Primal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Primal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Primal Chocolate Chip Cookies are made with high protein almond flour and  naturally sweetened with honey. This incredible grain-free cookie is made with just 7 ingredients and will knock your socks off! No one will know this is a healthy cookie recipe!

There are so many forms of the grain-free diet. Primal. Paleo. Specific Carbohydrate Diet. GAPS. Call it what you want. I began the grain-free diet in 2001. I have adhered to it religiously ever since. When I began, I followed the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. And ever since then, I’ve been strictly grain-free. This is not a fad for me. It’s a way of life. When I started the grain-free diet, people thought the gluten-free diet was freakish.

Now there are so many of us on paleo diets. We’re gluten-free. We’re grain-free. We’re definitely not freaks. Now we’re merely a bit ahead of the curve. It wasn’t always like that.

The almond flour cookie recipe that I share with you today for a paleo chocolate chip cookie reminds me of the way I used to bake a decade ago. When I used honey quite often in my recipes. Call them what you want. Argue with what they’re called. It’s all semantics anyway. And I promise you. I won’t argue back. I just want you to enjoy the cookies.

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Primal Chocolate Chip Cookies
  1. Combine almond flour, salt, and baking soda in a food processor
  2. Pulse in shortening, honey, and vanilla until dough forms
  3. Remove blade from processor and stir in chocolate chunks by hand
  4. Scoop dough one level tablespoon at a time onto a parchment paper lined baking sheet
  5. Press balls of dough down gently
  6. Bake at 350° for 6-8 minutes
  7. Cool for 15 minutes (do not handle prior or cookies will break)
  8. Serve

If you want to make changes to this paleo cookie recipe, please do. Just leave a comment below to let us know how your substitutions and alterations turn out. I can’t do the testing for you. I’ve got two boys, and they keep me real busy. And they like to eat cookies that I bake from scratch. These cookies. Gluten-free cookies. Easy chocolate chip cookies. It just seems that all is right in the world when young men sit at the table eating cookies. So go ahead, enjoy the cookies!

What changes and substitutions will you make to these cookies to custom tailor them to your special diet needs? How do you think they’ll turn out?

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  1. Ginger Emme says

    These cookies are delicious and my kids really enjoyed them as well. We actually had to hind them from my spouse or there would not have been enough for their lunches:)
    I’ve enjoyed making a lot of your recipes. My daughter’s favorite is the poppy seed muffins!

    Ginger E.

  2. Christine says

    Well mine didn’t exactly look like Elana’s but they were ok. I didn’t have a food processor so I tried mixing the ingredients in my Vitamix, that didn’t work so I put everything in a bowl. It was very dry so I added more shortening (I used Coconut Oil) and a little bit of freshly made rice milk and water just to get the ingredients to bind. I also used baking powder instead of soda…. wonder if this made the difference. I cooked them for longer than 8 mins, more like 10 to 12 so they looked golden brown (probably my old oven needed more cooking time), I let them cool for 15 mins before handling them. . I’ll try this again at some point because I cannot imagine wasting the almond milk pulp.

  3. Trisha says

    I love these cookies. I started a gluten free lifestyle about 4 years ago. As a type -1 diabetic I love the fact that these are very low on the glycemic index and don’t raise my blood sugars . Thanks for sharing this recipe! Yummy

  4. Trish says

    Amazingly good cookies! Even my wheat-flour, cane-sugar loving husband liked them. I substituted coconut oil for the palm shortening, coconut sugar for the honey, and added 2 eggs. We’ll make them again!

  5. AnneB says

    I used coconut sugar (same amount as the honey) plus an egg. Turned out awesome! A little darker than with honey which is what my kids wanted for this batch.

  6. Lucy says

    I made these and they came out delicious! I used coconut oil instead and used grade B maple syrup! This is my 3rd time making them and my kids love them! Thanks Elana!

  7. Dianna says

    I really enjoyed these cookies, as did my whole family !! I made them from Bob’s Red Mill, Almond Meal / Flour (blanched almonds) and used 3/4 cup of an erythritol and stevia blend to make it sugar free. Used butter instead of palm oil, since I don’t keep that on hand. I had to bake them for 11 minutes total. They were very tasty and had a hearty soft/crisp cookie texture.

  8. Nedaviah says

    I substituted regular Crisco shortening instead of the palm shortening. Absolutely divine!!! They were Perfect for Passover!

    • Lisa says

      Please consider eliminating Crisco from your kitchen. Palm shortening, coconut oil and butter are better options for health. 😃

  9. says

    WOW!!! These are really good. I love chocolate chip cookies, but am gluten free and dairy free and after trying out recipes for over a year, these are first cookies that I’ve really liked. Thanks!!

  10. says

    I just made these and used Spectrum Butter Flavored Palm Shortening and they were wonderful. A great spring break recipe on this rainy and possibly snowy day in Milwaukee.

  11. Eva says

    I substituted the palm shortening with organic extra virgin Coconut Oil. Delicious! The coconut flavor is not to overpowering but enough to taste.

  12. Ellie says

    I had to adjust some of the ingredients due to my malabsorption syndrome, so I substituted the oil for organic unsweetened applesauce (same ratio) and used Lilly’s dark dark chocolate chips (no sugar, unsweetened chocolate with stevia). This revision works best for my body and is delicious!! I also added one scoop of egg white protein powder and decreased the amount of almond flour by 1/4. Delicious!

  13. Ryan says

    I tried making these again and I find it totally unbelievable that using the original recipe the ingredients make a dough that can be formed into a cookie. I even melted the shortening this time and it still didnt make a dough. I added one egg and that finally makes the ingredients into a dough.

    Would like to hear from someone on how these ingredients become dough?

  14. Beth says

    These were my very first try at a healthier cookie and they were absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much for a great recipe and for the hope that healthy treats can be delicious!

  15. Michelle says

    Hallelujah! There is life and delicious baked goods after giving up grains and dairy! :)
    Thanks for another wonderful recipe, Elana!

  16. Ryan says

    Using the ingredients in the recipe my “dough” was little clumps that looked like a bowl of breadcrumbs. I only have a hand mixer but I still can’t fathom how these ingredients come together and make a dough. I added in 1 tablespoon butter and 1 egg and I then had the dough I expected. Tasted great.

  17. says

    I love anything with almonds and chocolate…..These look simple and delicious. In fact I’m so hungry after looking at the recipes on your site I think I’m going to make these right now :)

  18. Sue says

    I loved the taste of these. Very yummy! Definitely took care of my cookie craving, but mine look like lumps and not pretty like the ones in the picture. Did I do something wrong?

  19. Nicole C says

    I am obsessed with these cookies! My whole family enjoys them too. Kids age 5 and 3. I love how the recipes only calls for 2 Tablespoons of honey and it is so simple to make. I substituted the palm shortening for lard and it turned out great! I seriously cannot wait to make these again.

  20. Barbara Lepley says

    I recently found out I’m allergic to yeast, dairy, coffee, tomatoes and black pepper. Would the Paleo diet work for me?

  21. Jennifer says

    This is similar to the recipe Elana gave to the almond flour folks – but using grapeseed oil instead of shortening. I’ve also used lite olive oil (the kind meant for baking) with great success. Seriously, they taste like the normal chocolate chip cookies ala tollhouse … only better. Everyone loves them!

  22. Jennifer says

    First, I would like to say thank you to Elana’s Pantry. I have a little girl with a gluten and grain intolerance, and most recently, dairy. I have had a tough time adjusting to a new way of cooking and eating. Elana, your “pantry” has been so informative and helpful in our journey to bring our little one into better health.
    I would also like to respond to Zosia’s question…should you choose to, you can speak with your doctor about having an Assay done. It’s a blood test that specifically looks for your sensitivity to, all grains individually. The doc can also test for “leaky gut” which may be an indicator that you are not tolerating dairy-even if you do not have any symptoms of dairy intolerance. Best of luck to you.

