paleo brownies

Paleo Brownies

These ultra-rich Paleo Brownies are amazing and will knock the socks off of even the most die-hard gluten-loving brownie fans. All of my taste testers said they could not believe these incredibly decadent Paleo Brownies were not only gluten-free, but grain-free as well.

Made with only 8 ingredients, you can throw this Paleo Brownie recipe together in a few minutes! Yes, this is another one of my no fuss recipes. To make Paleo Brownies you’ll need almond flour, 100% dark chocolate, coconut oil, dates, eggs, stevia, salt, and baking soda.

The base of this recipe is super dark chocolate, that’s 100% cacao with no added sugar, blended into coconut oil. These 2 ultra-rich, yet healthy fats make this the ultimate brownie recipe. Sweetened with a mere 7 dates in the entire batch of brownies and a touch of stevia, this Paleo Brownie recipe is a fabulous low-carb dessert.

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Paleo Brownies
  1. In a food processor, pulse together almond flour, salt, and baking soda
  2. Pulse in dark chocolate until texture of coarse sand
  3. Pulse in dates until texture of coarse sand
  4. Pulse in eggs, coconut oil, and stevia until mixture is smooth
  5. Transfer mixture to a greased 8 x 8 inch baking dish
  6. Mixture will be very thick, smooth with a spatula
  7. Bake at 350° for 18-22 minutes
  8. Cool for 2 hours
  9. Serve

When you make these brownies be sure that your dates are not hard and dry or you will end up with a crumbly mess. The dates that I’ve used in this Paleo Brownie recipe have been beautifully moist which has helped the batter come out perfectly. Don’t use dates that have been sitting around for months.

Brownies are one of my husband’s favorite desserts, so I make them quite often. He loves chocolatey treats, and I love that he’s getting a healthy paleo dessert, rather than processed junk food. Check out all of the fabulous gluten-free, paleo brownie recipes that I make for my husband on my Brownie Recipes page. I have one brownie recipe that I like to call “Everything-Free Brownies” because they’re egg-free, nut-free, dairy-free, and of course gluten-free and grain-free!

Here are some of my other favorite paleo dessert recipes:


  1. Annie says

    Hi Elena

    Would you say I could put my almond meal in the food processor to make is more like almond flour ?
    And use it for this recipe …


  2. Zdravko says

    Turned out very well guys, done this a few times now and it goes well with a bit of liquor (try rakija or kruckovac’) you know sometimes i dont even worry about the brownies.

  3. Patrycja says

    These brownies are a winner. I did not follow the recipe at all and they still turned out divine. I used almond pulp that I got after making almond milk, cocoa powder instead of chocolate, maple syrup instead of stevia and I doubled the oil by mistake (I am not a baker). I will definitely be making these again. Thanks a lot!

  4. p says

    I’m confused- do you melt the unsweetened chocolate or grate shavings and add to the food processor? Can I substitute raw cacao powder, and if so, how much?
    Thank you!

    • Elana says

      Hi P, simply chop the chocolate and add it to the food processor. I haven’t tried making this with raw cacao powder so not sure if that would work.

  5. Michelle says

    I do not have a comment about a specific recipe, as I have tried many off of your Web site. I just really wanted to say thank you so much! I find your recipes easy to follow and flawless (and I do not consider myself a good cook/baker) I am trying to stick to a Paleo diet, especially since my daughter was diagnosed with MS. Even I feel the difference. Thank you again, so very much, for everything. Food is love, and to be able to feed my daughter something I know is good for her is priceless.

  6. Mare says

    This is my go to brownie recipe that I make to bring to special occasions. I had a women’s luncheon to go to and the whole table was bringing their own foods to share since we’re all dealing with health/allergies, etc. and there was a women seated at the table who is allergic to eggs. I was in charge of dessert. I made this recipe substituting bananas for the eggs. I don’t use vanilla stevia, I just use vanilla extract. It was amazing!

  7. Karalee says

    I have made these brownies a couple times and they are very, very good. Easy to make. I use them as part of my meal since they are loaded with great healthy ingredients. My husband loves them too! Thanks Elana.

  8. Milla says

    Made this brownie and its the best healthy brownie ive ever made!! I used raw cacao powder instead of a bar of chocolate and it turned out really good, very choclaty and moist!! Absolute love this recipe!!

