Avoiding EMFs at the Computer

Wondering how to eliminate EMF exposure from your computer? I’ve been plugging my computer into the wall to get my internet connection for as long as I can remember. That’s because using a hard wired Ethernet connection is more secure and far faster than wireless.

Initially, I didn’t realize that by doing so I was also avoiding a type of EMF called radio frequency radiation, which is the same radiation a microwave emits. I learned the hard way. Thankfully, now I know better. I don’t use a microwave to heat my food, so why would I want to fry my body with it?

How to Eliminate EMF Exposure from Your Computer

If you’ve always wanted to know, “What is a hardwired internet connection?” I’ve got you covered here! All it entails is learning how to use Ethernet, which means plugging your computer into the wall. I want to reiterate that by accessing a hardwired internet connection, you will not be exposed to wireless radiation from your computer. This is what you’ll need.

Ethernet Cords

wed: make amazon post live - https://www.amazon.com/spark/publishThe first piece of equipment that I use to plug my computer into the wall is an Ethernet cord. Actually you’ll need more than one cord. I start with a 10 foot cord that goes from the wall connection to the splitter. The second cord goes from the splitter to my computer and is 7 feet long. We have quite a lot of these cords since we have at least 4 computers that we plug into our splitter for internet access. That’s because we don’t use any WiFi in our home anymore. That’s right, zero.

10 foot Ethernet Cord  connects wall internet access to splitter, buy only one of these cords
7 foot Ethernet Cord  will connect splitter to each of your computers, buy for each computer

Ethernet Splitter

Avoiding EMF's At The Computer SwitchWe use an 8 port Ethernet splitter. Although you can buy a 5 port splitter, I prefer the 8 since the boys sometimes have friends over to do homework and they all need internet access when this occurs. The splitter is essentially like a power strip, but for internet access instead of electricity.

8 Port Ethernet Splitter allows you to hardwire more than one device, buy one of these

Ethernet Adapters

Avoiding EMFs At The Computer AdapterThe final piece of equipment for a hardwired internet connection is an Ethernet adapter. Most computers no longer have a port that the Ethernet can directly connect into, so this little device makes that happen. Different types of computers have different types of ports and below I have linked to 3 options. You’ll need to figure out which type your computer uses. USB is the most common, the majority of computers have this type of port, as shown in the photo. Newer Apple computers require the USB-C adapter. You’ll need to buy one adapter for each computer you have if you want different computers to access the internet simultaneously.

USB to Ethernet Adapter connects each Ethernet cable to a computer via USB
Thunderbolt to Ethernet Adapter connects each Ethernet cable to a computer via Thunderbolt
USB-C to Ethernet Adapter connects each Ethernet cable to a computer via USB-C

Turn off Wireless Computer Settings and Devices

Once you’re set up with the above Ethernet cords and splitter, you’ll have one step left. All you need to do is turn off the wireless settings on your computer. First, turn of the WiFi setting so it does not search for a wireless connection. Then turn off the Bluetooth setting on your computer so it does not search for Bluetooth connections.

This also means eliminating Bluetooth devices such as a wireless mouse or keyboard. You’ll also want to get rid of those adorable wireless speakers you recently bought. We gave ours away when we found out that I had radiation poisoning, also known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome (EHS).

Remember to also unplug the wireless router that you used for internet access.

More Information on EMFs

Research dating back to the 1960s demonstrates that certain types of EMFs known as radio frequency radiation, or microwaves, can cause blood brain barrier disruption (BBBD).1, 2 Since that is also a common occurrence with traumatic brain injury (TBI), using hard wired connections may speed up your healing if you’ve suffered from a concussion, TBI, or any other disease that involve permeability of the blood brain barrier (BBB).


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  1. Hi Elana!
    I purchased everything needed to do the ethernet connection and then realized they don’t fit into my wall… there are only connections for a landline cord, not an ethernet cable. Do you happen to have an article on what to do in this case? Thanks so much for your help and your articles!

    • Erica, I don’t know if there are phone jack to ethernet adapters, I haven’t looked into that, you may want to call your ISP provider, or you could look at where your internet router is and rig up super long ethernet cables from that port :-)

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