Paleo Curried Almonds

Paleo Curried Almonds are packed with super food spices that contain nutritious anti-inflammatory compounds. This easy paleo snack recipe is made with 7 ingredients! All you need to whip it up is almonds, turmeric, coriander, cumin, black pepper, olive oil, and salt. Perfect served with cocktails, this Paleo Curried Almonds recipe is simple yet elegant.

What is Curry?

The word “curry” refers to a blend of spices, and is a generic term used in Western culture. In the traditional cuisines of Southeast Asia, the precise spice blend of a curry can be determined by everything from regional preferences to family customs.

The Western version of curry, a commercially prepared mixture of spices, dates back to the 18th century. During my Ayurvedic training in the early 1990’s we were taught to prepare our own curries using a suribachi to grind the whole spices. The freshly ground spices have an especially aromatic quality and retain their nutritional benefit. This is what makes homemade curry blends so special.

While I enjoy preparing a variety of curries, I think this one goes best with almonds.  The following outlines the benefits of the various spices in the curry below:


Derived from an orange root that looks similar to ginger root, turmeric is a potent, yet safe anti-inflammatory. It can be used in the treatment of IBD, rheumatoid arthritis, and in the prevention of cancer. Turmeric is also thought to lower cholesterol, and provide protection to the cardiovascular system, and also may aid in liver function.


This spice is useful in controlling of blood sugar, as well as cholesterol. Further, coriander contains an antibacterial compound that may prove to be a wonderfully natural means of fighting salmonella and other bacteria.


Useful in the production of iron, as well as effective in boosting immune function, cumin is also known to be of great benefit to the digestive system. This spice may also protect against certain types of cancer.

Paleo Curried Almonds

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  • Place oil in a large cast iron skillet over medium heat
  • Add almonds to skillet
  • Stir in salt, turmeric, pepper, cumin, and coriander
  • Continue toasting almonds in skillet until fragrant, about 5 minutes
  • Remove from heat and allow nuts to cool in pan
  • Serve
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 15 mins
Total Time 25 mins
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We love serving Paleo Curried Almonds with hors d’oeuvres, or as tasty hit of protein when we’re in a hurry. Here are some of my other healthy paleo snack recipes:


23 responses to “Paleo Curried Almonds”

  1. I love curried sliced almonds as a salad topping. Really adds zest! My current favorite is arugula, butter lettuce, tunafish, sliced apple and curried almond slivers with oil and vinegar, S&P. Not sure if it’s paleo but it’s Whole30 compliant!

  2. Hi,I love this recipe and the idea and will be doing it immediately for little lunch boxes!! (we can have nuts at our school!) I married an Indian man, and the word ‘curry’ translates to actually mean ‘meat’, so its actually MASALA and they mix different spices together for different things can be for anything meat, cheese, veg, fish, eggs,snacks, dahls; and this is coined in the west to mean ‘curry’ . search masala anything, and you will see the array of different recipes from all over India….YUMMY, and so interesting!

  3. I made the Paleo Brownies. My husband liked them but not as much as the other desserts. I added some shredded coconut to the top for a little extra umph. I plan to add walnuts next time.

  4. Yum! These turned out perfect for my taste! They could easily turn into my new fav, late night, salty snack. So much better than store bought roasted nuts. We eat a lot of nuts…I don’t know why I hadn’t tried this before. THANK YOU ELANA!

  5. Where in the world does one get freshly ground turmeric, coriander and cumin? I’ve never heard that about spices losing their nutrients so quickly, I don’t think I could use them fast enough for them to retain any nutrient value.

    • Coriander is the seed of the cilantro plant, literally the garden section at home depot has coriander available. Cumin is widely available as a seed and turmeric is a root similar to ginger available in tropical climates.

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