    • Dani says

      Milla did you just use the recommended about of cacao without changing anything else? All I have on hand is raw cacao powder and want to try these tonight. :)

    • Kim says

      I cannot get the dates pulverized enough to blend in. They remain hard chunks in the batter, and I’ve tried using a heavy duty food processor and blender and neither had worked for me. Suggestions?

      • Elana says

        Kim, if your dates remain in hard chunks after processing it may indicate that they are old and dried out.

      • Melony says

        I have always soaked my dates in warm water for about 20 minutes for all of my raw recipes (and now paleo) If they’re big plump Medjool dates, I’ll give them a rough chop (after soaking) before adding them to the other ingredients in the food processor. Success!

  9. S. Smith says

    @Bob, if you are implying that eating dates (or any other whole natural food with natural sugars, i.e. bananas) is no better than eating a Snickers bar you are sadly mistaken. Yes, they both contain sugar, but one is processed garbage and the other is natural sugar. Nothing processed. And like a Snickers bar, these shouldn’t be eaten every day either. It’s considered a sweet treat. Fruit has more nutritional value than a candy bar any day.

  10. Hannah says

    Making this for the umpteenth time for Christmas! I had some old dates and wanted to use the, up, but saw the stern warning not to… Per, I steamed them for ~10 minutes, threw them in and they worked just fine!

  11. Sibo says

    Elana, thanks for sharing these delicious yet simple recipes. I especially love the Primal Chocolate Cookies.

    For the record, I made these brownies with the following alterations (and they turned out great):

    1) Due to lack of 100% cacao, dates, and vanilla stevia, I used 72% cacao and dried cranberries (both from Trader Joe’s)
    2) I replaced the three whole eggs with 3/4 cup of eggs whites
    3) I finely shaved the chocolate squares with a knife, and then I incorporated all of the ingredients in one step in a blender rather than in multiple phases in a food processor.

    • Elana says

      Hi Kayla, just click the link above (the words “vanilla stevia” in the ingredients list of the recipe). All of the words that are underlined on my site are links with helpful information :-)

  12. April says

    I love your recipes❤ , just made these tonight and couldn’t wait the two hours to cool. So , my boys and I cut into them after Hour !!! Well worth the wait, we loved them . I even usedhalf the called for cocoa and added vanilla extract with my Steviea, since I didn’t have vanilla(or even knew there was such a thing).
    I’m impressed, your a genius with creating recipes and make cooking paleo exciting again . Thank you .

  13. Nesa J. Love says

    I don’t eat dessert. I’m allergic to almost all grains, sugar, and a lot of other things. So I just quit eating a lot of things.
    Today at my school, the lady that provided lunch said she made the brownies specifically for me! I reminded her that I couldn’t eat them. Then she repeated the ingredient list to me.


    • Elana says

      Hi Nesa, thanks for your comment! So glad you enjoyed these and happy that the lunch lady was kind enough to make something special for you, she sounds fantastic :-)

  14. Sue says

    Oh you’re kidding me? They really are that easy to make and they come out looking as yummy as that? Just put things in the food processor and pulse? Reaching for the brownie tin now, I’m so making a batch of those, thank you Elana, I have two of your books but I’m so glad you flagged up these brownies as I must’ve missed them!

  15. says

    I just made these today. They are cooling on the counter as I type and they smell delicious. You are quite the genie with these desserts. :) I did not have an 8×8 pan mine was 10 x 10 so I was afraid they would come out too thin. Instead I used small tart tins (6 of them) which will yield 12 servings (1/2 a tin is plenty for something this rich). Each serving has 288 calories and 6g protein. Not too bad for a dessert this decadent. Dinner will be a light salad with a little cheese on the side so we can enjoy our dessert. Thank you for such an incredible recipe.

  16. April says

    Has anyone tried this recipe using their own unblanched homemade almond flour? Left over from making almond milk?

  17. Rachel says

    Everyone talks about how thick this batter was, but mine was not thick at all. It was actually kind of runny. I think this was due to the size of my eggs (they were huge with lots of whites). I actually thought they wouldn’t turn out at all, but they did. They weren’t fudge like mentioned above, but cake-like and moist. They were VERY GOOD….the whole pan was gone before midnight! I will try again to get the right texture, but I guess it’s about impossible to go wrong on these. Unbelievable how good they are, and no sweetener except for dates and stevia – and no bitter aftertaste. I used a “vanilla creme” liquid stevia by SweetLeaf (Sweet Drops).

