10 Easy Keto Recipes

The Keto Diet is bigger than ever, and for good reason. This way of eating reduces inflammation in the body and improves brain function.1 Because cooking keto is often more complex than it should be, I’m here to help with 10 Easy Keto Recipes.

What Is The Keto Diet?

The Keto Diet is a high-fat, low-carb diet– some people say it’s like the Atkins diet on steroids, but that’s not quite the case, because while both are low-carb diets, the former is focused on fat, and the latter, heavy in protein.

Keto For Weight Loss

Many also use the Ketogenic Diet for weight loss and I can’t argue with that. There’s nothing wrong with eliminating processed carbohydrates and sugar from your life. This in and of itself can reduce inflammation and lead to rapid weight loss.

Focus On The Fat

Until recently the opposite of the Keto Diet (i.e., high-carb, low-fat diets) were promoted as safe and healthy. However, conventional wisdom has finally caught up with the medical research and fat is now viewed as a healthy metabolic fuel.2

10 Easy Keto Recipes

Why do you need these 10 Easy Keto Recipes? First, they’re delicious! With everything from Brownies to Mac and Cheese you won’t feel deprived. Second, made with wholesome, real foods, they’re incredibly healthy. Finally, they couldn’t be any simpler!

Mexican Chicken and Rice
Shepherd’s Pie
Fish Sticks
Huevos Rancheros Skillet Casserole
Mac and Cheese Skillet Casserole
Pizza Muffins
Raspberry Lemonade Muffins
Mint Chip Fat Bombs

The Benefits of Low-Carb Living

When I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 1998 I went on a Gluten-Free Diet. I soon figured out that this wasn’t nearly enough to heal my gut and my body, and went grain-free, a key component of keto. From there, I soon realized that low-carb living would be a tool in my MS arsenal as well.

Are You Fat-Phobic?

How do you feel about the role of fat in your diet? Are you afraid, or is it your best friend when it comes to satiation?

Do You Need A Keto Recipe?

If you’re on the fat-fueled train, leave a comment telling me about your favorite Elana’s Pantry keto recipe. Or, you can request a dish you want me to Elana-ify into your next low-carb fave!

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8 responses to “10 Easy Keto Recipes”

  1. I have diverticulitis, and my doctor says I should lots of fiber, but the keto diet seems to be low in fiber? I am concerned I would be constipated and not get enough fiber. Please let me know if I am on the right track, or should try another diet? Thank you! I am 60 and need to lose about 50 pounds.

    • Debbie, when I’m on strict keto and counting every carb including greens like broccoli, I add in some flaxmeal tea to my regimen to keep fiber up, chia pudding is great too:


      And make sure to avoid all corn-based keto sweeteners that contain erythritol such as Splenda and Lakanto. They inhibit gut motility and are not the right thing if you suffer from constipation.

      Take care!

  2. Hello Elana,

    Not doing very well with MS and depressed. Will be 72 next month. Have received emails w/your recipes for a while. Am not organized and have low energy, but am contemplating Keto. Has eating a Keto diet helped you w/MS? I ordered a book by Dr. Ax from Ebay and hope to somehow do this. Sadly have a lot of pasta and know that’s one food that’s carb. Thank you in advance for your time ahead of time. Linda

    • Linda, thanks for reaching out! I’m so sorry to hear you are not doing well, MS is such a complex disease and can get us very down. Going 1000% gluten-free has been super helpful for me in dealing with the 3 autoimmune diseases I suffer from (that includes MS). After that, going grain-free (been very strictly without corn, rice, potatoes, etc. since 2001). Those are the low-hanging fruit so to speak. Keto goes even further and is very strict, 60% of your calories come from fat and all sorts of things can go haywire when eating this much fat. I would not ever do a keto diet without being under a medical practitioner’s direct supervision. LMK if you need more info!

  3. Hello, a question for you. I noticed that since I have been following the no grain and ketogenic diet that my teeth have changed for the worse. Lots of small decay and added oral infections. Has anyone else noticed these type of changes and what do you suggest to help with this problem?

    • Nancy, thanks for your comment! I wish I had some good ideas but my oral and dental health improved a great deal with low-carb and keto :-)

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