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Paleo Bread

This easy Paleo Bread recipe tastes great and is made with just 7 nutrient dense ingredients. That’s a good thing because “gluten-free” isn’t necessarily healthy, especially when it comes to bread. That’s why I created a gluten-free paleo bread recipe that’s made of high-protein ingredients that won’t leave you dragging.  I’m loving every slice that comes from this new paleo diet friendly bread recipe.

This bread is just a bit lighter and fluffier than my other breads.  It has a nice nutty flavor from the flax meal which reminds me a little bit of a whole wheat bread. And, it has a lovely little bit of a sweet buttery taste from the almond flour, which adds an incredibly rich quality to baked goods.

I’ve been working on this Paleo Bread recipe for several months and have tested it a couple of dozen times. In fact, every time I create a recipe I test each and every ingredient addition or subtraction. That’s why I think it’s kinda funny when people leave comments below recipes (or on Instagram) asking how such and such ingredient substitution will turn out.

I wish we didn’t have to test every adjustment to a recipe to figure out if it works. It would save us all so much time and money! If I only had a crystal ball that would give me the answer to all of your substitution questions, I would be so happy. Unfortunately, I don’t. So be adventurous. If you have an idea, test it. Then come back here and let us all know if it works.

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Paleo Bread
  1. Pulse almond flour, coconut flour, flax, salt, and baking soda in a food processor
  2. Pulse in eggs and vinegar, until combined
  3. Transfer batter to a greased 7.5 x 3.5 magic line loaf pan or 7.5 x 3.75 fox run pan
  4. Bake at 350° for 30 minutes
  5. Cool in the pan for 2 hours
  6. Serve

I’ve updated this Paleo Bread recipe to reflect the way we now make it. If you would like to make the original recipe, just add one tablespoon coconut oil and one tablespoon honey. The bread is fantastic either way!

To store this easy Paleo Bread, wrap in a paper towel, seal in a plastic bag, and refrigerate for up to 1 week.

This gluten-free bread recipe is based on my Bread 2.0. However, this bread does not contain arrowroot so it is a better low-carb bread recipe. Paleo Bread has a fabulous nutrition profile that has more of the healthy protein and fat that we all need! Here are some of my other healthy paleo recipes:


  1. Mae says

    For those of us who don’t like or can’t eat coconut flour, I’ve started using white bean flour in recipes as a substitute. It’s absorptive like coconut flour and even better, doesn’t have as strong of a flavor as coconut flour. Just a tip!

  2. Annmarie Kampf says

    Hi there. I’m looking to make my first ever gf bread. I have a bread maker. Any chance this recipe could be used in that or are bread machine recipes totally different?

    Thanks for any help!

  3. helene nagel says

    , I just made the pumpkin bread and it tastes great!! About the paleo, gluten free sandwich type bread, why does one need a special loaf pan for it?? Cant I use what I already have??? can I expect good results with a steel loaf pan?? I do not want to use aluminum. thanks so much

    • Elana says

      Helene, if you make those smaller breads in a larger loaf pan they will be very flat as the batter does not sufficiently fill the pan. You may also need to adjust your baking time :-)

  4. Zoe Sherrin says

    Hi Elana,

    Its great to have a keto diet section, thanks for doing this…is it possible to have a basic nutrient panel on the receipts – the macro nutrients and calories per serving?

  5. Leslie says

    Has anyone tried to increase the recipe by half or double so it fits in a regular bread pan? Can’t get the magic loaf pan anymore and I have a 4″x8″, but then it’s not like a regular slice of bread. I’ll experiment but wanted to see if someone has done that already.

  6. Kristin says

    I am allergic to almonds and struggle with gluten generally. Is there another recommendation for a nutritional flower substitute?

  7. Amy says

    Hi Elana, I’ve been looking for a Paleo bread recipe but I have an intolerance against Apple Cider Vinegar. Do you know if substituting lemon juice would work? Thanks!

  8. Monique says

    I’ve just made this bread. It came out quite dense and did not raise much. I used the recommended size try. I also followed all steps without any replacement.
    I noticed that the butter was quite dry would that be possible my eggs were not large enough? I did use 5 large eggs. I beat long enough to mix all ingredients together maybe 2 minutes max. Maybe it needed more time in the food processor?
    Any suggestion?

  9. Jenny says

    Fabulous bread! I reduced to 3 eggs because my hens lay very large eggs. I used parchment paper inside a 7″x7″ dish to reduce to 3″. Worked perfectly

  10. Cecilia says

    WOW! This bread is amazing! I have Gestational Diabetes, and have been struggling with bread since it has been spiking my sugars. Normally I don’t each much of it, but I was just craving it today. So I made a loaf and it is delicious! I went through the comments because I only have a full size loaf pan, and did as someone else mentioned, increased the recipe by .5 (for the eggs did 8 eggs rather than 7), and it came out the perfect size and absolutely delicious. Looking forward to enjoying it the rest of the week. I used a glass full size loaf and cooked for 40 minutes at 350 degrees. I topped it with extra flax seeds because I too love the nutty flavor of flax.

  11. hubbs says

    I loved this bread and had a slice or two everyday! Now I want to use up soy flours I bought and wonder if I can simply replace almond flour with soy flour in this recipe? What other modifications I would need?

  12. Melanie says

    Can you sub anything for the ACV? I am no vinegar right now (totally stinks!) among many other things.


  13. Julia says

    not sure what I am doing wrong, but mine won’t raise like what you have in the picture. it tastes really good, but won’t raise.

    • Elana says

      Hi Julia, If you use a larger size pan than I indicate for the recipe, your batter won’t fill it up and your loaf will be flat. Another example is if you fill a 1/2 cup with 1/2 cup of water, the water comes to the top of the cup, if you transfer that 1/2 cup of water to a 1 cup measuring cup, it will only fill it halfway. That’s what’s happening to the bread when the pan used it too large :-)

      • Batoul says

        Haha i just made the same mistake yesterday, but these short pieces are cute! However, it turned out pretty moist inside. Anyone know why this would happen?

  14. Ryan Place says

    Hi there,

    Would this work with a homemade almond flour using blanched almonds that are ground in a Vitmamix?


  15. Annette Tapert says

    I love this bread and keep it my fridge all the time. I would like to know how many calories are in a slice or at least an approximation. Thanks, Annette

  16. Christine says

    Hi Elena.

    Is there a substitute for the flax meal in your recipes. I cannot have flax due to being breast cancer survivor.

    Any suggestions.

    Thank you

  17. Tylena says

    Hello! I was wondering if you had ever doubled or tripled the recipe in order to use a standard size loaf pan? I wasn’t paying attention to the size and made a regular recipe in a standard loaf pan and the results were, well, flat. Then I realized my goof. Hoping to avoid the purchase of another pan, but will definitely buy a new one if it means I can make this bread!

  18. Christina Young says

    I followed the directions exactly, but my bread wasn’t cooked in the middle. Any idea what I can do for the next try to fix this?

    • Elana says

      Hi Christina, I’m sorry to hear that the bread did not turn out. The consistency can be different depending on the brands used when baking. The best results come from using the brands that are shown when clicking the green text in the ingredients portion of the recipe. Here’s more info on almond flour for you:

      Hopefully you enjoy the bread in the future!

    • Kenni says

      do you use a fan oven?, very often i will put something in my fan oven and keep it on a lower heat for longer…

    • Susan Oreaboe says

      I actually use a loaf pan from the dollar store and line it with parchment paper. Easiest to take out. Also put 1 tsp baking soda and baking powder. Makes it rise a little higher and lighter. A tbs of raw honey also for a little more flavor

  19. Christine says

    My daughter cannot have sugar/honey. Can I leave that out? Is there a substitute? She can’t have sugar, oats, dairy, corn, wheat….

    • Nancy says

      try zylitol or stevia. I love zylitol and all its heath benefits. Substitute it exactly as called for in sugar. But let me warn you- it’s expensive. You could only find it at health food stores or bulk barn but I found it at my local grocer for less.

    • Gypsy says

      I do not add any sweetners but do add a little garlic powder and sesame seeds. I like the taste of the added flavor for sandwich bread.

    • Melinda says

      Was there honey in the recipe? I am not sure, I don’t see any sweetener on the ingredient list..
      I am baking it now, and baked before. I love this recipe.

    • Elana says

      Jennifer, if you cool it overnight, then wrap it in a paper towel and ziploc it in a plastic bag and place in the fridge, this bread will last for about a week.

  20. Sally says

    I’ve lived with food intolerances for about 30 years so I’m happy experimenting with all sorts of different ingredients. However, I’ve recently realised I have a problem with gluten and whilst I can make breads such as this one successfully I’ve never found a substitute that gives me the elasticity of gluten (I am unable to eat gluten free flour and having found out the ingredient that gives it the elasticity I no longer want to eat it). Have you ever found a flour or a combination of ingredients that gives the elasticity to make something like pitta bread? May I say that I wish I’d had access to your blog, ideas and cook books 30 years ago, they’re fantastic and my life would have been so much easier. Thank you for making the time to both experiment and share your ideas with others.

    • Elana says

      Hi Sally, thanks for your comment and kind words. I mostly bake with almond flour and coconut flour because they are much lower carb than other gluten-free flours. Unfortunately, I don’t think they are elastic enough to make pita bread. When we have falafel and other foods that are typically served with some type of bread product, I serve in a lettuce wrap which takes next to no time to prepare, is low carb, and very healthy. Sorry I can’t be of more help!

  21. Sonia says

    I made it – was all excited. Then realized… after baking.. .I forgot the eggs.
    Tip: Don’t forget the eggs! Will try again tomorrow.

  22. Season says

    Hi Elana
    I must say seeing how you patiently and graciously answer questions to folks is inspiring. (Even if most of them are answered IN the actual post) Funny how we want people to tell us everything instead of reading the information provided (ie substitutions, loaf pan size etc etc) You’re a blessing.

  23. Tanya Stratford says

    I am having trouble finding the pan you recommended, it appears to be sold out everywhere I’ve looked??? I can find the 5.5×3.0 and the 9×5. Have you tested different sizes and if so do you have a cooking recommendation? I have tried gluten free recipes in regular loaf pan before and they never turn out….I realize I need a proper pan! Thanks for the help.

    • Elana says

      Hi Tanya, thanks for your comment and sorry to hear you are having trouble finding the loaf pan. If you bake this bread in a 9×5 inch loaf pan it will be very flat, as this recipe only makes enough batter to fill the pan halfway. I haven’t tested this in other pans, so I’m not sure what would work. If you experiment with mini loaf pans please let us know how it goes, that might work and I’m curious to hear about it!

    • Jennifer says

      I had the same predicament with the sizes of the pans. I used the 9×5 and increased the recipe by 50%. It was my first time making this bread and I LOVE it!!

      Thank you, Elana!

      • Elana says

        Jennifer, thanks for sharing your adaptation to the recipe and so glad to know that you figured out a way to get a full sized loaf out of it!

      • Kathleen Pancoast says

        How many eggs did you use when you increased it by 50%? I had a mini loaf pan that was 3 1/2″ by 6″ It came put great but when I got to the center of the loaf I did find a small spot that was still raw dough. Not enough to ruin the loaf though. I used a combination of Bob’s Red Mill almond flour and King Arthur almond flour. Anxious to try it in a full sized loaf pan though if I can figure out how many eggs to use.

    • Nancy says

      I just ordered the pan and received it in 2 days. Excellent service from I made the old recipe and it looked beautiful! But, it was raw in the middle. The ends were perfect and the taste is great. I will try this again and leave in longer.

  24. Tamara Allen says

    Hello, I have made the paleo bread at least 5 times with no issues. I love it!! This time, I did not immediately refrigerate it and also left it in the baking dish. Since I refrigerated it, have noticed fine gossamer strings when I cut the bread apart. What is this? Too much egg maybe? The eggs I used were large size.
    Thanks again and appreciate your service for all who need these diets.

    • Elana says

      Hi Tamara, I’ve had that happen once in the maybe 100 times I’ve made this bread recipe and am not sure what it is due to :-)

    • Robert Stein says

      I make three loaves of Paleo 2.0 bread and Paleo Rye bread every two weeks and they both freeze well. Thanks for these recipes. All of our children and grandchildren love them. We are moving from Illinois to Colorado Springs and are worried that the high altitude will create problems. Hoping that we will find by testing how to recreate these delicious breads.

      • Elana says

        Hi Robert, because my breads do not have yeast they bake well at all altitudes. I live in Colorado so can tell you they will work for you here too! Best of luck with your move :-)

        • Stephanie says

          That is EXACTLY what I just started reading through the comments to find out! I’m not that successful a baker anyway, and we’ve lived in CO for the last three years and the altitude has killed all but the easiest recipes for me. And now I’ve been diagnosed with a condition requiring gluten-, dairy-, sugar-, and soy-free. I’m looking forward to trying this recipe!

    • Candace says

      While I haven’t made this recipe, I’ve used flaxmeal in a lot of muffin recipes, and on a occasion I’ve noticed those same gossamer-type strings after a few days. My best guess is it has something to do with flax, although I’m not sure what causes them to develop. Some recipes I use flaxmeal in never develop the strings, and some do, but it definitely only happens in breads where I use flaxmeal. I think the food is still safe to eat though! I wish I knew exactly what causes it too…

      • Susi says

        Hi… flax is where we get linen from – it’s woven from the long, silky threads flax produces… that will be what you see… it’s all pure fibre!

  25. Karen says

    Just made your lovely bread, I have been trying to find a nice gluten free and this is it, great. I measured the tin as in previous comments and the bread rose beautifully. I am going to try chia seeds instead of eggs next time.
    Thank you for your great recipes

    • Elana says

      Hi Jennifer, I haven’t tried substituting the flaxmeal in this recipe so not sure what would work in its place. If you experiment please let us know how it goes :-)

  26. jim johnson says

    It tastes great. But my loaf was “flat” . It does not resemble a sandwich loaf. I followed the recipe. Any idea why mine was only about 2″tall. Great taste, just not loaf-like.

    • Elana says

      Hi Jim, happy to help you troubleshoot this so that your bread is perfect. First question is, what size loaf pan did you use?

      • Becky says

        This is my second time making the bread and I’ve had the same problem. The taste is enough for me to keep making it but it would be great to use for sandwiches of some sort.

        • Elana says

          Hi Becky! If you use the recommended size baking pan, the bread will be the proper height and you will be able to use it for sandwiches. If you use a pan that is bigger than the one I used, your bread won’t fill the pan up. Here’s an example –if you place 1/2 cup of water in a 1/2 measuring cup it will be 100% full to the top of the cup. If you put the same 1/2 cup of water in a 1 cup measuring cup it will only fill it 50% and will only be 1/2 full in height. That’s why a loaf pan that is too large doesn’t work for this recipe when it comes to the height of the loaf :-)

          • Chandra says

            I didn’t measure my pan but when I baked this bread it was a bit flat also, so I cut the loaf in half, and then sliced each half into bread sized pieces. It worked perfectly for full sized pieces that looked like ‘normal’ bread. I cannot get over how easy and delicious this bread is. My sweet son can have no grains, and no honey….so I left out the honey and added 1 tsp of xylitol. So so good. And this morning when I toasted a piece for him, he thought I made a mistake and gave him ‘real’ bread!

      • Elana says

        Hi Solange, if you use the recommended size baking pan, the bread will be the proper height. If you use a pan that is bigger than the one I used, your bread will rise, but it won’t fill the pan to the right height. Here’s an example that might help –if you place 1/2 cup of water in a 1/2 measuring cup it will be 100% full to the top of the cup. If you put the same 1/2 cup of water in a 1 cup measuring cup it will only fill it 50% and will only be 1/2 full in height. That’s why a loaf pan that is too large doesn’t work for this recipe when it comes to the height of the loaf :-)

    • Marilyn says

      Make sure the baking soda is fresh, and let the batter rest awhile before baking, which allows the baking soda go to work making the eggs fluffier. Hope that helps!

      • Elana says

        Hi Sarah, if you use the recommended size pan you will get a tall loaf; if your pan is bigger than the size used in this recipe the batter won’t fill it all the way and the loaf will be flat :-)

  27. Elisa says

    Greatings from Holland! I am baking this bread for the 3th time now. I put in less honey every time and this time I even omitted the honey.
    I just took a lick from the batter and it is just so delightful already. I need no sweetness in this bread.
    Hardest thing is to leave it cool for 2! hours. What happens if I take it out earlier?

    • Chandra says

      I take mine out after about 30 minutes and have had no issues with this. There is nothing better than a slice of this bread steaming hot with butter. YUM.

  28. Pat Johnston says

    I am so pleased to have found this recipe. For those of us in the UK here is a UK version of the recipe.
    240 gms ground almonds
    2 scant tablespoons coconut flour (1 US tablespoon = 0.83 British tablespoons)
    30 gms ground flax seeds
    1/4 teaspoon Celtic Sea Salt
    1 1/2 teaspoon Baking Powder
    5 Large Eggs
    1 scant tablespoon Coconut oil
    1 scant tablespoon honey
    1 scant tablespoon cider vinegar

    I combined all the dry ingredients in one bowl and the wet ingredients in another, melting the coconut oil gently first. I then mixed everything together by hand, baked in a fan oven at 180 c. (Gas Mark 4) and voila! a perfect result.
    No need for a bread maker or any sort of mixer.

        • Elana says

          Hi Liz, I allow my bread to cool overnight, then wrap it in a paper towel and sealin a Ziploc bag and refrigerate. Stored this way it will keep for several days.

    • Lucy says

      Thanks for taking the time to post the Metric measures Pat. I’ve just made my first loaf, which is ok but I misread the ingredients and only put 1/2 tsp of baking powder in the mix ..duh! There’s another one baking right now with the correct amount in . Really looking forward to it. I’m going to slice it up and freeze it in portions so I can take out what I need and toast it. The only downside for me is the almond flour and coconut flour is very expensive in the uk.
      This will have to be for treats.

    • Lynn says

      This is such an excellent versatile recipe and definitely my favorite gluten-free bread recipe. I find that I’m perfectly satisfied using almond meal that of almond flour. And it has adapted well to any other kind of nut or seed meal I have tried so far. Last week I used all pecan meal is my favorite today taste wise. I also often mix half of another nut meal with half almond meal. Second favorite was half almond meal with half sunflower seed meal the taste was delicious. However the sunflower seed meal did turn green like I did read. . . Morning I may Kallof with all walnut meal and I’m sure it will turn out cause of all the work you did in creating this recipe. Also I never use a food processor I mix it all by hand and it still turns out.

    • Norma Atherton says

      I’ve just mixed the bread following the useful metric recipe, as I’m English. I’ve put it in the oven, looking forward to trying it.Howver, I am not allowed gluten on the Candida diet, but I’m not allowed honey or vinegar either! Didn’t dare omit them this time in case they were essential and the ingredients are very expensive. Is it OK to leave them out (particularly the honey)?

  29. Janet says

    Any suggestions for high altitude baking of this bread. Plan to try it soon but wondered if you have already made some adjustments. Actually, any high altitude adjustment suggestions you can make for baking would be appreciated. Thanks!

    • Elana says

      Hi Janet, no need to make adjustments, I live at 5,000 feet. I also make the recipes when I’m at sea level and when we are in the mountains (at 8,000 feet) and they work in both of those places too. I find the recipes are more sensitive to different ovens than different altitudes so watch your baking times wherever you are :-)

  30. Nancy says

    I was wondering why you use a magic line pan Can we not use a regular loaf pan ?
    also, can this bread be made in a bread machine?

    • Elliejoon says

      I line an 8″x4′” aluminum pan w parchment paper that I brush w Coconut oil before I put the batter in. Never have had a problem. Bread comes out FABULOUSLY but I do let it cool the 2 hours, flip it over, peel off the paper, and voila!

    • Elana says

      Hi Nancy, this recipe does not make enough batter to properly fill a full sized loaf pan. So, if you use the recommended size baking pan, the bread will be the proper height. If you use a pan that is bigger than the one I used, your bread will rise, but it won’t fill the pan to the right height. Here’s an example that might help –if you place 1/2 cup of water in a 1/2 measuring cup it will be 100% full to the top of the cup. If you put the same 1/2 cup of water in a 1 cup measuring cup it will only fill it 50% and will only be 1/2 full in height. That’s why a loaf pan that is too large doesn’t work for this recipe when it comes to the height of the loaf :-)

  31. Gina says

    I just wanted to say that I made this bread and it came out fantastic! I’m very pleased with it. It held together nicely and had a good taste. I felt it was also a great base for maybe some nut additions or raisin bread for a sweet twist. I’m definitely going to be playing around with this recipe. It was so EASY to put together too! Just perfect for a busy family trying to stay healthy and feel good. Thanks so much Elana!

    • Stephanie says

      Hi everyone! My friend sent me this website and recipe (thank you both!) I was wondering is this possible to make in a bread machine?
      Stephanie EarthGirl from Wyoming

  32. Sue says

    Your recipes always sound so good. But I am allergic to eggs! I can’t use a replacer for one or two, but five? Any suggestions?

    • Marion says

      I use Chia seed and water…1 tbsp Chia seed to 3 tbsp water = 1 egg…let stand 5 min before adding. The same for flax seed eggs. Ratio 1:3 = 1 egg, Hope this is helpful.

    • Paulette says

      I just found a note on my flax seed meal bag, you can mix 1 Tbsp. Flax meal with 3 Tbsp water for each egg in any recipe. Oh let sit for two minutes before use.