  23. Tracy Gale says

    I use the non dairy, no gluten chocolate chips and use some cinnamon and sometimes some nutmeg to spice it up a bit. I also use coconut oil. Great recipe!

  24. Ailie says

    My absolute favorite thing to do with these cookies, now hold your breath here, is to add bacon drippings. I cook my (pasture raised & organic) bacon extra crispy in the oven (@300) and drain off the fat every 15 minutes for 45min-hour. I add the drippings instead of butter or oil, then I chop up a piece of crispy bacon, add it to my chocolate chips, and… Oh my god. Best EVER! x

  25. Emilie says


    I am a french woman and I have discovered your blog through a french blog (I dont’remember which one) while I was looking for a gluten free bread recipe…
    Since then I have tested several of your wonderful receipe ( sesam crackers, nut carckers, bread, pumkin muffin, Karot kugel and so many others) ! Each time it is a full sucess, it is always very easy to cook and so tasty! So this time, eating my primal cookie I have to thank you!

    I am addicted! :)

  26. Lexi says

    These cookies are so so amazing. Use bobs red mills almond flour for moist cookies. These are better than regular chocolate chip cookies. I cannot keep my family away from them! My 5 year old is begging me to make them for her school Halloween party!

  27. MamaCassi says

    Just looked up this recipe again for a frame for some lemon cookies i was craving!

    everything the same (used coconut oil for shortening) and added zest from 2 organic lemons to the cookies. added one egg (we love eggs in everything) and other than that stuck to the recipe w/out chocolate chips.

    used some lemon juice frosting i had made for a practice (gluten-free) wedding cake i’m making, and made lemon sandwich cookies.

    i froze 4! pretty proud of that!

    lemon, my new favorite baking flavor!

  28. Mari Ann says

    I’ve been using Lakanto (purchase through body ecology) sugar substitute in everything. Tastes great made from monk fruit. I try to stay away from all honey, maple syrup etc.., since it still has sugar grams in it. Don’t understand how that’s paleo! Dates maybe. I’ll let you know how they turn out!

  29. Linda says

    These are fabulous! I’m going to make them when my super-critical-don’t-make-my-baked-goods-healthy college son comes home. I am pretty sure they will pass his judgement! Thanks for all your wonderful recipes.

  30. Marcia says

    We are a small family going grain-free due to my Type II diabetes. I decided to try these cookies for a get-together; wanted something a little special and out of our ordinary diet. They are just great!

    BTW, I used Enjoy Life chocolate chips.

  31. Christy says

    Yum! This is the first low carb recipe for biscuits I have found that is like the real thing! I used butter instead of the palm oil shortening and 1/4 of a teaspoon of “Better stevia” powder instead of honey and they turned out great – I made these for my children to have instead of the packet biscuits the other children get at playgroup but I think I may need to freeze them in portion sizes so I don’t eat them all!

  32. Georgia says

    Hi, just wondering if anyone had substituted the vegan palm oil shortening with coconut oil? I read on another forum that it can be substituted… just wondering if it’s been successful for anyone? Thanks!

  33. Dawn says

    Can anyone tell me how to keep my almond flour cookies and muffins from getting to soft? It seems within 24 hours of baking then absorb ambient moisture and lose their “fresh from the oven” crunch.

  34. Jonna says

    Hi Elana,

    Firstly I would like to thank you for all the amazing recipes! I’ve got all your books and have used your recipes for years and shared them with my friends and family!
    I would like to ask you, if you have ever tried Rice Malt Syrup in baking as a sweetener? I have recently tried to cut out fructose from my diet and found out Rice malt syrup is a good replacement instead of Agave or honey, which I have been using for years. I have not yet tried it in baking myself.

  35. Kristin says

    Yummm! Used organic butter and left out chocolate chips. Instead melted the chocolate and dipped one side of the flattened cookie and then froze them. I got 24 small cookies out of a batch. Thanks!!!

  36. Angela says

    I made these cookies the other day using regular shortening, and they were absolutely the best non-traditional cookie I have ever tasted! I shared them with some co-workers, and everyone loved them. Next time I will substitute the shortening with coconut oil or coconut butter.

  37. says

    This is a great recipe, but I do have one concern. Does anyone know whether using almond flour is ACTUALLY a better alternative to normal flour? The way I see it is instead of the grain based carbs (traditional flour), you’re getting a lot of unsaturated fat in the process, which is then exposed to the heat?. Thoughts, anyone?

  38. Sommer says

    I made these and they turned out excellent! Not always an easy feat baking paleo at altitude but I can always trust Elana since I too live in Colorado. I added 11/2 tbsp raw organic coco powder and 1/4 tsp of peppermint to ours and wow!! I also had to up the honey because of the bitterness of the coco but I just eyeballed it sorry.

  39. becky says

    Hi thanks so much for the wonderful recipe!

    Here are my substitutions: (warning i only made a half batch, so all measurements are based on a half batch!)
    Because I am not completely Paleo, I substituted 25% of the flour for vanilla flavored protein powder. Then the dough wasnt holding together well so I added 1 egg white and 1 teaspoon more of coconut oil. I halfed the honey with stevia. This gave me very soft delicious cookies!!

  40. Planetpj says

    These cookies are so good! I can’t stop eating them :). FYI, I substituted butter for the shortening. Yum!

  41. says

    I want you to know that since I found out I was severely intolerant of eggs last year, this is one of the only cookie recipes I use anymore! It’s nice to be able to eat a chocolate cookie once in a while. Thank you.

    My daughter and I adopted different degrees of the grain free lifestyle when she was diagnosed with a serious digestive illness a little over 5 years ago. After being on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet for just about 3 weeks, most of her symptoms had vanished! We too have transitioned to a more Paleo like lifestyle since then.

    People who haven’t lived with severe food sensitivities have no idea that the gluten free and grain free lifestyles are not fads. They don’t realize it’s a much healthier way to eat because they haven’t witnessed the benefits with their own eyes. With the popularity of Paleo, though, many people are figuring it all out, one bite at a time.

    Thank you so much for making our lives just a little bit sweeter!

  42. Lacey says

    I subbed coconut oil (same amount) and was worried because the raw dough seemed SO oily.. I also used a dark chocolate almond/sea salt bar for the chips (broke it up and pulsed it in food processor to combine). They turned out perfect. I would consider cutting back on the oil next time by a tablespoon, but who knows, I could have lost count;) great, simple recipe.

  43. says

    Hi, these were fantastic! & I sub’ the honey for 1tbs agave and used coconut oil instead of the shortening :) thx for sharing!

  44. Helene Lopes says

    I would like to incorporate flax meal into cookies for the grand babies. How do I add or subtract the other ingredients?

  45. The Food Coach says

    Just made these last night. I substituted the plam oil for some grass-fed butter. I used 85% chocolate too. I have to say, wow. Just what I needed. I’m a paleo girl and coach and these are perfect little snacks with the cold Colorado weather we’ve been getting! Thank you Elana!!

  46. Laura says

    These are wonderful cookies.

    Last year the recipe called for 2 teaspoons of soda, now it is 1/2 teaspoon. Does it matter? (I got the recipe again to print for a friend.)

    Using a tablespoon to measure, I do get about 30 cookies, using 2 teaspoons soda.

  47. Kris says

    I feel like a traitor (I love Elana’s recipes!) but I tinkered a bit with this recipe because I really like the texture of baked goods when coconut and almond flours are mixed, as opposed to using just one of the flours as this recipe specified. The results were amazing so I will share my alterations:
    2 cups almond flour Minus 3 Tablespoons
    1 1/2 Tablespoons coconut flour
    3 Tablespoons honey (instead of 2)
    1/4 cup coconut oil at room temp (i.e. solid)
    1/4 cup mini chocolate chips
    All other ingredients, mixing methods and cooking temp remained the same. I formed the dough into one tablespoon round balls, flattening slightly. They baked for 8-10 mins. The neighborhood kids totally destroyed these, as did the husbands!

  48. Noah says

    Made these and they were great! I added toasted Cocoa Nibs and they were amazing. Crunchy like a nut but with the flavor of bittersweet chocolate.