  18. Gina says

    Thank you for all your recipes! Everything I’ve made (exactly to your recipe) has turned out great. I should have learned by now not to experiment, but…

    I’ve made these brownies twice. First time I used 85% cacao because that was all I had on hand, added vanilla extract and omitted stevia. Those were amazing!! Today I made with 100% cacao and no stevia but used 9 dates… those are really bitter – not enjoyable at all. I think I will order Elana’s recommended Stevia.

  19. says

    These brownies are amazing, so good and no one suspects how healthy they are! :D

    Do you mind if I translate this recipe to Icelandic so more people can enjoy this amazing cake? I will of course give you all the credit ;)

  20. says

    The recipe says “pulse” for all additions, but in the last two additions I turned the food processor on and let it blend until mostly smooth. The consistency of the batter will tell you whether the brownies are going to come out smooth. It’s a thick consistency like butter frosting.

  21. says

    These look delicious! Unfortunately, like many of your other recipes, I can not make them for my students as our school is nut free. :( What non nut flour would you recommend subsituting?

  22. aradyss says

    Just curious. What’s the purpose of the 2 hour cooling time?

    I just took them out of the oven (had to sub raisins for dates for lack of dates) but it looks and smells delicious. raised up lovely!

  23. Mare says

    I agree with Martine. I used pure vanilla extract in place of Stevia. I served them at a wedding and the were loved by all! About to make a batch now!

  24. martine says

    loved these! I didn’t use stevia and just used vanilla extract. I found them sweet enough with the dates and the chocolate. Really happy I found this recipe.

  25. Wendy says

    I just tried these last week, and they turned out delicious! I especially liked them slathered in vanilla almond butter. :-)

  26. Rebecca says

    Elena – these are delicious! Thank you for coming up with a legit Paleo brownie recipe, I have tried several different recipes in search of the perfect Paleo brownie…this is it for me. I didn’t have vanilla stevia so I used 2 TB of maple syrup and 1/2 tsp. of vanilla as another reader suggested (no bitter aftertaste). I baked them for 22 minutes and they came out perfect – a little more baked on the edge pieces and nice and moist center pieces. This is my new go-to brownie recipe. THANK YOU!

  27. Peta says

    Hi Elana, absolutely fantastic recipe! How well do you think these would freeze? I’d like to use these for school lunches but I’m not sure they would last a week without freezing.

    • Elana says

      Peta, glad to hear these were absolutely fantastic! I haven’t tried freezing these so not sure if that would work :-)

  28. Amelia says

    I’ve made these a few times now and they’re great! I used some honey instead of the stevia, and that worked well. The one change I made the second time was to melt the chocolate before adding it to the food processor. This made the brownies a bit more even-flavored – the first time, they were a bit too bitter because of the tiny chunks of chocolate.

    This is now my go-to paleo baking recipe for deserts and parties!

  29. Brittany says

    these brownies did not disappoint – thank you Elana for another beautiful and inspiring recipe. I followed exactly as and topped with Elana’s vegan caramel sauce – was a HUGE hit. These would be perfect to bring to a potluck!

  30. Melissa says

    Hi there! I simply omitted the Stevia and added two extra dates for the sweetness :) Worked deliciously!

  31. Melissa says

    Oh my god! This is my new favorite Elana recipe! I will be making these AGAIN this weekend! The first batch barely made it through the day yesterday! I used Ghiradelli’s 100% cacao and omitted the Stevia. I did not measure out my dates, cup-wise, but I did use seven, because someone else mentioned doing that to make up for the Stevia. I baked for just 18 minutes, so that they were not cakelike…and ohmigod. These were the best things I’ve ever baked, I think! Thank you, Elana!!!

  32. Emily says

    So delicious! I have made many different gluten-free brownies and these were BY FAR the best! They looked like brownies & had the texture of brownies, which is so important to my nonGF family. We loved them!

  33. says

    Just made these this afternoon and they are wonderful! Rich and filling – will freeze the rest so I don’t eat them so quickly.

    Love your recipes – thanks for your hard work!

    • says

      I just did this afternoon. Worked fine, although I felt I had to scrape stuff down. Kinda did it in two steps – flour/chocolate/dates, then all the rest.

