Almond Pulp Crackers

These Paleo Almond Pulp Crackers are made with 5 healthy ingredients. They’re perfect for using up leftover almond pulp. Yes, if you’re wondering what to do with the pulp after you follow my homemade Almond Milk recipe, this is the answer.

I’m a bit of a cracker-a-holic. I think the quest for crunchy food intensifies when one goes on a gluten-free diet. I went gluten-free in 1998 when I was diagnosed with celiac disease. Since then I’ve created many healthy cracker recipes for y’all! The problem? My crackers are too good. As quickly as I make my paleo crackers they disappear. That’s because so many cracker thieves dwell in my abode. Therefore, my cracker quest continues day-in-and-day-out.

Crackers made with almond flour (or in this case almond milk pulp) are highly nutritious and slightly addictive. These amazing Paleo Almond Pulp Crackers are also awesome because they’re a recycled treat.

If you make these paleo crackers in your dehydrator they’ll be “raw.”  I bake mine in the oven on low because I don’t have a dehydrator. Baking on low preserves as many of the live enzymes as possible. If you’re oven doesn’t go as low as 135°, set it to the lowest temperature possible and reduce your baking time. The crackers are done when they’re nice and crisp.

Almond Pulp Crackers

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  • Combine all ingredients in a large bowl
  • Press dough between 2 pieces of parchment paper, and roll to ¼-inch thickness
  • Remove top piece of parchment paper
  • Transfer bottom piece with rolled out dough onto baking sheet
  • Cut dough into 2-inch squares with a knife or pizza cutter
  • Bake at 135°F for at least 20 hours, or until crunchy
  • Cool, and serve
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 20 hrs
Total Time 20 hrs 10 mins
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116 responses to “Almond Pulp Crackers”

    • Kay, I haven’t tried it at that tempt so not sure it will work, but it’s close enough that it may be worth giving it a try, though you might need to adjust your baking time down a bit. I hope you’ll LMK how it goes :-)

  1. I didn’t want to leave my oven on that long, so after reading a couple of Elana’s other cracker recipes, I added an egg, arrowroot powder and a bit of garbanzo bean powder to my fresh almond pulp; baked the crackers for only about 30 minutes … has the texture of a flatbread … very yummy with my adzuki bean soup! Thank you Elana!

  2. Thanks soooo much, I always knew that there were a use for almond pulp, thanks Elana you have came to my rescue so my times. You are a verrry wonderful person, I tell my husband and all friends that are interested in their health about you.. Agape Love Lois Shines

  3. I’m so happy to have a way of using the leftover pulp from almond milk.
    You rock! I love your recipes! Thank you!

  4. Hi, could you please make more cracker recipes that contain egg instead of flax seeds? I am on the Specific Carbohydrate diet and I can’t have flax seeds. Also could you make some cocoa butter recipes instead of cocoa or chocolate. You do make quite a few recipes that I can have, thanks

      • I’m surprised the Almond Pulp Crackers don’t need a binder, like egg white. I’ll take a leap of faith and try it anyway. Cheers.

        • Made a benchmark batch last night, per your recipe, and left it in the dehydrator overnight at 140F. After 8 hours it was dry, but not yet crispy. Nice and savory though.

          I just tossed another batch in the dehydrator, and this time I used avocado oil, and I replaced the 1 tbsp chopped thyme with 1.5 tbsp of homemade guava puree (which I make by reconstituting paste).

          • I also made a dent in my frozen backlog of cashew pulp. Since it’s a lot wetter and mushy than pressed almond pulp, in order to tighten up the dough I doubled the flax and also mixed in some dehydrated almond pulp and some oat flour (simply buzz rolled oats in a spice grinder) with the cashew pulp, in about a 12:4:1 ratio. I also switched the seasoning to ground dried rosemary. Aside from that, it’s the same as your recipe for almond-flax-thyme crackers.

            ROLLING TIP: Because the dough is gluten free and a rolling pin can apply uneven pressure resulting in uneven thickness, I discovered a better and easier method of flattening these nut pulp cracker doughs for drying/baking:
            (1) Using your hands, shape the dough into a compact smooth ball. (2) Cut a piece of parchment to fit one of the trays of your dehydrator, lay it on the counter, place the ball in the center, and drape an unopened 1 gallon ziploc freezer bag over it. (3) Using the flat bottom of a large sauce pan or skillet, FIRMLY press the dough into a large round disc roughly 1/4″ thick, then peel away the ziploc bag. Using the edge of your hands, close any cracks and true the edges just like you would with a rolled out pie dough, then slide the parchment onto your dehydrator tray or baking sheet. Fast, easy, perfectly flat, evenly thin, and reliably stupidproof. Halfway though drying, slide the parchment briefly back onto the counter, and cut the disc into 1.5″ wide strips with the flat edge of a large metal dough scraper (which will cut the dough nicely but not the parchment), and then cut the strips crosswise, and resume drying/baking.

          • One more tip on the cashew pulp recipe above … because the dough is wetter, and includes oat flour as well, I recommend rolling it thinner than the 1/4″ used for almond pulp … I’m guessing around 1/6″ or slightly thinner, otherwise they take a very long time to dry.

          • Yes indeed, no eggwhites needed. Humble thanks for your spiffy recipe … it’s helped me put a big dent in the hefty backlog of nut pulps that have been slowly taking over my freezer.

          • Roving Punster, I’m so happy to hear that! I love writing egg-free recipes and am so glad that you and your family can enjoy this one!

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