  49. Dianela says

    i made half the recipe, using coconut oil, in about 4 minutes. they took 6 mins to bake. had me a batch of deliciou guilt free cookes in 10 minutes flat. they came out soft vs crispy… which was fine with me.

  50. says

    This is now my favorite cookie recipe and I’ve shared this site with so many people who are trying to follow a gluten-free and/or vegan diet and my whole family is now addicted and my mother-in-law makes these cookies almost weekly. Thank you so much for sharing:)

  51. phyllis says

    thank you for this awesome recipe elana :) I made them today but I used regular almond meal, that was not blanched, and butter instead of the shortening – and they turned out delish. my first chocolate chip cookies in a very long time and the first gluten/grain free version I ever made. thank you, I love your website and recipes, you are so creative and the way you deal with MS is so inspirational for all of us dealing with autoimmune disease. greetings from germany, phyllis <3

  52. says

    I just made these today as a surprise treat for my hubby for tomorrow for Valentine’s day. We hardly ever eat cookies anymore since going grain-free and sugar free (we do have cheat days). We are following the Smarter Science of Slim way of eating and have been feeling great. BUT I miss COOKIES!

    So my adaptions: I halved the recipe because I just wasn’t sure.

    1 TB Xylitol instead of honey. Coconut oil instead of palm oil only because that is what I had. I did treat us to real chocolate chips. I had to add a couple teaspoons of almond milk as the batter was just too dry.

    They are delish! Can’t wait to surprise him tomorrow in his lunchbox.

    Thank you.

  53. Ann-Marie says

    I think this was the best CC cookie I made since I have up wheat. I used half honey and half maple syrup and added a little vanilla coconut palm sugar. I was worried because the dough looked a little crumbly so I added 1/2 an egg. They’re a hit!

  54. Holly says

    I made these cookies tonight and they turned out perfect. I substituted the shortening for butter, added one egg, used 80% dark chocolate for the chips (only 6 grams of sugar in half a bar and it’s so rich I only needed to chop up a 1/4 of the bar). I also substituted stevia for the honey as I am closely watching my sugar intake. I took the cookies out of the oven just before they were totally cooked through…I find it best to let them finish cooking out of the oven, otherwise they’re a touch too dry.

  55. Rowan says

    I find it really helps the cookies keep their shape if you put the cookie sheet in the freezer with the balls of cookie dough on it for about 5 minutes.
    These are also really yummy with butter as an oil substitute. I’m about to try them with coconut oil, too.
    They’re amazing!

  56. fbikat says

    i made almond milk today and so i used 1 cup of the leftover pulp (strained really well) and 1 cup of almond flour. i also substituted the palm shortening with coconut oil. the cookies turned out wonderfully.

  57. Juniper Rain says

    I just made these cookies (literally) and they are AMAZING!! I wish i had a picture to show you but they came out even more beautiful than the picture shown!! I added a couple things and i substituted a bit as well.. so for the substitution i used earth balance coconut spread 1:1.. and then i added some fresh powdered ginger probably about 2-3tbsp.. then about 1tsp cinn.. and then maybe close to a tsp. of cream of tartar. beautiful and delicious ginger-esk cookies.. also i used local wildflower honey.. adds a great flavor!!

    • Juniper Rain says

      did you let them set for the 15mins? also i think usuing coconut oil subbed in for the palm oil shortening the coconut oil is a bit denser and would cause a heavier cookie.. sorry they didn’t set up for you!

  58. Stephanie says

    This was my first time baking these cookies. The flavor is great but they turned out really mushy, almost as if i hadn’t cooked them at all. The only thing i did different, was no parchment paper and subbed the palm oil for coconut oil (1:1).
    Any thoughts on why they didnt firm up?

  59. LL says

    Just made these tonight and they’re pretty dang good. I was jonesing for old fashioned choco chips cookies, but have been eating paleo and this was the one treat I’ve been missing. My notes:
    I tasted the dough after blending all ingredients and it was really salty. I also noticed that the recipe doesn’t make 30 cookies, so I doubled all the ingredients except the salt. This made them much less salty. Btw, I’m not sensitive to salt, I actually love the taste of it, so I was surprised this stood out so much for me.
    I used a tablespoon measurer and squished them with a fork before putting in the oven.
    I let them cook about 10 minutes so they got brown and a little crunchy.
    I used your basic semi-sweet choco chips. Yeah, I know so anti-paleo. However, I so rarely stray that I think I’m allowed a delicious cookie or two occasionally.
    Okay, I had a couple more than two. mmmmm

  60. Philippa says

    I made these cookies using one cup almond flour and one cup of organic whole wheat pastry flour. I used coconut oil for the oil and they turned out AMAZING! Thanks so much for this wonderful recipe. They’re the most creamy, delicious cookies I have made so far.

  61. Elizabeth says

    What a great go-to recipe! We made these on a lazy Sunday night and the kids loved helping. We ate a lot of dough and still had plenty of cookies. We liked them so much we made a second batch to enjoy during the week! I used butter and they came out great. Elana we have your cupcake cookbook and love it. I just googled your name and “chocolate chip cookies” and voila! I knew I could trust you to have just the right recipe. THANKS!

  62. says

    Used 1/4 c butter instead of shortening and subbed homemade simple syrup for the honey, just because. The recipe definitely made only half the stated # of cookies – and I didn’t snack on the dough beyond one EXTREMELY DELICOUS bite. My subs were just fine – and the cookies delish. A keeper in my files.

  63. Jennifer says

    Was craving cookies so I googled almond flour cookies since we are grain free and found these. They definitely hit the spot! I skipped the vanilla and subbed coconut oil for the shortening. I also used cacao nibs for the chocolate and agave for the honey. Ok, so I definitely modified it but they turned out great! I did a half recipe and got 9 small cookies.

  64. says

    Surprisingly simple. I am a sucker for the nice ingredients. I have some overpriced vanilla extract and tupelo honey in the cupboard at home. This would be a great recipe for the two. Thanks.

  65. Monica says

    Made these today… Amazing!! I did not have any vanilla extract in the house, instead i used a TBSP of maple syrup!

  66. monica says

    Hi Elana,

    We added a 1/2 cup of Coconut flour and 3/4 cup of unsweetened coconut milk and 1 egg. We omitted the honey and stevia. We used coconut sugar instead. This yielded a Bakers Dozen.

  67. Jackson says

    I just made these with some substitutions/tweaks, for the second time.

    The first time I used coconut oil… it was unrefined, so it made the whole thing taste like coconut. Not bad by any means, but it was more “coconut cookie” than “chocolate chip cookie.” They also crumbled a lot. Still tasty, though.

    The second time I used butter and added some slivered almonds. I didn’t like the texture of the dough, and remembered them being crumbly, so I added about half an egg white. These are absolutely delicious and I have to fight not to eat the whole batch at once.

  68. Jill says

    Is coconut oil the same volume solid as it is melted? I used that for the palm oil and the dough was really oily.

  69. says

    this is a great recipe! i add an egg, reduce the honey to 1 T, and use ghee instead of palm oil, and the texture is wonderful. they stand up and are puffy and moist instead of spreading out to be crunchy.

  70. Berit says

    Hello from Germany,

    for all you metric bakers or non-americans out there, I just made these as follows:

    – 200 gr almond flour (that should be simply ground almonds in Germany)
    – pinch of salt
    – big pinch of baking powder
    – 3-4 heaped tablespoons organic coconut oil or 55 gr (I used Manako from
    – 1 table spoon honey
    – 1 sachet vanilla sugar
    – ca 100 gr chocolate chunks

    As you may see I am definitly not your most accurate baker, and rather go by feel and what experience told me tastes good. In my opinion, if you use vanilla sugar, you could leave out the honey. If you use vanilla extract just add it in again. However, as I find almonds and coconut oil in general to be sweetish I guess you could leave both out altogether. As for the coconut oil, I just used 4 tablespoons, but you can start with 3 and see how the dough comes together. Also, I simply used my hands to make the dough.

