paleo power chai latte

Paleo Chai Latte

The perfect breakfast beverage, Paleo Chai Latte, made with warming Ayurvedic spices will keep you cozy during this crazy spell of cold weather.

Made with eggs, coconut oil, and antioxidant rich chai spices (cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves), this rich hot drink makes a great on-the-go breakfast. Sometimes I serve Paleo Chai Latte as a healthy snack in the afternoon, as it gives me a nice burst of energy without any caffeine.

Speaking of caffeine, while many Paleo food bloggers start their days off with bulletproof coffee, that drink is not on my menu. I have not had coffee since my husband and I gave it up in 1993, the year after we met. I think I had a headache for three days straight when we gave up coffee cold turkey over 20 years ago. My husband is back on the coffee bandwagon, and I think he’s lucky that his body tolerates caffeine so well; I wish mine did!

The silver lining of giving up coffee is homemade Dandelion Root Coffee, my favorite coffee substitute beverage. In the winter I drink it almost every day; in summer a couple of times per week. While it doesn’t taste as good as the real thing, Dandelion Root Coffee is still fantastic and offers the upsides of coffee without caffeine. First, it’s a hot beverage (easier to assimilate), second, like regular coffee, its primary flavor is bitter, and bitter is a highly underrated flavor in our culture that is very important in Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine. Third, dandelion root is a liver cleanser. For me, giving up caffeine and getting healthy liver cleansing dandelion root into my body every day is a win-win!

Alas, I digress, back to the healthy recipe at hand, Paleo Chai Latte. This frothy hot drink (similar to chai tea, or a chai latte) is packed with protein from eggs, and full of fabulous fat from coconut oil. If you are raw egg-phobic, the great thing about this hot drink is that the boiling water poaches the eggs a bit.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy, healthy breakfast idea look no further.

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Paleo Chai Latte
  1. In a vitamix, combine eggs, water, coconut oil, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and date
  2. Blend on high until mixture is frothy
  3. Serve

Another benefit of this quick and easy hot drink? No pan to wash after breakfast. Just rinse out the container of your blender or throw it in the dishwasher, and you’re on the move!

Feel free to customize Paleo Chai Latte to your own liking with more eggs or coconut oil. You can also increase the spices. Today when I made it I threw in some nutmeg –it was delicious!

So, in case you haven’t figured it out, Paleo Chai Latte is my new favorite healthy breakfast recipe. I was introduced to this amazing chai latte-like drink by my friend Adria of Aconica. She is a phenomenal professional photographer. I follow #aconica on Instagram and she fills her stream of photos with gorgeous, stunning images that don’t disappoint. Ever.

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  1. Kj says

    I make this with a frozen banana and almond milk when I want an “iced” chai and it’s delicious! This recipe is great too, although I substitute almond milk for the water.

      • Deena says

        I was a little concerned about raw eggs. I see they cook with the hot water Chai latte I would add some vanilla extract ! Like your version with frozen bananna also maybe some protein from great lakes unflavored gelatin it’s pure collagen for bone health.

  2. Lisa Oram says

    Are you essentially eating raw eggs in this drink, or does the boiling water “cook” them? thanks, lisa

    • Elana says

      Hi Lisa, I eat raw eggs in my smoothies that are not made with boiling water and I do just fine. But everybody’s different! If you have a concern I would recommend experimenting with a protein powder in this recipe, rather than eggs.

  3. Melanie says

    I was very skeptical. Didn’t think I would enjoy this drink…..don’t hesitate make this drink immediately! :). It’s super easy to make. Most iof the ingredients are staples in our house so I didn’t have to go grocery shopping. I used pumpkin pie spice because I didn’t have all the spices mentioned and it was still delicious. Thank you for the recipe it is now copied to my phone.

  4. Melanie says

    I have a question-my son is severely allergic to eggs. We don’t have any on the house because of this. So…is there something else I can use? Anyone try anything else? I want to try this in the worst way! :) thanks!

    • Elana says

      Hi Melanie, I haven’t made this without eggs as that is the main ingredient in this recipe. If you do experiment please let us know how it goes.

    • Michelle says

      Melanie, you might substitute a vegan protein powder.

      One vegan, grain free protein power is pea protein powder. You can find it online through various brands.

