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Ice Cream Sundae Cupcakes

Yesterday was the last day of school for the boys and their friends and we all celebrated on our porch with these fun and festive cupcakes.  Super easy to make and even easier to eat, the boys made a big mess –their faces were covered in yummy deliciousness in the mid day heat.  Then they ran around to our back yard, turned on the sprinkler and jumped on our trampoline.  What a great afternoon!

Here’s how to make your own yummy, gluten free Ice Cream Sunday Cupcakes.  Add a banana to make Banana Split Cupcakes.  You can also set this up buffet style and let the children (and adults) build their own –what fun.

Ice Cream Sundae Cupcakes
Serves: 10 cupcakes
  1. Place cupcakes on a large plate or platter
  2. Place one scoop of ice cream on top of each cupcake
  3. Spoon Whipped Cream Frosting onto ice cream
  4. Top with gluten free sprinkles and finish with a cherry
  5. Serve

Well, cupcake month is coming to an end. But fear not as Naomie over at Milk for the Morning Cake has a lovely roundup called Very Easy Grain Free Chocolate Cupcakes and featured my Flourless Chocolate Cupcakes. And of course you can still find all of my cupcakes recipes at Elana’s Pantry.

In coolness news, Elana’s Pantry is officially hip! I was really happy to see my book mentioned by Melanie Knigge in her feature spot on the Urban Outfitters blog.

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone, and if you’re looking for some good gluten free Memorial Day recipes, look no further, here they are.


  1. Lynn says

    They look sooo.. good but am on SCD (no grains or starches, or chochlate) and need to blender everything currently.
    WOndered about using marzipan or almond paste instead of flour.
    Did see an organic honey sweetened marzipan online.
    Maybe I’ll go make a coconut avacado smoothie with cinnamon and …
    be well

    Lynn D

  2. Lynda says

    I wanted to comment on the chocolate cake. The first three times i made it it fell in the middle, nd i found it sweeter than I like it. I changed the recipe a little and used grade B maple syrup 1/2 cup and also used pam cooking spray on the bottom of the cake pan. I have not had any problems since but the fact that it only lasts a few hours before the kids get into it and it is gone. They eat it without any icing at all some of them put nut butters on it.

  3. says

    Hi. I am an editor for wikiHow who also is gluten intolerant. I have written/transposed a few recipes for gluten free people there. I was wondering if I could have permission to use your recipes with a full reference/citation. wikiHow gets 23 million unique hits a month and could help improve your traffic. It wouldn’t be exactly a cut and paste, but reproducing the article and referencing your site.

    Thank you.

  4. Robin says

    I made the chocolate cupcakes used in this “recipe” earlier this week for the first time; I’ll be making them many more times as they were delicious! Even though the cupcakes are made with coconut flour – which in my experience yields a somewhat dryer and dense cake, these cupcakes were incredibly moist and light. Bravo Elana! My guess is the agave used in the cupcakes is critical to keeping the batter moist and light.

    BTW, the cupcake recipe calls for grapeseed oil, which I was out of, so I used basic canola oil (another very neutral flavor oil) and, as I said, were great. I will however use grapeseed oil on the next batch since that is Elana’s true recipe and since she is the master, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were even better :)

  5. says

    This looks great. I’d also love to see a recipe for ice cream cake which is what I used to get every year for my birthday.

  6. Jenna says

    Oh if only I could eat chocolate! These look and sound so amazing! Someone please eat plenty for me! :)

  7. donna nielsen says

    i am diggin’ the banana split suggestion and am envisioning some gf hot fudge and crushed walnuts with that too ;-)

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