Low-Carb Keto Spiced Nuts Recipe

My show-stopping Low-Carb Keto Spiced Nuts Recipe is a healthy snack that’s good for you!

This spiced nuts mix also makes a wonderful appetizer that you can serve year after year. It’s perfect with my Keto Margarita, but we’ll get to that later.

Easy Low-Carb Keto Spiced Nuts Recipe

Made with eight ingredients total including black pepper, chili powder, and cumin, my recipe for spiced nuts packs a punch with incredible supercharged flavors!

Easy Low-Carb Keto Snack Recipe

While you can throw together this low-carb snack recipe in just a few minutes, the end result couldn’t be more impressive.

How to Make Spiced Nuts

This easy spiced nuts recipe is a breeze to make. If you’re wondering how to make spiced nuts, simply toast the nuts in a cast-iron skillet, mix the spices together, then add olive oil and the spice mixture to the freshly toasted nuts, and boom –deliciousness!

How to Make Spiced Nuts Without Sugar

We are all bogged down with so much sugar during the holidays, I cannot find a single reason to add more. So if you’re looking for a spiced nuts recipe without sugar, these Low-Carb Keto Spiced Nuts are for you.

Low-Carb Keto Spiced Nuts Recipe

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Servings 4



  • Place nuts in a large cast iron skillet over medium heat
  • Toast 8-10 minutes, stirring frequently, until lightly browned
  • Remove pan from heat
  • In a small bowl combine chili, cumin, black pepper, and salt
  • Stir olive oil, then spice mixture into skillet, coating nuts
  • Serve
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 8 mins
Total Time 18 mins
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High Protein Snacks

I’m always looking for high-protein snacks to keep me satiated. This all-time favorite is also a low-carb, high-protein snack that will keep you full and stave off cravings.

Nuts are Full of Healthy Fat

I love nuts and make sure they’re part of my diet because they’re full of healthy fat. Nuts also fill me up with fiber and don’t leave me hungry.

Are Nuts Good for You?

As the Queen of Almond Flour, I’m often asked, are nuts good for you? The answer is yes. And since they’re high in fat nuts are not only good for you but perfect for the Keto Diet.

Nuts are full of healthy nutrients like DHA, an Omega-3 fatty acid that protects brain health, and much more.

Should I Eat Nuts to Lose Weight?

Although nuts are high in fat and calories, they are a fantastic part of a healthy diet.

Eating nuts regularly has not been associated with weight gain, due to the fact that nuts are so satiating. Further, nuts promote a feeling of fullness that can lead to sustained weight loss.

How To Store Homemade Nuts

I have to admit, there are rarely leftovers of my Keto Low-Carb Spiced Nuts Recipe, however, if there are they can simply be stored in a mason jar.

I’m always sure to store leftovers in glass rather than plastic, for more on that see my post 10 Reasons Glass is Better Than Plastic.

Why Glass

How Long Do Spiced Nuts Keep For?

Your Keto Spiced Nuts will last up to two weeks stored in the refrigerator.

Keto Margarita

Keto Margarita

My Keto Margarita is a hit with my Low-Carb Keto Spiced Nuts!

Low-Carb Keto Snack Recipes

If you’re cutting back on carbs you’ll want to check out a few of my favorite keto snack recipes below.

salt and pepper crackers

Keto Salt and Pepper Crackers

Keto Crackers? Heck yes! My Salt and Pepper Crackers are the perfect stand-alone snack but also make a vehicle for salsa and guacamole.

egg-free keto crackers

Egg-Free Keto Crackers

Guys, it gets better… Keto Crackers that are also Vegan Crackers – no way! My Egg-Free Keto Crackers are delicious with Vegan Spinach Artichoke Dip.

Keto Corn Dog Mini Muffins

Keto Corn Dog Mini Muffins

My Keto Corn Dog Mini Muffins disappear in seconds, no one can resist these little keto bites of delight.

Barbecue Kale Chips

The Best BBQ Kale Chips Recipe

Baby Pantry, now in college, has a friend who loves these Kale Chips so much that he still asks for them every time he’s at our house. They’re like a low-carb potato chip, but better!

Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook

The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook

One of my favorite nuts is the almond. In fact, I wrote an entire book called The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook.