      You would need to adjust the rest of the recipe to your tastes and texture preferences. One way to start is, if you use a protein powder, use the powder to liquid ratio recommended on the product package, plus the coconut oil, spice, and date amounts mentioned in the recipe above. Adjust from there.

      I’ve found the recipe to be very forgiving and rewarding.

      I think I’m going to make the spice combo in advance in large amounts so that I can just scoop the spice mixture from one jar in the morning.

      This morning I used 2 cups of coffee and 2 T of coconut oil/ ghee mixture, but left the spice amounts as listed above (effectively diluting them by half), added 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric, and forgot to add the date. The drink tastes great. As a bonus, instead of having the dreaded standard coffee breath, I’m left with the flavor of the spices. That alone is worth it!

      • Elana says

        Hi Michelle, so glad to hear that you are enjoying this recipe, and thanks for sharing all of your amazing ideas for it!

  5. Lory says

    This recipe is GENIUS! I can give up Starbucks Chai Latte forever. I had some homemade “Date Paste” on hand and added 2 tsp. in place of the whole, pitted date. I’m hoping to find a way to enjoy it “extra hot” and next time I will try mixing it in a pre-heated stainless steel travel mug. Many thanks to Elana!

  6. Laure says

    Oh I forgot to say:
    The eggs were very cold and with some boiling water the drink came very hot, perfect! When I poured water on top of the eggs, the whites started to “cook” a little which is healthier for white eggs.
    I used 2cups of water to have a large drink ;) and it was still thick enough and tasty. I added some matcha tea. Next time I’ll add ginger. :)))

  7. Laure says

    I can’t believe it! I’m drinking it while typing and it’s amazingly very good! I always create recipes but that one I would have never dare! Now I’m thinking of a similar one but with chocolate for my man who doesn’t like chai. Thanksss Elana!

  8. Shannon says

    This might be a dumb question… im pregnant, do you think its ok with the egg in it? Im obsessed with Paneras chai tea latte, o think I would beuch happier with this one!

    • bob says

      I was wondering about a raw egg, too. I thought there was some danger of contracting salmonella or some foul (sic) disease. ha.

    • Bethany says

      The boiling water should cook the egg, but you could make it as directed and then bring it to a boil on the stovetop(stirring constantly) to be extra safe.

  9. Jane says

    This has become such a beloved go-to recipe for when I don’t feel like eating in the morning but know I will feel better if I do. Thank you Elana! I’ve been enjoying adding some cacao nibs sometimes, usually about a heaping tablespoon, and reducing the spices, for a delicious chocolate chai. I also sometimes sub grass-fed butter for the coconut oil, which works great.

  10. Suzy says

    Elana, you have out done yourself! This “Latte” is phenomenal! I just made it and was sorry that it was gone so quickly! I’m doing a Candida cleanse right now, so I omitted the date and did not miss any sweetness from the date at all! This is a fabulous drink loaded with protein and antioxidants. I’ll be making this for myself, husband and boys regularly!
    Thank you for all of your fabulous recipes!

  11. Jen says

    Just made this and it’s so yummy! Not exactly liquidy like a chai latte, a bit thicker and frothier, but such an awesome taste! Thanks!

  12. says


    Not sure as to whether this question has been answered but are really essential in the making of the Paleo Chai Latte?
    Am about 50 years and have been advised by the Doctor to reduce consumption of eggs due to high Cholestrol contents.

  13. Jessica says

    I just tried this recipe this morning and it was pretty tasty. I used a magic bullet, and to make sure it was hot enough I pulled out the eggs and put them in a bowl of hot water to take the chill off while I was getting ready for work.

    There was a TON of foam to get through(probably more than I’d like) and I also noticed that it separated fairly quickly with most of the spices settling to the bottom. I wonder if I just need to blend it longer? Oddly I also started to feel a little nauseous towards the end of the drink, I don’t know why.

  14. Janet says

    Love this. I used my magic bullet to make a single serving in one of the drink mugs. The only change I made was to add a tsp. of turmeric and used 2 fresh ages that my chickens laid this morning! Amazing drink….. This is going to be my go to breakfast as I run out the door to school. I am a teacher with 3 kids and have VERY busy mornings!