  33. Mariane says

    Lovely idea ! My mum has actually been desperate to make a paleo bread, I’ll pass it on so then we can make and post it on the blog ! Thank you :)

  34. Gigi says

    Hi I am new to the grain free diet and I love this bread. Has anyone figured out the calorie count for it? I have been gluten free since 2003 and it has served me well, although I think that I could benefit from grain free. But like all diet changes that I have tried in the past I tend to gain weight if I do not know the calorie count of the new recipes. Thanks.

    • Steven says

      Nutrition Facts
      Serving Size 87 g
      Amount Per Serving
      Calories 261
      Calories from Fat 171
      % Daily Value*
      Total Fat 19.0g
      Saturated Fat 3.8g
      Trans Fat 0.0g
      Cholesterol 116mg
      Sodium 212mg
      Potassium 60mg
      Total Carbohydrates 10.0g
      Dietary Fiber 5.4g
      Sugars 2.6g
      Protein 12.1g
      Vitamin A 3% • Vitamin C 0%
      Calcium 2% • Iron 5%
      Nutrition Grade C-
      * Based on a 2000 calorie diet
      Nutritional Analysis
      Bad points

      High in cholesterol

  35. Shellie says

    I just made the latest version of you recipe and I’m anxiously waiting for it to cool. Why is your cooling time 2 hours and why in the pan?


  36. Marjan says

    I made its latest version today and absolutely I love it. I like that it does not taste like almond or coconut it tastes like a bread. A verg good bread that it’s not harmful at least with recent knowledge of us because before it I thought whole meal bread is really good for us and I was very proud to my healthy breakfast oats, raw honey and seeds but then they figured out that oats are not harmless I am wondering what is the next thing that will be deleted from my diet:((
    Thank you very much for your good recipes

  37. minette says

    I made the updated recipe today and it is wonderful. I haven’t have bread in months. It’s soft, like a cupcake consistency. Love it with butter and jam. I wish I can share the picture of my bread.

  38. Patricia Layer says

    I made this recipe (second time) using only four eggs and it turned out very well. Very easy to slice.

  39. Tara says

    I used the updated version. Left out the flax, subbed coconut oil with avocado oil, left out the honey. Baked for 45 minutes.
    It turned out great. A slightly eggy flavour, but it sort of tastes like french toast so I don’t mind.

    Great recipe!!

  40. Sandy says

    Hi Elana

    I have just found your website and it is fantastic! Sitting at my computer my mouth is watering. I’m very new to the Gluten-free scene and am seriously considering Paleo as well so your website is a godsend. One question though, you mentioned how to measure the flour for your recipes and gave a weight in grams (thank you) but I have tried American recipes before and I think our tablespoon measure might be different also. How many millilitres is there in one of your tablespoon’s?

    Thanks for the response. I’m just off to try the Silver Dollar Pancakes and for now I’m going to use 15mls as my measure first go around. (Australian tablespoons are 20mls so here goes!)


  41. Natasha says

    Just made this — so good! I used agave instead of honey and replaced some of the coconut flour with a few tablespoons of hazelnut flour. I baked at 350 in a 9×5 pan for 30 minutes and then turned down the heat to 325 and cooked for another 15 minutes. Perfection! Super soft and moist, the downside is I might eat it all in one sitting…

  42. alisha says

    I made it this afternoon and it is delicious!! My main problem with other paleo breads was that they crumble, but this one holds its shape so well and toasts amazingly! I didn’t have honey and had to sub maple syrup and it was delicious and I doubt there was much difference taste-wise from the honey. But just FYI to those minus honey, maple syrup is a fine substitute!


  43. CJ says

    Can I use this recipe for a bread machine? and if so, do I just put all ingredients in and call it good?

  44. Rebecca M says


    I’m on the Candida diet and can’t bake with any sweeteners. What could I use in place of honey to add some sweetness? Stevia? And how much would you recommend I try?

  45. joy says

    this recipe was perfection! ive tried the other bread with arrowroot and this one blows it away. im going to try doubling it to use a bigger loaf pan. Thank u!!!

  46. says

    This recipe rocks! Great work!

    I did modify a couple of minor things. Instead of golden flax, I used regular since that is what was on hand. And likewise, I used agave instead of honey. Either way, fabulous!

  47. Sandra says

    I have made this bread twice now – both times tasted great, but both times did not rise much at all – it stayed quite flat. Any suggestions or possible reasons why that is? What if I added some yeast?

  48. Jennifer says

    Hi! :)
    Thanks for the awesome recipe! Our family has been using it for about 2 years. I truly appreciate your time and effort in putting wonderful recipes together, epically this one. I do have one request, however. It would be fantastic to have nutritional facts.
    Looking forward to more delicious treats. :)


  49. Amanda Bonebrake says

    so i made this bread and it turned out to be kinda dry so is there anything i can do about this???

    Thank you Amanda ^_^

  50. Arlene says

    This is a lovely, easy to make, dense bread. I really enjoyed it. I do not own a magic line pan but I purchased a “medium” sized bread pan and it seemed to work well. The bread may have come out a bit short though… I made this to use as sandwich bread in my son’s lunches. It is a bit denser than I was anticipating but it really tastes good. I just had a slice with jam and it’s filling too. This would be great as a sweet bread :). Thank you!

  51. says

    This is one of the best gluten-free bread recipes I’ve tried. I made mine in a 9 x 5 loaf pan. It’s a little vertically challenged, but it still tastes good and has a nice texture to it. I’m a recovering carb-junkie who realized the one thing I craved most was likely a factor in decades worth of digestive grief. As an experiment, I eliminated wheat products from my diet and my digestive health has shown significant improvement. But I have so missed my morning toast with peanut butter. This bread is a great replacement, one that’s both tasty and nutritious (unlike store bought GF bread). It’s delicious with peanut butter, jam, butter, or just on its own. Thank you for the wonderful recipe!

  52. Raquel says

    Has anyone baked this Paleo bread then vacuum sealed and frozen it? I made the recent recipe and it was fantastic. I’d like to try to save time but preparing multiple loaves in advance. Thanks!

    • Elliejoon says

      I freeze mine all of the time; it freezes well, and I just put it in the toaster oven or pop a slice in the toaster. I keep it on a lower setting ( THE HIGH FAT CONTENT MAKES IT PRONE TO BURNING).

  53. Juliette says

    Hi, is there any way to make a good gluten free bread without nuts or eggs (my son is allergic to nuts, eggs, dairy and shellfish). We are trying to be Paleo but my son’s allergies make it extra difficult for him.

  54. Emily says

    I made this tonight and used 1.5 cups almond flour, 1/2 cup tapioca starch, subbed chia meal for flax meal, subbed avocado oil for coconut oil, and added 1.5 T caraway seeds to give it a bit of a “rye bread taste”. We had it with corned beef tonight and it was very good. I did two mini loafs which took the same amount of cooking time. My husband and older son are usually very picky about paleo breads and they both gave it a thumbs up… I think because they both like the taste of caraway. Thanks for the recipe!

  55. Sue Moisan says

    Hi, Elana!
    I have made this recipe 3 times. The first 2 times I used a regular loaf pan and the bread turned out awesome! My husband and my family love it! But then I bought the pan you recommended and I experienced the “tunnel effect” where the bread did not cook in the middle. I used the newer version recipe as suggested. What am I doing wrong?

  56. Csilla says

    I made this recipe for the first time today, and it turned out delicious; tastes a bit like a cake actually!
    I had to modify the recipe a bit; with hashimoto/leaky gut, flax seed is a no-go.
    So I left out the flax meal, added an extra tablespoon of coconut flower, and half a teaspoon extra baking sofa, plus 2-3 tablespoons of almond milk, since the batter looked very dry.
    Oh, and I only used 200 grams of almond flour, since that’s all I had.
    Had to increase baking time with about 15 min, perhaps because of the almond milk, but could also be caused by our crappy oven.
    Long story short; bread came out great! A bit sweet, not too dry, very creamy aftertaste.

  57. Jaclyn LoPiccolo says

    I added 1 more tablespoon of honey (2 tbsp total), I left out the flaxseed (I didn’t have any) and I used only 1 1/2 cups of coconut flour and added a 1/2 cup of tapioca flour. Great texture! delicious! It reminds me of my mom’s Easter “sweet bread”. Thanks! Jaclyn

  58. Ferchu says

    Hello Elana, thank you for sharing these. I will try them all!!
    I am curious if you have any idea of the calories a slice may have? I am curious to know since I want to cut grains from my diet (I love bread, I am Italian!!)
    Thank you

  59. says

    Thank you for so much for experimenting until you developed this delicious recipe! We (me, husband, 12yo daughter, 10yo son) just finished Paleo restart, 30 days. My son has been so desperate to have bread, now he can have nut butter & homemade jelly sandwiches! He’s ecstatic…me too! ???? ???? ???? Thanks for sharing…it’s because of people like you that are making this journey not so overwhelming!

  60. Nancy says

    I made this as written using the pan that Elana linked to and was a little disappointed with the height. A friend of mine said she makes the gluten free bread with a 4″x4″ pyrex pan because it gets taller and better for sandwiches, so i tried the Paleo bread again using her idea. It got taller, but the top looks like a volcano erupted. I’m not quite sure how to get a smoother top or what i did wrong for this to happen.

  61. says

    Just wondering what size eggs you use? 50g or 60g? Since so many are used the difference will add up and affect the end result so just want to make sure I get it right. cheers

  62. John Ramos says

    OK, I did the straight Paleo bread, got the sort of soggy tunnel, didn’t see a fix for it, what’s happening? I also get a sort of slanted roof effect on the top of the loaf, could be the oven?

  63. Sandra Kim says

    I finally had a chance to try this receipe yesterday. I liked the taste, but for some reason it did not rise very much. When I put all of the batter in the pan(yes, I used recommended pan), it filled only half of the pan, and after baking, it stayed almost at almost the same level. The baking soda was not old(bought 1 month ago). Does anyone know what I might have done wrong? I whisked the ingredients, instead of using food processer. Could it be a reason? Or was it because I used regular flax seed grounded by muself?


  64. Judith says

    Baked the first recipe – the latest one – more than 40 minutes, and the core of it is wet and raw. :( Very bummed out. Might have to cut it in half, and bake the two sides on a cookie sheet to salvage the five eggs and 2 cups of almond flour. Not sure I’ll try this again.

  65. Kim Kouski says

    Ok, I did mine a little different. I can’t eat the almond flour so I substituted non glutton Oat flour and I also added chia seeds. I wasn’t able to get the right sized pan, mine is the larger one, so I noticed that the bread wasn’t going to be very high, so …. I made another batch of bread, added it to the lower layer and cooked. Oh wow!! So good!! But I can’t eat it all at once. Poo! Anyway, don’t be afraid to use the bigger pan, just double the recipe.

  66. says

    Hi, this bread recipe turned out wonderfully. My aunt made it and brought some over for us to try too. My question is this.. do you have a substitution for flax meal?? I’m not allowed to use it at the moment because of it’s estrogenic properties. Thanks so much, I appreciate your help.

  67. Kimberly says

    LOVED THE BREAD!!!! I used Raspberry vinegar because I didn’t have any cider vinegar. It was great!!! I had a longer loaf pan but I just left it in for about 20 min. Thank you!!! I can’t wait to try another recipe.:)

  68. Amy says

    I have successfully made the Paleo bread twice & it worked out perfectly! However, when I made it recently, the edges of the bread were a gray color upon taking it out of the pan. When I sliced the bread & spread with raspberry jam (to resemble a tea cake), the jam turned blue-gray. I think it was some sort of acidic reaction. I did leave the bread in the pan for about 40 minutes after baking before releasing. Now I just remembered that I used rice vinegar (because I was out of cider). Maybe that caused the reaction? I used anodized aluminum pan by the brand “Fat Daddy.”

  69. Amber Kelty says

    This bread is delicious and easy to make. I like it as a pre-workout snack because of the fat and protein. I love your website elana!

    • Barb says

      I’m diabetic so I had to figure this out before I made it. Whole loaf: Cal 2,115 Carbs 80 Sodium 665. Serving would depend on how thick your slice is. At 16 slices cal 132 Carbs 5 Sodium 41.5

  70. says

    Wowwwww!!! This is amazing. I had to change the recipe a bit (I followed the top recipe) because of lack of ingredients. I used Raw Almond Flour (not blanched); I used only three eggs + one chia egg + one flax egg; and my pan was about 8.5*4, so a bit bigger than recommended; I did not use the food processor, just mixed everything with a whisk and a spoon. Even though the pan was larger the height was great, and I’ve never had such a moist bread. Incredible! It is so delicious and wonderful. And so easy to make!! Thank you so much- I haven’t eaten anything like this since quitting gluten. This will be my go-to bread from now on.

  71. Gary Strohbehn says

    I’ve made this recipe several times and like it pretty well except that it has a decidely fishy taste and smell to it? Is that the flax meal? The first time I made it I also experienced the doughy middle, but I just increased the cooking time the next time.

  72. says

    Paleo bread fantastic, I truly believe this is the best I’ve ever made, I used Tupelo honey and Braggs raw unfiltered vinegar and it really masked the over egginess that sometimes comes with paleo bread, it toasted up great, thanks for all your hard work you give such great alternatives for a grain free diet, love the date nut bar it’s always a hit at work.

  73. Cherri L Wise says

    I made this exactly as instructed and m bread was raw inside. I bought the pan and all the correct ingredients. What did I do wrong?

  74. says

    I made this bread about 2 weeks ago and it came out delish! I made it again today and I added both lemon zest and orange zest, and I also added one tsp of the fresh lemon juice and 2 tsp of the fresh orange juice. It came out fragrant and tasty!!!! This paleo bread is a keeper. thanks Elana! Keep the great recipes coming!!!!!!!

  75. Matt says

    Am I missing something? With the above ingredients I do not get a batter, had to put in half a cup of milk to make it malleable.

  76. says

    How long is the bread good for? Are you supposed to put it in the fridge or in the bread box or what? It taste delicious and was very simple to make! Thank you!

  77. Lauren says

    I made this bread yesterday and it came out great! I love that it is simple. I also made your almond joy bars which also were a hit. thank you for the wonderful recipes!

  78. Aileen says

    I just made this today. It is awesome! I try to stay away from gluten as much as possible due to joint issues and pain. It helps considerably. This bread was easy and I even changed a few things. First, I put in 1/4 cup of hemp hearts in place of 1/4 cup of almond meal. For honey, I was out, I used date palm sugar. Finally, I was a bit short of coconut oil, so I added a bit of olive oil. The bread came out amazing. It fits into my diet, it is quick, easy, and yummy! Thanks so much.

  79. Oolichan says

    This has become my “go to” paleo bread. Have made it over and over, and it’s always the best.

    I only make one change: add 1/4 tsp vanilla.

  80. Lise Girard says

    I’m making your Paleo bread (not the old version) since a few months now and I can eat sandwiches and toast. I’m so glad and the bread is very good!

  81. Patricia says

    I have chick pea flour (garbanzo flour). I am wondering if this flour is Paleo friendly. I can’t seem to find any info on it. I have used it to make crepes a while ago. I’m hoping that I can find Paleo recipes using this flour.

    • Patricia says

      I just realized that I cannot use chick pea flour on the Paleo diet. Silly me. It’s 3:38 a.m. and I’m not thinking straight!

  82. Noel says

    I have tried this several times and it does not pour because there is not enough moisture. I have done exactly as the recipe calls and it is not a batter; but a bunch of large crumbles. Had to add coconut or hemp milk to it to make it where it would actually pour into a baking pan. I feel as if I am doing something wrong.

  83. Marc says

    What is the tunnel effect? A hole or a tunnel of “less-cooked” batter as I am encountering? It’s not raw enough to not eat. Just a tad denser and wetter. But it’s truly delicious. I finish it off under the broiler for 2-3 minutes other wise the too does not brown even after 30-33 minutes. Any suggestions on cooking all the way through? (Oh…I should ad that I’m using a 5×9 Pyrex for baking. That’s prolly part of the problem).

  84. says

    What would happen if I didn’t add the 2 tlbs of coconut flour. I can’t seem to find it in my area. Thank you Oh this is about the newn Paleo Bread

  85. cherl says

    I always need to add much more liquid, to make it a true batter. If I make it as written I get a cookie-dough thickness…
    My best version uses 4 eggs and 1 cup of coconut milk (plain, full-fat coconut milk).

  86. says

    Elana I just love your recipes. I love the fact they are simple, don’t take long to rustle up, require minimum effort or minimal cookery skills, have few ingredients that I always usually have and ones I know (no going to Amazon to buy stuff I’ve never heard of before and don’t know how to use)they always work and I can depend on them every time, they taste amazing and you have such a variety on your website! I am a huge fan and when I search for gluten-free paleo recipes your website is the first place I come to and I usually find exactly what I need right here! This bread recipe is amazing and sooo good! I will def. be making this bread more regularly now as others’ just don’t compare! Thanks for all your hard work!

  87. Judy says

    For those of you who make this bread, how do you store it? Room temperature-if so, how long? Or refrigerate the bread? Please help with the best way to store this bread. It cost too much to the bread mold or ruin.

    I appreciate any help, anyone can give me with their experience.

    • Gus says

      I keep mine in an airtight container at room temperature. It keeps for a few days but after that, it can go mouldy. It freezes well, so this sort of eliminates storage issues :)

  88. samantha says

    Hi. I don’t know what I did wrong. I tried this recipe twice with no substitutions and both times it had a weird bumpy texture on top. Taste and texture of the bread was fine, but it looks funny. Any advice much appreciated.

  89. yelena says

    YUM!!!! I mixed in sunflower and pumpkin seeds, plus blueberries in the dough. ( Not in food processor, so it stays intact ). Thank you for the recipe!

  90. Tammy O'Keefe says

    Elana, I just wanted to say thank you for sharing these recipes. My family is going 30 days grain free for health reasons and you are making that easier.

    • Kari says

      quick breads (ones that don’t rise) should not be overmixed. you’ll find similar instructions with making muffins or pancakes.

  91. Sarah says

    I am looking for gluten free and diabetic friendly recipes for my new Breadman bread machine. This is my first attempt at this so whatever is simple to start with will be great. I am planning on using almond and coconut flour. Thank you.

  92. Erin says

    Has anyone tried to increase this recipe and use a larger loaf pan?

    The first time I tried this recipe it turned out SO perfectly (and yummy!) but the loaf is so tiny, and I find myself making it every couple of days to keep up with the hunger in my household. I’d love to use a regular size load fan and increase the recipe if possible…any tips or experiences doing this?


  93. Mary Fitzpatrick says

    Need a recommendation for a substitution for Golden Flaxseed Meal. It disagrees with me no matter how slowly I try to reintroduce into my diet. Causes painful sleep interrupting churning and cramping in my GI tract, even though I drink three quarts of water daily. Also should not consume GFM because I take a blood thinner and estrogen. Find this bread recipe addictive (especially substituting and doubling quantity B grade maple syrup for the honey + adding 1/4 chia seeds)…but the GFM is a truly painful experience. Help!

  94. Serena says

    This is such an awesome and versatile recipe!! Today I sweetened it with some stevia and added dried tart cherries for a wonderful breakfast bread! I found adding an extra egg made it fluffier but that is just my two cents.

    I have done some substitutions, such as adding 1/2 almond and 1/2 walnut flour and chia as well, but I just don’t recommend substituting sunflower seed flour in it because I had bright green bread the next day which NOBODY would

  95. says

    Thank you Ms. Elana for you recipe!! My daughter in college asked me to make her a paleo bread with some sweetness but not much. I am going to try this today. I am excited to try it and you are kind for sharing it!

  96. says

    Just made this. I am a newbie here but ohhhhhh not for long. I put everything in a bowl and mixed by hand. It turned out a little lumpy because my coconut oil was still a bit solid I think. But …… it tastes AMAZING!

    Thank you Elana!


  97. Laura says

    Looks amazing and can’t wait to try it when I get a chance! Has anybody tried toasting it (in the toaster) like normal bread? Does this work?

  98. CAMCANEAT says

    I was about to give up on paleo bread until I found this recipe. It is really good!!! Thanks for sharing! Does this bread need to be refrigerated or is it fine on the counter?

  99. says

    This bread is so delicious. I was a big bread eater and when I started Paleo I really missed bread. This makes me forget all about wheat based breads. Thanks!

  100. jennifer_hart says

    i loved this recipe! my bread did not rise like yours did although i used the recommended pan size. maybe because i used bob’s red mill meal/flour and my eggs were straight out of the fridge. those were the only two factors i could think of. anyways, the bread was delicious and i have longed for bread while following paleo plans. thanks, and i will continue to search for the flour that you recommend and allow my eggs to warm up a bit prior to my next loaf. i will let you know how that worked out.

    • Serena says

      I don’t have luck with Bob’s red mill flour. If you have a coffee grinder, buy some blanched almonds and grind your own. It is time consuming but the outcome is much better.

  101. Vana says

    I added water to my doughy mixture, as I thought it was a bit too sticky and dry (maybe because most of my eggs were medium not large size). It worked perfectly even with the added water!

