.

  177. Joanne Davis

    Hi there
    Are you able to use almond meal instead of flour?

  178. Veronica

    This recipe is really good… I just twisted it a little bit and instead of a loaf I made muffins also replaced the shortening with coconut oil.. The muffins turned really moist, fluffy and delicious, the baking time though for muffins is actually 30 minutes

    Thank you!!!

  179. Rob

    I made this for my daughter and she loved it, though I replaced the vegetable shortening with coconut oil. We just happened to go to the San Diego Zoo that morning and planned on going to the market afterwards for some ingredients, mainly the vegetable shortening. While there at the orangutan exhibit I noticed some info about the orangutan’s habitat. They are under threat because large swaths of their habitat is destroyed to make plantations, palm oil plantations to be exact. Palm oil happens to be the ingredient that vegetable shortening is made from. Large areas of the equatorial world is being destroyed for this crop and I couldn’t in good conscience use it.
    Just though I’d share that with any other paleo/Eco-conscious bakers out there. Cheers.

  180. Kate

    Any good almond flour substitutes? I’ve got a mild almond allergy and find using too much almond flour overdoes it for me. I’ve used quinoa flour, but the taste isn’t great. What about coconut flour? Could I substitute for that 1 for 1?


  181. Rita Brooks @ purerita.com

    I think this is my new favorite banana bread recipe! simple to make, and delicious to eat. It doesn’t get any better :)

  182. Rosie

    Hi Elana,

    I substituted the vegan shortening with coconut oil but it always ends up quite moist. Have found this with some other recipes too – should I use a certain amount less if I am using coconut oil?

    Also – do you have any conversions for cups to grams you would recommend? I usually check on the internet but 2 cups almond flour has given me results of either 204g or 300g! A big difference!



  183. Traci

    I used 2 tsp of baking powder, instead of eggs due to allergies. Also, omitted bakin soda and used coconut oil. I made muffins instead, they turned out delicious! I added a few Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips on top for my kids. A great little snack!

  184. Joel G

    Hi Elana,
    This is my first post and my first time baking your Paleo Banana Bread, in fact, this is my first time baking anything from your wonderful selection of recipes. I substituted coconut oil for the vegan shortening and although I have nothing to compare it to, the bread is outstanding. I am so grateful I found your site and i will share it with all I know.
    Joel Grossman

  185. Holly

    I used coconut flour, nutmeg, cinnamon and walnuts in mine and I put them in muffin tins. They come out tasting good, however they do not meet the requirements of a ‘muffin’ or ‘bread’ more like…..crumb cake :)

  186. Kathy

    Any idea of the calories and nutrition of this recipe?

  187. Anna

    I modified this recipe and am really happy with how it has turned out:

    Banana Bread

    3 bananas
    3 large eggs
    1 tablespoon vanilla extract
    1 tablespoon agave nectar
    ¼ cup melted coconut oil
    2 cups blanched almond flour
    ½ teasppon salt
    1 teaspoon baking soda
    1/3 cup unsweetened coconut flakes
    2/3 cup nuts, chopped *I prefer walnuts
    1 teaspoon cinnamon
    ½ dark chocolate bar, chopped very fine

    Follow the same instructions Elana provided…. The addition of coconut and chocolate mask the banana flavor for those that don’t love banana.

  188. Timmi

    This is my absolute favorite paleo banana bread EVER!!!

  189. Lydia

    I make a version of this that uses one cup almond flour and one-half cup ground cashews. I also add 2 T walnut oil. Otherwise the two recipes are very similar!

  190. Anne Saathoff

    I made this bread exactly to Elana’s recipe, and it was honestly the best Paleo bread I have ever made. I will be throwing out most of my other bread recipes. This is so moist and so sweet, and it makes a great presentation. Wow!

  191. Laura

    Just made this, it came out perfectly – Thank you!

  192. Judy Gayle

    Hi Elana,

    Your website was recommended by a friend. I bought 2 of your cookbooks. I love, love your chocolate chip cookies with honey. So kid friendly. In fact, I make small cookies and just put 1 chocolate chip inside and call them “surprise cookies” for my grandkids. Your ice cream with the cashews is good, too.

    BUT, I just made your paleo banana bread. The one with 2 c. almond flour. And I am confused. After putting it all together, I didn’t think it would fit in the magic line 7.5 x 3.5 loaf pan (which I ordered special for your breads). So I greased a regular loaf pan. That looked too big. So I wound up using one that is 8.5 x 4.5. Do I sound like Goldilocks?

    Was I actually supposed to pour it all into the 7.5 x 3.5 loaf pan? I do understand that paleo baking with almond flour is very different than regular baking.

    Also, can you tell me how many grams are in your cup of almond flour? I hate to use a measuring cup for flour.

    Thank you. Can’t wait to try more of your recipes!


  193. Missy

    Hi Alana,
    I do not use eggs. Is there something I can substitute in it’s place?

    • Annie

      Hi Missy, I have used “chia eggs” in other baked goods with great success. Would probably work here as well. For one “egg”, mix 1 TBS chia seeds with 3 TBS warm water. Whisk and let sit for 15 minutes before use. Super easy!

