Simple Steps to Reduce EMFs

I was diagnosed with MS in 2006 and my symptoms were fairly manageable until 2014. Strangely, that was a few months after we moved into our new house. I tried every alternative treatment I could think of and did not find much relief. Finally, I started wondering, could it be something in this new living space that was making me sick?

When I ran out of alternative treatments I started thinking about Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs). I had a hunch that the EMFs in our new house might have played a part in the decline of my health. I reached out to fans on my Facebook page. The thousands of comments I received were incredible, and your helpful input would become a key step in my new quest for healing, leading me to write about The Green House that Almost Killed Me.

I had thought the beautiful house we built was green through and through. I worked diligently with our contractor to use no-VOC products during the construction process from start to finish. Additionally although our house was not visibly impacted by the historic flood that hit Boulder shortly after we moved in, I had tested it for mold. I thought our house was well constructed and ecologically sound. I was wrong.

I made a huge mistake in the design of our new home. I had not researched the ecological impact of the electrical systems installed. But something changed that day on Facebook. With your help I did a deep dive into EMF research. Your responses to my questions about EMFs were disturbing, and they may have saved my life.

I started to realize it wasn’t all in my head, especially after digging in to the book Zapped, which is an easy read and incredibly informative. In the course of one week, I turned my life upside down to reduce my exposure to EMFs. Here are the simple steps I took to reduce EMFs in our home and in my life overall!

Unplug Smart Appliances

The first thing to go was the printer in my tiny office. It is a wireless printer. I unplugged it from the wall. Now, when we need to print, we plug it in with the ethernet cable and the electric cord, plus we use another cable to connect our computers to it for printing.

Turn off WiFi

We unplugged the routers in our house and instead began using ethernet cables that plug into the wall. It doesn’t look pretty because we have cords all over the place, but being sick isn’t that pretty either. For more information on how I hardwired our computers into the Ethernet you’ll want to read my post called Avoiding EMFs at the Computer!

Turn off Breaker to Bedroom

Yes, this sounds crazy, and for most people it may not be necessary. However, for my system to get a rest from EMFs we decided we would turn off the circuit breaker to our bedroom. We are now using flashlights in the master bedroom and battery operated analog alarm clocks.

We also turned off the circuit breaker to the laundry room that is on the other side of our bedroom wall. This breaker is only turned on during the days that we use the washer/dryer so that the electric current is not active while I’m in the bedroom at night. Finally, my husband parked his cell phone outside of our bedroom so that I am now sleeping in a cell phone free environment.

Eliminate Cordless Phones

Cordless phones use a technology called DECT which stands for digital enhanced cordless telecommunication. This type of phone continuously emits electromagnetic radiation from the base, even when you are not speaking on it.

Although I thought that I was doing a good thing by using a landline, I was wrong since I was using cordless phones for our landline. I eliminated all of the cordless phones from our house, which were a significant source of EMFs, and instead replaced them with these corded landlines.

Reduce Cell Phone Use

Over the past couple of years I became accustomed to using my cell phone often. Last week I changed that habit. I now leave it at home when I exercise, and when I take it with me it is in airplane mode with the data switched off. When the cell phone is in airplane mode it does not emit electromagnetic radiation.

I take the phone with me in the car in case I need it for an emergency, but again, it is in airplane mode with data switched off. I don’t use the phone in the car. If I need to I will make sure the windows are rolled down. Using the phone in the car with the windows up is like using a phone in a Faraday cage. The EMFs are somewhat trapped in the space bouncing off the walls, literally, having no where to exit. The same thing that makes your car safe during a lightening storm, makes it a sealed space that can trap EMFs when your cell phone is in use.

I’ve written a great post with links to scientific research for those of you who are wondering Are Cell Phones Dangerous?

Dismantling the Control4 System

Unfortunately, since I entirely neglected the electronic components in the building process, we have a long way to go. The house is on a system called Control4. That means that every light switch and thermostat in the house may be on WiFi, not to mention the televisions, and much more. We plan to eliminate this system and unraveling it is going to be a complex process. We are only at the beginning.

Changing Habits Takes Time

So far I’ve been spending a great deal of time and energy to reduce the EMFs in our home. Since I really enjoy creating new habits it has been very easy for me. My family is making changes to their habits too, and these changes in behavior were not their idea, so it is less pleasant for them. I have turned their world upside down. Thankfully they have been really good sports about it. I am very lucky and show them my gratitude at every opportunity!