  102. says

    Hi, I made this bread a couple of days ago, and the flavor was Amazing!! A tad sweet, I may use less honey next time, but very very good. I separated the egg whites and blended with hand mixer until stiff peaks formed, and then folded them into the rest of the batter. Originally the bread came out high like I wanted, but then by the following day had condensed down and was a heavier bread like zucchini bread. Next time I may slice and freeze right away, and then take single pieces out to toast. This bread was so easy to slice, even into very thin pieces, which I was amazed at. Overall a great recipe. Would probably be good with dried cranberries or blueberries and black walnuts :) for a dessert bread. My grandma, who doesn’t normally eat paleo, LOVED this bread!! THank you for taking out the hard work for us in making great paleo recipes.

  103. Lesley Yaniv says

    I just made the date and walnut loaf. It didn’t rise as well as the other breads, and a corner stuck in the pan. Still, it is very, very good.
    I made the nutty bread last week, and baked this slices until crisp. They made GREAT crackers.
    I have one question – can I add some raisins to it? I love them, and it seemed to cry out for a few.

  104. debbie says

    If I can’t eat eggs, is there a way of substituting them in this recipe. I know that this recipe will work best the way it is. But what can I use if I can’t have eggs nor gluten? Would using an egg replacer work? I look forward to your feedback.


  105. amy says

    I just wanted to say I tried this bread for the first time tonight and it was amazing! Thank you. I followed the recipe until it came to the eggs (per a commenters advice). I fluffed the egg whites and then mixed the egg whites in last. Consistency was great!

  106. Catherine says

    Hi Elana

    As I type I have my first loaf of Paleo Bread in the oven. I live in South Africa where we apparently don’t have any flax meal…so I imported some from your side of the world and can’t wait to taste the results. My daughter, who suffers with severe juvenile arthritis and for whom we all made the conversion to Paleo, and I made it together and experimented with your silver dollar pancakes for fun at the same time. Those were delicious and enjoyed with blueberries and a bit of honey.

    I already have some of your books and am looking forward to a complete set but thank you for an invaluable website. My children especially are thrilled to have bread in their lunch boxes again.


  107. says

    just FYI i used red mill flour almond for this recipe and it turned out great. i have made this recipe several times. only thing is sometimes the bread gets stuck to the bottom of the pan, so maybe next time i will try adding a bit more oil to the bottom?

  108. amy says

    I’ve made the bread, Paleo style, & loved it ! It has great flavor & a perfect snack W/ coffee. I’ve made several times & enjoy it everytime ! Thanks

  109. Rebecca says

    I am making this bread for the 3rd time in the past two weeks and am also trying the “rye”! I have also had success with the cranberry walnut bread! Thank you for all your inspiration to bake again! My 13 and 15 year old are now begging me to make the cake on the front of your cookbook (with the fluffy white frosting).

  110. bronwyn says

    I just made this bread first time this morning and it tastes great – but it didn’t rise more than a centimeter. How can I get this bread to rise a bit more? Otherwise, it’s really yummy and texture is good too, albeit the bread slices are really flat and dense due to no rising. :) Any suggestions, feedback welcome. Thanks.

  111. Jan Vaughn says

    Well, I tried the newer recipe and the bread failed to rise properly. Now I see the comments re the old recipe. I definitely needed more baking soda in my bread.

  112. Kris says

    Made this bread tonight and it looked good and smelled wonderful. After the 2 hour cooling time it was worth the wait. Wonderful and so easy to make!! Thank yoi

  113. Hadley says

    I’m intolerant of almonds. I love your recipe, been making it since it was on goop. Is there an alternative flour?

  114. Laura Hopkins says

    Question – Baking soda has too much sodium for me – I don’t think I can substitute double the baking powder instead (gluten free and sodium free Hain brand Featherweight)- looking on the label it says it cannot be substituted for baking soda and I would assume that is because it is chemically formulated differently than a normal baking powder. Wondering what else I could use in place of the baking soda – I need a low sodium alternative. I made this recipe and it is wonderful and would love to continue to make it in a low sodium version. Has anyone ever tried the low sodium baking soda – Ener-G brand ? Would I still use the cider vinegar?

  115. Kate says

    I tried both recipes (simple bread and this one). Both time the dough was extremely dry and so as the final result. Its like a very thick cracker. The dough did not rise at all, just stayed as is. i wonder if anyone made this bread similar to what it looks like on the picture here?

    • Catherine says

      I’ve made it (top recipe) and it turned out beautifully…soft and nutty flavor. I have another loaf in the oven now so that I can try the french toast tomorrow. Hope you get it to work net time…well worth it.

  116. kathy says

    Hi, LOVE this bread!! So do my kids :) I have a problem though with the bread sticking in places to the bottom, so I tend to lose some of it..(handy quick desert though) Any suggestions as to how to keep the loaf intact? I have been using lard to liberally grease the bottom, Its still sticking. I have been waiting about 15 minutes before trying to remove it….should it be cold? Thanks A bunch!!

    • Kasey says

      You might want to line the pan with parchment (make a sling!) and grease the parchment, sides, etc. I imagine you won’t have any issues then.

  117. heather says

    Loved it! Made the following tweaks:
    Used 1 1/2 c. Honeyville Almond Flour
    3/4 c. Coconut flour
    Used 1/4 c. Sunflower seeds (pulsed) in place of flaxmeal
    Upped the ACV to 3 tbsp
    Upped the soda to 1 tsp.
    For oil, I used 1/4 c canola
    tripled the salt

    Baked at 300 degrees for an hour.

    It came out firm, hearty with a nice satisfying mouthfeel due to extra oil content. No tunneling. Will make again and again!

    Thanks for the recipe inspiration!

  118. Connie says

    Well, if anyone’s interested… I tried the experiment I mentioned above, and it worked beautifully.

    I double the recipe, and started to put it into an 11 x 15 glass casserole, but I could see it was going to be spread too thin, so I hurriedly scraped the batter into a 9 x 12 pan. I baked it for 30 minutes, and it came out wonderfully. I cut it cake style into 12 squares, and by slicing them in half sideways, the squares are perfect as a bun or ciabatta. Holds together well, doesn’t crumble, nice thickness, and plenty of chewy crust.

    Expensive, to be sure, but if 12 servings can be made from it, it works out to less than a dollar per bun.

    Love to know if anyone tries this!

  119. Connie says

    I have made this bread twice and it is wonnnnnnnnnnnnderful. The biggest threat to me staying on the wagon is bread. I miss the convenience, the taste, the chew…I miss really great, yummy sandwiches, I miss brie and bread…and toast. Warm, buttery toast with my eggs.

    It is the thing that ALWAYS knocks me off the wagon. I’ve had recipes for paleo banana breads, and other sweet, desserty breads, but I needed a good, hearty sandwich bread to keep me on the wagon. After 49 years of a love affair with bread, it’s just too hard to break away from it.

    Suffice to say: I love bread.

    Thank you for this recipe, it is great with pb&j, lunchmeats, brie, and it even toasts up nicely! I am going to try an experiment of doubling the recipe and baking it flat, cake-style, so as to get a larger area of the wonderful crust, and then cut it into large squares and slice it lengthwise, and try it like a ciabatta.

    Love your site, love your recipes, can’t wait to try the Irish Soda Bread in March!


  120. Liz Barrett says

    Hi Elana
    Thank you so much for this recipe. I’ve made this recipe and your simple bread recipe and both came out perfect right from the start. I did follow the recipes EXACTLY, except for the fact that I don’t have a food processor so I had to “pulse” by hand which led me to believe that I had to stir in ingredients in large minimal swoops being careful not to over mix. Wondering if that is what other people had done when they’ve made this recipe without a food processor? As I said, it came out perfectly. just wondering if I was just lucky.

  121. Catherine L. says

    Thank you for this great recipe!
    As almonds are banned from my son’s school (allergies), I replaced almond flour with sunflower flour (sunflower seeds I grinded). I must say I really like the result! It tastes good, especially when toasted…
    I also used only four eggs and added one banana… a personal touch :-)

  122. AJ says

    This came out better than I expected it to actually. I did not have coconut flour so I added an extra 1/4c of almond meal. It was a tad bland but other than that a nice bread. I think the coconut flour would add to its flavor and sweetness. I will try again and add a banana just to give it a little more flavor. the pan I used was a regular loaf pan and it was a bit thin but otherwise a nice bread. My daughter enjoyed with peanutbutter and banana mashed together and I had it with her egg salad.

    I entered the ingredients I used into MyFitnessPal recipe for nutritional information. Different brands may yield different results. I also cut this loaf into 20 thin slices.

    Ingredient Cals carbs fat salt fiber sugar
    Bob’s Red Mill – Almond Meal/flour, 2.25 cup 1,440 54 126 0 27 9
    Flax Usa – Golden Flaxmeal, 4 TBS 140 10 10 10 8 0
    Celtic Sea Salt – Salt, 1/4 Tsp / 1.5g 0 0 0 540 0 0
    Baking soda, 0.5 tsp 0 0 0 629 0 0
    Aldi – Large Egg, 5 egg 350 0 25 350 0 0
    Betterbody Organic Coconut Extra Virgin Oil, 1T 120 0 14 0 0 0
    Aldi – Berry Hill Clover Honey, 1 Tbsp 60 17 0 0 0 17
    Braggs – Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, 1T 0 0 0 0 0 0

    Total: 2,110 81 175 1,529 35 26
    Per Serving: 117 5 10 85 2 1

  123. Linda says

    I’ve made this tasty and healthy bread 3 times and am just unable to get the middle to get done.
    I love the ingredients, which are healthy ( unlike most GF breads) as well as low glycemic. It tastes great. It is a bit expensive to keep baking as an unsuccessful trial. So– your help would be most welcome!

    • Robin says

      I need help too!!! I can’t get mine to rise or get the middle done. I agree, the taste is there…just not the rest. And I also can’t keep wasting ingredients…too expensive.
      I went through ALL of the posts, and took others advice. Here’s what I did…
      The exact recipe, except for 4 eggs instead of 5 (to reduce the ‘eggy taste’), and I used 1 tablespoon of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of vinegar (equal parts, per another post). That’s it!
      As for the mixing…I mixed the dry ingredients in one bowl, then separated the egg yolks and whites, in bowls. I whipped the whites until they were thick. I added the yolks to the whites, and added the honey and oil. I mixed that up. I added the wet to the dry and mixed. It was really thick. Then I combined the baking soda and vinegar, mixing them. I added them to the whole mix and slightly stirred.
      I put it in a pan right away and into the pre-heated oven.

      My bread didn’t rise a bit! Nothing! Any help would be appreciated!!!

      • jessica says

        What size loaf pan did you use? The smaller size recommended in the recipe? Or a regular size loaf pan (which is larger)?

        • Robin says

          I couldn’t find the smaller size (too impatient to wait for Amazon, lol), so I used a normal size bread pan (I think 9 x 5).

          I know that would account for some size difference, but what I don’t understand is how that would affect the rise completely. It seems to me that if something was going to rise, it would rise in whatever kind of pan you put it in…
          like a cupcake. Most things will have SOME kind of rise, IF they are going to rise at all.

          This is what doesn’t make sense to me. Mine didn’t rise a bit! Nothing at all!

          Am I wrong??? Thanks :)

          • Verity says

            You should add the baking soda to the dry ingredients at the start, and the vinegar to the wet ingredients, and otherwise do everything the way you described, rather than trying to combine them at the end. The reaction is quite immediate, so you want it evenly distributed through your mixture from the start.

  124. Kristin says

    My daughter along with needing to be gluten-free, dairy-free and yeast-free must also be egg-free. Do you have a recommendation for egg placement in your bread recipes?

  125. Amy says

    I was wondering if this recipe would work if you substituted the eggs with flax? I have to cook egg free for my daughter and have been unable to find a bread recipe yet due to all of her other allergies.
    Please help!

  126. Yen-Ning says

    Baked one loaf the other way. Simply delicious. We made ham and cheese sandwich with it. Thank you, Elana. The best paleo bread I’ve tried ever.

  127. Nyeca Chino says

    What is the nutrition information for this recipe? I’d like to know the protein, calories, fat, etc that is contained and also how much is one serving?

  128. Babs Wyness says

    Morning Elana, happy New Year to you.

    Can you please advise the difference between almond flour and almond meal for baking cakes? I was advised to use the almond meal instead of the flour to make your yummy sounding carrot the flour might be too heavy… would appreciate your advice :-)

    Your website has wonderful recipes. I am gluten, soy, dairy, yeast and sugar intolerant….I have hashimotos……….boo hoo..which makes my life very difficult when trying out some of the recipes. I also cannot take psyllium….. so I am trying to source other alternatives and I am not familiar with the meal and flour.

    Light and love, Babs

  129. Wendy says

    I tried this bread but it didn’t grow at all and it was very very dense, did I do something wrong? or this is the way it should be? the picture you have here looks very different to what I got.

  130. Jane says

    Hey Elana. Thank you for all the work you put into this recipe. I have been eyeing it for weeks, and finally made it today.
    I would buy Julian Bakery paleo bread before, but it was too expensive, and not that good. Also, there were suspicious reports online about the bread that I could not ignore, so I’m happy to be able to eat paleo bread that I personally know is trustworthy since I made it.

  131. Ellen says

    I had to make some changes. I’m allergic to chicken eggs so I used duck eggs. I don’t use flaxseed; it’s an endocrine disruptor but I had hemp seed powder so I used that. I also have chia seed to grind so I will try that next time. Baking time was 10 minutes longer, maybe because of the duck eggs. Slices beautifully and is delicious! Thank you, Elana, for looking out for us Paleos!

  132. melinda says

    my son is allergic to eggs and vinegar and wheat and rice what do substitute for the eggs and vinegar in this recipe or do you have any recipes that fit his needs?

  133. Valerie says

    Hi Elana,
    I would first like to thank you so very much for your recipes, research and website…I Love them all!! I make your paleo bread every week and have been substituting egg whites for the eggs and I notice that my bread always has a crack in the center. It could be the oven, I’m not sure, but I really like the way it turns out with the egg whites. I make a double batch and bake it in a big bread pan so it is more like a loaf of sandwich bread. Thanks again for all you do

  134. Lawn says

    Love the bread. The only issue i am having is that it doesn’t rise! anyone else have this problem or know why?

    Other than that it tastes delicious :)

  135. Regina says

    Just finished baking this tonight. It’s a little bit on the eggy side for me, so I will follow other comments and use half egg whites beaten until fluffy next time. I didn’t have flax meal so used 1/4 C more coconut flour. It’s really light and has great coconut flavor, which is my preference. My 4-yr old son liked it! I am so happy about that. I topped it with some strawberry preserves and he is enjoying it with a cup of warm milk. I did have a little tunnel of under-doneness on top, but I moved the oven rack to the top and popped it under the broiler for 3 minutes which seemed to solve the problem. Overall – I am surprised that the texture is closer to white bread than I had expected. I am just REALLY happy to have some bread after my first month on Paleo and feel absolutely NOT GUILTY! YAYYY!

  136. Gale says

    I love this bread, and so do my German, bread-loving children! Hearty, rich German bread is the best in the world so that’s no small praise. I have a regular glass loaf pan, and adapt the recipe to make a full-size loaf. I add 1 extra egg (very large) and increase other ingredients 25%. Baking time is usually 5-10 minutes longer, although I reduce the temperature to 325 after it begins to brown to compensate for the glass pan. Topped with butter or pumpkin seed butter, this is my 3-year-old son’s favorite “treat” ever!

  137. says

    Hi, Elana. Just wanted to let you know that I love this bread recipe. I make it all the time. Not long ago, I had an epic fail because I forgot to let my ingredients come to room temperature. I had quite an issue with tunneling. The bread was unusable for slicing, but I decided to cube it and dry it in the oven so I’d have some gluten-free bread for stuffing. I used it to convert my treasured cornbread stuffing recipe to a gluten-free version, and it turned out great. My recipe will be featured on my blog(, with a link to your bread recipe, on Monday, Nov. 18th. Thanks for all you do.

  138. Laura says

    I make this bread all the time, with butter instead of coconut oil and no honey, as I don’t think it is necessary. It comes out great every time and it’s very easy to throw together.

    Today I accidentally used besan (chickpea or garbanzo flour) and again, it came out great. I had forgotten that the almond flour was in the fridge and not the cabinet. I was wondering what was going on when the dough was much more sticky, was slightly darker, and smelled differently. I realized my mistake, cooked it anyway, and now have an acceptable substitute for almond flour. I think I like the almond better, but will enjoy this loaf anyway.

  139. indea says

    This bread would help me a great deal if I was not allergic for tree nuts.
    Is it possible to substitute the almond flour with another flour?
    Looking forward to you answer.

  140. Carolyn says

    I recently discovered that I’m allergic to egg yolks. Egg whites are okay though. Can you recommend an adjustment to your recipe that would make it possible to use egg whites? Thanks so much.

    • Gale says

      Elana doesn’t offer substitutions (read above,), but a little extra oil is usually fine along with egg whites to adjust a recipe. The yolks are what contain the fat in eggs.

  141. Eva Clary says

    Thank you for sharing such fine recipes. They feel like even I can have success with them.
    Is there any way to get the “nutrient” info? Since starting a modified version of Paleo, counting carbs,fat,protein,calories is very helpful for me as I retrain my diet.
    Thanks again, Eva

  142. JCM1953 says

    Wow, looks great and no “exotic” ingredients like xanthan gum or inulose or anything to buy that you have to order online! THANK YOU! I love stuff made with real whole ingredients.

  143. Teri says

    I only have a few small silicon loaf bakers to put the dough in and I’m hoping that will work. Please let me know if i should modify my recipe.

  144. Leah says

    maybe i missed something, but my batter came out really grainy and totally didn’t seem wet enough to be batter. i put it in the bread pan and into the oven, and sure enough, it didn’t come out right at all. i am usually pretty good at baking and cooking so this is a mystery to me! thoughts?

    • Gale says

      If you measured correctly, it’s possible that your eggs are smaller than the ones Elana used. My eggs are very large, and the batter comes out perfectly every time. Too bad more recipes don’t use weights or measures for eggs (beaten to make it easy to adjust quantity) to ensure consistent results! Eggs can vary widely in size. 5 jumbo size can easily be 7 smaller eggs.

  145. Denice says

    I made the bread with one exception, did not use flaxmeal because I am on SCD not Paleo. It turned good but was small because I did not have the right size pan. I liked the flavor and texture. It makes a great sandwich bread.

    Today I changed the recipe hoping it would work in my “normal” size bread pan. It turned out great. Here are the measurements I used:

    3 cups blanched almond flour
    3 Tbsp coconut flour
    1/2 tsp celtic sea salt
    1 tsp baking soda
    7 eggs
    2 Tbsp coconut oil
    2 Tbsp honey
    2 Tbsp apple cider vinegar

    I cooked it at 325f for 50-55 minutes.

    As I am new to this diet, it is good to find the people who take the time to test and create good recipes for those of us on special diets. Thank you so much.

  146. Audery Rosenberg says


    My boss loved this recipe, so I looked it up. I have been gluten free for about 9 months and still trying to find good substitutes for the food I loved.

    I have been part of a League and have had many bake sales, When you mentioned “tunneling” I encountered this with other recipe’s and it is usually due to “old” baking powder, the kind that has been in the cupboard for so long you can’t remember when it was bought.
    I am wondering if this might be the problem vs. such slight variations.
    As I remember my grandmother never used any measurements and just threw things together and it was always wonderful. The only thing I might try would be egg whites or just a few yolks, for high cholesterol individuals.

    Thank you for all your efforts and exploration of the different flours and meals.

    Audrey Rosenberg

  147. Keith Hawkins says

    I have a problem, Im hoping someone here can help me with! I have a wheat allergy, very lactose intolerant, allergic to chick peas, and also sensitive to most other grains (rice flour is one the safe ones). I really thought the paleo diet would be able to help me, but Ive bought a cookbook, and look on various sites and most of the recipes call for coconut flour, coconut oil, coconut aminos, coconut crystals, or coconut milk; and I have a bad intolerance to coconut! Its not an allergy, but it will make me very uncomfortable for at least a cpl hours! I saw one question that was brought up, that said that almond flour and coconut flour are used for different reasons and connot be interchanged, so is there anything out there that can be used in replace of coconut oil, coconut flour, coconut aminos, and coconut crystals that will still make the recipes come out good?
    Hopefully someone in this community can help me!
    Thanks for listening

    • Gale says

      Hi Keith, hope I can help a little. Coconut flour is very dry and absorbs a LOT of moisture so it is most difficult to replace in recipes. I have had success increasing other flours and/or reducing liquid. Coconut oil can be replaced with ghee or olive oil, but the taste will change a bit. I use date sugar or honey (again, adjust liquid) in some recipes. It might just be easier for you to do a web search for coconut-free recipes!

  148. dawn says

    I made this bread and it smell like ammonia. Is it still safe to eat. Do you know what caused this reaction. I did a bit of research on the internet and others have had this ammonia problem.

  149. Sandraben says

    This was delicious! I cooked it in a glass pan. Because of the size of my pan it did not come out as high as in the picture. It totally didn’t matter. Also when I took it out of the oven after 30 minutes the middle still seemed raw after testing it with a knife. I popped it back in the oven for about eight minutes. The bread reminds me of bran muffins, just in bread form. Even my four-year-old loves it! I highly recommend it because of the taste and how quick and easy it was to make.