  71. Tiana says

    I made these yesterday for the 4th of July, and everybody RAVED about how good they were! Nobody even missed the gluten! I subbed organic butter for the shortening and used Enjoy life brand mini chocolate chips!!! Supper yummy and melt in your mouth goodness! I will definitely be making these again, and I’ve already shared this recipe with 3 people! Thank you for this awesome recipe! You Rock!

    p.s. I also made your cauliflower “potato” salad….and everyone gobbled that up as well!

    Thank you for making me feel not left out on the holidays!

  72. says

    I am sooo glad that I found your blog and now own 2 of your cookbooks, as well. My daughter was diagnosed with Celiac when she was 4 yrs old after a long road and many doctors. We found that the gluten free diet was not enough for her recovery and on our own, we decided to go “paleo” and follow the grain free diet and we also cut out dairy. Since then she has been doing great! Thank you for all your wonderful recipes. It brings a tear to my eye everytime our daughter lights up while eating a special treat that she can actually have. :)

  73. Debbie Carr says

    Ok, just made this recipe. BUT I accidentally purchased Honeyville natural almond flour, has the skin ground into it. I used half natural and half blanched to hopefully get a good cookie. Man….they just don’t do justice to this cookie. I have made both her choc chip recipes before successfully. The batter was sooooo flippin dry I had to add water. So, if you like fiber in your teeth and a dry cookie use the natural. I have to toss $25 worth of this flour away! Luckily I have another blanched in the freezer. I was going to bring the cookies to a new neighbor. NOT. Will have to make them again tomorrow.
    Peace and Pie,

  74. says

    these look really yummy, I think I will try them as soon as I muster up the motivation to get my booty in the kitchen and bake something! ;-)

  75. Demi says

    I actually have been using Raw Coconut Nectar as my sweetner. Since coconut seems to be ok on Paleo, I would assume this substitution keeps the cookies Paleo friendly. And with the nectary, you dont need as much.

    Elana, your recipes are wonderful. Thank you for sharing!!!!!!!! :-)

  76. Lauren says

    These are amazing! If you don’t have shortening coconut oil works, too. I also didn’t use a food processor and they turned out just fine. I added raisins, walnuts, and some cinnamon to mine and they reminded me a bit of oatmeal raisin cookies. I also love that they’re egg free since I have an egg allergy. Thank you for the wonderful recipe, Elana!

  77. Lea G. says

    I used mini vegan chocolate chips instead of chocolate chunks, coconut palm sugar instead of honey, and I also added a 1/4 tsp of almond extract. DELICIOUS!!!!! :-)

  78. Cara says

    My kids & I set out to bake these cookies yesterday & my son (who is 14) said can we please put cocoa in them & make them double chocolate cookies? We added 2T of cocoa & one extra T of honey. They made perfectly & are super delicious w/ the additions!

  79. Coleen says

    Hi, I don’t have a decent sized food processor – it’s small and best used for chopping small portions of onions and things.. For recipes such as this, can I use an electric mixer?

  80. Lora Mackie says

    I wish I can post a picture of my cookies!! They turned out great! I used organic coconut oil instead of the palm! I also uses soy free dairy free oil free mini chocolate chips by Enjoy Life! Next time I’m baking double the recipe! I made half the recipe and it made 12 cookies

  81. says

    I made these exactly to the recipe and man, are they good! My littlest, who sticks her nose up at most foods I make, loved these and I had to shoo her off after 2 cookies or there wouldn’t be any left. ;) Thanks for this awesome recipe!

  82. says

    I’ve never been into baking stuff, though since I went primal I started cooking and found it fun. So I decided to try this recipe and it came out really good! Honestly I was surprised. Even my mom said it was tasty.

  83. Carla says

    I’ve made the cookies a few times now since this was posted and I find that 1 tablespoon of honey is enough.

  84. Shawnna says

    I used maple syrup instead of honey and we all loved them! I doubled the recipe and got 24 cookies.

  85. Katerina says

    The best cookies ever even for people with non gf diets. I cannot get enough of them I make them at least twice a week. They melt in your mouth and they are soooo easy to make. Thank you for one more great recipe Elana.

  86. Leslie H. says

    These cookies are soooooo yummy!!! Chocolate chip cookies are my downfall and when I fall off the “no grains” wagon – I run straight to the gluten filled Nestle cookie recipe and wallow in my foggy thoughts about my “wheat belly”. Eating grain free has helped me to feel better and have more energy. Thank you for giving me a “safe” chocolate chip cookie to run to! BTW, the only change I made was using coconut oil rather than palm oil as that was all I had – and they turned out perfectly! And I think I’m a bit of a cookie snob… ;)

  87. sheri says

    Am thanking you for this simple, delicious recipe, as I wipe the cookie crumbs off my face. I doubled the recipe, added coconut oil in place of the shortening, added a few chopped walnuts, and it made 50 perfect little tablespoon-sized morsels of yumminess. My 6 children have kindly left just 2 on the pan -one for me and one for dad- so I’d say they are a hit :)

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes. I am baking my way through your almond flour cookbook and enjoying every delicious moment!

  88. Ashley says

    AMAZING! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I bragged about these to everyone at my gym all week (but did not share any). :-) I’ll have to make another batch later for sharing. I used coconut oil, since that’s what I had, and they were so incredibly perfect.

  89. Sarah D says

    These are great cookies.
    Even though on numerous occasions I have followed your recipes they never make the quantity you have said.
    For instance how can only 2 cups of almond flour possibly make 30 cookies?
    I did use a proper kitchen measuring tablespoon and it only made 18!
    Anyway apart from that gripe they are very good and I like your recipes.

  90. Gretchen says

    I just made these, and they were really great! I had to make quite a few substitutions – I have a ton of weird food allergies! So, the chocolate chips became dried cherries, the honey became agave nectar, and the vanilla became almond extract. I also used butter since I have no idea where to get palm oil shortening and am not sure if I am allergic to that too! They were not chocolate chip cookies anymore, but I was happy that I could have a cookie for once! Thanks Elana!

  91. Jessica says

    I am trying to get my family to a paleo diet, can anyone tell me about the omega 6 in almonds? How much is too much? I am trying to get my family of 8 off from wheat. I thought it was good and strived for every breakfast to be a grain as main part of meal.. waffles, pancakes, oatmeal,etc..

    Any suggestions?

    • Ashley says

      We’ve been on paleo for a few months. Even though they’re not grains, have you tried frittatas? If you beat the eggs long enough, they get so fluffy that by the time you take them out of the broiler, they almost have the consistency of bread! We put all kinds of things in ours and eat them for lunch, too. We like shredded sweet potato and zucchini, sausage, onions, and we’ve even tried them with crawfish! (We’re from Louisiana and living in south Alabama.) :-) Good luck with paleo! I’m so happy that Elana has her blog to take care of my sweet tooth and bread cravings!

      • elaina says


        your post sounded wonderful about beating the eggs til they come out like bread, do you have a recipe to share about those fritattas??

  92. Emily b says

    Delicious! I just made these with a few substitutions/additions:
    I used 1/4 cup grape seed oil instead of the shortening
    Added 1/4 cup of unsweetened shredded coconut
    Added 1/4 cup of unsweetened plain apple sauce
    Increased the baking time to 10 minutes. They turned out wonderfully! Thank you for sharing this fun and simple recipe!

  93. says

    I have made cookies similar to this using the following:

    1 1/4 cup Almond Flour/Meal
    1/8 teaspoon salt
    1/4 teaspoon Baking Soda
    1/2 teaspoon Vanilla Extract
    1/4 teaspoon Cinnamon
    1 Large Egg
    1/4 cup Honey
    1/4 cup chopped Pecans
    1/8 cup Dark Chocolate Chips

    They are so good. Between my husband and toddler, I’m lucky if I get one!

  94. Sarah says

    Just made these with butter instead of the shortening and we love them! I got 17 average sized cookies (I had to cook them an extra 5 min since they were larger than the recipe calls for). Thanks for another delicious and easy recipe!

