Brazil Nut Milk

Brazil Nut Milk is rocking my world. This dairy-free milk tastes just like the real thing according to my older son. I think this nut milk recipe is the bomb. Brazil Nut Milk is a fabulous dairy alternative. It’s creamy, smooth, and easy to make, with only 3 ingredients.

I serve Brazil Nut Milk with my paleo, grain-free Mulberry Granola. It’s also delicious on top of Paleo Porridge, or in Dandelion Coffee. If you miss cookies and milk, try my Primal Chocolate Chip Cookies and a glass of this incredible dairy-free milk!

Brazil nuts not only taste great, they are super healthy. Loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals, Brazil nuts are a fantastic source of selenium which protects cells from damage and can lower the risk of certain cancers. Brazil nuts also lower LDL cholesterol, the “bad” cholesterol.

If you’ve been wondering how to make nut milk, you’ll love this delightfully easy brazil nut milk recipe!

Brazil Nut Milk

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Servings 4 cups



  • Soak brazil nuts and vanilla bean in a large bowl of water for 8 hours
  • Discard soaking water, and rinse brazil nuts and vanilla bean
  • Blend brazil nuts, vanilla bean, and 4 cups of water in a vitamix
  • Use a nut milk bag to strain pulp from milk, save pulp for another use
  • Serve
Prep Time 5 mins
Soak Time 8 hours
Total Time 8 hrs 5 mins
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This milk is similar to a whole milk (as opposed to skim or low-fat). If you’d like to make it a little less creamy, simply increase the water in the recipe from 4 cups to 5. If you’re looking to use the leftover pulp from this recipe, try my pulp crackers.

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69 responses to “Brazil Nut Milk”

  1. Elana, I am a huge fan and long time user of your web site. I love your style, it is easy to follow, simple to make and always turns out great. I, too, have been healing from a long term illness. My story is a success story and I am so grateful. 4 years ago I was unable to work and was in constant, totally debilitating pain. This had been going on for 14 years prior with varying degrees of severity. After having seen everyone (meaning EVERYONE!) for a solution, I came across one and have been on that protocol ever since. My dietary needs change but the one thing that is constant is little to no grains and absolutely no wheat, corn, soy ect. I tend to augment your recipes to fit what I can use, what I have around and what is easy to pull together. My top go to recipes are: chocolate chip cookies (made in a bar), brownies, coconut bars, and muffins- either the lemon poppyseed or blueberry augmented with nuts or added cranberries. I made the most amazing batch of your honey cake with the addition of some wild roses I had harvested and made oil out of- they made the most delicious cake. The oil went into a batch of lotion. All of it filled my sensual appetite! I, too, love having savory dishes around as much as my husband loves having the sweets nearby. You asked what people were looking for in terms of this and I wanted to pipe in. Today, I am prepping for a trip- I always need to think about food for travel and orienting, not relying on eating wherever I go until I can find something. I am wanting a quiche that can be made in cupcake holders. I have done this before and there are other recipes out there but I have a hunch you will perfect it. Please! In fact, this type of thing- binder + veggies + small portable portion could be a number of recipes. I hope that is helpful to you. Thank you, you are a household name and I can not recommend you to enough people!

    • Hi Kate, I have made ‘portable mini fritattas’ many times.I line a typical cupcake/muffin pan with foil cupcake liners from the local grocery store. Place the foil liners in each of the muffin tins in the pan. Then you can make the mini-fritattas one of two ways: 1) in a large bowl mix up all your veggies, meats, spices or any ingredients you’s like to have in the fritatta and add egg whites or scrambled eggs. Than using a 1/2-cup measuring cup scoop the mixture into the foil cupcake liners. You can top them with a little cheese, if you eat dairy. Then bake them at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes until they are firm to the touch. Take them out of the oven and let cool for 5 minutes. Then transfer them to cool on a baking rack. They are delish! They freeze well and travel well in a tupperware or similar type of container. Some ideas for combinations include – onion/mushroom/red pepper, spinach/salmon/bell pepper, brocolli/scallion/cheese, etc. etc. Enjoy!

  2. This looks really easy! I buy almond milk and I didn’t know that it could be made so easily. I will definitely try to make it myself and I will also give a chance to this brazil nut version. I haven’t even heard about this kind of milk so it will be something new for my family as well. I’m always glad to find gluten-free homemade substitutions so that I know for sure that my food is absolutely gluten-free. I’m worried so much because lately I’ve discovered that restaurants which are said to be gluten-free don’t really have to be. Did you know? I was very surprised! Thank you once again for your milk recipes! ;)

  3. I, also, was worried about the toxicity of eating too many Brazil nuts. Does anyone have any info on this? Otherwise it sounds wonderful.

    • I would also like to know, I have read that you should only eat one or two Brazil nuts a day as to not overdose on selenium..maybe a blend of almonds and Brazil nuts would work as an alternative.

      • Carol, yes, selenium toxicity is a real thing so I wouldn’t guzzle tons of this milk every single day. But it’s good to rotate foods anyway :-)

  4. I’ve been wanting to try Brazil nut milk for a while. Currently, I’m obsessed with homemade cashew milk. Not only is it tasty, but cashews are a relatively cheap nut (compared to almonds and Brazil nuts). One day, though…Brazil nut milk!

  5. This looks great! I’m always looking for a really creamy alternative. Sometimes I get tired of Almond milk and coconut milk. I must try! thank you

  6. Oh this looks delicious! I’ve been searching for a milk alternative for a long time and this looks super simple to make. Thanks for sharing!

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