  150. says

    thanks for this! it is a huge hit with all I shared it with. I describe it as healthy french toast like consistency, a single slice of which keeps you as full for hours as an (animal) protein breakfast would!

    due to a weirdness with my webpage syncing app, I ended up following the original recipe and it worked out perfectly for me. (Brooklyn, NY, for those interested in altitude)

    re almond flour & coconut oil, any health food store staff would be super helpful in pointing you to the right ones, especially when you tell them you’ll baking. he showed me unbleached almond flour and coconut flour (Bob’s Red Mill is all over NYC, at least, and you can get it online their products are consistently great, IMHO)

    and the coconut oil that is in a jar that looks like a PB jar and has a creamy solid-looking consistency is the one I used. (it smells divine!)

    yes, these ingredients were a bit spendy, but I made two loaves (in a regular sized pyrex loaf pan, which worked fine for me) and they were devoured by friends and colleagues (and me!) so quickly I’ll make again soon!

  151. Christine says

    Hi, I/m new to this site.
    What am I doing wrong with the Paleo bread? I have just mixed it in my bowl and it was solid, I was simply not able to pour it! I added a little extra of the wet ingredients, still not enough, so added some almond milk. I still had to spoon it out. Goodness knows what it’s going to look like :(

  152. Beth says

    I was wondering if any of your recipes could be made using a bread maker. Would you be kind enough to email me your response? Your recipes look delicious!

    Thank you

  153. Wally says

    hello, I am starting to plan my paleo meals, where I live I cant find Coconut flour. Is this highly necesary? what can I substitute with?

    Thank you very much.

  154. Michelle says

    I live in COLO and wonder if her bread recipes need to be adjusted for altitude? I can’t find on this site that state she lives in.

  155. Susan Yarligan says

    My loaf got green twice, had to throw all away…First I used flax seed flour, second I didn’t use thinking that was the culprit, but second also turned green and bitter.

    I’m thinking it has to be something with the beach in the almond meal and the metal tin that is reacting to it…because the green comes from the bottom to up, with the top not green but still bitter…

    Maybe will try with silicone tin to see if gets better.

  156. Susan says

    Thank you for all your wonderful recipes. I am on a strict Paleo diet for medical reasons, and your site is truly a lifesaver. I am allergic to flax, so I substituted chia seed in this recipe. The bread turned out, but it was a little dense. Do you think it would work to just omit the flax?

    Thanks again for your beautiful ideas.

  157. estkim says

    Hi elena!

    I just tried this recipe and it was a little on the crumbly side. I was trying the bread and it occurred to me that the recipe doesn’t specifically state whether you should use ground flax or whole flax so I thought maybe that’s where I made a mistake? Please let me know, thanks!


    • Regina says

      I just used a 9 x 5 pan and did not change the recipe proportions at all. Since this is the only loaf pan I have, instead, I pushed the dough against one side of the pan and formed a small loaf that is closer to the 7.5 x 3.5 pan size that Elana says to use. The dough was sticky enough to hold together fine and did not collapse or spread out during baking. It’s not the most beautiful creation, but it’s proportioned OK and tastes fine. I say – make it work with what you have and you’ll be alright.

  158. says

    I just made this yummy recipe of yours and its great. Instead of almond flour I used almond meal. Also used 4 eggs instead of 5 because mine were soooooooo large and instead of a food processor I just used a bowl and a wooden spoon. Mine is probably not at fluffy as yours because of the changes but still quite delicious. Great recipe

  159. Tamara says

    Hi, just wondering if there is an alternative to the Almond flour and if even more possible, one that is not high carb?


  160. says

    I love ur breads especialty the Chico zucchini
    My problem is my breads come out so dry & crumbly that u can’t make a sand which or pick up & eat with hands, must use spoon. Any idea what I’ve done wrong.
    Thx for all u do

  161. Kathy S says

    Elana, Thanks for putting a picture of the recipe at the top of the printer friendly page. I’m a very visual person and like to have pictures!

  162. Kerry says

    will try your recipe. I make one with a cup of mashed sweet potato, coconut flour, eggs, baking soda, salt, milk (I use oat milk) I also added done herbs and olive oil

  163. says

    I love the Paleo lifestyle and I’m so glad I found this site! I can’t wait to try some of these recipes. I have been searching for some better alternatives to use in place of the bread I have been avoiding. Paleo bread seems like it will be a winner. :)

  164. Nikko says

    I made this for the very first time and it came out fantastic!!!

    It was made with almond meal and I left out the flax meal, the only container I had close to that size was a 8.5 x 4.5 pyrex dish. Thank you for this very tasty recipe, it was delish right out of the oven topped with some grass fed butter.

  165. says

    I love Elana’s Pantry and so far every recipe of Elana’s that I have tried has been SOLID. This was the only recipe I had to tweak a bit because I found the recipe FAR too eggy tasting. For those of you who experienced the same thing, here are my modifications. I hope they help you!

    2 cups blanched almond flour + 2 T.
    2 tablespoons coconut flour
    ¼ cup golden flaxmeal
    ¼ teaspoon celtic sea salt (I used 1/2 tsp.)
    ½ teaspoon baking soda
    3 eggs
    2 T. coconut oil
    1 T. honey
    1 T. apple cider vinegar

    And Elana, if you read this, I love your blog and your amazing recipes–I just wanted to share my tweaks with others who found the bread a little too eggy tasting, like I did :)

  166. Jenny says

    Tonight, I tried using this differently…I coated all natural hot dogs with it and made “corn dogs”. I was able to cover 7 easily with a full recipe, minus 1 egg so it would be stiffer dough, and laid them on a Silpat covered cookie sheet. I started at 400 degrees to make sure they browned, but I ended up turning it down to 350 for about 25 minutes. They were great. Thanks again for the recipe and hard work.

  167. says

    Hi Elana,

    Love your bread and don’t care to change a thing!

    I am curious how long it holds/is good for and the best way to store it? Mine tastes/smells funny after a few days. Can’t seem to find an answer anywhere..Thanks!


    • QueenJellyBean says

      Hi Mindy – same here. But I did read in a comment about 1 or 2 years ago the same thing. From what I remember from those comments, others said the type of food we make from Elana’s baked recipes are just not designed to sit for more than 2 – 3 days. Other commenters chimed in and said their family eats up everything they bake, so nothing sits long enough to get the 3-day-old smell.
      – on the practical side, I put my Paleo Bread in the fridge, covered, right away. I also plastic wrap and freeze whatever portion I’m not going to eat within 3 days, which is usually little to none. Really this bread is a pleasure when its fresh. I just make it as often as I can in the mornings.

      • Rosa says

        Hello QueenJellyBean!

        Your comment is very helpful! May I ask, how is the taste or texture of the bread after it has been frozen? Do you have to thaw it ahead of time to use it? Often I take slice of frozen bread and put it straight into a toaster, unthawed. It usually turns out fine this way for me, and this way I also never let bread go bad. Thank you for any input!

  168. Jess says

    Hi, just wondering if anyone had any idea if this will turn out ok without the honey? Would love to make it I am Gluten Intolerant and recently giving Paleo a go, but my mum is FODMAP so can’t have the honey and I’d love for her to be able to have it too. Maybe double the coconut oil? Any help would be appreciated :)

  169. Babs says

    I just made this recipe a couple days ago and it turned out great! But, I feel like it’s on the sweeter side, which would be perfect with PB&J or nut butter, or honey or something like that (which I haven’t tried yet, but I will soon with the slices in my freezer, yum!).

    However, I used it for a meat/cheese/mustard type of sandwich (to pack in my work lunch), and I thought the taste didn’t really go well together because of the sweetness of the bread. Any suggestions for a more savory loaf? Could I leave out the honey? And would it help to leave out the coconut flour as well? Thanks! :)

  170. Irene B. says

    I have been so longing for something that tasted like bread since starting Paleo a half a year ago. This answered the missing part of my boring breakfast! I will also take a small sliver at night as a treat!

    For those who were considering ordering Paleo bread from the Julian Bakery online, just a word of caution: beware! The bad reviews are really true, and I’m not one who usually does any online reviews. I have ordered both the almond and the coconut breads for awhile. I am not sure what to make of the taste of them, but the almond is definitely a no-go for me. The coconut was palatable, if you chug down some liquid with it and pretend you’re not about to choke! It’s gagging, tasteless, and soggy-at-times bread, but I guess I was desperate for a slice, truly desperate to think it was edible.

    The last order, 2 weeks ago, nipped it for me forever. Not only did they lie about the shipping date, but the loaves arrived 12 days later than their process date, which was supposedly 2 days delivery, but it was all molded. A total waste of $35 for 3 breads.

    Thank you so much for all your effort on this site. Great recipes and information! Very much appreciated by me!

    • Irene B. says

      Oh, and by the way, I made the original recipe by mistake and it’s been wonderful! I have varied it to use 1C of almond flour, and the rest is coconut flour, and I accidentally left out the sea salt the first time, and it was great regardless! I hate salt anyways, but so far the original recipe works fine, and no tunnels in the middle. I did use the correct size pan as recommended, but I lined it.

  171. Stacey says

    This bread is AWESOME. Thank you so much for this recipe. It is completely delicious with a little cream cheese and jam on top.

  172. Leah says

    I have made the new recipe many times and it is really delicious. By mistake I used regular almond flour and the bread came out just as tasty as if I had used blanched almond flour. Also, coconut flour is not available where I live, so I substituted the same amount of unsweetened shredded coconut, and 1/4 cup oil for the coconut oil, since my friends said the bread had too much of a coconut flavor. The substitutions worked just fine and the bread was delicious!!! Maybe it would be even more delicious if I followed your recipe exactly, but even my son, who usually does not like “healthy” food, told me it was really good, and keeps helping himself to more slices everythime I make it.
    Thanx for your exciting recipes. I have used many of them and always have enjoyed the results.

  173. says

    Hi Elena,
    Any chance there might be anything I could substitute for the eggs? I’ve only on day four of having to work on eliminating wheat/dairy/surgar and am searching for recipes – I never knew unti now the hard work all this really entails!

  174. Penny says

    Pros – I basically threw this together while two toddlers screamed for my attention (I have no idea what got into them today). My almond flour was clumpy and I didn’t know how to fix it (first time baking with it), I don’t have a mixer so I used a whisk, and I forgot the ground flax until after it was in the pan and had to take the batter out and add it. Yet it turned out. And it tastes great, and it slices! I used the 4 eggs, 1 tsp baking soda and 35 min comment as a guide.

    Cons – I ended up with a flat loaf that yielded 6 slices. At approximately 313 calories per slice and $11 per loaf, this will definitely not be a staple at my house. I think that I would like to try baking it as buns with the remaining flour.

    • Susan J says

      Try rubbing your almond flour through a wire strainer if its is clumpy. When I freeze mine, I often have to do that after thawing.

      Your loaf was likely flat because of stirring in the flax after it was mixed. Those bubbles that form with soda and ACV are fragile, so after mixing, the loaf needs to go in to the oven right away, undisturbed. Any additional mixing once they start forming will literally burst your bubbles… ;-)

  175. Katy says

    I have a bread maker my kids gave me for Xmas and would love to use it…Can the Paleo Bread be made in one? If so, what are the instructions for that?

  176. Abby says

    I made the amended version, further substituting organic coconut sugar for the honey, and it is excellent! I made mine in a standard loaf pan in a convection oven and it reduced the baking time to 20 minutes. This is my first foray into paleo/anti-candida eating, and I’m excited at how tasty and satisfying this bread is. It is moist, dense and flavorful with a great texture. So glad I found your website!

  177. Rachel says

    Bread is amazing! So excited to use it for almond butter French toast in the morning!
    Does the bread need to be stored in fridge or on counter?

    • Katy says

      Hi…I assume since this is fresh bread and not loaded with chemicals that would keep it from spoiling that it would need to be refrigerated.

  178. Elizabeth says

    Hello, I was wondering if I could use ground flaxseed meal in placement of the Flaxmeal?
    will it be the same measurements?

  179. Dawn says

    What can I substitute for the apple cider vinegar? I have a sulfite sensitivity and all vinegar that I have tried has effected me in some way… I just want yummy bread again! Thanks!

  180. says

    Thank’s a lot for this recipe, I realized that I was gluten intolerant (and grain) a week a go and have not been able to eat bread for breakfast.

    I did my OWN version right from the start:

    Exact same recipe BUT I switched flaxseed for hempseed!
    Super delicious, more omega3 and protein and it was still perfectly firm.

    (First time I made my own bread)

  181. Marianne says

    Hi! I feel kind of silly, since everybody else seems to be enjoying this bread but for me.. well – I managed to make a mess out of it. How come my bread turned out a pile of dry flour? I double-checked the recipe to see if I missed something, but I followed the recipe exactly. Can you think of something I could have done wrong? I would really love to make this bread! Thanks =)

  182. Lindsay says

    I bake this bread every Saturday night so my hubs and I can have it for breakfast on Sunday mornings. I’ve started adding to it some cinnamon, nutmeg, an extra egg, and whatever fruit and nuts we have on hand (this week, I threw about a cup of fig purée into the batter and baked it for an additional 10 minutes; next week, walnuts and raisins).

    Thanks so much for the recipe. :) It’s become the highlight of our weekend routine.

  183. Reyna says

    Hi, i love your blog and recipes! Just starting in Paleo with no grains and sugar at all for a month(being a Celiac for year and a half). I did the recipe with no Flax seeds just replace it using more coconut flour and used applesauce instead honey. The result look very different from your picture and has a strong egg flavor. I am thinking using jam instead applesauce next time and using more almond flour than coconut, any advices? Thanks!

  184. says

    This is great paleo bread! I’ve tried other recipes which produced a heavy, dense product, but this recipe reminds me of a nice whole wheat consistency. It’s a great option for those of us who don’t eat wheat!

  185. Jenny says

    Just made this, thank you for the recipe! My loaf pans were too wide so I used 6 Texas size muffin tins and they came out great. I used maple syrup instead of honey because, well, I live in Vermont and my husband sugars. I am fairly new to Paleo and I’ve been an avid baker for decades-I miss baking! I will experiment with this recipe for sure, using it as a base. The first thing I am imagining is lemon poppy seed and baking them in mini muffin tins. Or baking in a cast iron skillet in the oven like corn bread. And maybe a morning glory version. Oooh my world just opened up.

  186. Sam says

    Can I make this without the flax? ): I don’t eat flax. Will it work if I leave it out? If not can I substitute something?

  187. Lisa Belknap says

    I dusted the top of the bread with butter and garlic…delish!! So nice to have garlic bread I can eat!!!

  188. Adria says

    Worried, before I made this recipe I calculated the calories. Because just because something is healthy doesn’t mean you can eat as much as you want! I have an 8×4 inch loaf pan that it is baking in. 1/2 inch slices for an 8 inch pan are 134 calories per slice. Can’t wait to taste it when it’s done. I hope those slices are filling because I have a feeling they will be small.

    • Queen Jelly Bean says

      Hi Adria, I also struggle with fitting baked almond flour goods into a low cal lifestyle.
      — TIP: if you use Daily Burn Tracker online (free) to track your calories, search for “Elana” and you’ll find a few of us already calculated the nutrition data (including cals/fat/carbs).

      — HOW I WORK IT: I am 10 years into maintaining my 35 lb weight loss, and it continues to be a conscious effort. Right now the best way I am able to include Elana’s recipes into my post-weight-loss and weight-maintenance life is by following the gaps diet, which includes hearty soups as the basis for eating, filled in by some nut baked goods. Enjoy!

  189. LNdA says

    I made the bread with double the salt and substituted toasted walnut oil for the coconut oil. I added a handful of toasted chopped walnuts and omitted the honey. I wanted a more bread taste and no sweetness. Came out tasty and super easy. Great snack.

    I only wish the recipe was in grams. It makes all the difference for accuracy. Peter Reinhart’s books made me switch to grams and now I convert all my favorite recipes to grams.

  190. Lisa Millettt says

    Hi I have only just discovered your website. It is amazing. Thank you so much. I wanted to ask if almond flour is different to ground almonds. I live in the UK.


  191. Amy says

    I just made this recipe, my sister is the paleo eater and she loved it. I separated the whites and yokes. I only added 3 yokes and whipped the whites to soft peaks and folded them in to the batter. I added 3 ripe bananas as well. It turned out great, very light and not eggy at all. It had the exact texture of regular banana bread.

  192. Shannon says

    I am curious to know your thoughts on cooking with almond flour? I understand that it can have a number of drawbacks nutritionally?

  193. Kitti says

    This bread is the tastiest Paleo recipe I’ve tasted! Even my fellow finicky friend ask me to bake her a loaf! She couldn’t stop raving about it! No problem with the baking. Came out perfectly DELICIOUS!!!!!

  194. Kim says

    Made this bread yesterday. The taste was great but more like cake (banana bread consistency) than a sandwich bread. I only had a 9 x 3.5 pan and adjusted ingredients to make up the difference. I will continue to use this recipe but any suggestions on a sandwich bread?

  195. Sarah says

    The most updated recipe worked perfectly! I used every ingredient and the amount called for with the Magic Line loaf pan. The one and only thing I did differently was I needed to add 10 extra minutes of baking checking the bread with a toothpick every 5 minutes after initially checking at 30 min. I live in western Mass and the weather was humid and hot when I made this, maybe that has something to do it.

  196. Melissa says

    This bread was so great, thank you so much! I followed the original recipe and it was perfect!
    I can’t wait for your book to come out.

  197. says

    OMG thank you I was doing the Paleo Diet this month and was REALLY craving bread and this recipe is so good.

    I am going to try to make the muffins and pancakes which are similar. I didn’t have coconut oil and used olive the first time I made this it worked… not sure what the difference would have been.

    Also I used just the egg whites on the bread but whipped them really good like making meringue and it was a little fluffier, I am going to try that on these too:

    • 3 large eggs
    • 1 tablespoon water
    • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
    • 2 tablespoons agave nectar or honey
    • 1 ½ cups blanched almond flour
    • ¼ teaspoon sea salt
    • ¼ teaspoon baking soda grapeseed oil , for cooking (or for Paleo use coconut oil, or olive)
    1. In a large bowl whisk together eggs, water, vanilla and agave
    2. Add almond flour, salt and baking soda and mix until thoroughly combined
    3. Heat oil on skillet over medium low to medium heat
    4. Scoop 1 heaping tablespoon of batter at a time onto the skillet
    5. Pancakes will form little bubbles, when bubbles open, flip pancakes over and cook other side
    6. Remove from heat to a plate


    • 4 ounces blanched almond flour (about 1 cup)
    • 4 ounces eggs (about 2 large eggs)
    • 1 ounce agave nectar or honey (around 1 tablespoon)
    • ¼ teaspoon baking soda
    • ½ teaspoon apple cider vinegar
    1. In a medium bowl, combine almond flour and baking soda
    2. In a large bowl combine eggs, agave and vinegar
    3. Stir dry ingredients into wet, mixing until combined
    4. Scoop about ¼ cup of batter at a time into a paper lined muffin pan
    5. Bake at 350° for 15 minutes, until slightly browned around the edges
    6. Cool in the pan for ½ hour

  198. Shirley says

    I really want to try this, but I do not have a food processor. Could I still make by hand or an electric mixer?

  199. Emma says

    I like how you mentioned it’s hard work, you’ve tried baking it in different ways…poor you! all these questions can be too much.I’ve tried few of your recipe and I love each and every one of them.good job I admire you :-) next, it’s hard cooking wheat free but I’m trying my best for the health of my family.

  200. says

    Love love love this bread! I am a nutrition coach for many mamas with food allergies so I’m going to try to swap the almond flour with sunflower seed flour. I’ll let you know how it goes. Yum!

  201. Megan (New Zealand) says

    Hi, please could you post this recipe using the exact weights of the ingredients rather then cups/teaspoons etc. (ie: 150gms, 10gms etc).
    Some cups are 225ml and some are 250ml.
    I’ve found with different recipes where people are having varying results its usually down to how individuals measure things.
    If you have the weights then its exact every time.
    Many thanks :-)

  202. Rachel Kennedy says

    I live in Denver and must account for the high altitude when baking. How should I account for this with the Paleo Bread recipe? Thanks in advance!

    • Jessica says

      I don’t think you’ll need anything different for high altitude since Elana lives in Boulder.

      • Tonya says

        I’ve made this bread at least 50 times and have never use a food processor until today. I’ve also never had the “tunnel” until today. I’ll not be using the food processor again and will go back to mixing it by hand with a whisk. It’s always turned out perfect that way. :)

  203. Ariel says

    I just made this bread and it came out great although I did adjust a few ingredients. I made this bread with four eggs(1 less than called for). Also I whipped the egg whites separately until they formed peaks(in order to make the bread less dense). Lastly, I added two tablespoons of applesauce to make up for the missing egg. This bread did take 45 minutes to bake, but I lowered the temperature to 245 because the outside was cooking faster than the inside. In the end this bread came out delicious and I enjoyed it with jam and honey, happy baking.

  204. Rachel says

    I see a lot of Paleo recipes that suggest mixing things with a food processor or blender instead of using a hand mixer or just a plain ol’ fork. What is the rationale behind this? My Cuisinart is great for certain things but is too cumbersome and difficult to clean for a quick and easy recipe like the ones on your site.

  205. Diane says

    I made this bread with the ingredients I had on hand. I had almond meal from Trader Joes and Flax Seed (not golden). It came out gread! It’s darker and denser than the picture, but it’s still good! Thanks for sharing all of your recipes.