  95. Sheryl says

    I just made these with equal parts butter and coconut oil for the shortening. I ended up with 13 cookies so obviously used bigger portions. They do not spread at all so next time will either make smaller cookies or press the larger ones down more to flatten them out. At the size I made, one cookie is actually pretty filling. Also used Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips and they are really good!

  96. Kelley says

    Wow, Elana! These just came out of the oven and they are amazing! Super easy too – loved being able to do the whole thing in the food processor.

    Substitution question for all the experienced bakers out there … this is the first time that I’ve used palm oil shortening in baking. I happened to have a gigantic container in my pantry leftover from making frosting so this recipe was perfect. Can I sub palm oil shortening 1:1 in other recipes calling for coconut or grapeseed oil?

  97. Reiko says

    This was awesome. I added an egg just to help it stick together, plus more almond flour (like 1/4 cup maybe?) to help lower the moisture level. I baked it for 15 min at 350F. My boyfriend loved it! They had a wonderful crispiness on the outside, and they were nice and moist on the inside.
    He suggested next time to add bacon bits to make it a hilariously paleo cookie. If anyone tries this, let me know!

  98. says

    WOW! these look so good. And healthy too! I cannot wait to try them. I just found out I am sensitive to gluten. I have been feeling better, but it has been a real challenge. I am such a foodie, and I love to bake. Not being able to use the conventional ingredients I am used to has been rough, but I am sure I will get the hang of it in no time. I just started my own blog a few days ago. I am excited to get to know everyone in the gluten free blogging community. I am sure I will be frequently visiting you!

  99. Jenny says

    I made these to share with my boyfriend, considering hiding them so I can pork out! : ) Great flavour! Def did not get even in the vicinity of 30 cookies, more like 12. Also found the dough a little too dry, was having a hard time forming balls by hand. Next time will add a tablespoon of coconut oil to help with that. Baked for 8 min at 6000′. Thanks Elana!

    • Jenny says

      Made these again tonight, adding 2 tbsp melted unsalted butter. Made the dough the perfect consistency, moist and easy to form into balls. Also got 12 again, really think the “30” should be reconsidered.

  100. Carol says

    SO good! Thank you for your simple yet tasty recipes. I subbed half coconut oil and half banana in place of shortening.

  101. says

    Hi Elana,

    I’ve been doing a slow carb diet for 4 weeks now (beans, lentils, meat, nuts, slads), with a modest success and as I have a cheat day on Saturday I’ll try your cookie recipe. I hope it turns out well!

  102. Abby says

    Elana, your intro to this recipe made me chuckle. “Just eat the darn cookies, wouldja?”

    So, these just came out of the oven about 10 minutes ago. I love how simple this recipe is. The dough tasted great and they smell wonderful. I added an egg (duck egg) because the dough was not holding together at all. This could have been due to the fact that I used Trader Joe’s Almond Meal instead of the brands of blanched almond flour that you use. Then I sweetened it with agave instead of honey and used butter instead of shortening, because these were the ingredients I had on hand.

    And I just tasted one! So good! I need to leave and eat more. :) Thanks!

    • Abby says

      And now I have made them several more times. The second time, I actually chopped some of the choco chips into the dough in the processor: chocolate chocolate chip cookies!

      Then I used almond extract instead of vanilla and those were tasty too. I am think that this is a great basic recipe that can be turned into all sorts of cookies. Next I am going to try the almond extract thing again, but leave out the chocolate and add a dollop of jam on top: raspberry thumbprints!

      All the times I have made it, I have added a duck egg and used butter instead of shortening and agave instead of honey. And I have always gotten 25-27 cookies out of this recipe. I use a 1 tbsp measure spoon and level it – this makes nice little half-round dough balls that i then flatten a bit. The cookies are not huge but perfect for snacking.

      • QueenJellyBean says

        Thanks for the update Abby! That’s all I needed to know, could I use agave instead of honey (just because I don’t want to spoke my sugar, just because I want to be super-model thin! Ha Ha!). I’m making these right now with this sweetener sub- of course the cookies won’t help me to be super model thin. Oh well, I choose cookies(occasionally!) :-]

        • QueenJellyBean says

          OK I made them and ate them.
          – great consistency on the batter
          – I need sweeter. I’d dash two shakes of pure stevia powder next time (I do no sugar)
          – Chocolate: I used bakers unsweetened chocolate, chopped into chunks on a cutting board with a big knife. Even dark CChips have too much sugar for me.
          Thanks whoever it was who suggested subbing a banana for half the shortening! I will try that next time to reduce fat.

          I will make these many times more. Did I say “great consistency/texture”?Thanks Elana!!!

  103. demi says

    i see that many talk about the baking soda…so coudl we add baking powder instead?and how much?or it wont be the same?thanks again!

    • Angie says

      Baking soda and baking powder provide different chemical reactions so they can’t be substituted for each other.

  104. Sarah says

    how did you know! I came to your website looking for a chocolate chip cookie recipe and there it was, the latest picture and recipe on the website. Thanks for all of the tasty treats.

  105. Skimblecat says

    Just made these using coconut oil, and substituting shredded coconut for the chocolate (I didn’t have any in the house)

    Made 14 cookies, and I may eat them all tonight :-)

  106. Sarah says

    I mean for the chocolate chips….so I’m wondering if there are GAPS diet chocolate chips out there using honey….

  107. Karen says

    Just wondering if anyone substitute the honey with stevia or another natural sweetner (I’m allergic to honey)- go figure!
    THANK YOU Elana for sharing this chocolate chip cookie recipe – can’t wait to try it!

  108. Annie says

    I made them, :D they are mighty fine!
    I used homemade almond flour though (complete almonds ground in robot)
    I used Coconut butter, such a decadent taste
    and 100% chocolate…
    all in all tasty and nutritious!

    thanks for the cookie recipe!

  109. Laura says

    Did anyone else’s cookies turn out too baking soda-y? If anyone experimented with less please let me know your results. Thanks!

  110. Emily says

    I absolutely love your recipes – always a hit with my family! My food processor isn’t cooperating with me…can I use my stand mixer instead?

  111. Cindy says

    Thank you, Elana for yet another yummy recipe. We always have a treat from your blog sitting around. I am going to try using coconut oil instead of the palm shortening and coconut palm sugar instead of honey. My husband eats grain-free and sugar-free so honey is not allowed in our treats and he will occasionally eat the 76% dark chocolate, but that’s more for my sweet-tooth.

  112. demi says

    stupid question everyone but i will make it.when you mean food it the one that we mix for breads or the mixer where we chop stuff??can i stir them in with a spoon or sth??thanks and sorry for my fool question

    • Angelfeathers says

      Demi, it’ll mean the machine that chops. But yes, since nothing actually needs chopping, you should be able to make this sort of thing equally well stirring it in a bowl with a spoon. Just make sure the bowl’s big enough, or you’ll end up with the mixture everywhere (voice of experience speaking)! :-)

      • demi says

        thank you!!i always confuse the mixers with blenders but i guess stiring them is good too!!haha.thanks

    • Janet D. says

      I just used an 8 cup mixing bowl and a wooden spoon and they turned out great! I should say what was left to bake after several of my boys and husband tested out the cookie dough!

  113. says

    one can’t really go wrong with almonds and chocolate (and honey)! I am with ya, sista, on the teenager + the tween. Sounds like you and I may need a weekend, Spa getaway!

  114. Tracy says

    Thank you so much for this recipe,Elana. My own path to wellness has taken from gluten free to paleo. I so appreciate your new recipes that are paleo.

  115. says

    I like the blurb before the recipe! I’m in the same boat as to feeling like I don’t want to label our diet. I read lots of “Paleo” things for inspiration, but I like to just say we eat for nutrient density. I feel like when I label things, or say we don’t eat grains, that someone will point fingers and say I’m wrong when something doesn’t line up with their theories.

