Paleo Rosh Hashanah Menu

Are you wondering what to serve for the Jewish High Holidays? Are you looking for gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free or Paleo options for your Rosh Hashanah meal?

Below is a Paleo Rosh Hashanah menu that will suit a variety of guests with a cornucopia of food allergies and intolerances. And from my experience, Jews seem to have as many, or more digestive issues and food intolerances than most other folks. So if you’re celebrating the High Holidays this is the Rosh Hashanah menu for you. It may also be the perfect Yom Kippur menu for you.

The above High Holiday menu includes some very traditional Jewish dishes that are far healthier, yet just as tasty as the standard Jewish holiday fare.

Your gluten-free Paleo Rosh Hashanah is indeed right around the corner! As is your gluten-free Paleo Yom Kippur. For that Holy Day we’ll be breaking our fast with my Paleo Yom Kippur Break Fast.

Is there a specific dish that you would like me to Elana-i-fy for your High Holy Days? Leave a comment and let me know!


26 responses to “Paleo Rosh Hashanah Menu”

  1. I used Elana’s recipe for Rosh Hashana Paleo Honey cake, and added semi-sweet chocolate chips and dry cranberries and it was fabulous.

    I am looking to recreate my family’s recipe for plums stuffed with walnuts preserves. My grandmother and mother used to make it when I was a child, and now I crave it. I wonder if anyone from the former USSR is reading this blog and would share it.
    G’mar Hatima Tova

  2. Shana tova! I made the honey cake tonight and it is just wonderful. Thank you for the high holiday recipes, they are a delight to me.

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