One of my favorite readers, Courtney, requested this brownie recipe in a comment last week.

Here is what she said, “Can we have another VOTE??  Every post I am hopeful that I might open it up to find your recipe for scrumptious dark chocolate brownies… I am NEVER disappointed by your posts, but I am still hopeful that I may experience this recipe in the future…”

Now that is just too cute.  How could I say no to this sweet request?  Courtney lives in Tennessee and I was fortunate enough to meet her at one of my cooking classes here in Boulder, Colorado.  She has a great website with all kinds of interesting natural products on it.

Furthermore, this is my older son’s favorite treat.  Whenever I ask him what he would like me to bake for him, he says, “brownies.”  He loves packing these higher-protein treats in his lunch for dessert.

So, there you have it, everyone!  Brownies.


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Servings 24 brownies



  • In a large bowl, blend almond butter until smooth with a hand blender
  • Blend in eggs, then blend in honey and vanilla
  • Blend in cacao, salt and baking soda, then fold in chocolate chips
  • Pour batter into dish
  • Bake at 325°F for 25-40 minutes
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 25 mins
Total Time 35 mins
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Last spring, I discovered this great Peanut Butter Bar recipe from which gave me the idea to make treats out of nut butters.  When I coached my son’s little league team, I brought either these nourishing brownies, or Almond Butter Blondies to just about every baseball game.

I recently discovered a fun website called  Low and behold, I checked it out this morning and saw a fantastic write up on gluten-free by the site’s author, Barr.  What I liked best about her take on this timely topic, is that she is one of the few mainstream chefs to offer an “outsider’s” perspective on the world of gluten-free.  Very refreshing, witty and informative.  Thanks Barr!

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These brownies are FANTASTIC! I can't even tell you how many times I've made them and every time I do, everyone LOVES them.


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  1. This recipe is an all time favorite – thanks Elana! I have your books but always just come online to make it quickly. Those having issues with the recipe just a suggestion… Are your eggs room temperature or are they straight out of the fridge? Room temperature is best and if you don’t have time you can put them in a bowl of slightly warm water. Mine come out perfectly every time!

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