  206. Deena says

    This bread is by far the best recipe out there! I made this & then out of curiosity tried about 4 others from different sites. Nothing compares! Love this site I cook something from it at least 3 to 4 times a week & has been an anchor for me on my new Paleo journey…… So thanks for be a great cook & sharing your awesomeness with the rest of us :)

  207. samantha says

    this recipe is amazing < i have tried it before and it was always gooy in the middle, and kinda flat so today i added 1 tsp of baking soda and used maple syrup because my child is allergic to honey . and cooked it at 350 for 30 mins and 300 for 30 mins and it was like a real loaf of bread so good thank you

  208. Mazz says

    Do you think if I was to grind flax myself it would have the same consistency as the Golden Flax Meal? I can’t wait to try it out. Where did you get your Golden Flax Meal from? not sure if I’ve seen it in our local coles or woolies, next step will be to try my health food store and the organic co-op.

    I’m looking forward to it. Ps I will be trialling it in my Thermomix… so will have a play with the cups vs grams and see if I can convert it for other Thermomix users ;) Great Anzac Day Bake-up I think

  209. Mazz says

    Do you think if I was to grind flax myself it would have the same consistency as the Golden Flax Meal? I can’t wait to try it out. Where did you get your Golden Flax Meal from? not sure if I’ve seen it in our local coles or woolies, next step will be to try my health food store and the organic co-op.

    I’m looking forward to it. Ps I will be trialling it in my Thermomix… so will have a play with the cups vs grams and see if I can convert it for other Thermomix users ;) Great Anzac Day Bake-up I think

  210. Di says

    Hi Elana Thank so much for such wonderful insite into healthy cooking.
    I just made the bread above and sadly for me LOLOl it was only 2′ high I am wondering if that is because i mixed it in my Mixmaster not a food processor it tastes yummy but I’m not sure why it didn’t rise higher. the batter was very thick when I put it in the loaf tin Oh well I wil have to try it again LOLOl we will eat it fast as it tastes soooo good
    Thanks so much for the amazing sharing f your info and recipes Di

  211. Laurie says

    Cooked this exactly as the recipe stated in the magic pan. The middle would NOT cook through. Anybody know what could have gone wrong? Should I up the temp next time?

  212. Toni says

    I had an awful experience with the recommended Magic Line loaf pan. The uncoated “natural” aluminum this pan is made of can dissolve and leach into food that contains acidic ingredients. I’ve been using anodized aluminum cookware for years to prevent this from happening, and I should have known better, but I ordered the pan from Amazon anyway because I wanted the little square slices.

    The first loaf I baked in it was seriously tainted with dissolved aluminum – not only did it have a STRONG metallic taste, but parts of the loaf turned pale green. Food with aluminum concentrations strong enough to be seen and tasted, are not safe to eat – I tossed out the loaf, along with the pan.

    I’ve left a review about this pan and my experience with it on Amazon’s product page, along with pictures of the toxic green loaf –

    I have replaced this pan with a small food-safe Fat Daddio brand anodized aluminum loaf pan that won’t leach aluminum – no more toxic bread.

  213. says

    Hi Elana! I just found your website and I’m so glad that I did! I’ve been on a GF diet for about a month after having years of terrible GI problems. I can’t remember when I didn’t have GI issues, and have done a number of elimination diets to figure out the problem. I’ve visited a few gastroenterologists and they haven’t identified anything “wrong” with me. I still haven’t pinpointed it, but overall I feel happier knowing that I’ve omitted something that was such a big part of my life before. Your bread recipe was very much needed since I still have an affinity for bread-like (carb-y) foods. The bread is delicious and SO hearty. I was skeptical at first, but it turns out I’m hooked on the stuff! Unfortunately I didn’t have coconut flour, so I ended up using 2 T of GF flour, it still worked! I have a shipment coming soon and can’t wait to try it out with the CF! Thanks again, I look forward to reading more of your posts even though I’m not a paleo nut! ;)

  214. Colie says

    When I made the paleo bread I followed your exact recipe, when it was done cooking I smelled an ammonia smell on the bread, but it did not taste like ammonia. How can I prevent the ammonia smell from occurring when I bake this again?

  215. Joni Kovac says

    I made both the regular recipe for this bread and the modified paleo, and both were raw in the middle. I baked the second loaf for 40 minutes to try to get it to bake through, but it still had some raw portions in the middle. I know it’s not my oven. The portions that were cooked through taste good though.

  216. Jen says

    My son can’t have eggs, so I did MAJOR substitutions, and it still turned out yummy. We usually use flax for eggs, but since this recipe already calls for flax, I used 5 different eggs substitutes: 1/4 coconut yogurt, 1/3 cup applesauce, 1/4 cup vegetable oil (I used olive), 2 heaping tbsp potato starch, 2 heaping tbsp arrowroot powder. Perhaps because we couldn’t use the eggs, there wasn’t a hard crust, but again, it was still yummy. We have to make do in a no egg diet ;). I also didn’t have the correct size loaf pan, so I used two mini loaf pans and baked them for about 25 minutes. Hope someone sees this who has to eat an egg-free diet :).

  217. Stuart Pierce says

    I made version #2 again with a tablespoon of parmesan cheese over the top of the batter — really delightful. I am experimenting with rosemary, thyme, garlic, & basil, but I don’t have the proportions right yet.

  218. Jeannie Weitzel says

    I have made the Paleo bread twice now and after 30 minutes on 350 in the Magic loaf pan, the inside is still gooey. Any suggestions?

    I love at sea level in Maryland. Does this matter?

    I am gettng discouraged.

    PS: I made the banana paleo bread and that turned out perfect.

    • Laurie says

      I had the same problem Jeannie! I was so very upset since I bought the ‘magic’ pan to avoid this problem! The middle would not cook through no matter how long I left it in the oven :(

  219. Amy says

    has anyone tried to put any of these bread recipes into a breadmaker?? I’m curious to hear.
    I’m thinking the loaf size would be possibly odd, since the shape of the pan is unusual in breadmakers.

  220. Toni says

    I made the amended version of this yesterday (in the Parrish pan) and it turned out great. I have an oven thermometer that confirmed the 350-degree oven temperature, but the bread took another ten minutes (40 altogether) in the oven before it toothpick-tested done. Testing for doneness this way is nothing more than I would expect of any kind of baking. The bread tastes wonderful.

    I’m new to the whole GF thing – I don’t have a physical need/condition for eating grain free, but the whole concept of this healthy way of eating intrigues me, so I’m just “testing the waters.” It is very generous that Elana shares her recipes for free so that I can give it a try before jumping in with both feet – and when/if I do, I’ll be buying her recipe books. Great blog.

  221. Louise says

    Was very excited to try this recipe (amended version) because it did not call for rice flour and because it was GF and Paleo. However, after spending the $15.00 + $11.00(s/h) for the pan, and the cost of the ingredients, I am very disappointed. Bread looked good and spelled good until cutting it and found that the center was raw, gooey, and smelled bad. Had to throw it all away.

      • Alena says

        I accidentally forgot mine when my “timer” didn’t remind me. I remembered it and pulled it out after it had been in the oven an extra 13 minutes. It was almost perfect. I also just whisked vigorously as my processor is missing since the last move. I will definitely make it again, but I will likely play with it a bit as I am hoping to find a few versions to make regularly to replace my family’s usual bread. Even our most finicky eater is loving these recipes so far. Thank you!

      • Laurie says

        I just read under the banana paleo bread that someone cooked this paleo bread for 50 min at 325. I will use that temp and time next time I attempt this.

  222. Cynthia says

    I just made this bread and it was AMAZING!! Thank you so much for sharing the love.

    I know Elana cannot respond due to all the awesome comments she gets. Could someone else let me know if I should refrigerate this bread. Thanks!

  223. Leonie says

    I am so addicted to this bread I’ve gone through several loaves since i discovered the recipe a couple of weeks ago. Even got the approval from my boyfriend who eats everything, and I’m not sure he knew how healthy it was. I experimented with using Chia Seed instead of flax because I had some soaking that needed to be used. Follow the recipe the but instead of flax liquefy about 1/4 cup chia seeds (soaked, they doubled in volume) in vitamix and add them to the food processor at the end, it will seem like a lot because they fluff up in the vitamix. Loaf turned out so delicious and moist, with no tunnel action like i had in my previous loaves. Chia has a slightly bitter taste in comparison to nutty flax seeds, so if you don’t like the bitterness you can add more sweetener.

  224. Kathleen says

    I have made both versions of this delicious recipe, and find the “amended version” works best for me. Keep up the good work, Elana. I’m enjoying many of your recipes since discovering I am gluten intolerant. Thanks.

  225. Lorain says

    I don’t know why I hesitated making this, maybe the thought of being disappointed with yet another gluten free bread recipe ?
    Well, let me say that this is very good! Made the recipe, original, with 4 eggs as recommended by another poster and it was perfection. I do have a mild egg allergy so getting rid of one egg was great.
    Bought the smaller pan as recommended in the recipe.
    Can’t stop nibbling!

  226. RaeAnn says

    Has anyone tried to make this bread with a substitute for the eggs? I actually can separate and still use the egg yolk, my son CAN’T have the egg white. He really misses bread and I’d love to provide something for him. He has Crohn’s disease.

    • Kathleen says

      Have you tried Egg Replacer like the kind by “Ener-G”. The back of the box says “No eggs or egg derivatives”. Just mix with water.

  227. RaeAnn says

    Elana, Is there any way to take any of your paleo bread recipes and substitute the eggs whites in them successfully? My son can have yolks, just not whites. He misses bread so much.

  228. Josh H says

    Great recipe! Since it is (apparently) impossible to find the Magic Line pan, and since I didn’t want a flat loaf, I made a few tweaks to create an extra large loaf.
    All ingredients x 1.5 (to make 50% larger) except:
    3/4 c. Flax meal
    2 tsp baking soda
    7 eggs

    Bake at 325 for a little over an hour (1:15 in my convection) until cooked through. This yields a much larger loaf that fit nicely in my standard glass baking dish, and the lower oven temp allowed it to cook through.

  229. Kristin says

    Thank you so much for what you are doing! I’m making my second loaf now and my family enjoyed the first one immensely. I finally was able to enjoy a poached egg on toast again. Your recipes are so easy to follow, and even substitute with. For instance I just finished baking up a ton of your “thin mints”, and was low on Almond Flour, so I just threw in what I had, about a cup, and then added a half a cup of raw Pecans to the food processor and continued as directed on the recipe. It was perfect. So since I love to experiment, I’m making my second loaf with walnuts instead of pecans. It’s rising and looking beautiful. I can’t wait to try it.

  230. Lesley Yates says

    Read reviews of dense or no rise results and decided to try whisking egg whites and yolks separately as one would for a sponge cake. Confess to adding a pinch of cream of tartar to whites, shouldn’t upset the purists, it’s one of the ingredients in baking powder. Then added the wet ingredients to yolk mix before mixing into whites. Gently folded in mixed dry ingredients (I only had whole almond meal so the bread is dark, like whole wheat would look). It turned out perfect, rose to top of pan, slices beautifully , light and delicious. Thanks so much for this recipe, I love it.

  231. Lesley Yates says

    Made this for the first time and after reading all the reviews about dense and not rising, decided to separate egg whites and yolks and whisk first the whites and then the yolks to increase volume, as one would for a sponge cake. Must confess to adding a pinch of cream of tartar to the whites, ( this is one of the ingredients in baking powder so shouldn’t upset the purists). I also only had almond meal ( trader joes) unblanched, and substituted fresh lime juice for the vinegar and used 1tbsp olive oil, didn’t have coconut oil. Once all three bowls were mixed thoroughly (1.whites, 2.yolks plus honey, oil and lime juice, and 3. dry ingredients whizzed tog. In processor,) gently fold all together, yolk mix into whites, then dry mix into egg mix . Put into oiled loaf pan and bake as directed……….it turned out just perfect and delicious……..looks like the picture only much darker because of the almond meal…..more like a whole wheat loaf would look…I am so pleased, the added step is worth the trouble, it rose to the top of the pan and very light and easy to slice.

  232. Mindy says

    Very tasty bread, but the original version also gave me the undercoked center, so I will try the Amended version next. I even bought the magic loaf pan recommended. I think I can still eat this bread if I toast the middle slices, although I kind of like the softer center! :)

    Thanks, Elana!

  233. Barbara Brant says

    I tried this and I really need a smaller loaf pan to get sandwich size results. Waiting for my bread to cool then I’ll try a slice. Thanks for the recipe. I hope I like it as eating paleo can be expensive!

  234. J says

    I was hoping you can tell me why high fat is better than high carb health wise. I am trying to change my lifestyle eating habits and lose weight and would love to know your input in this.

  235. Heather says

    I tried the original recipe today, in the recommended pan and experienced the “tunnel” effect. It seems like it didn’t cook in the center. It has great taste and I will definitely try the amended recipe next.

  236. Stalean says

    I made you Paleo Bread today. It was YUMMY with my grass-fed Beef Vegetable Soup. I didn’t change one thing (except I only had a 8.5×4-inch glass loaf pan–my smallest). It turned out great. It did stick a little on the very center bottom. I think I may have been a little anxious to get it out of the pan, but your suggested pan would be a much better choice.

    I have one question. In your amended recipe, you have only 1/2 teaspoon baking soda listed. Whereas, in the original recipe (with less almond flour) you have 1-1/2 teaspoons. Is this a typo?

    Thanks for this wonderful recipe. I had to stop eating it after three slices or I would have gone over my calorie count for the day!

  237. Lizmarie says

    Hi! My english is not very good, but I want to know if the time for bake the bread is different if I use a muffin pan? Thanks

    • Kristin says

      Yes, if you bake this as muffins you will need to adjust the cooking time. If it’s a regular oven, start checking it around 15 min, if you have a convection oven, start checking them around 12 min. Also the size of your muffin tins will affect the outcome so if yours are smaller, just keep an eye on them and when they smell good and look done, start testing them with a toothpick. If it comes out clean, they are done.

  238. Dacia says

    I’ve made this bread several times now in a traditional loaf pan and it came out great. A little short, but fully cooked and tasty and since i wasn’t using it to make a sandwich I was ok with the short, squatty loaf. The other day i decided to add the magic line loaf pan to my amazon order just to see what was so great about using this kind of pan. I made the recipe (the first one) just as I always have, same ingredients, same proportions, no subs and my bread came out barely cooked. The whole inside was raw. I continued to bake it and continued to bake it…..for another 45 min! and still raw. I pulled off the cooked “sides” and put the raw goopy mess back in the pan for another 30 min. Still raw in the middle. Not sure what’s so “magic” about this pan….???

  239. Nancy says

    Thank you! Made this for the first time tonight and just a taste off my fingers was awesome! Cant wait to have a slice

  240. says

    Today I subbed 1/2 cup of sunflower seed flour for 1/2 cup of the almond flour. I swear this loaf baked up better than my previous ones and the sunflower flour made the loaf turn a great St. Patrick’s green….it did not change the flavor at all and we loved it.

  241. Anna says

    Question. should I melt the coconut oil? I did, but it solidified once it’s mixed in the recipe, how can I stop it doing that? It’s in the oven as I type! Cheers

  242. Stuart Pierce says

    I just made version #2, and it was delicious. My pan was slightly larger, but I kept the 30 minute cooking time. It came out more golden brown on the outside, but it was perfectly moist. This is SO much tastier than store loaves, and I love slicing it thick. I greased my pan with butter and coconut oil and lined it with wax paper on the bottom, and it slipped right out.

  243. Kelsang says

    I just made this and it is d e l i c i o u s
    My bread pan was a little smaller, at about 7.5×3
    When the timer went off at 30 minutes, I poked the bread at top and it sunk in a little so I left in for another 12 minutes.
    After the bread cooled, the ends were fine but a chunk of the middle was uncooked.
    Oh well, I ate the uncooked part because I’m fearless!!!
    Great recipe, will use again and again

  244. says


    I love the fact that you’ve created a paleo friendly bread but I’m not loving the fact that you use honey and even worse agave syrup (didn’t think this was paleo?). I have fructose malabsorption even though it’s quite mild, these ingredients set me off big time. Is there any hope that this recipe will still work with maple syrup?


  245. DrD says

    As a follow up to my last- I bought the pan-ccoked the bread over 35 minutes. The first slice was fine, but then I encountered the gooey inside. I put it back in the oven and it is cooked on the outside but not the inside.
    I thought the purpose of the special pan prevents this.
    I even slightly packed down the 2 cups of flour. It is very disappointing to spend the time and money on purchasing this pan, the cost of the almond flour, and then have it turn out this way. It would be beneficial if only those who made the recipe commented on it. Then we can have a better idea of problems.

    • Jeannie Weitzel says

      Did you find a solution for the gooey inside?

      I experienced the same problem. I bought the Magic Pan also. Guess we fell for the ‘magic’ which isn’t.

  246. Harriet says

    Paleo bread. Stacy recommended this bread to me! I’m delighted there is no yeast as I can’t have anything fermented. Do you think I could sub vitamin c powder for the same amount if apple cider vinegar or would that be too much Vit c?
    Thanks for your help.

  247. DrD says

    Bought the 15.00 pan.
    Followed the 2 cup recipe.
    Gooey in the middle and still cooking after 30 minutes.
    Very brown on the outside
    Very disappointing.

  248. Tane' says

    Dear Elena,
    I love the recipe the bread is sooo yummmy thank you so much for such a great recipe, instead of making it in a loaf pan, I made it in a muffin pan for smaller portion and I could freeze the muffins if I wanted to and it would not go to waste.. Thanks and love your webiste..

    Hugs Tane’

  249. Deena says

    This was surprisingly amazing!! I’m wondering could you add any fruits to this for a different variation or will it mess w/ the consistancy?

  250. Vernita says

    I made this today and it is delicious! I doubled the recipe, except: added 1 tsp baking powder instead of doubling the baking soda; only used 1 1/2 tbsp acv; used 7 eggs. I baked the bread in a 9×5 loaf pan at 325F for 55 minutes. It’s a beautiful brown color and is fairly light in texture. Will definitely make this over and over again!

  251. says

    I just made this recipe and it was AMAZING! I used almond meal (because I just made almond milk a few days ago, so the “meal” was what I had left over). It came out so moist, light and fluffy….not dense at all! Do you think it would freeze well? What would happen if I only put 3 eggs in? Have you tried less eggs? Thanks for posting such a great recipe!

  252. Pam O says

    I went on an Atkins diet months ago and have lost 30 lbs. The only things I missed where breads and cookies…then I found your website. I love the breads, they are so good!! I just took a batch of your chocolate chip cookies to work and they are a hit!!! Thanks so much for all your great recipies!!!!

  253. Rebecca says

    Hi everyone, I made this bread and it smelled AMAZING baking, but as soon as I cut into it, I got The Smell. It’s a bit like ammonia, but even more, to me, it smells EXACTLY like Nickelodeon Gak (anyone else remember that from the 90s?). I can sortof taste it as well. It’s quite disappointing after using all the almond flour and eggs, but it’s just not edible to me.

    I used the ingredients exactly as stated in the version-1 recipe, though I did mix it by hand (I added the coconut oil to the dry ingredients, combined thoroughly with a fork, then stirred in the other wet ingredients with a wooden spoon).

  254. Krista says

    Hi, I cant wait to make this bread! I was just wondering if you had the nutrition value of it. How many carbs verses proteins. I am just learning about paleo and have been doing gluten free for a long time and found your recipe and am really looking forward to making it

  255. Julie says

    I can’t eat almonds, walnuts, or peanuts…trying to figure out how to make the delicious sounding paleo foods without using almond flour. Would love ideas! Julie

  256. Donald says


    Does anyone know what I can substitute for the apple cider vinegar? I’d love to try this bread recipe but I can’t have vinegar.

    Thank you!

  257. Liz Jones says

    Help – what have I done wrong?
    Followed this recipe to the letter but it came together in the mixer in one big ball! I added an egg but still too thick.

    I’m in the Uk but use american cup measures – are the tablespoon measures the same?
    so want to get this right – the picture looks delicious. Mmmm

    • Cal says

      I’m in the UK too – my ‘batter’ turned out more like biscuit dough following the recipe so I added an extra egg, it was looser, so I added another (7 eggs in total) – it turned out quite nice, a tiny bit dry maybe. It probably would have been perfect with 8 eggs (I only had 7 to hand). The eggs were on the smaller side of medium in size.

      Hope this helps!

  258. Rebecca Rosenblum says

    This bread is amazingly wonderful! It makes following the Paleo lifestyle doable. My husband said, and I agree, that even if we weren’t eating Paleo we would love this bread! I used the original recipe with no problems. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  259. says

    I made your bread long ago and really liked it but now the other day I couldnt find the recipe so I went online to check it out. But this recipe is not the one I used in the beginning. There was no coconut oil and no coconut flour. I think it was grapeseed oil instead.

    Is that old recipe hidden somewhere?

  260. says

    I tried this bread and it was amazing! I left out the coconut oil because I forgot it, but it tasted just like real bread, but better. Thank you so much.

  261. Connie says

    Love this recipe. It turns out perfect every time. I had some whoopie pie pans left over from my pre-paleo days, and I have been using those to make buns for “sammies.” A small cookie scoop is the perfect tool for this. The whole family has been using my “paleo buns” so that we can take sandwiches for lunch. Thank you, Elana!!

  262. Catherine says

    I made the original version a while back and had the unfortunate “tunneling” effect that other people mentioned. The bread that did bake all the way through was delicious though so I tried again with the modified version. That took about 45 minutes total to bake but was cooked all the way through! And it’s just as delicious as the original! Had a couple slices tonight with some beef stew. Can’t wait to have some for breakfast tomorrow!

  263. Daniel says

    I made this bread, but with some tweaks to fit what I had on hand.