  34. Sara says

    Does anyone have a suggestion on the best way to store these overnight? Just in the pan with foil over them, or a tupperware?

    • Elana says

      Sara, we leave these out on a plate uncovered for a day or so. If any are left over, I put them in an airtight container in the fridge.

  35. Julie says

    I don’t have dates in the house but I do have raisins. Can anyone suggest what measurement of raisins would be equivalent to the 7 dates?

  36. Eleanormarshall says

    I was desperate to make these but only had some quite elderly, dried up dates in the cupboard. I was a bit worried because of your note that this might make rather dry crumbly brownies, so I soaked the dates in boiling water for about five minutes before adding them. I also added some of the water (perhaps 2 tbsps?) with the coconut oil. The result: INCREDIBLY squidgy and delicious brownies. I love this recipe!

  37. says

    Excellent brownies!
    I did not have the recommended Stevia, so subbed 2 TBSP of a monk fruit/erythritol combo. Used 4 eggs rather than 3, as my dates were on the dry side. Frosted with your ganache recipe.
    Best gluten free and grain free brownies I’ve ever had, hands down. Your recipes make me look like a Kitchen Goddess. ;)

  38. says

    Just a heads up about the vanilla stevia product you recommend. The comments on Amazon suggest that the formula has changed and not for the better! Several reviewers are complaining… meanwhile I can adapt and so appreciate all your wonderful recipes and how generous you are. Thanks! Laura

  39. Steve Lalley says

    Since I have insulin resistance and am carbohydrate intolerant I really shouldn’t be doing any fake sugars either since the brain sees stevia the same as any sugar and will just dump more insulin into my system. Will your recipes that call for fake sugars be bad if I just leave that portion out?

    • Elana says

      Marlo, if you click on the green text in the ingredient portion of the recipe you will be given that information :-)

  40. says

    OMG these are amazing. I rarely eat sugar (even fruit) based on a candida protocol I’d been following. Needed something to take to a V-day party and had dates in my fridge so decided to try. They are completely awesome! If there’s any way that more of the treats can include guidance for switching caloric sweeteners for stevia/xylitol it would be greatly appreciated. :)

  41. alexis says

    I wanted to make these for V Day. They look amazing. I went to order the stevia brand recommended on Amazon. Quite a few of the commenters
    said they changed the formula and now it is really bitter. Are there any other brands you would recommend?

    • says

      I used the 365 stevia from whole foods. Will purchase a different brand next time because of the alcohol, but it wasnt bitter at all in this recipe, which is likely because of the dates.

  42. says

    This is an awesome cake. We take it to another level. 2 cups of dates and we soak them in boiling hot water as we do the other steps – its DIVINE! thanks for the inspiration and a snack that I could eat for breakfast its that healthy! :)

  43. Amanda says

    Has anyone made this recipe with SweetLeaf brand vanilla creme stevia? It is the one she recommends in her book, “Paleo Cooking from Elana’s Pantry.” Just wondering if there is a bitter aftertaste. Thanks!

  44. Cheryl says

    I’m from the UK and would love to make this recipe but the vanilla stevia is £24 to buy surely I could use another brand?

    • Amanda says

      I wonder if SweetLeaf brand vanilla creme stevia would work. She recommends it in her most recent book. I haven’t tried it though.

  45. Ramona says

    I have just attempted to make these, only didn’t have almond flour so I threw 1 cup of almonds in the food processor to start off with & follow the rest of the recipe. Have replaced the stevia with 1 tbsp honey and added some dark chocolate chunks & raisins right before I put it in the oven. The result is something between a brownie and a cake, but it’s soooooo good!!! Thank you so much for posting your yummy recipes online, you’re such an inspiration! :)

  46. MamaCassi says

    okay- for those of us who only have a Vitamix and no food processor, this recipe is very challenging!!!

    they’re in the oven right now, but i was really working my Vitamix hard. i would send this recipe to Vitamix and tell them this is now their machine is NOT a food processor!!!!

    just read about plumping the dates…. might have to try that next time. i didn’t read that part before!

    hoping they come out okay anyway? my almost 5 year old daughter is loving the batter, so it can’t be too terrible!

