How to Turn Off Your WiFi at Night

Living in a smart house changed my life. EMFs almost killed me. Thankfully, I figured out what was making me so sick and removed the WiFi and many other sources of radio-frequency radiation (RFR) from our home environment.

Eliminate EMFs from Your Home

So many people ask me how to avoid EMFs. The most important thing to do is remove all sources of wireless radiation from your home. For more information on the generators of EMFs, which range from smart meters to digital assistants like Alexa, check out my article called, Simple Steps to Reduce EMFs.

Using WiFi vs Plugging Your Computer Into the Wall

WiFi is another source of EMFs found in the home. If you do remove WiFi from your living environment, you’ll have to plug your computers into the wall. It’s really ugly to have cords everywhere, but being sick all the time isn’t exactly pretty. So this decision was very simple for me. If you’re ready to let go of constant radiation in your healing environment, I can teach you How to Plug Your Computer into the Wall. It’s super easy!

How to Turn Off Your WiFi at Night

If there’s resistance to removing the WiFi from your home entirely, you may want to take a smaller step. You can turn off your WiFi at night. It’s quite simple. All you need to do is put a timer on your router.

Why Use a Timer to Turn Off WiFi?

I’m often asked, why do I need to use a timer to turn off my WiFi? Well, you really don’t. If you prefer to walk over to your WiFi router every night and turn it off that will work too. It’s far easier though to have it on a timer since it will happen automatically and it’s one less thing for you to worry about each day.

How to Control Your Teenagers WiFi Use

Putting your WiFi on a timer will also control your teenager’s use of WiFi at night. Further, if you take away their cell phones at night as I outline in my article called, Kids and Cell Phones, you’ll protect your children even more. For further information see my write up called, Are Cell Phone Dangerous.

Do You Turn Off Your WiFi at Night?

Do you turn off your WiFi at night? Do you still use WiFi in your home? Leave a comment and let me know your strategies for dealing with the toxic damage caused by radio frequency radiation in your home.

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WOW Elana…was not aware of this. My router is in my bedroom. I will now be turning my wifi off at night. Thank you so much for this information!!! LOVE your blog!!!


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  1. Because of environmental illness I have been advised by my doctor to stop using a gas stove. As I have started looking into induction ranges I see that there is some concern about EMFs. What do you think about the safety of induction, and what do you cook on?

      • Heidi, thanks for your comment! I haven’t had any issue with this but our contractors did a great job in venting :-)

  2. I am totally on a new NO EMF journey. Especially since watching Lloyd Burrell’s online summit. There is SO much invisible ‘stuff’ going on and we aren’t even aware. Thank you for posting this info again. Many aren’t aware. My hope is that many, many more will come to the realization of the negative impact/effects of EMF’s, etc!

    • Sabrina, I totally agree and also hope that folks will come to realize the negative impacts of excessive electromagnetic radiation!

  3. Hi Elana, Great article! I unplug my modem from the wall nightly and replug it in when we all wake up. Just want to ask to make sure that is the same thing as turning off the Wifi at night? It is easy to remember to do, it is just part of the routine as much as brushing my teeth. I wish I could make our house completely EMF free, but the rest of my family members would not choose it. Your articles are very informative, thorough, and the recipes are my go-to! Thank you!

  4. I just found the Shungite in the back of a drawer today! Odd. Anyhow it was intended for “enrich water w/fullernes” (very powerful antioxidant) according to the label on it. Has anyone else heard of this? I think I’ll use it like the Kathryn Samuelson suggested.

    Also, would you happen to have a diy for smart Meter cover? Thank you

  5. WOW Elana…was not aware of this. My router is in my bedroom? ? I will now be turning my wifi off at night. Thank you so much for this information!!!!!! LOVE your blog!!!! You rock!? ?

    • Debbie, thanks for your comment! Until I began researching this issue I had no idea how many folks had routers in their bedrooms. And loads of people have told me they put it right under the bed which is not be a good thing either. So glad you are loving my blog :-)

      • Elena, my WIFI is in my spare bedroom, but I have UVerse if I unplug it at night I would have no phone service. I turn off TVs and my cell phone and IPad at night.

        • Mary, I totally understand, that’s why we still use land lines in our house. It’s great that you are turning off everything you can :-)

  6. We bought a device called Circle Disney and use that to control all wifi in the house. It sets bedtimes and limits for kids too. But I like your timer idea! Will definitely look into that. Thanks for your great information ‘

  7. We, too, home have removed all wireless products (Alexa, keyboards and mouses, Apple TV, etc.), smart boxes and dirty electricity…not easy. Even have my cell phone connected by Ethernet .

    Unfortunately just disconnecting WiFi at night is really not enough. Your home needs to be a “safe haven” with absolutely no EMF. It takes 3-4 days to di-sensitize.

    • Sherri, thanks for your comment! I had to do the same and remove EVERYTHING that emitted electromagnetic radiation from our home. Sadly for me it took not 3-4 days to desensitize, but over a year. I’m so glad that you and I are on this healing path together and can compare notes with each other :-)

  8. Thanks for the post, Elana! I will implement some of the things you suggested. I usually put my cellphone and my laptop on airplane mode at night; but I did not know I could put a timer on the WiFi router to reduce the EMF in my apartment. Unfortunately, my partner refuses to take out the computer from our bedroom so hopefully he will agree on turning off the router at night.

    • Elizabeth, thanks for your comment! There can be a lot of fracas between partners about the whole RFR thing, I’m not sure why it’s so divisive! I hope you’ll keep me posted on your progress in reducing your exposure to electromagnetic radiation :-)

  9. Something you can do to help with emfs is to use shungite. It’s a stone that absorbs emfs. I have a piece on my computer tower, a disc on the back of my cell phone case and a piece that I carry in my pocket most days. It would probably be good, come to think of it to move the shungite to the top of the wi-fi box.

    The shungite should be cleared every once in awhile. You can put it in sunlight for a few hours with the intention that it is being cleared.

    • Kathryn, thanks for your comment! I’ve heard some ok things about shungite but still suggest removing as much RFR from your environment as possible rather than using these types of fixes.

  10. Elana,

    Could you please share printable links for this (and the underlying referenced) post(s)?


    • Shari, thanks for your comment! If we make this post printable then we will have to make every post on the site printable according to our web developers. When we do that folks get upset that they’re wasting paper when they print a recipe. Your best bet is to screen shot this post and then print. Sorry I can’t be of more help!!!

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