    1. Used dessicated coconut instead of coconut flour
    2. Used white vinegar instead of acv
    3. Used molasses instead of honey
    4. Added 1/4 cup of raisins soaked in grand marinier. Couldn’t resist!

    Just mixed everything by hand in a big bowl bc i don’t have a food processor. I baked it in a loaf pan for just under 40 minutes.

    Result: it looked beautiful. I mean, really pretty. Dark crust and moist, golden crumb. And the smell was intoxicating!

    Tastewise, I love it. It’s got a great bread texture that i miss from not eating bread. Only critique is that it was a little too eggy. Next time i will reduce it by one egg, use maple syrup instead of molasses, and throw in more raisins.

  264. says

    Does anyone know the actual carb count on the Paleo bread? My son is on the ketogenic diet and my husband and I are carb free right now. The bread is amazing, just hope I can eat it ;-).

  265. Nana Daya says

    I bought your cookbook, tried the quiche it was Great!!! My Husband even likes it, and then I tried the Scrumptious Bread recipe…. it turned out so tender!!! Just like real bread!!! Thank You Elana!!

  266. Diana says

    Thank you for the recipe. I don’t use coconut flour or oil because I’m allergic to it. I will sub fava bean flour and use canola or olive oil. Looks very tasty.

  267. Elizabeth says

    Made this bread tonight using the original recipe – really yummy! I used a bowl and fork to mix and had no problems with that and the bread was fluffy. Also didn’t have a tunnel problem. Ready to try another recipe.

    • says

      Yes. It freezes very well. I slice it & put it in sandwich bags. Also if you have problems with the middle being soft, put it back into the oven to finish baking. If the outer crust is hard, I put it in the food processer & make bread crumbs for meat loaf etc. No waste & so good & convenient. Just wanted to share!

  268. says

    I have someone asking about the carb content. Do you have that on hand? I LOVE this bread and so do my kids. Thank you for posting all of these recipes and working on Paleo recipes.

  269. Kim says

    Sounds great. I just wondered if I chose to use just coconut flour and not almond, how much more coconut flour would I use than the original recipe calls for? I know that coconut flour soaks up much more liquid than almond floud so not sure if I would also need to add more liquid and if so what and how much? I’m new to paleo and not much of a cook but I’m trying to change that, esp with this new lifestyle change I’m trying to make. The Paleo bread I can get in stores is just too expensive, so I’m trying to do this on my own to save money. Also I need something like this to use with almond butter as a post-workout snack after hitting the gym. Options for portable protein are really limited, so that would work the best.

  270. Stephanie says

    This recipe is awesome! My husband and I just started the paleo diet and this is so nice to have around when we’re craving “carbs.” You can eat it alone, slab some almond butter and natural jam on it or put turkey between 2 slices. I love it! Thank you!!!!

  271. Tobi says

    Hi! I’ve been looking for a good paleo bread substitute recipe lately and this one looks perfect and then some! I was just wondering if it’s lower in calories than regular bread as I’ve been trying to watch my calorie intake recently and I know almond flour is a little higher than regular flour. Does anyone happen to know what the calorie count is for one loaf? Thanks in advance!

  272. diana says

    Awesome recipe. I didn’t have flax meal so threw in 2 tblsp applesauce & scoop.of chia seed.
    Didn’t have loaf pan so used a muffin tin about 8 muffins 20 min. Thank you

  273. Monica Ryan says


    I really do hope you read this. It may make a difference to some people. I know it makes a huge difference to me. I tried your paleo bread recipe and several other bread recipes on other websites. I kept tasting a bitter undertone in the bread. Every time it would just make me gag. I finally figured it out that it’s the almond flour. It makes sense now, since almonds DO have a bitter aftertaste. But it usually doesn’t matter when using whole or chopped almonds. So I tried your paleo bread recipe by replacing it with cashew flour. I had to make the flour myself in the vitamix blender, but it worked real well. AT LAST, NO BITTER UNDERTONE! I recommend informing people that cashew flour is an alternative. The only problem I have now is that it still doesn’t have that wheat bread taste. I tried increasing the flax seed meal to 1/2 cup and reducing the cashew flour to 1 3/4 cups but the flax seed meal still didn’t shine through. I know flax seed meal has the potential to create the taste. I intend to increase it further in my next attempt. BTW, I’m not worried about the phytoestrogens in flax seed because my naturopathic doctor says it doesn’t act like real estrogen.

  274. Serena says

    I love this recipe and I like to tweak things. I came up with a tweak to make banana bread. Since holiday baking is my weakness and I had an almost suicidal reaction to wheat (I really know I’m allergic now) I wanted some banana bread. I subbed 1 cup of almond flour to walnut flour, omitted the ACV, added sweetener to taste, 1 tsp vanilla, 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice (sugar free) and 1 mashed banana. I LOVE banana so I also added a little banana flavoring. Baked up to a heavenly bread that I can eat without bloating and severe mood reactions!! I LOVE this site for recipes!! My next attempt will be either pumpkin bread or orange cranberry. Makes a great “I NEED SWEET” snack or breakfast as I’m zooming out the door.

  275. says

    Hey! Just put this in the oven and realized in my crazy hurry (baby was waking up) I put in 2x the amt of baking soda. Will this be ok to eat still? Meaning not too much to eat or bad for us?

  276. says

    I’ve been following your blog for a long time, I eat since seven years organic and gluten free (brown rice, millet, buckwheat). I have fibromyalgia and have no sugar, cereals and milk. For a year, I do still suffer from a fungus in my gut, so I want to try the paleo diet, so no more grain! I have some of your recepies tried and what are they delicious, never thought that the bread would be so nice! Even better than brown rice and buckwheat! My English is not so good, but wanted to let you know that I love your recipes and I occasionally make a link on my blog for you!
    Kind regards Ilse from Belgium

  277. Kaley says

    Uhhh, YUM!!! I have been stalking this recipe for a couple weeks.. Finally decided to make it. Didn’t change anything except I used 3 whole eggs and 2 whites (not sure why. Thought I read in here somewhere that egg whites only will make the loaf lighter)… Anyway it’s AWESOME! So very tasty… It turned out better than even any wheat based bread I’ve tried to make in the past. This is a keeper… Especially great with Vermont cultured butter. I cut my loaf into 16 pieces. Easy to cut, way too easy to eat…. Could I add a few ripe bananas, walnuts, and Some spices and make banana bread??? I’m gonna try it!

  278. April says

    I made an amendment yet again to this receipt because I did not have the right size baking bread loaf pan. I used:
    3 C almond flour
    4 T coconut flour
    1/2 C flax seed
    1/2 tsp salt
    3 T baking soda
    7 eggs
    1/4 C coconut oil
    2T Honey
    2 T vinegar

    Mix all ingredients together, put in a regular sized baking bread loaf pan and bake at 350 degree’s for 30-40 min.

  279. Courtney Pack says

    I am new to the Paleo diet and cooking with Almond Flour. I decided to try your Paleo Bread recipe first and it did not turn out the way yours looks in the picture…..instead it was more grainy and extremely dense, did not resemble bread in any way shape or form :-( I did not have coconut flour so that is the only ingredient I left out but I am hoping you can help me find the error in my ways. Please help!

  280. Sophie says

    Hi Elana,

    How long will the original & amended version of this loaf keep if refrigerated?
    Would it also be possible to freeze a loaf for later consumption?
    (Given that you’ve tested it out for yourself) :)

    Kind regards,

    Sophie Hopwood

  281. Emily says

    Anyone tried this recipe (or any baking) with yacon syrup as a sweetener? Sounds great for diabetics except for the cost…

  282. Terri Schelpe says

    Thank you Elana for posting such a delishious bread recipe. I followed the recipe as originally posted, but I didn’t feel there was enough batter, so I made another batch and added it to the first. The only change was I added aprox. 1 tsp. of cream of tartar. I used unpasturized dark honey, but next time I will only use 1 TBS. instead of the 2 for when I double the recipe. I think 1 TBS. will be plenty enough. I also baked the loaf a little longer until it was browned because of it’s thickness. Out of the grain free breads I have experimented with in baking, this one is definately the best. The taste and texture completed my ham and cucumber sandwich.

  283. Janet says

    Absolutely fantastic; the best bread I’ve ever eaten. Thankfully it’s very filling and satifying; otherwise I would eat the whole loaf at once!

    The main change I made was to omit the flax, as it doesn’t agree with me, and I felt wonderful after eating it–no digestive discomforts at all. I also lowered the temperature to 300 degrees F, as I find almond flour browns quite quickly and I like my baked goods barely browned.

    This is also the easiest bread I’ve baked, as the recipe works so well and the food processor method is so quick and easy.


  284. Raj says

    Hi Elana,
    I love your website and just made this bread tis morning. It tastes great, but didn’t come out as smooth looking in texture, like your picture, but that may have been because I used a mixer, instead of a food processor?

    One question: can you toast this bread?

    Thanks again!!

  285. says

    I’ve made this several times already. Love it, especially toasted. I used Bob’s Red Mill Almond Flour every time and it has always worked just fine. I didn’t have golden flax seed meal so I just ground up some regular flax seeds in a spice grinder. I didn’t use a food processor to blend the ingredients, just a bowl and spoon.

  286. says

    Oh. My. I made this yesterday. I am a very good cook but a terrible baker. For me to make a loaf of bread, one with such easy prep, btw, and have it come out this wonderfully good… well, miracles happen. I’ve just devoured 1/3 of the loaf with peanut butter and homemade jam. I so look forward to trying many of your other recipes.


  287. Aryn says

    I am curious if you have any suggestions…. I tried adding one banana to the Paleo recipe and it seemed really brown on the outside and a little undercooked on the top in the middle…maybe there was too much moisture? Thanks!

  288. Bodine says

    My son cannot have wheat, yeast, dairy, or almonds(amongst other things, corn, soy, peanuts….) how can I make these bread recipes? would using cashew flour or any other nut work??

  289. Linda says

    Hello Elena! Happy Monday!
    Need your help in regards to the Paleo Bread my husband fallowed your recipe exactly with the ingredients you recommended purchased the 7.5″ x 3.5″ Magic Line Loaf Pan and baked it at 350° for 30 minutes on the middle rack of the oven!
    It failed both times was nice and golden brown on the top middle was not cooked at all! What are we doing wrong? Would you give us a step by step video please?
    So very excited about your Almond Butter Bars we bake them 3 times a week! So super yummy!
    Thanks for all your hard work and dedication we so appreciate all of your wonderful delicious recipes.
    Sending all our best Michael & Linda!

    • Raewyn says

      Perhaps try buckwheat flour? I have used both coconut flour and buckwheat flour at the same time but have never tried one as a replacement for the other. The coconut flour is what will give its fluffiness. Experiment and see?

  290. Ashley Rae says

    Also, bread WILL rise in whatever size loaf pan you use. Cooking is essentially edible chemistry so the WAY in which you combine ingredients matter most! I used a standard size pan and my bread is 2 &1/2 inches high!!!!

  291. Ashley Rae says

    Hey there! Just made and tried this recipe. It came out marv but with a few reccommended tweakings:

    *Separate egg yolks from whites. First whisk egg whites (or hand mixing) to form a white bubbly consistency .Then add whites to mixturea as ityou aids with arriation of dough.

    *I researched on yeast substitue sites that the apple cider vinegar (you or lemon juice if you prefer )and baking soda ratios MUST be a proportional 1:1 . (Ex: 1 tablespoon of each). Also when you add all the dough ingredients together, omit Applecider vinegar and baking soda untill your ready to pop dough in pan into the oven. (Whisking the vinegar and baking soda together also produces the same desired effect as yeast in a regular bread recipe ..thus the addition quickly and at the end)

    Great job on such a fab bread Elena!

  292. says

    Oh, I did not get the golden flax,,,just regular ground flax..that might have made it heavier in texture? It definitely looks darker than your version. Everything else was the same.

  293. says

    I just tried the PALEO bread (newer version) and I really like it!
    Have to laugh with me — I mixed it all up in my cuisinart, popped it in the perfect sized, non stick bread pan and put it in the oven for 5 minutes before I realized I’d forgotten the Apple Cider Vinegar! (Which helps the baking soda do its work, right?) I grabbed it out, poured the vinegar on top and stirred it up and shoved it back in. It came out fine, believe it or not! I’m having earth balance margarine on it, with some honey, Yum.

  294. Silva says

    Well I SO owe you for this. I really wanted to go grain free, but couldn’t begin to imagine what to spread things on! I just baked my third round, with success every time, although using whatever nuts I had on hand, cashews, hazelnuts, and today almonds. YIPPEE!!!

  295. Stacey says

    Mine came out like shortbread not a batter not seen anyone else had this problem. Didn’t forget anything and measured so unsure what happened any ideas before I attempt it a second time anyone?

  296. Amanda says

    Just made this bread tonight and I love the texture. I am still deciding on the taste. It reminds me of cornbread which isn’t a bad thing, necessarily. I think when I make an actual sandwich out of it I will not even notice the difference. Also thinking it could be good for a casserole of some sort. We also had your Chipotle Orange Chicken and that was a big hit! I am loving this site, a huge THANK YOU!

  297. Lisa says

    Is there anything that can be used instead of Almond flour in your recipes??? I can have coconut flour but I saw your Faq’s that says you can’t use that. Anything else without nuts?

  298. Cindi says

    Made my first loaf this AM. Did not add coconut flour because I did not have, but otherwise followed original recipe. Came out perfect. Easy, easy. Smelled wonderful baking. Love the flavor. I used standard loaf pan, I do not mind the squatty loaf at all. May or may not invest in smaller loaf pan. Satisfies my every need for bread.

    Thank you Elena.

  299. Ryan says

    Do you know of any online company that sells the Honeyville almond flour? Honeyville does not ship overseas and I am wanting (really bad) to try recipes with their flour as I have heard it makes a better product.

  300. Ryan says

    Ok so got a question. Would almond butter work instead of almond flour? Really hard to find an almond flour here in Europe that is fine in texture.

  301. Laurie says

    Great recipe. I made the following swaps:

    I packet of stevia instead of honey
    Almond oil instead of coconut oil
    Deleted vinegar
    Added dash of cinnamon and vanilla

    Came out moist and tasty!

  302. Rennie says

    Baked this bread yesterday and it exceeded my expectations! I’ve baked other GF/low-carb breads and was always dissatisfied with the texture. The combo of almond flour, coconut flour, and flax works really well here. The Paleo bread’s flavor reminds me of a popover, and it holds up well in sandwiches. It did take a long time to bake, but that might just be my oven. The bread looks and tastes great! Thank you, Elena!

  303. Emma says

    I made this tonight for my son’s lunch tomorrow… I didn’t want to use just almonds, so I used 1 cup almond meal, 1/2 cup ground pepitas and 1/2 cup ground sunflower seeds. I also used olive oil, as I didn’t have enough coconut oil left. The bread worked wonderfully! I will use coconut oil next time though, as I do prefer it.

    The real test will come from giving it to my daughter, she is more gluten sensitive, but also more resistant to GF breads… lol

    Thank you so much for all your hard work, my family surely do appreciate it and the sharing of your recipes here… it has been a real life saver for us on this new journey of GF life.

    With much gratitude,
    Emma :)

  304. says

    It is interesting in gluten free baking how seemingly minute changes can have a big effect on the taste, texture, consistency and rise of the finished product. I thought it was just me that had such an enhanced palate (since I have Fibromyalgia, CFS, etc) my senses and nerves are forever enhanced. In my vanilla oat banana quick bread recipe I have found that variations in the type of pan etc will change the entire finished product. I have tried it in a large loaf pan, mini loaves and muffins. This recipe which I created works best as mini loaves. Just last week I made it and I used my nutri bullet instead of my food processor to ground the oat, corn meal and corn starch flour blend I created and it made for a very fine powder. This change in the texture of of the flour gave the bread a different texture. It was a slight change that only I would have noticed but I was going crazy trying to pinpoint what made the difference. I pinpointed that in order to get the rise and texture I prefer, I need to use mini loaf pans and pulse my blend in the food processor. I feel like these variations are part of all baking but pronounced in gf baking for sure.

  305. Kathy says

    I wanted to say thank you for the recipe. I made it today with my Vitamix. I used whole raw almonds and whole flax seed that I ground up in the Vitamix in batches rather than almond flour and flaxseed meal. I substituted two single serving packages of stevia for the honey and mixed everything in the Vitamix. My bread turned out great and tastes wonderful. The almond skins and stevia changed the color a little from the picture on the web site but my loaf still looks good (lighter crust and darker interior). (I used 1.5 cups of whole almonds, 2 tablespoons coconut flour, ¼ cup of whole flaxseeds, ¼ teaspoon salt, 1.5 teaspoons baking soda, 5 large eggs, ¼ cup coconut oil, 2 packets of stevia, and 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in the Magic Loaf Pan.) Thanks again.

  306. Gail Wise says

    i Have made the Paleo Bread now for the 3rd time. I am having a problem. My center never gets done! What do I need to do. I have made it the last time by the new changes. I love this breads taste Can you help me.I cook it longer than 30 min. Help…

    • Amanda says

      I would first have to ask what type of pan you had? Some types of dishes do not cook evenly and thoroughly. However, I am not an expert but it could be a good place to start. The next thing I would suggest is that you are pulsing all the ingredients so they are evenly mixed together.

  307. Keshia says

    Hello Elana,

    Made this bread the other night and it didn’t turn out good at all. It taste eggy and didn’t taste appealing one bit. The taste was very similar to when you make french toast. It almost felt like i was eating french toast minus the syrup! Any suggestions on why this may have happened?

    Thanks and as always your recipes are an inspiration to all of us!

  308. Gwen G says

    OMG! Thanks for this awesome bread recipe. Is very similar to cornbread and I am a southern gal who is wheat gluten and corn gluten intolerant, having been tested at age 7 (50+) years ago allergic to both. I am going to try lowering the honey to a teaspoon and adding cheddar cheese and jalapeños to make faux jalapeño cornbread. Will let you know how it turns out. I am so thrilled to have found your website. Your information is invaluable. Bless you for sharing with the rest of us who struggle with this gluten free handicap!

  309. Sandy says

    I recently found out I’m allergic to many of the foods that I’ve consumed over the years and was recently told to eat strictly Paleo……..and for someone who needs a map and directions in her own kitchen, for someone who has singlehandedly kept the restaurant business in the black, that’s a pretty big expectation. This bread has saved me and my fiance in so many of those, “I can’t do this any longer” moments when we really miss the old way of eating. We cant recommend this bread enough! Thank you!

  310. Rachelle says

    I made this bread as originally prescribed and it is fantastic. It has a nutty buttery taste to it. Great alone or toasted!

  311. Ashley says

    Just made this and it’s great! I used the revised ingredients. I left out the honey though as I’m pretty sensitive to sugar. This took 55 min to cook. I did not expect it to rise so beautifully and look/taste so much like real bread! Thanks!

  312. Erica M says

    Has anyone tried to double this recipe and use a regular 9×5 pan for a larger loaf? If so, how did it turn out, and did you need to make any adjustments on the ingredients and/or cooking time?

  313. says

    Hey ALL!

    I cannot have I decided to change up this recipe. I did not have a
    7.5″ x 3.5″ Magic Line Loaf Pan (which I do have on order). SO I went with a 8.5″ by 4.5 bread pan.

    I am on a special program called “Maximized Living” and a MAIN thing in this is avoid ALL sugar except “XYLITOL & STEVIA” which is fine to have!

    Paleo Bread

    2 cups blanched almond flour
    2 tablespoons coconut flour
    ¼ cup golden flaxseed meal
    ¼ teaspoon kosher salt
    1 ½ teaspoons baking soda
    5 (1/4 cups)of chia gel
    ¼ cup coconut oil (melted)
    1 tbsp of xylitol
    1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

    Place almond flour, coconut flour, flax, salt and baking soda in a food processor

    I did not pulse my ingredients but use a spatula for most of it then used my hands a little to build a ball of dough.

    Mix in chia gel, coconut oil, xylitol and vinegar

    Pour batter into 8.5″ by 4.5 bread pan (I used parchment paper in the pan)

    Bake at 350° for 45 minutes (30 mins was not enough cause I cut a slice off and it was still to moist in the middle) so I put it in for another 15 mins to make it 45 mins. STILL to moist on the inside, though it tasted AWESOME!

    CHIA gel is created by taking 1 tbsp of chia seeds and adding 3 tbsp of water to it. (you should produce CHIA GEL in about 15 mins). 1/4 cup of chia gel equals 1 egg.

    SO I am unsure what I need to adjust to make it less moist? I do have a few pics taken..but can’t add them here :(

    But by the outside it looks like a beautiful loaf of bread but the inside well not so pretty! :(

  314. Danielle Netherton says

    Do you have any recommendations for a bread like this but with macadamia nuts? My son is 2 and allergic to every single nut but these. : /

    It seems to be an oilier nut and harder to get into a fine grind than almonds-but maybe i just need to process them longer.

    Anyhow, I’d love to dive into this recipe and just try it but macadamia nuts are so expensive-so I was wondering if you had any tips before I dove into it?

  315. Nancy Mitchko says

    What are the recipe adjustments for on the printer friendly recipe copy? [2 cups] almond flour, [1/2 teaspoon] baking soda and [1 Tablespoon] coconut oil.