    • MamaCassi says

      okay- it was hard w/ the Vitamix. but they came out PHENOMENAL. a new family favorite. i made them for Christmas boxes, but my hubby kept asking for another brownie, and my very foodie 2 1/2 year old took her little piece and was completely silent after the first bite. her eyes lit up and were wide open but staring off, and she carefully took little bites, a balance of each ingredient, while reverently chewing very slowly. it was beautiful.

  47. Kendra says

    I’ve made these AMAZING brownies for my non-paleo family FIVE times in a two week time period. I am paleo and am always on the look out for great treats that I love and they can love, as well. I top the brownies w/various chocolate buttercream frostings for an extra decadence. They are, by far, one of the best brownie recipes out there!

  48. Angie says

    Hi all, could anyone who has made these tell me if they are cake-like or fudge brownies? I keep trying new recipes and ending up with more o a cake like consistency, so I’m trying to find a healthy fudge-like recipe! Thanks!

    • Holly F. says

      The middle was definitely fudgy, though the first night (before fully cooled) the edges seemed too cakey for my liking. After being refrigerated overnight, the edges seemed a bit fudgier.

  49. Nel says

    I made these brownies the other day. I used raisins instead of dates and coconut butter instead of oil. At first the batter scared me because it was so thick. But I just smoothed it out like you said. The flavor is so dark and rich I can only stand a small square as a serving. I think this brownie is best eaten straight out the freezer. It’s like fudge heaven! Thanks for the recipe.

  50. Julie says

    I used melted ghee instead of coconut, and also added 1t almond extract because I love the dark chocolate & almond flavor. Fantastic recipe!!!

  51. Laurie Goforth says

    Hi Elana,

    What can I use in place of eggs for this recipe and have it come out as delicious? I’m vegan…



  52. SaraSolomon says

    This recipe came out amazing! You don’t gave to have a food processor, I just chopped the dates fine and squished them into the almonds. I also substituted the baking chocolate for cocoa and marg (3 tbs + 1 tbs marg = 1 oz baking chocolate. I know, I know, margarine is evil, but it’s what I had on hand.) And I substituted the stevia for half a cup xylitol. In my opinion and great recipe is one that is flexible enough that if you’re forced to make changes it will still come out okay. I cut refined sugars and flours out of my diet almost 3 years ago and this is the first brownies I’ve eaten since 2010! Thank you so much for creating this recipe!

  53. Stephanie says

    Made these brownies today and they were wonderful! I didn’t use stevia but I folded in a quarter cup dark chocolate chips and a quarter cup walnuts and they were plenty sweet. Thank you a great recipe to easy a chocolate lovers craving.

  54. MJ says

    When you say to use 1/2c coconut oil, melted….does that mean you melt it first and then measure 1/2c or do you measure out 1/2c (solid) and then melt it before adding it to the food processor? First time trying a recipe like this….can you tell!? :)

    • Elana says

      Sara, if you click on the green text in the ingredients portion of the recipe you will be given info on each item I use :-)

  55. bob says

    I find that SweetLeaf brand stevia is also good, but not as good as the NuNaturals ones…I may not have tried the new formulation though.

  56. Julia M. says

    Hi Elana! I have really enjoyed reading your blog over the past couple months. I made your carrot cake for a dinner party and my guests absolutely loved it!

    Is it possible to double the above recipe and place in a 9×13 baking pan?

  57. KathyM says

    Is the use of a food processor a requirement, do you think? I’d love to make these, but that could be my show-stopper.

    • MamaCassi says

      i just used my vitamix and it was almost impossible. the chocolate was the biggest challenge. i think if i grated it all first and then tossed it in w/ almond flour etc, it could work.

      brownies in oven right now, but even w/ NOT doing things exactly right, Elana’s recipes tend to be ridiculously delicious every time. which is why i keep coming back!!!

      • Mike says

        I had no issues with my Vitamix. I put everything in at once. You will need to use the tamper. ;)

        I also soaked my dates for 4+ hours to make sure they were very soft.

  58. Becky Abdelhak says

    Do u know anything about remineralizing teeth? My daughter has cavities and the dentist says she needs 3 crowns and one root canal. We are trying to remineralize instead so she’s not supposed to have and sugar, grain, nuts, seeds, beans. It’s very hard to find any snacks for her. Thanks!

  59. GINETTE says


    • Ralph says


      I used a lot more dates (16 instead of the recommended 7) and left the stevia out. Another person (a few replies up) used vanilla and agave. Next time I’ll try vanilla and honey in place of using more dates.