    In any case, our family has been feeling much better, been less sick, and is very healthy after cutting out grains and choosing foods with the greatest nutrient density! I’m so excited to give them a treat for making the change. These cookies are going to be a big hit! I’m off to start making them now.

    Thanks again!

  116. says

    thanks elana for all your wonderful recipes!
    you are an inspiration. i’ve included you and your site in my links list, please let me know if that is ok with you. i have many cients that are pursuing gluten/grain free diets and your recipes are so very helpful!


  117. SherriS. says

    I agree that Elana’s recipes are simple but still taste fantastic. These cookies look great. Thanks Elana!

  118. Serena says

    Another amazing recipe. Thank you Elana. Can I ask how these keep without going soft? Other biscuits & scones I’ve made if stored in a glass air tight or plastic air tight container, they’ve still gone soft?

  119. Noel says

    Elana, I LOVE the simplicity of your recipes. I always have what I need on hand. That’s what keeps me coming back. I don’t bake sweets a lot, but when I do, your blog and books are where I tend to go first. This cookie is a winner.
    I love it when you share your recipes for meat and vegies too.
    : )

  120. Sarah says

    Does anyone know if choc chips made with honey exist? I would love to find them, or chunks. The only choc made with honey I have found are the honey peppermint patties.

    • Darci Hawxhurst says

      For chocolate chips, I use the “Endangered Species” 72% dark bars (just chop it up). They are very low sugars/carbs and are sweetened with beet sugar, which I find that I tolerate much better than other sweeteners, including honey.

      Thanks, Elana, for another great one!

      • Janet D. says

        I’ve found Lindt Excellence 85% Cocoa bars. They are dairy free, sweetened with Demerara sugar, and only 5g sugar per 4 squares. Lindt also makes 70% and 90% bars that are dairy free. I did find the 90% bar uses sugar but only 3g per 4 squares of chocolate. I substitute 1/4 C chocolate (about 4 squares) and 1/4 walnuts for the 1/2 C chocolate. I found them at Walmart but I’m sure they’re available elsewhere.

        • Stephenie says

          Lindt chocolate is not gluten free, though, so be careful if you are celiac. All Lindt chocolate contains barley.

          • Janet D. says

            Thanks Stephenie, that’s good to know so I don’t recommend it to or offer it to someone with celiac. I was told that the 85% bar does not have barley in it but it is run through the same line so there could be some cross contamination. Do you have any suggestions for chocolate that is dairy free, gluten free, and lower sugar/higher cacao content?

    • zosia says

      you could melt some UNsweetened chocolate and add honey, then pour it into a pan (so that its thin) and put it into the freezer…once it is hard – break it into piece…they won’t be CHIPS…but they’ll be honey-sweetened chocolate chunks :)

  121. Dee says

    I have found after an endoscopy, that there is a lot of inflammation in my stomach and small intestine. I had been totally gluten free for 9 months by then. That was shocking to me! NOW I find that I can’t eat grain at all without issues, mostly pain. I do so much appreciate those who have commented on the grain issues. I thought I was crazy! My biggest concern though, is not the fact that my allergist told me that almonds were a HUGE allergen for me (I eat them all the time) but if we can’t eat grains, and for me fruit as I am allergic to that too, what really is left? Meat is contaminated with anti-biotics, vegetables are sprayed with chemicals. I truly fear what comes next! Does anyone else have these issues? Thanks so much!

    • Steph says

      You aren’t alone. I’m grain free 99% of the time. On occasion, I will make a gluten free (but not grain free) treat for the rest of the family and sometimes I eat just a little. As long as I don’t do it often, I seem to have no problems. Last Christmas, I could tell that I had overindulged and it wasn’t worth it. I’ve recently learned that I’m also allergic to milk, casein, walnuts, eggs, watermelon, peaches, cumin, paprika and more. My doctor said that if I will avoid these foods for 3 months, I could probably add them back in small quantities, so we’ll see. Good luck to you!

    • Amberoni13 says

      Not sure if this helps, but it sounds like you might want to invest a little time and effort into growing your own food. A couple of chickens can give you eggs every day, you can feed them healthy food, and you can keep them in most cities (check for yours before you install your girls – and remember, NO ROOSTERS). Veggies and herbs can be grown pretty easily from heirloom seeds (,, are all good sources) and almost anything can be grown in a container, even in a tiny apartment or dorm. We have a nice yard with raised beds, but I know we’re lucky. Lots of places have local beef/sheep/pork that is pricey, but organic and grassfed.

  122. Sara says

    As far as phytic acid goes, I think that’s not an issue since almond flour is made with BLANCHED almonds, correct?

    This is similar to my favorite recipe, the vegan dairy free choc chip cookie recipe on your site, and I have to say, I’ve subbed the agave for 1/4 cup applesauce to make them completely sugar free (they are amazing with toasted pecans instead of choc chips, too!) which would make that delicious recipe Whole30 compliant, as well ! (well, I always sub coconut oil for grapeseed oil, too.)

    Keep up the amazing work. I can’t wait to try these!! <3

    • dina says

      Actually, you can buy almond flour OR almond meal.

      Almond flour = blanched almonds
      Almond Meal = not blanched almonds

      Almond meal leaves the ‘skin’ on the almonds and then it is just ground very fine. I use the Almond Meal myself because Almond Flour is very expensive.


      • Ann says

        Don’t buy almod flour! Make your own. All you have to do is put them in a food processor. I use my Ninja. I make my own flours; almond, coconut, walnut etc. Hope this helps.

  123. says

    Yum! These look delicious. I cook and bake gluten-free and sometimes grain free. I feel better on a reduced-grain diet, but not 100% grainless. I think it’s so important for people to realize that there is not a one-size-fits-all diet, but rather that our bodies require different diets based upon our bio-individuality.

    Whatever diet/eating style people follow, I’m sure they’ll appreciate these cookies!

    ~ Kilee

  124. Cori says

    YAY! Thank you! Thank you, Elana! I have been craving chocolate chip cookies, but I am in the process of cutting out all grains. I’m so excited!

  125. says

    I just made these and they were amazing! I used expeller-pressed coconut oil instead of palm oil because that’s what I had on hand. I also used sun chips (less bad for you m&ms) and they were delicious! Question: I thought chocolate was illegal on the GAPS diet?

  126. maia says

    hi elana! im writing you from argentina. i love your recipes! i read that you dont answer nutrition questions but i will be very grateful if you can answer my question.. i’ve read lately information about phitic acid in almonds and its pretty shocking! but its so hard to find good information on the web so i wanted to know if you have investigated the issue with medicals opinions. thanks a lot

    • says

      I’ve heard similar claims about phytic acid that is in grains and nuts, but most nutritionists say that a balanced diet wouldn’t lead to significant calcium and iron deficiencies from phytic acid, meaning that unless you only eat foods made from grains and nuts (like these cookies) you will be fine.

    • Candy says

      Maia, Phytic acid can be removed from grains by soaking them over night or at least a few hours (you should find info about soaking the grains, oatmeal, etc on the net).
      The main concern about phytic acid, is that it binds to the zinc in the body and it pulls it out, supplementation with zinc is important specially for guys since it’s needed for prostate and reproductive system. I’m in nutrition school right now and that’s where I learn all this, never heard about phytic acid before, either.
      Hope this helps.

  127. Lauren says

    These cookies were so yummy and easy to make! I subbed the shortening with earth balance soy free buttery spread successfully. I, however, should have measured the celtic sea salt exactly, because I ended up putting a little too much in making my cookies a salty bunch. Also, the recipe says it makes 30 cookies, but it only made about 14 cookies for me. I’m assuming the 30 cookies would be correct if I doubled the recipe. Overall, this was an amazing cookie recipe! The next time I’m craving a chocolate chip cookie, I’m going straight for these! :) Thank you!

    • says

      Same here! I only made about 15 cookies but I ended up just picking at the dough while I baked a dozen. 30 cookies would be really small cookies I’m assuming.

      • says

        I’ve made many of Elana’s cupcake recipes and none of them are ever the amount she said they would be, always less. Maybe we need to make them smaller, I don’t know.