You’re Crazy EMFs are in Your Head

When I’ve spoken with friends about reducing the EMFs in our home the response has been interesting. One friend said she was very proud of me, that she was glad I had not given up on my health, and that I was still searching for an answer and working to get well.

Another friend had a different response. This friend said there was no proof that EMFs are harmful and that people would think I was crazy in my efforts to reduce EMFs in my own home. Thankfully I haven’t really ever cared much anyway what people thought of me so that’s not an issue! Many people have told me that hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a total scam, and still, I get my HBOT treatments for MS, finding them particularly helpful.

It’s been less than one week since I made all of the changes outlined above! Since it took around 10 months of living in the house for all of my strange symptoms to arise, I expect it will take at least that long to heal. Remember, healing is a process that takes time.

Next, I’m bringing in an EMF specialist to measure the different areas of our home to help me to get the EMF situation here further under control. I’ll be sure to keep you posted! I’m so glad that I went on Facebook to chat with you all last week about EMFs. I learned so much from you! Now I hope you can learn something from me and that together we can spread awareness of this important issue!

If you want to make a difference, share this post on Facebook, or leave a comment about your own experience with EMFs below.


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  1. Hi Elana,

    I hope that you are well.

    What are your thoughts on EMF’s as they relate to infared saunas? Thanks in advance for your comment :)

      • Hi Elana

        Great post and I hope your health continues to improve
        Have you used those salt rock lamps to reduce /combat EMF emissions ?
        I use them all over my house and it works a dream with strong science to back it up . They also illuminate your home :)

        • Claudio, thanks for your comment! I have measured radio frequency radiation in our house with and without salt lamps and there was no difference. When measuring magnetic fields they increased this measurement a bit.

  2. Hi Elana

    How are you faring healthwise now?
    Have you posted more articles about this topic that you could refer me to?

    Thank you so much and I pray that you may be well.


  3. Living in a condo means living among my own as well as everyone else’s EMFs. I can do all sorts of things to reduce the impact in my unit, but there are a dozen or more wireless networks permeating the walls. I suppose I can at least make my bedroom free from cell phone and other wireless devices. Not sure I could give up TV since I really enjoy watching TV in bed a night and it helps me to fall asleep (and turns itself off).

    • There are wall coverings you can buy or do yourself that stop emfs from passing through. I think it is copper but I’m not sure. It’s not a new agey thing, it’s scientific that they can’t pass through certain materials and there are YouTube videos showing a before/after with an EMF reader. You can also purchase an EMF reader (they are kind of pricey but maybe worth it) so you can see where the worst of it is. At first I thought the wall covering were – you know, fake stuff but it’s definitely scientifically valid. I worry about this too. Be aware all the “smart” appliances have emfs from their wifi compatability. It’s hard to find any wifi free. It’s getting crazy really. And induction cooktops have VERY high electrical readings and often warn from the manufacturer not to stand within a foot of them! Kind of hard to do when you are cooking. Plus they are highly magnetic. Ugh.

      I’m trying to reduce things too. No wi fi. All computer stuff is wired. No cell phones on except at night in the other part of the house from me. Electric stove top. If anyone knows of a fridge that’s not “smart” PLEASE let me know. I wish there was a website for just non-smart items like that. Go outside and breath fresh air a lot. Eat well. Eat regularly. Drink tons of water. That’s what I’m TRYING to do. :)

  4. Hi Elana I was referred to this post by a Building Biology Consultant, as I am looking to reduce the EMFs in our house. I have a very ill daughter with a lot of autoimmune conditions, and I think EMFs may be making them worse. We also live in Boulder, we close to your neighborhood. When we remodeled our house in 2014, we did not pull any Ethernet, assuming it wasn’t needed as we could use wireless routers. Now we have to redo! Can you recommend any electricians or AV people you have worked with locally? Thanks and keep us posted on your progress once EMFs are mitigated!

  5. Elana – have your health issues cleared up any? What have you found that has helped since this post? My husband and I bought a house 2 months ago that had a smart meter and got very sick. We finally got the utility company to replace with an “opt out meter” but I am still not feeling myself. I also believe I may have some adrenal fatigue from the EMF’s/smart meter.