  60. zahra says

    Made this and came out amazing! so tasty me and hubby couldn’t have enough, next time will serve it with some healthy vanilla ice cream thanks

  61. says


    Your recipes are excellent! I refer people to them often either my health counseling clients or customers who walk in the health food store where I work. I am, however, not a stevia kind of girl. So I subbed two Tbsp coconut sugar and these turned out great as well. So if anyone is in the same boat, there you go! I

    • Peggy Bates says

      I just made a batch using electric beaters, as I don’t have a food processor. I used Dagoba chocolate and grated it before adding it to the almond flour mixture. I cut the dates in to small pieces before adding them. They turned out great!

  62. Cathy says

    Allergic to all nuts. Am desperate to make these they sound delicious so what can I use as a substitute for the almond flour meal. Can anyone help me pls ??? Thankyou

  63. Melissa says

    I made these, substituting 1/4 teaspoon vanilla and 3 Tablespoons agave for the stevia, and they still came out great. I just ate two, and they’re not even done cooling! Thank you for another great recipe, Elana!

  64. Mia says

    Thank you Elana for a wonderfully yummy brownie recipe!

    I made these twice. I substituted 4-5 Tbs powdered xylitol (made from Birch) for the Stevia. And used half the salt. The first time I baked for 21 mins and I called it a brownie pudding. The second time I baked for 31 mins and they turned out perfectly. Everyone lives them!

  65. Lily says

    Question any reason you don’t melt the chocolate and then mix the ingredients ?? I am assuming you are using unsweetened chocolate or as I call it pâte de cacao. With no emulsifiers added

    • says

      I cut up the chocolate and let it sit near the fireplace until it was softer. I don’t think my old food processor blades would be happy about totally hard chocolate.

  66. says

    I made these this afternoon, turned my back on them for an hour and discovered that more than half of them were gone! Thanks so much for a great recipe.

  67. Jenna says

    Oh wow!! I made these w/o the stevia. Instead I tripled the vanilla extract & added about 3 dates (soaked my dates in warm water for about 10mins first). Also didn’t have baking chocolate on hand so I used raw coca powder. I added some chopped walnuts too. They are so fudgey. So moist. So much like a real brownie. So incredibly delicious!! I tried to hide half of them by sticking them in a Tupperware in the freezer. Didn’t work. They taste like an ice cream sandwich straight out of the freezer! Sooo darn good!! Try it! :)

      • Hope roche says

        I just made the brownies with cocoa…used the same amount 1/2 cup. Also substituted vanilla for vanilla stevia. My thought is to cut back on the coconut oil because the brownie, though delicious, is too gooey. Any thoughts??

  68. julie siegele says

    just tried these without the stevia. they taste bitter. i used vanilla instead thinking the dates would provide enough sweetness. they did not. next time i will use maybe a tablespoon of honey and 2 tsp vanilla. has anyone tried it successfully with these subs for the stevia?

    • Sandy says

      Did you use Medjool dates? If not, that might be why they tasted bitter. Other dates can be about half the size of Medjool, so you’re only getting half the sweetness to counteract the bitterness of the chocolate.

  69. says

    These brownies look absolutely delicious. Definitely excited to integrate coconut oil into the recipe and stoked to see a recipe for a seriously dark chocolate brownie with stevia as a sweetener. I will be 100% guilt-free when I indulge into these brownies this weekend!

  70. GG says

    These were definitely moist! The taste of coconut oil came through too strongly for me, though, so I’ll use palm shortening next time. Otherwise a decadent dessert for having no refined sugar.

    • Kristin says

      Was the oil used refined? I find that refined oil has less of a coconut flavor compared to raw or unrefined.

  71. allie says

    Just saw a tip on Cooks Illustrated to soak dates in a water/baking soda mixture to ensure the date skins are supple and not leathery. I’m gonna try it with this recipe!

  72. morgan says

    i made these last night and they are amazing! i didn’t have stevia so i used vanilla extract and a bit of maple syrup

  73. says

    I made these brownies today, and they were wonderful. As Elana said, they passed the taste test with two boys who do not have food sensitivities, with smiles and requests for seconds! My brother said that these were the best gluten-free treat that I have ever baked, and I began a gluten-free diet/cooking 4 years ago.