  128. zosia says

    does someone mind chirping in on this question:

    for a while now i have noticed that i feel better when i only eat a little bit of grains (mainly quinoa, teff, buckwheat); however, i am experiencing fatigue and weakness and my doctor says that i am malnourished despite the fact that i eat adequate amounts of fat, protein, vegetables, and fruit. it’s only grains that i don’t eat a lot of (maybe 4 servings a day).

    could it really be the minimal amount of grain that it causing me to be lethargic? after all – they are one of the densest providers of carbs = energy…

    any thoughts? i’d appreciate any input.


    • nora says

      I would ask your doctor what research (s)he is basing those recommendations on. You might just know more than your doctor when it comes to nourishing your body. I’d be thinking more about potential thyroid issues, especially if you have been eating gluten for many years.

    • Lucinda says

      There are a multitude of reasons why you might suffer from fatigue. I have found less grains, not more, definitely helps my energy levels. I also take a thyroid support which helps fatigue and mood swings due to medication. If you are on any meds, check them as a possible cause for fatigue. You could also be anemic, low Vit. D, or have other food intolerances. As I said, many, many possible reasons. Good luck teasing it out.

      • zosia says

        which thyroid supplement do you take?
        i, too, have thyroid issues and would like to try something new.

        thanks for chirping in ;)

        • QueenJellyBean says

          I take armour thyroid, by Forest Labs. The does is prescribed by an MD or ND and filled at a local compounding pharmacy.

    • Noel says

      How about adrenals? There’s a good book called Adrenal Fatigue that could be helpful if you suspect that. You also could experiment — no grain and more grain — see how you feel.

      • zosia says

        i have experimented…the only difference is that my digestion is better with less grains…but fatigue/weakness the same :(

        thanks :)

      • zosia says

        i have that book!

        i do indeed have adrenal burnout/fatigue syndrome and am taking adrenal glandular concentrates…haven’t noticed a change yet…granted it’s only been about 3 weeks since i have been on them

        • Ali says

          Zosia, I’ve been taking glandulars from my naturopath for over a year and they’ve made a difference. Hang in there. Healing can take a long time.

    • Sophie says

      zosia- I eliminated grains because I it made me feel tired and lethargic. I feel way better without any grains than I did before.
      Also, “adequate” fat, protein, and carbs is all subjective. Most of my calories come from good fats. How much is considered “adequate” in your doctor’s opinion with respect to fats and protein?

      • zosia says

        my doctor (like most it seems) follows the food pyramid…and tells me to aim or about 6-8 servings/day…

        the odd thing is…it is under the recommendations of this food pyramid that we are seeing rises in obesity, diabetes, heart disease, autism, and other diseases/syndromes, etc…

        • Deborah Wilson says

          That’s exactly right, Zozia. Your docotor’s not alone in not being up on the latest nutrition studies. The food pyramid is a disasterous diet and we have millions of people with diseases directly related to diet to prove it. The healthiest diets are gluten, starch and sugar free (very low carb) and include plenty of healthy fats (organic ex. virg. olive oil, coconut oil and avacados) and grass fed beef,pork and free range chicken. You will feel better, sleep better and lose weight on such a diet. Carbs make you fat (by raising your insulin levels), not healthy fats.

    • says

      It could be due to aspect of your diet that is not respecting your blood type. After 30 years of live cell analysis, we Physicians recognize that Dr. D’adamo was pretty bang on. No blood type should eat wheat, but if you’re an “O” blood type, you need your animal protein for the proper uptake of iron and to bolster strong immune function. If your weakening is from other sources such as genetic miasms (like Cancer or Psora), then best if you seek out a Heilkusnt Physician who works at root cause prescribing on the basis of safe, homeopathic law.

    • Betty says


      I too have this problem.

      Things that have helped. Eating more frequently. Taking stress
      “B” complex. Cutting back on fluids. I tend to enjoy drinking
      water/coffee/tea. Drinking too much dilutes the solutes in your
      blood. This can cause hypoglycemia symptoms. Note “symptoms” not
      true hypoglycemia. Of course it can lead to hypoglycemia in some.
      If with your low energy you are urinating frequently and, wanting
      to drink often this could be the issue.

      It has been a tough go for a year. I am now doing much better.
      One thing that has helped too. A refractometer. This is a tool
      used to measure the solutes in fluids. If you purchase one you
      would use it to check the solutes in your urine. You want the
      reading to be between 1-2. Below one means your fluids are diluted.
      I used this tool daily for almost a year. I found that many foods
      dropped my solutes too. I don’t know why, perhaps some type of
      inflammatory response to these foods. Anyway, I have so much more
      energy now. I don’t do well on grains. I am gluten free.
      I am inclining the heart of the issue to be an intolerance to
      histamine. You might look into that too.

      • zosia says

        Wow – thank you for replying. I do, indeed, drink a lot! I have hot cocoa, then tea, then water, then more cocoa, then more tea, then more water…more tea, tea, tea, tea, tea…all herbal…very little caffeine…but…

        the odd part is that i consume A LOT of salt on top of this…I CONSTANTLY crave salt. there is no such thing are OVERsalting in my food :(

        THANK YOU so much!

        Can you recommend any reading I can do?

        I will DEFINITELY look into your recommendations.

        All the best <3

        • Betty says


          OH YES! The excess fluid is enough to set you up for lethargy!
          The fix will still take some time. Too, if you aren’t careful
          you will continue to drink more than you need.

          Here is a blog that I gleaned useful information from.

 Now be careful here too. He offers
          all kinds of advice. He has definitely helped me. However, his
          take is far different from most “health” practitioners. I don’t
          follow/do all the things I read on this site. Meaning in some
          ways I am hesitant to recommend him. I trust you have a good
          foundation of health knowledge and will weight everything you
          read from that base.

          In his search engine type in key words. Refractometer, low metabolism,
          hypothyroid, hypoglycemia etc…. You can also type in RBTI.
          RBTI is a health program that he followed for a time. RBTI is
          where I found out about excess fluids and, the refractometer.
          I don’t follow RBTI. I just used their teachings on fluids and,
          the refractometer. Reading about RBTI you will feel compelled
          to try it out. I don’t recommend it. Just the refractometer.

          As for histamine intolerance you can just google this and, search
          for lists of foods high in histamine.

          I wish you health.

        • hope says

          Your salt craving struck a chord with me. I also had this problem (plus the fatigue and attraction to buckwheat) and discovered a few months back that there’s a link there to problems with oxalates. Oxalates are poisonous to our bodies but most of us just expel them from our bodies before they can do much damage. However some of us don’t. The oxalate builds up in our bodies. If we cut down out intake of a high oxalate food – such as buckwheat then we start feeling ill as our bodies start detoxing from the oxalate. However, just having oxalates in our body also damages us with symptoms such as chronic fatigue. To cut down on oxalates with the minimum side effects it helps to add calcium and magnesium to your diet. These minerals are used up by the body whilst it gets rid of the oxalate There’s a yahoo group called trying low oxalates that can give you a lot more info about this than I can. One of their members runs

        • Healthseeker says

          Craving salt is a sign of adrenal issues. Beware of the kind of salt ingested as well. Choose coloured salts such as celtic or himalayan which contain trace minerals not iodized white salt which is not healthy at all.
          When the body is constantly craving something either there is an addiction or an attempt to restore balance due to a depletion or missing nutrient.

    • Deborah Wilson says

      Sorry to comment again, Zozia, but it’s a common misconception that carbs = energy. It’s actually healthy fats that give you energy ;)

  129. says

    I love it. I have been on Specific carb (for a year, nearly a decade ago) and GAPS (last year as a family of four) and now I simply don’t have a label for how I eat. We’re 92% grain free, low complex carb, no refined (and low any) sugar, low nut/seed, happy-belly eaters I guess. Looking forward to trying the recipe.