  316. says

    A friend made this bread with pecans or walnuts because she had no almonds. She sent me home a slice after church this last week. I did not think I missed bread…OH MY Goodness. It is SO light. I loved every bite.I am very strict paleo because of allergies and blood sugar issuses keeps me low carb Paleo. Thank you so much for the HARD work of your experimentation. Love you. Lynn

  317. Wendy says

    As a follow up to my post a few days ago about the ammonia smell after I slice the bread…..someone mentioned it could be the flax. So I baked a loaf and substituted chia for the flax, and still got the ammonia smell. I am wondering if there is some kind of chemical reaction taking place? And if so, I would assume this is not safe to eat? Is it the baking soda? Or apple cider vinegar? I don’t want to keep using up all my almond flour (I use Trader Joe’s), so if someone has any insight I would love to hear. Thanks

  318. says

    Elana, could you address the issue many of us have with the bread’s uncooked middle? I think this recipe needs some more work. We’ve all had to make adjustments to get it fully cooked and no one would know about this issue if they don’t read the comments. Thanks! P.S. I live at about 1,100 ft. above sea level. Could that affect things?

    • Carol Roberts says

      Discovered that this recipe works very well when made in a muffin top/whoopee pie tin. Makes 24. Bake for about 15 minutes. Outside is not burnt & inside is not soggy. Basically, it comes out as a round flatbread–great for sandwiches or toast.

  319. Wendy says

    I baked this bread tonight…it smelled so good in the oven, even my kids couldn’t wait to try the Paleo bread! But as soon as I cut a slice, it smelled distinctly like ammonia. Wondering if Elana or another baker-type could explain what this is, why it happened, if it’s still safe, and how to avoid it next time? Thanks so much.

  320. Marti D says

    I’m not much of a cook and recently been diagnosed with Hashi’s disease and need to implement an AI diet with no eggs, dairy, and gluten. Do you know if using just egg yokes would alter the baking of this bread? my understanding is the whites of the eggs are what cause inflammation in AutoImmune. Thanks for any advice on the substitution.

  321. Julie says

    I had some extra batter left over (I had to use a smaller loaf pan) and so I added some of my homemade almond/coconut milk to make the texture of the batter more like pancake batter…I fried them up in some coconut oil and MAN, they were delish!! Yum.

  322. Angel says

    I am new to the Paleo and gluten free eating. I think I am on day 4 and so far I feel amazing. Anyway I just wanted to let you know that I made this bread this morning and it was DELICIOUS! It smelled absolutely wonderful as it baked. I could barely wait for it to cool before cutting into it. Truly a delicious bread! Now I just need to stop myself from eating the entire loaf!

  323. Karen says

    Hi Elana!
    I followed the recipe exactly & I even ordered the pan that you recommended. The loaf looked golden & beautiful but the center was gooey and raw. Any suggestions as to what I might have done wrong?

  324. Ilissa says

    I just made this for the first time. The only issue I had is that it had to cook for almost another 15 minutes before it was done on the inside. But I was pretty happy with the consistency and taste once I cut a slice. Btw, it’s awesome with a smear of chocolate peanut butter! I can’t wait to try some of your other recipes!

  325. Nav says

    Made a loaf last night and was also pleasantly surprised! I followed the recipe exact with the exception that I added 5 chopped dried dates to the mixture. 30 minutes bake time right on point. I only had a slightly bigger pan than the one recommended but it rose pretty well. Thanks for sharing!

  326. Melissa C says

    I just made the paleo bread & it smells delicious. I did make a mistake in my haste & added baking powder instead of soda. So this batch is getting 1 1/2 tsp of both. I didn’t have the size pan you used so am using a regular loaf pan but it isn’t squatty at all! I checked internal temp & it was close to 170. Can’t wait to try it. Thanks for sharing your recipes – you are a gem!

  327. Skyesmom says

    Gosh, this was really good – I am very pleasantly surprised. I wasn’t sure when I got it out of the oven but it has a real bread-like consistency and it slices really thin and holds together wonderfully – just made a veggie sandwich with it – no crumbling or sogginess – score!!! Thank you for making my life a little bit better :-)

  328. Cristina says

    I made this bread and loved the way it tasted. Unfortunately my bread slices only ended up rising about 2 inches… any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

  329. Elizabeth says

    Love this bread! I added a couple of over-ripe bananas, and it tastes just like conventional banana bread!! Yummy!

  330. Srephaniedem says


    I have made this twice, the second time in the “magic pan” and the center is not getting done. What am I doing wrong? I put in for 10 more minutes, but it didn’t help?? Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Thank you,

  331. Krisztina says


  332. says

    I made this bread today and it is DELICIOUS! I had a piece plain out of the oven, and another with some butter, and it is great! My only issue is my oven temp must be slightly off, because the middle did not completely cook through. I will add 5 more minutes to my cooking time on my next loaf. Thanks, Elana! I am going to share this on my blog.

  333. colleen says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I baked this bread this morning (I’m new to paleo, but lost a pound so far….not hungry at all!-I guess I’m sticking to this one).

    I don’t have a processor big enough for the ingredients so I used my big mixer. I was afraid that the bread would come out tough because I used the mixer, but it wasn’t. It came out light and delicious, with a nice brown crusty crust and a soft inside-I love the nutty flavor. This one is a keeper- I’ll be making this often. Ditto your paleo breakfast bread.

    Thank you Elena for such a wonderful site and for all of your hard work.

  334. Heath says

    I have a quick question about cooking times in my oven. My oven is older and has a medium sized oven and a small one next to it. Baking times seem to differ drastically. i only got 14 minutes into the 30 min recommended for paleo bread and had an amazing golden brown top but still a bit soft in the middle. Any ideas on what to do about that?


    • Adrian says

      Get an over thermometer and figure out what temperature your oven is actually at. Probably it’s overheating. When I grew up we had a double oven that sounds like yours and I believe one oven overheated by 50 and the other one by 100. Personally I like to cook this bread at 325 to keep it from browning too fast.

  335. Anna says

    A few days ago, I was seriously considering breaking my gluten free/low GI diet just to have a sandwich. Luckily, I found this bread recipe instead. It is beyond delicious! Thank you so much for all your recipes. I don’t know what I would do without them!

    • Mary Ann G says

      Try using Yacon syrup. I have used it in Elana’s Paleo Brownies and it worked fine. Both coconut nectar and yacon syrup are on my ‘safe to use’ candida list. Of course limiting all sweetners to 2-3 times a week still applies. Searching the internet will help you locate the yacon syrup. Good eating.

  336. Janet says

    Thank you so much! I didn’t have any flax for the first couple of batches, so subbed extra almond flour, then made it my bread machine and it was a hit. But for this batch, I doubled to make two loaves using the ground golden flax and baked it in the oven, and it was even better!!! My son who has celiacs loves it. This is a godsend with school lunches coming up again.

  337. Lynda Gatlor says

    Sounds so good, but what about coconut allergy?………….What would be the best substitution for the flour and the oil?

  338. Rochelle says

    I have been on a Paleo diet for awhile.. The trouble I am having is I am highly allergic to eggs.. Having a hard time getting the ratio of egg substitute to go with recipes…

    What do you suggest?

  339. Mary Ann G says

    I have made this recipe a couple of times with great success, and today made some adjustments. I used regular flax meal(nice flecked look) and coconut nectar instead of honey. I wanted hamburger buns out of this recipe so I used greased muffins rings,a bake sheet and parchment paper. Baked 20 mins @ 350, Yielded 6 buns. Worked great.
    I also wanted smaller buns (slider size) so I used a muffin top pan (aka Whoopie Pie pan by Wilton). Baked 15 mins @ 350 Yielded 12 buns. This also worked great. Next I’ll try making dinner rolls for the holiday dinners. YUM…
    My altitude is 8,200 feet and no adjustments were needed. A great way to further the use of the recipe besides sliced bread. Enjoy.

    • Mary Ann G. says

      I made the dinner rolls today and the recipe worked great. I lightly greased a muffin pan, used a scant half cup of batter for each roll, baked for 15-18 minutes and they are perfect for holiday dinners. My yeild was 13 rolls. Good thing there was extra, because I ate one hot from the oven. I also used coconut vinegar and coconut nectar instead of apple cider vinegar and honey. Yum, Yum, Yum

  340. Claudia H says

    Does anyone know the carb content of this bread. I just ordered some gf paleo bread from Julian’s bakery, but since it is pricey, I’d like to make my own. I am on a very low carb, paleo type lifestyle. I am also allergic to apples (crazy, right) and sulfites (so no regular vinegar), so I’m a little unsure of what to do about the apple cider vinegar. I may just try it and see if there’s a problem.

    • Srephaniedem says


      Just ordered the gf Julians 0 carb bread. This recipe blows that stuff out of the water!!!! I wasted my money.

    • Melissa C says

      My numbers come up to:

      Calories: 128.1
      Total Fat: 10.9 g
      Cholesterol: 57.8 mg
      Sodium: 165.0 mg
      Total Carbs: 4.4 g
      Dietary Fiber: 2.0 g
      Sugars: 1.5 g
      Protein: 4.6 g

      This is at 16 servings in a 8.25×4.5″ glass loaf pan.

  341. Natalie says

    I tried this bread recipe tonight and it was wonderful! I used a glass loaf pan and it turned out great. This is going to be my go to recipe when I’m craving bread. Thanks so much for the recipe.

  342. April says

    This is amazingly similar to real bread. I made a few changes, but I’m so happy with how it turned out! I can’t wait to make this for my Mom. Next time I will double the recipe to get normal sized bread. The changes I made were that I used 3 eggs and 1 chia egg. I also baked 10 extra minutes because of all the complaints about a doughy center, but ended up overbaking. Next time I will stick to the original baking time. Thank you so much Elana! I love your vegan herb crackers as well; I eat vegan 4 times a week and they are life savers! Definitely a staple. I can tell that they are one of the things I will be taking to college with me once I graduate in 2 years :)

  343. Edward says

    What if I’m using a pan that is the next size up. How much do I add to the recipe make the bread rise?

  344. Debbie says


    I am newly gluten free, dairy free and wheat free. Added to that, I am to be watching my caloric intake! Thank you so much for all of your wonderful recipes! Just wondering, do you have access to the nutrition count (calories) for any of your recipes – particularly the breads?

    Thanks so much,

  345. says

    I made this. Easy and so delicious. I would love to find a way to do without eggs so I will try a banana, 1 cup applesauce and chia seed and see if that works as I’m sensitive to eggs. But I just wanted to try this anyways. Came out perfectly!

    Thanks Elana!

  346. Marsha says

    I make this wonderful recipe for my daughter. To eliminate the fructose in this recipe, I substitute 1 Tablespoon of rice malt syrup.
    It works wonderfully! Thank you!

  347. says

    The first time I tried this recipe I followed the instructions to the T, and although it was absolutely lovely, there were a couple things that didn’t quite click for the bread I was going for.

    I found the flavor of egg was a little too predominant, so I tried it with four eggs instead of five – instant fix, the bread was unaffected consistency wise. I’ve also found that it ALWAYS needs at least ten extra minutes of cooking time (I live in Iowa), that may just be an oven or weather issue.
    I’ve omitted the coconut flour on different occasions due to a lack-thereof in my pantry, and I found it didn’t change the bread a bit. Yummy, but overall not a crucial element.

    This recipe is so wonderful! I was SO excited to see that even though I’ve made the life choice of going grain free, I could still enjoy some delicious bread.

  348. Adrian says

    I didn’t read through all 400+ comments, so I don’t know if this has been discussed, but this recipe calls for a really huge amount of baking soda and doesn’t have the huge amount of acidic ingredients needed to balance it. I tried it anyway as written and sure enough, the resulting product smells and tastes like un-neutralized baking soda. Normally a recipe like this would use baking powder, so I tried again, using 1.5 tsp of baking powder instead of the baking soda. I eliminated the vinegar, since its main role would be to neutralize (some of) the baking soda.

    The result is a *huge* improvement. The almond flavor comes through instead of the baking soda flavor.

    It appears that there are many gluten free baking powders out there, so I’m not sure if there’s some reason for avoiding baking powder. But baking soda is four times as powerful as baking powder. (In fact, a teaspoon of baking powder contains 1/4 tsp of baking soda, 1/2 tsp of acids, and 1/4 tsp of filler.) So this recipe calling for 1.5 tsp of baking soda is like putting two TABLESPOONS of baking powder into this little tiny loaf, which is a crazy amount. Using 1.5 tsp of baking POWDER is much more reasonable, and that’s 3/8 tsp of baking soda. Note also that the tablespoond of vinegar is about sufficient to neutralize 1/2 tsp of the baking soda, so my substitution should give about the same actual leavening power as the original recipe. (Another way to make this recipe better would be to just reduce the baking soda so that the amount used is completely neutralized.)

    • says

      That’s interesting that the baking soda is a strong flavor for you… I’ve been baking with the 1 1/2 tsp. called for in the recipe, and haven’t tasted it once. Perhaps it’s the kind of baking soda… ? In any case, I’m curious about your method, I have several friends who want to try the bread but avoid b. soda. Thanks!

      • Adrian says

        Baking soda is a single, very simple chemical, sodium bicarbonate, so there are not different baking sodas that one could use. Perhaps you don’t recognize the taste of baking soda. I didn’t clearly understand what was happening until I had both loaves available to taste one right after the other.

        Baking powder contains baking soda, so if somebody is trying to avoid baking soda they are out of luck. The only way to leaven something in that case would be with eggs, and I don’t think it would work on something this heavy.

  349. E says

    I made this last night – finally!! Been looking at the recipe for ages since I saw it on GOOP. Got all my ingredients on and they arrived over the weekend.

    I made my own almond flour as I can’t get them from around where I live in Asia. The bread turned out perfect! I love it!! And it tastes really good! I still prefer the Cranberry Almond Loaf but this is a good plain bread to spread nut butter on.

    However, 5 eggs is a lot, and since my husband doesn’t really follow my eating lifestyle, having the loaf to myself means I am actually eating 5 eggs in a week (possibly even more, in other food).

    Was toying with the idea of substituting the egg with chia seeds as I read that it’s a good replacement for eggs in recipes… Has anyone tried it before? :)

    Thanks for the amazing recipes Elana! I’m gonna try Nutty Bread for next week. Now I can eat bread and be guilt free!!

  350. says

    I just made this bread but added an extra tablespoon of honey and replaced the coconut oil with butter and it came out delicious. I toasted some in the oven with freshly crushed garlic and it was amazing! Thanks Elana! Both of my kids gave a thumbs up :)
    Many blessings,

  351. Julie R says

    AnOkay, so I tried this again as my husband is now going gf. Much better results this time as i only used 4 eggs so it wasn’t overly eggy! Also reduced cooking temp to 325f5to compensate for the glass was still a bit dry though so i think next time i’ll reduce cooking time to 25 mins and see how that goes.

  352. Elaine says

    Love this! Thank you for sharing. I started experimenting with it, too. I took out an egg and added two mashed bananas…still so good!

  353. Norma P says

    You use an aluminum pan, I understand it is a toxic material you should avoid for cooking or baking….Can you comment on this? Thank you NP

  354. Jessica says

    Here is the nutrient content on this bread (total recipe, and my brand of flours)

    Calories: 2079
    Carbs: 71 (Net Carbs: 39)
    Fiber: 32
    Fat: 176
    Protien: 76

  355. Karen Melweis says

    Hi Elana

    Thank you so much for all of your wonderful recipes that you share so generously!

    I have a question for you about eggs. Do you have any particular size or volume of “egg” that you tend to use in your recipes? In most of my cookbooks, an “egg” means a medium sized egg that yields about 50mls by volume, so there are slightly more than 5 eggs in a cup. I tend to buy extra large eggs locally, and I find that when a recipe calls for more than 3 eggs, the end result is quite “egg-y.” I’m going to experiment, but perhaps you would be able to tell me if there is a size or volume of egg that you tend to use in your recipes. (I didn’t see anything specific under the “ingredient” menu on your blog.)

    And thanks again for all that you do!


    • Adrian says

      The convention in baking is that recipes use “large” eggs which are supposed to be 50 g weight or something like 47 ml volume. I find that the large eggs I buy are generally around 50g-54g in weight.

  356. Alex says

    I just stumbled upon your website today..perfect timing! I have been struggling with my first month of switching to the Paleo lifestyle. I love to cook, love to eat, and hate being restricted. Even though I very rarely crave pasta, grains, or dairy I was going a bit nutty because I’m now “not allowed” to have them. Your website has been a blessing. Already today I have made the silver dollar pancakes for breakfast, the Paleo bread for the rest of the week and have so many other recipes I can’t wait to try!

    I know there is some conflict between whether sweet potatoes are Paleo or not but, since I am a personal training and exercise daily, I still eat them. In the Paleo Bread recipe I substituted 1/2 cup of the almond flour with 1/2 cup of sweet potato flour. I also baked them in 1.5 x 3 inch mini loaf pans for 20 mins instead of 30mins. They turned out really great. Adds a little bit extra nutritional value.

    Can’t wait to try more recipes!

  357. Ruth Bianchi says

    I made the paleo bread and love it. I followed your recipe exactly, including the right pan. When I made the bread the outside 1″ – 1 1/2″ were baked correctly, but the inside was totally unbaked.
    What did I do wrong?
    I took that inside uncooked dough and put it into muffin cups and baked it and it was fine, though a bit heavy.
    Please help, because I love your recipes. They are a wonderful relief for people on a no grain diet like my husband and I.

  358. Nicole says

    I made a couple of substitutions that I wanted to share. My husband cannot have starch, so I haven’t tried the bread 2.0, but wanted something more like a whole wheat sandwich bread. I substituted almond meal for the flax meal (because my husband cannot eat flax), olive oil for the coconut oil, and honey for the agave. It turned out great.

  359. Beth says

    I made this bread the other day following the recipe to the T, and although it tasted delicious, I did have some problems with it. I used the same size pan and my bread came out to be about half as tall as whats pictured. Also, the first time I took it out of the oven it was still raw inside even after cooking for quite a long time, so I had to put it back in. This wouldnt be a problem, except I found that when it was finally all cooked through, It had such a thick crust on top that I couldn’t cut it without it crumbling all to pieces. Any suggestions on how to get it to rise more and how to prevent the ultra-thick crust from forming on top?

    • Beth says

      UPDATE: I tried this recipe again today, using one less egg and covering the pan with tin foil for most of the baking time, which was about 45 minutes or so, and not only did it rise a bit more, but no thick crust formed so the bread could be very easily sliced. It looked remarkably like the picture as well!

    • Ruth Bianchi says

      I had the same problem with the inside of the bread not getting cooked. Would baking on a lower heat for a longer time help?

  360. emma says

    Hi ELana, love the recipe,
    I was wondering if there would be a way of lowering fat content?
    Do you think tat substituting egg whites for whole eggs might work?
    Thank you

  361. says

    Elana, love the yummy-looking bread recipes!

    I make a protein bread with yeast that I’d like to replicate without the wheat flours. It sounds like almond flour is a good way to go. I’ve noticed that your bread recipes have baking soda. Is it not possible to use yeast in gluten-free bread-baking?

    Thank you!


  362. says

    Has anyone been able to make this without eggs? We have to eliminate eggs but I’d still like to make this, or the bread 2.0 recipe. Thank you.

    • Alex says

      Try using chia seeds mixed with water. I haven’t tried it in this recipe but it’s a great egg substitute. Mix 1 tbsp of chia seeds with 3 tbsp of water. Let it sit for about 15 minutes.

      1/4 cup of the chia/water mixture (after sitting for 15mins) equals 1 egg.

  363. Danielle says

    I just made the Paleo bread and loved! Since I have never made this type of bread before, does it need to be refrigerated or can it stay on the counter covered properly . . . thanks much!!

  364. Donna Howard says

    Hello, I am just wondering, would almond meal be the same as almond flour?? I have the ‘meal’ but not the flour and I would so love to make this tomorrow!! Thank you

  365. staygold says

    I just made this for the first time (it’s cooling on my counter!) and I SWEAR it smells reminiscent of yellow cake batter! So excited to dig in and give it a try :)

  366. Debbie T. says

    For anyone who doubled the recipe for a larger loaf pan, how long did you bake the loaf? Mine is in the oven right now. :-)

  367. Amy says

    Hi. Thank you so much for the website. I know I can’t ask this, though I am Fructose intolerant, and not great.

    I am really trying to do Paleo and look at all these recipes at the same time though things like onion, garlic, apple cider vinegar and agave keep popping up and substitutions are the name of the game.

    I have tried putting rice malt syrup and equal parts lemon juice and white wine vinegar as substitutes for the ACV and agave. Is this ok?
    The bread came out with a sour after taste. I am not sure if it was the seed mix I added. Just sesame, poppy and sunflower.

    I want to try again. 5 eggs is a lot to get it wrong..

    Thank you so much again for the recipes and videos online. They are helping.


  368. Nina Page says

    Elana I have just made this bread, not sure what went wrong, it did not rise and it tastes more like cake then bread. It tastes good however I am trying to make bread for my son to take a sandwich for lunch. Any suggestions please

  369. Lucia Vanhoof says

    Hi Elana,

    Thank you for this web-site! I just bought your book,”The Gluten Free Almond Flour Cookbook” and love it.
    I’ve made the Paleo Almond Bread recipe twice now and it was delicous, but I was wondering how to make it rise more. I changed the 1-1/2 tsps. baking soda to 1 tsp. baking soda and 1/2 tsp. baking powder. Instead of adding the 5 eggs at once I added 4 plus the egg yolk of the fifth egg. I beat the leftover egg white until frothy and folded it in at the end. It worked for me! Turned out delicious!
    Thank you again for what you do.