When I’m not cooking with almond flour, making everything from Low-Carb Eggplant Parm to Lemon Bars, I’m snacking on roasted almonds which I keep in my car, to satisfy any snack attacks that may arise.

How to Roast Almonds

How to Roast Almonds

If you’ve never tried roasting your own almonds, be sure to check out my post on How to Roast Almonds, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is, and the flavor is so much better than store-bought.

The Best Low-Carb Keto Spiced Nuts Recipe

What are your favorite low-carb keto snacks? Is there anything you’re looking for? Leave a comment and let me know!

This post is an oldie but goodie from the archives. I first published this Low-Carb Keto Spiced Nuts recipe in 2011.

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paleo cooking from elana's pantry

Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook

Super delicious and extremely easy to make. Absolutely love the combination of flavors! Thanks for sharing such an amazing snack recipe!


154 responses to “Low-Carb Keto Spiced Nuts Recipe”

  1. I’m usually more of a silent reader than a commenter, but i had to say how freakin delicious this recipe is. I ate nearly a whole batch of them yesterday! Beats anything I’ve ever bought in a store. Thank you!

  2. At the advice of my naturopath to treat PCOS and hypothyroidism, I went primal a couple of weeks ago from a pretty SAD. I’ve been a carb junkie, but surprisingly I don’t miss savory carbs at all and have only had moderate sweet carb cravings. I’m doing no sweeteners at all (besides eating a bit of whole fruit) for at least a month, but I’m looking forward to trying some of your recipes as treats when I start eating some sweeteners again!

    Just made the spiced nuts using a combo of almonds, walnuts and sunflower seeds. Added a 1/2 t cinnamon and pinch of nutmeg–YUM!

  3. I’m eating the Specific Carbohydrate Diet for Crohn’s disease and find it almost identical to a paleo diet with just a few minor changes . I find your website invaluable for my dietary needs. I feel much better eating this way and have lost a lot of weight effortlessly. I’ll never go back to my old way of eating.

  4. I went gluten-free 3.5 years ago and have discovered that while I do great with GF whole cooked grains (quinoa, brown rice, etc), I don’t do well if I eat a whole lot of GF flours (even those made from quinoa, brown rice, etc) and xanthan gum. So I bake mostly with almond flour and just bought my first bag of coconut flour to try. I also try to minimize sugar and dairy, and am a vegetarian. Elana’s recipes have been great!

  5. Hi Elana–Although I don’t chime in often, I love your blog. I have a kosher kitchen and appreciate that your recipes are kosher friendly. I don’t have any food sensitivities, but I’m very interested in preparing healthy foods for my family. Your blog is a wonderful resource for me. I’m planning to make these nuts today!

  6. I follow GAPS, grain free, gluten free, soy free, lactose intolerant….The list goes on. I have a long standing auto immune disease and am having to limit my food choices continually. Moving towards Paleo. I have been using Elana’s recipes and am encouraged that there is life after grains. Please keep up the good work.

  7. These are really tasty. I put a couple drops of stevia into the oil before I coated the nuts so that they would be spicy AND a tiny bit sweet. I plan on making these frequently!

  8. I am doing the Paleo diet. It has been very good for my health. I think every one can benefit from gluten-free.

  9. Gluten-free since diagnosed with celiac disease nearly two years ago. Grain-free for four months (and feeling SO MUCH better for it). Now, I’m trying [and so far, failing] to be sugar free.
    Sugar makes me feel bad – and is even tasting bad (metallic somehow), but the stuff is addictive for sure. I have to try much harder…
    I really appreciate your blog. It is so inspirational to realise that being whatever-free isn’t restrictive… rather, it is empowering.
    An ‘excuse’ if you like, to eat good food.
    Thank you.

    • Jana, you are wise to stay away from commercial “gluten-free” products. Besides being expensive, they are often made of nutritionally poor grains and filled with all sorts of things you’d do well to avoid. I know it feels harder doing it on your own as you do, but you are eating better and probably feeling better than you would otherwise.

  10. Like many others have described their diet, I don’t like to label the way i eat. I would say we try to eat very little processed food, not too much added sugar, mostly organic, not too much meat (we focus on getting good quality, local, preferably organic meat). We eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, beans and grains mostly whole (we try not to eat to much wheat).
    I cam across this website while looking for dairy free icing. I loved the simple recipes and the beautiful photography. It also got me interested in different ways of eating.

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