    • Joy, thanks for your comment! We had the equivalent of 200+ smart meters in our home. Everything was smart –lights, sound system, TV’s, door locks, thermostats, printers, computers, and more. We removed all of that technology as well as our WiFi and I am getting well again :-)

  6. Thank you so much for sharing!! I’ve been using your recipes and tips for several years now. Do you have any tips for apartment living and reducing EMF? I am on the top floor on the corner, but my bedroom shares a wall with the apartment next door and the floor is essentially also shared. I’ve read you can purchase an EMF “reducer” to plug in an outlet, but have also read these do nothing and are a waste of money. My plan is to be in a house where I can control this, but for at least the next 6 months, this is where I’m at. I don’t have a router in my apartment, but the free wifi signal from the complex reaches my apartment. That’s how I access internet. Also—I fly for work and really think that the salt and baking soda baths work wonders after flying. If I don’t take one the night I’m back, I feel like my mind is all over the place and I can’t be still. Maybe taking these regularly would help.

  7. Thanks for sharing your story, Elana! Blessings to you. I think you have the persistence to find true healing. Recently I’ve been learning about EMF and building biologists. I’m thinking about getting certified as one, although very few people in GA know about this field. I’m an environmental engineer and have always been excited about creating healthy buildings. I actually learned about building biologists by listening to another woman’s story, Lucy Sanford, about her jouney healing her EHS. I think you would really like her video series, she is quite funny! Enjoy!

    • Thanks Michele! We definitely need more building biologists in the world, I really hope you pursue this :-)

  8. Thank you for for putting this information out here.
    It’s getting harder and harder for me to do simple things like buy food. Every where I go people have their devices turned on. It’s sad that people feel they can’t live without them!! If I spend more than 1 hours around WiFi, bluetooth, active WiFi modems and people with there iPads not turned to airplane mode,I feel my head is going to explode!! I can’t leave my home the next day! I really hate it that I can feel the EMF’s in my head so bad I want to scream, turn it all off!!! I actually almost vomit sometimes, and my heart feels like it’s just about to stop from overworking. We humans are not so smart! This planet needs a big change or there will be no-one living on it!! Greed is causing so much coverup and misinformation that people no longer know what to believe!! Many people think I’m selfish if I ask them to please put their device on flight mode or turn off their MOBLIE DATA on their phones while they are around me. Mind you they can still receive phone calls and SMS and make! It’s like I’m asking them to cut off an arm. The money being made from all this ‘new’ technology is obviously more important than life to many, and so is there use! I think these real life stories help people to think! A dying art!! Hopefully more people will wake up and stop blindly going with the flow. Life is precious! About time we all act like it is!!

  9. Interesting read! I’ve used many of your recipes and appreciate all the information you share. I wanted to return the favor. Have you heard of The company makes bedsheets and mats that allow the user to be grounded.

    All the best in your health journey!

    • Helen, thanks for your comment! Yes, I have heard of earthing. Just a note to my readers, this can be very dangerous if you do it prior to eliminating EMF’s from your home.

      • I don’t feel comfortable with “earthing”. I tested with an electrical reader and when I used one of those mats it went close to zero, but when I stood outside on the actual earth it was a bit higher than that. There is natural electricity in/around the earth and I don’t feel happy messing with my body that way to deliberately remove all currents. Maybe it is natural to have some. Plus our hearts and bodies have electrical currents I believe. To earth I’ll just go outside in my bare feet or walk in the woods or touch trees, etc. “earthing” is really theoretical as to what it DOES to our bodies to use those mats or sleep all night with it. Plus don’t forget at the end of the day they are making money from it. So for me, no, I’m not convinced it’s safe.

  10. Hi! We recently had Comcast Cable installed in the house. Now there is a high magnetic field and i don’t feel well! I have both a Tri-Field Meter and a Cornet ED78S and both are showing that it is now between 4 and 8 milligauss in the house and it used to be around 1 milligauss. I am getting headaches and am exhausted. Why is this happening? Please can you tell me how to fix it? Help!

    • KC, oh goodness! That does not sound good. We removed our commercial internet box since it was broadcasting a major hot spot of RF. I’m not sure why cable would create a magnetic field, definitely sounds like something for a good Building Biologist to look into for you. Or, simply have Comcast remove what they installed if you know that is the cause of the magnetic field. I hope you’ll keep me posted!

      • That happened to me too. I later figured out there was a buried Comcast cable trunk line for the entire community very close to the transformer right outside my window.

        • Mieke, that is just insane. Although I know what happened to me (and you) very few people understand, let alone believe that this could take place.

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