  370. kris says

    hello – i just made this bread today and mine came out dense and rubbery. it was delicious, though! what am i doing wrong, how can i get the fluff? someone mentioned using less eggs, and i admit that i usually buy “jumbo” eggs, so maybe that was it. can someone confirm this? thanks!

  371. sola says

    Hi…I bake this bread….
    Alas!! came sooo dark colored..but tasted great…wonder ,why so different from your photo !!!

    Someone help me on this..please???!!

  372. Elisabeth says

    Bought the pan, made as instructed. Loaf is brown a crispy on the outside and total mush in the middle. So bummed! Was hoping to make my GF 5 yr old a sandwich! Any suggestions?

    • Elisabeth says

      Made again today with the following changes: 4 eggs, 1tsp baking soda.
      Bake 30 min @ 350 and another 15 min @ 325.
      Came out much better this time!

    • Mindy says

      I just made this bread today and as I was cutting it there was a hole in the middle of the loaf and it was mushy. I put it back in the oven and cooked it longer and it’s a little better. Did I do something wrong? It did taste really good – the parts that were cooked through…and my 5 year old loved it!
      I guess I’ll try 4 eggs and see how that goes. Any suggestions are appreciated. Oh, and I used a pan the size Elana suggested.

      • Denise says

        I had that happen the first time I made the bread. The only thing I could think of that caused it was that my eggs were cold and my coconut oil seized up upon contact. The second time I made the bread, I used room temp eggs, and no other changes, and the it came out great. Hope this helps you too.

      • Alyssa says

        That happened to me the first time too. I thought it was because I live in FL and with all the humidity down here I decided to adjust the cooking time. So now I cook this bread for 40 minutes and it comes out great.

  373. Kathy says

    Hi, Elana,

    This bread is great! I don’t handle grains well, so it’s great to find a recipe for something that is not only gluten free but grain free as well.

    Have you tried making any gluten/grain free breads risen with yeast?

    Also, have you tried working with coconut butter instead of using coconut flour+coconut oil? It somehow feels better to use more ‘whole’ foods and was wondering what your experience is.


  374. Donna says

    Came upon this wonderful site and made the paleo bread last night. I used the Bob’s Mill almond flour as it was all our market carried. Also didn’t have my food processor with me so just stirred by hand. My bread turned out beautifully and delicious. I am looking forward to more trying out recipes. Thanks!

    • Donna says

      ps. didn’t melt the coconut oil, just incorporated it with a fork and did not have any problem with ammonia smell or it not being cooked through. Did line bottom of pan with parchment. It came out great!

  375. Julie R says

    This was my first attempt at GF baking…and it turned out okay as in it’s not burnt and definately edible. I think I had glass pan issues…and I didn’t realize you had to melt the coconut oil since the recipe didn’t specify in liquid form vs soft solid…but my main comments is that it’s just too eggy. Like French toast eggy. Definately not what I’m looking for as a GF bread option to eat in the morning WITH EGGS. On to the next recipe.

  376. Ali says

    Just made this bread and it was delicious!
    I substituted all purpose gluten free flour for the almond flour, and a mixture of almond meal and Psylium for the flaxseed and it still worked. I will try the original next time!

    thankyou for an amazing recipe :-)

  377. Melissa says

    Thanks for this recipe! It was my first attempt at paleo bread and I just finished my first slice! I doubled the recipe, but used only 8 eggs instead of 10, put it an a standard size loaf pan and it came out to the perfect size and is delicious! I can’t wait to have toast!

  378. says

    Yay, you! Loved seeing you get a shout out from GOOP today–just fantastic, and I wanted to say hello and congrats, old friend! Hope all is great with you and yours. xx Paige

  379. Anabelle says

    Hi Elana, thank you for these wonderful recipes, had long sought an option without wheat flour and came across your blog. I congratulate terrific and continues to share your culinary wisdom
    Thank you,

  380. Carol L. says

    Hi Elana…….I love this paleo bread recipe and I’ve made it several times, mostly it is always wet in the middle……..I do the recipe exactly as written…….I was wondering if someone with a perfect loaf could take the internal temperature of the bread after removing from oven. I took the temperature of mine yesterday and it registered 140 degrees and that’s not enough…….although toothpicks came out dry. I cooked it 35 minutes………should I leave it in for 40 minutes?.. I would love to know the internal temperature for doneness……….I think knowing that would eliminate the wet middle.

    Thank you

    Carol L.

    • Angela says

      This has been happening to me too! I make it exactly how the recipe is written. I tried baking it longer and its still hollow in the middle and mushy. It used to come out perfect for me but the last 4 times it has been this way. I just recently moved and made the first loaf in the new oven and same thing!! So frustrating. Maybe cover it with foil and cook it even longer than 35 min? What rack should it be on? Please help!! I can’t live without my paleo bread!!

  381. Jennifer Kingsley says

    My son made the Paleo Bread today. It was absolutely awesome. We haven’t been able to find golden flax for a while, so we used some brown flax. Fabulous bread recipe.

  382. says

    I have developed multiple food sensitivities and allergies. I am avoiding almonds and peanuts. This bread looks/sounds good. What could I use instead of the almond flour?



  383. Laura says

    I have made this bread a few times now and it’s great! I do have a question though. A couple of the times I had a huge hole in the middle of my loaf. I’m not an expert baker, so I’m really not sure how to fix this. It’s not a huge deal except when I go to make sandwiches for my kids :-) Any tips?

  384. Melissa says

    Mine had a distinct ammonia scent, which I noticed from the comments was an issue for a few other posters as well. My research tells me not enough acid in my batch to neutralize the soda. I may have left it a bit too long in my processor because my coconut oil was lumpy and I was trying to break it up. It tastes a bit like Irish soda bread, which is not my favorite. I’m thinking of experimenting with baking powder instead to suit my personal preference.

    I did love the texture though. Definitely worth a second attempt.

  385. andree says


    I’m allergic to eggs – has anyone ever tried an egg-free version of this bread? What would be recommend as a substitute? I’ve used boiled flax seeds in other recipes in the past before but wondering if it would work in this bread….Thanks!

  386. Patty Pappas says

    Hi…I just made the paleo bread and it doesn’t look like the picture. Mine is only 1″ high. No way I could make a sandwich. Any idea what i could have done wrong?


  387. Patty Pappas says

    Hi…I just made the paleo bread, and though it smells great, it is only 1″ high. My hopes for a sandwich for supper are dashed. It doesn’t look like the picture at all. Any guesses as to what I did wrong?


  388. Jill says

    Yum! I tried this recipe with only adding almond meal since I didn’t have the coconut flour or flax seed. It is good! Looking forward to trying it with the correct ingredients and the right pan size!!

  389. says

    This is exactly what I have been looking for.

    The only thing I really miss going paleo is something edible to put ingredients on.

    It really is so convenient to eat poorly, there should be a law against some of the foods we are allowed to buy and consume.

    I’ll be baking mine on the weekend!

  390. Kelly says

    Oh my GOSH!! It’s REAL bread! My poor little guys (okay, and me too) have really been struggling since going gluten free for the third time (this time we went Paleo and it has finally resolved their symptoms and as a side note resolved mine, though I didn’t realize in the beginning I had a gluten problem). My son and I are oohing and ahhing in my kitchen right now over this bread. I’d given up on the difficult task of making gluten free bread when the first several complicated recipes I tried were gross and gritty. I did not have high hopes for yet another bread recipe, nevertheless one that would fit into our Paleo diet, but this is seriously amazing and it was fast and easy to make in my Vitamix. Moist and delicious, we decided we had to make some quick strawberry jam to celebrate this delicious occasion. Thank you, thank you for giving my boys (and me!!) our bread back!!!

  391. DeannaBuchanan says

    Hello Elana: I have been a Paleo girl for about 8 months and am thoroughly enjoying the hunting and gathering! Today I was cooking turkey and wanted to adapt my stuffing recipe and found your Paleo bread recipe. Thanks so much. It works well with my other ingredients, mushrooms, onion, parsnips, celery, jalapeño and sausages, spicey pepper and summer savory and of course coconut oil. Can’t wait till dinner time.

  392. Martha says

    Hi Elena,

    I just made the paleo bread and I am enjoying a warm slice as I type this comment. I wanted to share that I substituted pure maple syrup for the honey and used a blender to mix since I don’t own a food processor. The loaf still came out delicious and moist. I wish I could submit a picture of my wonderful looking loaf. Thanks for sharing your recipes.

  393. says

    the numbers for my mom make no sense………..she has Alzheimer’s, and multiple strokes……….her life is confusing and hard..unfair….but if I keep her Blood Sugar under control..she will do better..and will be able to connect with us….so little…. provides so much………………I love my mother…..for a moment.I would give anything….a dialogue…is everything.
    Thankyou. for helping me in reaching out to her….I am truly lucky, or just blessed……………
    .I am lucky….lin.

  394. says

    Error msg again, sorry if this is redundant….lilely to not be as flowely, need to care for mom…………but I owe you great thanks…….keep you efforts us………I care for my 87 yr old mum……I keep her bs stable, I keep her contented………she loves your recipes….I am working to protect my husband who has numbers I do not like………I keep cooking to take care of everyoone……thankyou for taking the time to poste……I know my mum will have time defined by God……plan to kleep my spouse by my side so long as God can tolerate his absence………..ok, I am somewhat different…….but, this is about you, not me, so, thankyou for your efforts………………..sleep well………..luckylin

    • says

      OMG my words have been raarranaged………nothing makes sense from two blogs……..ok, closing my eyes and typing……….thx for your effors…………I will skip reasons…… keep re arrangding my words……My mom needs her meds…….just thx for efforts above and beyond………….lucky lin

  395. lynn thiessen says

    ok my bread did not quite look like had ammonia scents. serious…. seriously working recipes….open to suggestion…my husband’s mum was a a baker…..I fail at every attempt to provide. Your assistance is helpful.thx I am the ever so lucky lin..plan to stay lucky….(ps do this b/c my bs is borderline.fasting bs +90……..and though, my spouse refuses to acknowledge it he has issues as wel).180 after a mango whatever…I love this man, and plan to keep him with me. forever….pls tired of numbers that are compromised….bull ..we are a unique community because we care…many others are impacted, they just do not connect… We are the only people who appear to care about what elevated glucose does to people….I care for my mum…….she is blind…..confused……multiple strokes..pls, keep helping…Mom was a pilot, a photograhpher, an independent woman from the age of 15. Now, she lves in a bedroom, vision gone, and momory deplleted…….life does not have to end this way. She loves your recipes……I prep them……you have made her happy…love, lucky lin………..

  396. lynn thiessen says

    I am so looking for breads that work……….this does not……I have your books………..but the question about the ammonia…….they are an in your face issue…………for me, not till I sliced the loaf……but my nose is very sensitive….and I taste the amonia without ingesting the product…………my Mum, who has no sense of smell left, loved it…….. time to keep trying…………I am borderline diabetic, mum is, and my lover is in denial…………… looking for something that passes as ‘bread’…………..thanks for the help………….luckylin……….

    • says

      Ok, I made some changes that seem to kick the ammonia problem out…took some leavening tricks from Bruce Fife in his Cooking with Coconut Flour book…… is what I did………

      deleted the vinegar and the baking soda and increased the honey to 2 tablespoons to compensate for the elemination of the vinegar.

      I used Fife’s leavening approach by combining eggs and baking powder.

      I added 1 tsp baking powder, aluminum and sodium free, incorporating the change in the honey.

      Kicked the salt up a pinch to address the absence in my baking powder.

      Result was a neutral/sweet bread with an adequate rise and good crumb that could be sliced easily into thin slices.

      Next time, I may reduce the honey back down and up the coconut oil a tbsp or throw in some coconut milk.

      I am at sea level…….added 5 minutes and baked in convection oven on your recommended setting.

      Thanks for you pioneering on behalf of all of us……… Respectfully, lyn

    • Kelly says

      This makes a pretty small loaf as is. I’m assuming you could half it, but if not, you could just put the batter in two very small pans and freeze one loaf for later.

  397. Cindy says

    If you can stand it one more time I’d just like to say that this is FANTASTIC! Very good recipe. Thank you.

  398. Heidi says

    I am so happy to have found this delicious and easy recipe. I used a regular sized loaf pan and baked it about 5 minutes less time since the loaf is thinner. Also I think I will put a piece of parchment on the bottom of the pan next time as it stuck to the pan a little bit. I thought it had a kind of like a cornbread texture. It is so good though, I believe I will be eating some of this every day for the rest of my life. Can’t wait to try some of the suggested variations!

  399. Kelly says

    This bread is, hands down, THE best GF/paleo bread I have ever had or made in my life. It is so simple, so easy, so perfect, and so delicious that I haven’t been able to stop staring at it, mouth agape. (Quite convenient since that makes it easier for me to continuously eat it.) With Kerry butter it is simply divine. I will never want for another quick/soda bread recipe ever again.

    Thanks, Elana. You have made me a star in our GF kitchen. (I never take full credit of course; I’m just following your directions!)


  400. PaleoGal says

    Bread was phenomenal!! I followed the recipe exactly, I had a bread pan that was about an inch wider than yours but bread still rose. Looks great, looks just like a loaf of banana bread! The bread is very buttery in flavor, I can’t have more than one slice it’s pretty rich. It’s a dense bread like banana bread. I was SO excited when I pulled it out of the oven and it looked and tasted good I did a little “I made BREAD!” dance. Alas, bread, I have missed you…

  401. Teri B says

    Just a little hint I use when making gluten free sandwich bread. More often than not, of course, it doesn’t rise as much as I’d like – so – I cut the loaf in half, stand it up on end, and slice it that way. It makes a bigger slice for sandwiches…

  402. michelle says

    this bread is awesome, first great gluten free bread I have successfully made and is so healthy! Thank you so much for you efforts. we are newly GF and were hurting for something good.

  403. ironcharles says

    This recipe is so simple but so tasty. I use almond flour I grind myself (use a coffee grinder–it’s so much cheaper than buying bags of almond flour at the grocery store or online). The first loaf I made as stated and felt it was a little too much on the coconut. The second loaf I exchanged the coconut oil for bacon grease, which worked well but was a little too strong on the bacon. The third loaf I used half coconut oil and half bacon grease and I really love the taste. A little smear of almond butter and a dollop of jam really makes this a great Paleo breakfast!

    • says

      MMM…bacon bread! Put some crumbled bacon bits, sage and some sauteed garlic in there, some bacon bits on top, would make some great muffins!

  404. says

    This is the best grain-free bread recipe I have ever tried. I didn’t have the loaf pan so I used one of my small casserole dishes and it came out square and a little darker around the edges. I used 1 1/2oz. of coconut oil and mixed it with 1/2oz. of melted butter and it came out really moist. It also came out dark like whole wheat bread, so I am assuming that I used just a little too much flax meal. I love you for taking the time to perfect this!!! I’m thinking of making a spice bread next time. Let you know if it works!!

    • says

      I just occurred to me that the reason why my bread came out so dark is because I used regular flax instead of golden flax. Time to go shopping!

  405. Caroline says

    Question on the coconut oil – do I blend it in as a solid, or do I need to melt it first?

  406. Chris says

    Arghhh! Me too! My bread has a raw cavern in the middle–but the cooked ends taste good! I’m at the same altitude as Elana so I can’t imagine i need to adjust for that but maybe. Help!

    • Chris says

      OK–replying to my own comment! I tried it again. I used 4 eggs (instead of 5) and only 1 t. of baking soda. The loaf rose nicely, there’s no cave in the middle and it’s cooked all the way thru. Oh–it also required an additional 5 minutes of cooking.

      I found the first loaf to be a bit soda-y tasting so hopefully the adjustment took care of that too.

      • Pat says

        Chris – thanks for the great suggestions. I will try again with 1 less egg and reduce the soda as you did.

        Hoping for a fully cooked loaf to enjoy.

  407. Pat says

    Nothing like wasting expensive ingredients. I bought the pan, the exact size and brand. My ingredients were exact and fresh and I baked it at 350 for 30 min and it came out completely uncooked in the center and crusty and risen on top. Back in the oven for 15 more minutes – still raw batter through the entire center of the loaf. I now have it back in the oven to finish cooking the center which will no doubt burn the outside. But I’m not wasting all those ingredients and throwing in the trash. Including the pan, I have a huge investment and expected it to turn out so nicely. Is 350 correct? for only 30 minutes? correct? what could possibly cause this. The pan was dead center in the oven as well and my oven works.

    I’m low carb and have baked with almond flour and flax meal, coconut flour since 2007. I know these ingredients and I always buy and keep them fresh. What happened? All opinions welcome. Disappointing because I love your site and know you test and test and I never change your recipes.

    • says

      I just made the bread today (in a mini oven too!), made a few tweaks, and it came out as the picture did.

      Instead of baking it for just 30 minutes though, I left it in the oven for around 50 mins without taking it out or opening the lid even once. Maybe you can give that a try next time.

      Also make sure you use a mini pan.

      To everyone else, I also recommend putting less baking soda because as I came back to read the comments, it does taste very metallic.

      I’m pretty sure if you lessen the amount, it will still rise fine because I’ve made different bread recipes with less than half the amount of baking soda!

    • Kelly says

      Mine came out perfect following the directions exactly (and for the first time, one of my recipes looks exactly like the picture!). I was having problems baking gluten free foods in my new house, I had to extend cooking times and then they were unevenly cooked often. I finally had the temperature checked on my oven and it turns out my temp was running quite a bit lower, the repairman said it was a common issue. Once adjusted my GF recipes are coming out perfect. (It seems gluten free baked goods are a little more tempermental.) Just a thought, the trouble may be your oven.

  408. Erin says

    I LOVE this bread. For the past two weeks, I’ve made a double batch using 4 mini loaf pans lined with parchment paper. The size is perfect for the kids’ lunch sandwiches, with an egg on top in the morning, with a spread of almond butter for snack and so much more!!! Thank you sooo very much!

  409. Patty Rathwell says

    I really like your paleo bread. In fact my whole family does. I wanted to let you know that instead of the honey, I substituted blue agave and it came out great! Now, I’m eating bread regularly again. Thanks.

  410. Nick says

    So I made a loaf of bread this past weekend, it tastes great but didn’t rise. I used almond meal instead of almond flour because of the price difference and didnt have apple cider vinegar. Could either of the two be attributed to the lack of rising, any suggestions welcome.

        • ironcharles says

          Yes. Bread rises because of the carbon dioxide released by the baking soda, but in order to work the baking soda, which is alkaline, needs to react with an acid, which in this case would be the apple cider vinegar. You can substitute lemon or lime juice in a pinch, but without an acid, your bread won’t rise.

  411. Michelle Lancaster says

    I made this bread today and it is AMAZING!!! I’ve been eating paleo, gluten free and dairy free since early November and the ONLY thing I have missed is bread. I can’t believe how light and moist this delicious bread is. It was wonderful warm and smeared with a layer of sunbutter and it made an amazing tuna sandwich later when it was cooled down. The only thing I would do differently next time is try not to eat the entire loaf in one day!! Thank you so much Elena. It’s PERFECT!

  412. Tanya says

    I don’t have a food processor… will this work if I just mix it the old fashioned way, by hand?

    …. wonders why everyone just assumes everybody has a food processor…..

  413. SoCalBonnie says

    Elana, I adore this … it’s now my go-to gluten-free bread recipe.

    I can dress it up or down with spices, nuts, fruits, chocolate, whatever, and I make frequently make it for friends as a gift. It is the very first gluten-free bread that my non-GF friends have ever liked, and I’ve tried every store-brought version as well as numerous homemade versions.

    When I first made it, it was too wet in the middle. I tested my oven temperature and it was just right, and I also have the pan you recommend. I live very close to sea level; I don’t know if that would cause the problem, but I did tweak the recipe a bit and now it always comes out perfect for me every time.

    My tweaks: use 4 eggs instead of 5, and bake it for 45 minutes instead of 30. It rises a little higher than the photo above, and is moist and slices thinly without crumbling. It’s always a beautiful loaf.

    I use parchment paper to avoid the aluminum in the pan and that makes a nice liner to lift out the loaf (no cleaning!). I’ve made it with coconut oil, ghee, and regular butter… it’s always yummy! I’ve substituted coconut sugar for the honey and once even made it without a sweetener… it’s always fantastic! Occasionally I’ll substitute chia for the flax seed, too, but the basic recipe is the backbone for all my experimenting.

    I’m about to make this loaf (again) for yet another friend who is desperate for a decent gluten-free bread. When I do this, I always tuck a copy of your recipe in with the loaf so they can make it themselves — but also know where to go for more recipes.

    Thank you so much, Elana, for all you do!

  414. Christine says

    Hi – I can see from the ingredients that the paleo bread could and should be low carb, with high protein… Does anyone know the carb and fibre content per slice or for the loaf??

    Many thanks,


    • SoCalBonnie says

      Christine, I make this bread with 4 eggs instead of 5 (see my comment why) but worked out how many calories, fat, protein and carbs are present in every loaf.

      Carb 84.54
      Protein 77.95
      Fat 177.36
      Calories 2163.83 per loaf

      If you use 5 eggs, you’ll need to adjust those totals. You’ll also need to count how many slices you get per loaf and divide accordingly. Sometimes I slice the loaf thinly (like zwieback) and sometimes more thickly, like traditional bread.

      (I was not a math major, so you might want to double-check the numbers yourself, too!)