Avoiding EMFs at the Computer

Wondering how to eliminate EMF exposure from your computer? I’ve been plugging my computer into the wall to get my internet connection for as long as I can remember. That’s because using a hard wired Ethernet connection is more secure and far faster than wireless.

Initially, I didn’t realize that by doing so I was also avoiding a type of EMF called radio frequency radiation, which is the same radiation a microwave emits. I learned the hard way. Thankfully, now I know better. I don’t use a microwave to heat my food, so why would I want to fry my body with it?

How to Eliminate EMF Exposure from Your Computer

If you’ve always wanted to know, “What is a hardwired internet connection?” I’ve got you covered here! All it entails is learning how to use Ethernet, which means plugging your computer into the wall. I want to reiterate that by accessing a hardwired internet connection, you will not be exposed to wireless radiation from your computer. This is what you’ll need.

Ethernet Cords

wed: make amazon post live - https://www.amazon.com/spark/publishThe first piece of equipment that I use to plug my computer into the wall is an Ethernet cord. Actually you’ll need more than one cord. I start with a 10 foot cord that goes from the wall connection to the splitter. The second cord goes from the splitter to my computer and is 7 feet long. We have quite a lot of these cords since we have at least 4 computers that we plug into our splitter for internet access. That’s because we don’t use any WiFi in our home anymore. That’s right, zero.

10 foot Ethernet Cord  connects wall internet access to splitter, buy only one of these cords
7 foot Ethernet Cord  will connect splitter to each of your computers, buy for each computer

Ethernet Splitter

Avoiding EMF's At The Computer SwitchWe use an 8 port Ethernet splitter. Although you can buy a 5 port splitter, I prefer the 8 since the boys sometimes have friends over to do homework and they all need internet access when this occurs. The splitter is essentially like a power strip, but for internet access instead of electricity.

8 Port Ethernet Splitter allows you to hardwire more than one device, buy one of these

Ethernet Adapters

Avoiding EMFs At The Computer AdapterThe final piece of equipment for a hardwired internet connection is an Ethernet adapter. Most computers no longer have a port that the Ethernet can directly connect into, so this little device makes that happen. Different types of computers have different types of ports and below I have linked to 3 options. You’ll need to figure out which type your computer uses. USB is the most common, the majority of computers have this type of port, as shown in the photo. Newer Apple computers require the USB-C adapter. You’ll need to buy one adapter for each computer you have if you want different computers to access the internet simultaneously.

USB to Ethernet Adapter connects each Ethernet cable to a computer via USB
Thunderbolt to Ethernet Adapter connects each Ethernet cable to a computer via Thunderbolt
USB-C to Ethernet Adapter connects each Ethernet cable to a computer via USB-C

Turn off Wireless Computer Settings and Devices

Once you’re set up with the above Ethernet cords and splitter, you’ll have one step left. All you need to do is turn off the wireless settings on your computer. First, turn of the WiFi setting so it does not search for a wireless connection. Then turn off the Bluetooth setting on your computer so it does not search for Bluetooth connections.

This also means eliminating Bluetooth devices such as a wireless mouse or keyboard. You’ll also want to get rid of those adorable wireless speakers you recently bought. We gave ours away when we found out that I had radiation poisoning, also known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome (EHS).

Remember to also unplug the wireless router that you used for internet access.

More Information on EMFs

Research dating back to the 1960s demonstrates that certain types of EMFs known as radio frequency radiation, or microwaves, can cause blood brain barrier disruption (BBBD).1, 2 Since that is also a common occurrence with traumatic brain injury (TBI), using hard wired connections may speed up your healing if you’ve suffered from a concussion, TBI, or any other disease that involve permeability of the blood brain barrier (BBB).