  194. Lavinia J.


    I just wish to thank you for the recipes, especially the banana bread – I needed to go on a grain-free diet due to high cholesterol, and have already tried some recipes, enjoying each one. Up to now, the banana bread is my favorite! Love almond flour and can’t believe how delicious the bread is! No feeling that one’s on a diet.
    Thank you, and all the best!

  195. Laura Lim

    Hello, just made the banana bread today. I added three tbs of chia seeds and substituted powder for soda. It was awesome. Tasted great! Thanks for the easy directions!


  196. Jackie @ http://mybikinibutt.net/ @ mybikinibutt.net

    I wouldn’t exactly call this high protein. There’s about 24g of protein in the whole loaf, divide that by 12 servings and that’s 2g per serving. Which is very low.

    Still it looks tasty though!

  197. This looks excellent. As stated low in protein but also a good snack to have PWO because of the sugars from the bananas. Combined with a high protein shake and you’re good to go.

  198. Barbara Baxter

    This is so delicious and moist! I added orange peel to the batter and a topping of chopped walnuts, small amt. of sugar and cinnamon. Can’t stop eating it!

  199. Cristina @ lameninasweets.com

    I LOVE this recipe! Thank you so much for sharing. I tried it out the other day and it was gone within a couple of days. I definitely need to make two loaves the next time I make it. I changed things up a bit by adding more bananas and some spices and loved it. I wrote about it in my blog: http://www.lameninasweets.com/1/post/2014/02/gluten-free-paleo-banana-bread.html

    Thanks again!

  200. Briana


    just wanted to say. I have made this recipe twice (LOVE IT!).

    The first time I made it, I followed the guidelines exact…but it came out very dry… second time I added a bit more butter (yeah, I didn’t use shortening, but I know it tends to be interchangeable). Came out very moist and tastes very much like real banana bread.

    Ps. Chocolate chips in this… yum yum yum!!!

  201. Dora

    This banana bread is delicious! The changes I made include: Used kosher salt, grapeseed oil instead of palm shortening and made in a regular loaf pan.
    Thank you!

  202. This recipe is amazing! I made this into muffins so I could control the height, and this recipe yielded 12 muffins. I bake at 350 for ~15-20 minutes. Definitely a keeper!

  203. Olivia

    I need help! Been Paleo for 6 months but I CANNOT get used to the taste of baking soda. If I replace it with gluten free baking powder (don’t judge me!), how much would I have to use? Thank you!

  204. Natasha

    Hi Elana
    My partner has a nut allergy and I’d like to use coconut flour in place of almond flour. How much would you suggest to use?

  205. Wow! Love your Paleo banana bread recipe, very similar to mine! will give this a go and leave a reply on how the result was.

  206. Amy

    Tried this recipe subbing flax seed mixture for eggs due to an allergy (which I do all the time in baking) & it just won’t set. Anyone have success with this any other way?

  207. jen

    Is there something I can use instead of almond flour? I am allergic to tree nuts

  208. Randi

    I made this recipe and served it today. It was delicious. I received a lot of complements from my friends who are not gluten free. I made the recipe as written.

  209. Lesa

    Hi – I used coconut oil instead of palm shortening….it is cooking right now & the dough is overflowing from the top? I used the recommended pan….could my bananas & eggs been too large? I tasted the stuff that fell from the pan…very good! Thank you for the recipe! :)

  210. Trish

    Fantastic recipe! I have a favorite coconut flour recipe for banana bread, but alas, I am out of coconut flour. I had some bananas that HAD to be used or frozen right away, and I’m so glad I found this recipe! I used coconut oil, and I used a standard size loaf pan. Now I have – count ‘em – TWO favorite banana bread recipes!

  211. Sue B

    Elana. Most if not all of your recipes use food processor over a hand mixer. Is this just a personal preference or does it impact the recipe? Also for this banana bread I’d like to know why you can t just use a regular loaf pan. Is there some thing special about this particular pan?

  212. Judy

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I made this with applesauce instead of honey but probably didn’t need any sweetener. I also added pecans. It was delicious! I so appreciate all the work you put into developing these great recipes.

  213. This is such a great recipe, I’m so glad that I don’t have to give up banana bread to go paleo. I love banana bread!

  214. Mary

    I came to your site in search of some diabetic alternatives. Adjustments:
    Increased honey to 1 1/2 Tbsp honey, frozen bananas, butter, a sprinking of chopped pecans on the top. I lined miniloaf pans with parchment and overhang, sprayed pan with PAM, came out easily. Result were two beautiful miniloaves that I baked for about 35 min. The only adjustment I would make next time is reduce salt. It was enjoyed by all.

  215. Mark

    Everytime I make this the middle never really gets cooked. The temperature in my oven works fine, I cook it for 60 minutes to 75 minutes with the same results, I followed the ingredients and instructions to a T. Any suggestions. Mark

  216. Nicholas @ fitliferesults.com

    I try to eat paleo-ish. Hard to completely give up bread, but I may need to try this.

  217. Natalie

    Made this bread today. Followed the recipe exact and it came out amazing. I may or may not have added a 1/2 cup of dark chocolate chips :) I was serving it as dessert so I wanted something with chocolate. It would have been great without the chips. Recommended cooking time and temp worked great for me. Thanks for the great recipe!

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