    • zosia says

      do you have enough energy? i am wondering why i am so lethargic. my doctor says it’s because i don’t eat enough grains (even though i feel better if i eat a minimal amount of them)

      • Sophie says

        Maybe add more healthy fats to your diet? I don’t eat grains at all, above ground veggies only, and grass fed proteins- but I also eat lots of fats. For me, the fats are key for feeling satisfied and having plenty of energy

        • Tabitha T says

          Zosia, That’s an unfortunate comment from your doctor. You can get plenty of carbs from fruits and veggies. I tend to need proteins and some fat to feel satisfied.

          I’m also still healing and have some deficiencies that haven’t been defined- except bloodwork is “a little low on D and B vitamins”. I can’t take a B vitamin complex (lips swelled and started peeling after a gluten free supplement), but fermented foods and drinks have helped with energy. Kombucha, kefir, live sauerkraut/kimchi/cortido, homemade coconut yogurt help and they are much cheaper than probiotic and supplements. I try to have 2-3 fermented foods a day. (When I don’t my digestion also doesn’t work as well…nuff said)

          I also can’t eat ginger. Weird food intolerance. It’s inconvenient because I love the stuff in Asian food or Fall baked goods.

          If any of that sounds vaguely familiar, than I’d highly recommend getting NAET allergy testing to make sure you aren’t dealing with other food allergies. I eat grain free because even prolamines in corn, quinoa, buckwheat, sorghum bother me…and they aren’t even all grains.

          Remember not all items of a certain brand are gluten free. For example, I accidentally bought some Bob’s Red Mill Chia seeds without really looking at the label. It’s not gluten free and doesn’t claim to be. Me culpa entirely. Double check the label, call or email manufacturer before buying and then check again before eating.

          Final item we are working on here is going entirely sugar free. Sugar can cause mineral deficiencies, lethargy and fatigue…plus it weakens the immune system up to 6 hours. Yeesh!

          • says

            Did you say ‘homemade coconut yogurt’? I have problems with dairy and I really miss yogurt! I’d like to hear more about that! Tabitha T? Elena?

          • hope says

            The firsat thing I’d check out is magnesium levels. After 20 years of low energy my energy levels soared when I started taking a magnesium citrate supplement (nothing but magnesium and citrate) If that doesn’t suit your eating plan you can always have epsom salt baths or eat foods high in magnesium – but most of themm are grains and nuts and that didn’t suit my diet. If you don’t eat grains or take a supplement then you pretty much need to eat a lot of almonds or cashews in order to maintain magnesium levels.

          • Deborah Wilson says

            Zosia, you should also have your Vitamin D levels and B12 checked. Many people are deficient in these vitamins and that can cause fatigue.

          • Kristen Bechtel says

            I found out that I am allergic to ginger and miss Asian flavors as well as gingersnaps. Can you recommend a spice alternative?

      • Tia says

        I didn’t hav enough energy and we found out that it was hormones 23/250 or something. I stopped dairy, egg yolks, sugar, white flour, white rice, pasta, meats besides turkey and ham, and all fats. limited healthy ones too.
        I started this last Friday at the request of my doctor, there is SUCH a difference!!!

        • Deborah Wilson says

          I would really worry about limiting healthy fats (extra virg. olive oil and coconut oil) because your brain needs them to keep from shrinking with age and thereby suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia. Please read Dr. Perlmutter’s “Grain Brain” which has numerous studies to back this up :) Gluten free and sugar free is excellent–Good for you!!!

      • Deborah Wilson says

        I doubt it’s because you’re not eating grains–we honestly do not need them, in fact, many people agree they’re actually very harmful, especially gluten. May I ask if you include enough healthy fat in your diet? These would be organic Extra Virgin Olive oil, Coconut oil, organic butter and avacados. A good book to read is Dr. David Perlmutter’s “Grain Brain”. I learned so much from his book! I went gluten free and starch free, sugar free and added those healthy fats to my diet and lost 15 lbs. in exactly one month and I’ve never felt better. I’ve done it for good brain health in an effort to ward off Alzheimer’s disease which runs rampant in my family–the weight loss was a pleasant side effect.

  130. Kris says

    Are these cookies chewy or crispy/crunchy? We’re a chewy chocolate chip cookie kind of family. And thanks for a new recipe to test out!

  131. says

    I’d like to hear from anybody who baked these cookies that has substituted something for “¼ cup vegan palm oil shortening” successfully. I don’t use this, but I do use Ghee and olive oil and wonder if these will work. Thanks.

          • Wendy Bussell says

            I have used half butter and half coconut oil with excellent results.

          • Sarah Lamb says

            Is there a substitution for almond flour? I have an intolerance (low) to nuts.

          • Casey says

            I have heard of other recipes subbing in coconut flour instead of almond…I haven’t tested it, but others have commented that it works.

          • elle says

            Hello there,

            I just want to mention that Almonds are not nuts. A lot of people who have an intolerance to nuts are able to eat almonds.

            See wikipedia he almond fruit measures 3.5–6 cm (1–2 in) long. In botanical terms it is not a nut, but a drupe. The outer covering or exocarp, fleshy in …

            Hope it helps.


          • says

            If you sub coconut flour, use 1/3 cup for each 1 cup of flour in the recipe. Coconut flour is VERY absorbent and will leave you with a dry finished product if used in a 1:1 ratio.

          • Judy says

            I am about to try eliminating wheat products from my life, due to osteoarthritis and allergies, and am researching different gluten free ingredients for cooking & baking.

            I have an aversion to the smell & taste of coconut, but just purchased some coconut oil & was surprised that it has no odor!

            Does coconut flour smell or taste like coconut? If it does, can rice flour be used instead?

          • says

            I just made these with pumpkin seed flour and butter flavored crisco, both at a 1 to 1 ratio. They turned out amazing, truly impressive. You can order pumpkin seed flour on amazon, which seems to work much better for me than the homemade version.

    • tanya says

      I usually use coconut butter in place of the shortening. It makes the dough a bit more dry and firm and at the same time just as delicious!

    • Becky says

      What about virgin organic coconut oil? It smells and tastes wonderful. I use it for my cooking needs, and virgin cold pressed olive oil for uncooked applications.

    • Stephanie says

      I have combined a couple of different recipes together to get my paleo chocolate chip cookies. Kindof even funny using paleo and chocolate in the same name. Anyways, I one time used 1/4 cup coconut oil and another time used 1/4 ghee both came out really good. I also use coconut palm sugar instead of honey. And use Enjoy Chocolate Chips (which are soy free, dairy free, wheat free etc)

    • melissa says

      i used 1/4 cup of coconut oil and have used it in the past for other recipes works perfect for me. the cookies are chewy but not gooey once they cool. love them!

    • Amanda says

      I use coconut oil :)

      I take her original vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe and use 1/4 c. coconut oil, 3/4 c. water, and 1/4 c. palm sugar in place of 1/2 c. agave and 1/2 c. grape seed oil. In my opinion, they are best frozen!

      ohhh…I also take 90% dark chocolate bars and chop them up for the chocolate chips!

      • Diane Stibbard says

        I also used Grape Seed oil, and I substituted agave with Yucon Syrup (very low GI natural sweetener) and also used unsweetened Carob chips instead of chocolate chips – they were amazing!!

    • Lea says

      I substituted the ¼ cup vegan palm oil shortening for coconut oil. It is similar and is a very stable oil. It still tasted great!

    • Michelle G says

      I used 2TBS coconut oil and 2TBS butter in place of the 1/4 cup organic veg shortning. They were great!

    • Dora says

      I used grape-seed oil. I always sub for grape-seed oil when the recipes call for palm oil. They turned out great.

    • sarah says

      i haven’t made these yet but I almost always substitute melted raw cacao butter for any oil in baking with excellent results. if i’m feeling lazy, i just use almond oil:)

    • Gina says

      I replaced with 1/4 cup of organic coconut oil. Outstanding! I have also used agave instead of honey… 3 tbls. Awesome too!

    • Denise Balcanoff says

      I made them last week. They were pretty darn good! Even my friends and family who are not grain free thought so!

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