acorn squash with cranberry apple stuffing

Acorn Squash with Cranberry Apple Stuffing

Some days I need a little inspiration. I knew that I would be baking squash for our Shabbat dinner tonight. And I knew it would have some delicious dried cranberries in it. I just wasn’t entirely sure what form it would all take.

I looked around on the internet for a bit and saw this scrumptious looking recipe for a Southern style baked acorn squash and was on my way!

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Acorn Squash with Cranberry Apple Stuffing
  1. Cut squash in half and with a spoon, remove pulp and seeds
  2. In a 9 x 13 inch baking dish place squash cut-side down
  3. Pour ¼-inch boiling water into baking dish (or use ¼ inch room temperature apple juice for extra sweetness)
  4. Place dish in oven and bake squash for 30 minutes at 350°
  5. In a large bowl, combine apples, cranberries, cinnamon and oil to make stuffing
  6. Remove squash from the oven after 30 minutes
  7. Turn halves over and stuff center of each squash half with apple mixture
  8. Return to oven and bake for 30-35 minutes (or longer) until squash and apples are tender

On a separate note, I just want to thank everyone for their extensive and heart felt comments to my last post. It is nice to see how many people out there cherish food and hold it in such high regard.

In her review of my simple bread recipe, Alchemille points out something that I agree with and that unfortunately may only become increasingly true during these tough economic times: food is a luxury.

With nearly 1 billion people going hungry on our planet every day, only some of us are lucky enough to have food to eat. Still a smaller portion of that population gets actual real, nourishing food –as opposed to fake food chemicals and the “foodstuff” created by corporate America.

Those who are discerning and make the choice to eat high quality food are the truly fortunate. Still, there are challenges to be faced in making these choices, whether on an economic or social level. Hopefully as agriculture becomes more localized, food quality will improve and high quality food will become more accessible to all.

Again, many thanks to everyone for their astute comments and especially to Alchemille for engendering a timely and most important conversation.


  1. Ginny says

    Cooked this tonight and it was delicious! Only thing I added was about two tablespoons of finely chopped walnuts. Thanks for the recipe.

  2. MommyD says

    If I don’t want the sugar from dried cranberries, could I use fresh? How would you adjust them? Would you dry them or saute them first yourself? Sounds delicious!

  3. says

    Oh my, they look outstanding. Anything to do with squash and I am in! Acorn squash is a new one on me though, not seen those around here. Are they typically smaller than butternut squash?

  4. says

    I really liked the end of your post& have been saddened by the quality of food in America. I’m happy to report we are saving lots of money growing our own food here in Iowa& I needed this recipe because the amount of squash we’ve yielded this year is so awesome. I think I have 4-5 butternuts sitting on my countertop& more Acorn squash are on the vine. Thanks for a great recipe, I can’t wait to try it!


  5. Marsha says

    I just want to thank you for the many wondeful recipes that you post. My daughter is a gluten intolerant vegetarian and whenever I’m on the web looking for recipes, I always see yours at the top of the list. I plan to make the apple cranberry stuffed acorn squash and can’t wait to taste it!

  6. says

    Made this with some slight variations. I couldn’t find any cranberries not sweetened w/sugar so my stuffing was apples, raisens, & fresh pinapple. I also removed the casing from some sweet italian sausage, fried it & after roasting the squash face down in apple juice for 30 minutes I turned over poured some melted butter over cut side sprinkled with cinnamon put in my sausage then fruit medley which i had tossed with coconut oil & cinnamon & baked until squash & apples were soft. It became a total meal & everyone loved it. Thx 4 the never ending flow of great inspiring recipes!!!!

  7. Sarah says

    I was looking for a good acorn squash recipe that didn’t have brown sugar and this was AMAZING. I felt like I was eating dessert :). I actually toasted & salted the seeds and sprinkled them on top and it was a nice flavor added. I feel full and nourished after eating this. Thanks!

  8. Donna says

    I have your cookbook and on page 26 is your sandwich bread. It calls for creamy roasted almond butter. Do I buy this already made or do I have to make it myself?

    Thanks Donna

  9. says

    jess -Thanks for your sweet and encouraging comment! I agree, I do not think that Alchemille’s review was rough. I like her and very much appreciate that her honest review lead to a great conversation about food in general.

    Katrina -You are very welcome!

  10. says

    i come by your site every so often, and i have to mention that i love reading what you have to say. you are so informed and your food looks lovely, but above all you seem to care not only about you and yours but about everyone around you and i think that is a wonderful quality. I read the review about your bread, and honestly, I think that it wasn’t that rough and most commenters talked about how much they loved it. keep blogging!

  11. says

    Penny -“I believe you either pay now or pay later when it comes to food.” I completely agree with that statement. Thanks so much for your comment.

    Courtney -Thanks for your comment. We need to get together. Can you Email me your phone number?

    mbfifer -Thank you so much for all that you’ve done for my boys and my family. You will always have a special place in our hearts and I know we will continue to stay connected.

    Daniela -Here’s a couple suggestions: Zucchini Carpaccio, Jicama Beet and Carrot Salad, and Sun Sprout Salad. You can also search my site or look through the archives for more recipes that meet your criteria.

  12. Daniela says

    Hi Elana,

    I did try some your’s recepies, but I have problem to digest the food, I can’t mix fruit with veggies together, so please if you have any recepies made of just from fruit or veggies I would love to get from you. Thanks Daniela

  13. mbfifer says

    I can’t wait to try this tonight with our weekly salmon dinner. It looks so good and I was just looking for something warming for this East Coast-like chilly weather.
    On a personal note, I know we must do what is best for our family – especially when it comes to education but I will really miss your family at the school. You know how I held both of your boys in my heart. I am glad that I can still be in touch from afar with this blog. Many blessings on your new journey and hopefully we will run into one another in town.
    Mary Beth

  14. says

    Penny, I believe most of us reading this blog could have not said it any better… Thank you for your comment. I used to feel unique when it came to what I chose to partake… This blog has transitioned my feeling of “unique” to my feeling of “informed”. Thanks for all who share!

  15. Penny says

    Elana, you’re right, food is a luxury! and we should all not take it so much for granted here in America! However, for me, eating things baked with almond flour etc. is a necessity due to food allergies and sensitvities. I also believe you either pay now or pay later when it comes to food. If you spend less on food, then you will probably pay in medical bills in the future! I would rather pay a little as I go and hopefully improve my health and quality of life!

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