    What a wonderful recipe, these stay moist and are deliciously rich.

  74. Deirdre says

    I will admit, I thought the dates would take away from the intense chocolate-fudge flavor I want in a brownie but I was amazed. These are INCREDIBLE! This is my new go-to brownie recipe!
    Thank you Elana! :)

  75. Dawn-Renée says

    I would think about 2 tbsp of honey + a little vanilla would cover the vanilla stevia…honestly, this sounds so thick I doubt the honey and vanilla would make a difference in the batter. I am going to make this and swirl in spoonfuls of almond butter!

  76. Maria says

    These look wonderful, I can’t wait to try them! On another brownie note, a friend of mine called about a failed attempt at GF brownies the other night. Seems she had volunteered to bring GF treats to a friend’s workshop, even though she’s never really baked sans gluten before. So she finds this recipe on the web for brownies using coconut flour and made a test batch. She said they came out of the oven flat, gooey and totally inedible. So she calls me to find out what may have gone wrong and to ask if I had a recipe that I knew would work… so I directed her to your almond butter brownie recipe and told her that I’ve made it dozens of times (sometimes as birthday desserts for the kids) and it always turns out beautifully. I also told her to try some of your other recipes so she can use up the rest of the coconut flour she purchased for other yummies. (Your vanilla cupcakes, in particular, are a big hit at our house.) Another convert! You’ve saved the day!

  77. PS says

    These look amazing!

    BTW I find Medjool dates tend to be the most moist and sweet variety. If you have a Sprouts near you they sell them in bulk.

    • PS says

      Also, just wanted to add some baking chocolates have soy lecithin in them so be sure to read your labels! I can’t do soy because of thyroid meds so I have to be super careful. Scharffen Berger is 99% cacao (the remaining 1% is vanilla beans).

  78. Peg in Kensington, California says

    Can I just use vanilla extract? I understand that the stevia adds sweetness, but I should think the dates would be enough.

    • Maria says

      I was thinking the same thing. I’ve gone without the stevia in another of Elana’s recipes that called for it and I think it was sweet enough without it. I would give it a try.

      • Amy says

        I just made these yesterday, and I did it with vanilla extract instead of the stevia. They turned out great! I also used an 85% cacao chocolate, though, so that added a little sweetness. Next time, I think I will fold in walnuts and dark chocolate chips to the finished batter! I adore brownies with chocolate chunks and nuts. :)

  79. Amy says

    Ahhh! Thank you! I was just looking today for a new brownie recipe. You read my mind. I can’t wait to make these tomorrow. yum

  80. Sarah says

    I actually keep my dates in the fridge (and extras in the freezer!). I simply soak them in warm water for at least 10 mins before using, and they are soft and plump. I just drain and use!

  81. Mary Margaret says

    These sound so good! Does anyone have a suggestion on a different gluten free flour to use?
    I am allergic to almonds…but not other nuts. I

    • Daisydoo says

      I’m intollerant to almonds as well.
      Not a problem, I buy 5lb bags of organic cashew pieces (cheaper than whole cashews) from For extra digestibilty, I soak them in lightly salted water over night, then dry them in the dehydrator. Finally I girind them into flour and use instead of almond flour. You don’t have to soak and dehydrate first, by the way, I just do this extra step to make them more digestable and to nutrilize the toxic/less desirable compounds that all nuts and seeds have naturally.
      I sometimes use Hazel nuts or pecans as well.
      I don’t even miss almond flour any more:)

  82. Kim Tipton says

    I have been looking for a healthy brownie recipe and this one looks fabulous. Love that it is sweetened with dates and uses dark chocolate. Can’t wait to make these for my gluten intolerant son who will be home from college soon!

  83. Diana says

    I don’t have stevia, but would love to make this. Does anyone have any suggestions on how much agave or raw honey to add instead of stevia? I know that would also increase the liquid in the brownies, so I’d have to compensate for that as well. Any ideas would be appreciated!

    • Laura says

      I just made this with 2 Tbsp of maple syrup and a little vanilla (unmeasured) in place of the stevia. The brownies are super-moist, but I enjoy them that way. I probably could have left them in the oven just a little longer than 20 minutes and dried them out just a bit more.

  84. Withspirit says

    I bet you have a very happy husband, Elana! I will have to try these as soon as I get wonderful dates! Thanks!

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