Gluten Free Super Bowl Recipe Roundup

Here’s a gluten-free Super Bowl recipe roundup for you full of healthy, fun recipes. We are getting ready for a big gluten free Super Bowl party this Sunday as the Packers take on the Steelers.  Personally, I could care less who wins (sorry to offend all of you fans), I just want to serve awesome (and healthy) delicious gluten free snacks and make sure that all of my guests leave my house stuffed.

Here are some of the yummy snacks and treats that I will be serving at my big ol’ gluten free Super Bowl party this Sunday.

What are you doing this Sunday during the big game?  Do you even care about the football?  Or are you in it for the snacks and party like me?  I’ve even heard (from people like my best friend Helen) that the only reason they watch the Super Bowl is to view the commercials.  What are you in it for?


  1. Audrey J says

    This year it is the commercials. I will root for the Giants, but since they beat my Packers, I won’t root very loud!

  2. elaine mosteller says

    as a diabetic i am using your gluten-free almond flour cookbook. i also recommend it to family and friends. we all need to know the calories, carbs, propein and fat content in your recipes. is there anyway to get this?

  3. says

    GO Pach GO! We were jumping out of our seats in the fourth and super excited the Lombardi Trophy is coming home!!!! The party was a great time and I appreciate being able to use the recipes on your site… my husband has made the almond flour scones in variations about 5 times now!! Thanks A Bunch!

  4. AmyGrace says

    Well, If you asked a few days ago I would have said hiding from the crowds in N. Texas where the game will be. Turns out I am hiding from the snow and ice.

  5. Judy H. says

    Elana, I just love your menu posts with links to lots of recipes! Not sure yet what we’ll be doing, but for me, it’s all about getting together and eating. My team, no team, commercials–it’s all good!

  6. sas says

    Enjoy the football, Elana! I’ll be sitting by the ocean in Marin County, CA, eating some sort of yummy gluten, soy, dairy, egg, black pepper FREE concoction that I will have made in my lovely extended stay hotel. Life is good.

  7. says

    I’ll have to root for Green Bay since Wisconsin is a family vacation spot (I love Door County), but it’s really the party for me too. Those green chili turkey burgers are going on my menu! and the double chocolate brownies…

    Have fun!

  8. Pam says

    To watch the Packers. We are from Wisconsin. Like a lot of your gluten free recipes. Thanks for helping my family to like Kale. We even grew it in the garden last year.

  9. Tracy says

    Just want to say “thank you” for posting the raw nut bars recipe. I just made them last night and we delightedly ate just one small piece after lunch as they were so so rich and yummy! I was amazed that I had most of the ingredients minus the almonds, so I substituted my raw cashews with rave reviews! These reviews came from my daughters, 15 and 12, who don’t even like almond or cashew butter – that makes it an extra special review!! Looking forward to trying your Super Bowl recipes as well even though we don’t watch TV or have an interest in football. We’ll just enjoy them for a great snack or mini meal! Many Thanks, Tracy

    • luc says


      You commented above about the raw nuts bar recipe that Elana posted that was delicious. I typed that into her search engine and came up with numerious ones could you possibly post the link of the one that you just made?

      Thank you

  10. Carmen says

    It is definitely about the commercials and the food! I have 2 sons who are allergic to everything between the two of them. They are not allergic to one thing together. Thanks to your recipes and ideas they will have quite a spread to choose from this year. I can’t wait to try carrot fries! Thanks for all of your posts and your wonderful book.

  11. says

    I’ll watch the game but I have no preference as to who wins. As for food, I’ll be eating my gluten-free black bean chili with quinoa and a big salad. Nothing out of the ordinary.

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