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  1. Hi Elana, How do you find out definitively if you have EHS? What were your symptoms? I know no EMF’s are healthy for any of us, but some people are affected or more sensitive than others. Most of the stores except for little mom and pop shops, airports and restaurants have internet. Anywhere you go there are cell towers and if you’re around people, most of them have cell phones. How can we limit exposure outside our homes? Even when I visit my mother who doesn’t have internet I can get a signal from her neighbor. Also important to let people know about is the wireless hard line phones, the ones that have the little bases where you charge your phone which you can then walk anywhere through your house with. Aren’t they just as bad as cell phones but most don’t know that? I’m on a long journey to cure chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, brain fog/concentration issues and have come a LONG way with my Functional Medicine doctor and radically changing my diet and lifestyle. I actually have about 70% of my life back! I still have constant, somewhat debilitating ‘humming, buzzing, vibrating throughout my body which I can also hear…the last main vestige of my illness. I’ve never heard or read of anyone else with this. I’m sure it’s exacerbated by EMF’s but I was ‘buzzing’ long before internet and cell phones were commonplace. So, I was wondering what you do outside of your home to limit your exposure, if anything.
    I want to thank you for your presence in Elanaspantry.com, on instagram, youtube and in the wonderful books you write. You have become a ‘go to’ resource for me on my wellness journey! You not only get incredible recipes and information out there but you do it well and beautifully, your photography is amazing. Thank you, Elana!

    • Tricia, thanks so much for your amazing comment! There are several blood markers which can indicate EHS and I will be writing about them more in the future so stay tuned. Yes, airports, restaurants, grocery stores and other public places can have a lot of radio frequency radiation (RFR) and there is not much we can do about it. When I have choices I make sure to go to low RFR locations. For example when I go to a gym or out for tea I choose places that have less radiation and bring my meter with me, though I measure on the down-low (DL) so as not to cause a commotion. And finally, yes on the cordless phones, I included a write up on them here:


      I’m so glad we’re on this healing path together!

    • I thought I was going crazy. I have been buzzing, vibrating for a couple of years now. I keep detoxing. I am slowing feeling myself again.

  2. Thank you for writing this! am going to experiment turning off the WiFi and see how it goes. Didn’t know how to plug in my new computer though, the old one plugged right in

    • Cara, thanks for your comment! I hope this information is helpful in plugging your new computer into the wall for internet :-)

  3. Elana thank you so much for this information. I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes almost a year ago at age 42. As I’m sure you are aware, it is not common to get that diagnosis as an adult. Your post about protecting yourself while using the computer (and it lead me to your post on cell phone use) has me wondering if I need to make drastic changes. One thing that is really concerning to me is that I am now using a continuious glucose monitor that is inserted on my stomach and blue tooths the information to my iPhone. This is something that I definitely need to research. Have you come across anything about this particular technology in your research? Thank you again for all the research you have done!

    • Laura, thanks for your comment and so sorry to hear about your T1 diagnosis. I eliminated all bluetooth from our home because I did not feel well when I was around it. I’ll soon be writing on ways to measure wireless devices so that you can keep yourself safe! Stay tuned :-)

  4. I’m in the camp of fighting the technology age. I have succeeded in unplugging the wireless tv in my bedroom and placing devices in airplane mode. But, I feel like we are so bombarded everywhere. My daughter’s school is a “smart school” and we live in an age where everyone we cross paths with has a device on them. Since reading your first article on this subject, I’ve made changes that I could and I am more in tune to noticing how it affects me. I notice that I get vertigo and become disoriented when shopping in big chain stores or cosmetic stores that have tons of fluorescent lighting (I have read the lights act like antennas of sorts to EMF’s). I try to avoid those stores whenever possible. There’s a large camp that think we need tin foil hats, but I really believe all of the EMF’s we are exposed to will bring the next round of what could have been preventable illnesses. They certainly seem to exacerbate my current chronic illness, so I wish donning a tin foil hat would help!!

    • Melissa, the telecom industry spends around $100 million per year on lobbying and they are a powerful force that is trying to discredit scientists and the views of folks like you and me. Still, we need to push forward in standing up for our health, the health of our families, and work to prevent what could become one of the biggest public health crises of our time. I’m glad you and I are in this together! There are more of us working for a positive outcome regarding wireless technology than we might think :-)

  5. I am very interested in all of this. I believe it’s the next frontier of awareness we must achieve in stemming the tide of chronic illness. I personally feel stuck in changing my personal situation and am wondering if other mothers in particular are experiencing this. My husband firmly does not believe wireless is a hazard and is very fond of it. My step sons play video games on a console and watch streaming video on their phones the majority of each day — they are here 14 out of 28 days a month. I am unable to control that while living together… I’ve tried and it’s too emotionally disruptive. We have 5 televisions in a 2,700 sq foot house, all with AT&T boxes. We have 2 iPads… one of which I bought so that I can start working and blogging in areas of my home other than the office. We have landlines but wireless headsets. I’m sure we have a smart meter, as do our neighbors and we live in a patio home with 10′ between residences. Our music is all wireless, through iphones. The best I feel I can do right now is so minimal: 1) turn my cell and iPad to airplane mode as often as possible (yet I strangely still get texts); 2) No longer use my cell as an alarm clock but my husband uses his as one; 3) I believe our computer is wired but our printer is not and that is a fight; and 4) always use speaker mode or wired headphones (which our boys do at least). Yet our exposure seems very high and we have a 7 yr old daughter. I fight her time on iPad and TV… it makes me the constant bad guy in the house as I am not supported in this, and her teenage brothers have free reign. To top it off, their is a cell tower less than 100 yards from our elementary school! I am overwhelmed and unable to convince my husband that this is real… he discounts any article I send because the body of evidence is not with us and he adores his technology toys. Is anyone going through this and can advise how I may mitigate for my daughter and myself in this environment? I am working to earn money that will help us easily afford changes but I’m not winning the arguments. I imagine I am not alone.

    • Lisa, thanks for your comment! Yes, I have noticed that women seem to be more sensitive and at the cutting edge of all this. We had a bit of a similar dynamic at points when I was removing all of the wireless tech from our home. Let’s just say I was NOT popular with my husband and our 2 teenage boys for months on end! Just fyi, 70% of the research to date points to wireless tech as being incredibly harmful, so the information is out there, but the telecom industry is spending around $100 million per year lobbying congress and spends just as much funding studies that have their desired outcome. Here’s more info:


      I hope you’ll keep me posted on your progress!

      • I wonder if the fact that women are more sensitive to stress in general, as a means of determining whether or not reproducing at a certain time is a good idea (biologically speaking :) ) plays a role in our apparent increased sensitivity to EMF’s. Our higher sensitivity to stress means that our bodies respond to stress more acutely, we’re more prone to autoimmune diseases, hormonal dis-regulation, HPA axis dysfunction (adrenal fatigue), etc.

        My breaker box is IN my bedroom. I try not to think about it. Although I suppose it would make shutting off the electricity to my room that much easier :)

  6. I’ve been trying to do just this at the house, but my question is about location of user. If my son needs or wants to do his homework in one are of the house and I usually have my laptop in the breakfast nook area, how does one deal with that? I’ve read about those plug ins- can’t recall the name now but it’s in my Amazon cart until further notice ;) That you can do this with but I believe you still have to have your router/modem hooked up. I hope that makes sense??

    • Lily, you can avoid using WiFi in your house by plugging your computer into the wall wherever there is a connection. If you don’t have wall connections you can run cable wherever you need them :-)

  7. Great post! We do the same at home. Do you know about using shielded Ethernet cables to reduce electric fields as well?

  8. I have a hard-wired computer & use ethernet; then after reading your article, I realized the WiFi was still on! Just turned it off … THANKS! Maybe that will also solve some of the internet connectivity problems I’ve been having recently.

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