  15. says

    I am a Bulletproof Coffee drinker (add 2 Tbs grass fed butter to coffee and bland). I have never been able to drink coffee. I can drink his brand of Bulletproof Coffee b/c caffeine mellow and fat of butter evens out the kick. It has changed my life. I am recovering from a neurotoxin illness and my brain is actually healing with this. He also has decaf. I would really encourage anyone to at least read about it. I have been gluten free for ten years but it was not until I upped my healthy fat (grass fed butter, olive oil, coconut oil) that I started to heal.

  16. rberck18 says

    I’m so happy I found this!! As the weather has changed I’ve found it so hard not to drink chai and hot chocolate but since adopting a mostly Paleo Diet those things just don’t fit in. I really think with chai its the spices that I love so and this is AMAZING!! I microwaved too and it got a little firm on top so I just used a spoon and smashed the egg…next time I’m going to add coconut whipped cream on top. Thank you!!

  17. Teresa says

    This drink is amazing. I struggle to eat breakfast in the morning, and I only seem to want a hot drink. This is both! I felt like I was drinking a normal hot beverage, but then I felt completely full and satisfied until lunch. It was amazing. I do have a question, if anyone could maybe answer this. I am having trouble getting this drink to be hot enough. I love it, but it’s basically been luke warm. I use the hand blender to blend the egg, coconut oil, spices, etc., and then I quickly add the boiling water while still blending. It comes out frothy and delicious, but just not hot enough for me. And forget trying to microwave a drink containing egg, lol. That does not turn out well. Could I leave the eggs out overnight so they are room temp instead of cold when I mix the drink? I know there are plenty of countries where eggs never go in the refrigerator, but I just wasn’t sure if the eggs here in the US are ok to do that.

    Thanks so much for this recipe!

    • Jessica says

      What I did, was taking the eggs out of the fridge after I wake up and putting them in a bowl of hot water to take the chill off while I got ready for work. The drink was steamy hot!

    • Michele says

      Leaving them out on the counter will work for store most bought eggs; you have to refrigerate eggs after they’ve been washed (Google for more info).

      I haven’t tried this recipe but putting the eggs in warm/hot water will do the trick.

  18. Elizabeth says

    I was a bit skeptical of the raw eggs but this drink was amazing. Thank you so much! I will definitely recommend and share with my friends.

  19. Klyde says

    Hi, I love this recipe and have been using it for a few weeks now. It’s delicious! It gives me that warm, rich, spicy, comfort-food pleasure that coffee used to. I started poaching (drop eggs into boiling water, turn off heat, wait 4-5 min) the eggs, using stevia (didn’t have any dates), and using Ceylon Cinnamon. The longer poaching does not seem to make any difference in flavor or texture. I looked into cinnamon, since 2 tsp is a lot to digest at once and so often. Please look into it; it seems that regular (Cassia) cinnamon can cause health problems and the Ceylon (different variety) is the one with the touted health properties. Regular is okay if not used as often.

    Thank you so much for the recipe! I was searching for a good coffee alternative and this is it.

  20. feisty living says

    My grandfather used to make a similar breakfast drink with coffee, sugar, and eggs. Thanks for this version–it’s delicious!

  21. Esther says

    Wow! I’ve been a long time fan of Elana’s and have cooked and baked my way through much of her website, and everything has always turned out *great* but I’ve never left a comment until now- this is absolutely delicious!

    I took what one commenter said about it not being hot enough, because I like my hot beverages really hot, and left the eggs out on the counter for a few hours before I made it. I also used a little bit of honey instead of the date. This drink is phenomenal- frothy and comforting and delicious!

  22. sandra says

    I just made this. It was delicious and satisfying. I did not have dates so I put in one fig. I only had cinnamon and Trader Joe’s pumping pie spice mix, so that’s what I used. What a treat! Thank you.

  23. Bonnie Williams says

    I wanted it to be hotter. I will try using eggs that are not right out of the fridge and cold next time.

  24. Raquel says

    What a great idea! Always looking for new things to try in the Vitamix. Have you tried Teechino? It is a coffee alternative. I really like the Hazelnut blend. Most are made from Chicory Root, Carob, almonds and dates.

  25. Michelle says

    Dearest Elana,

    For a variety of health reasons, I am new to the world of grain-free, dairy-free eating and it has been a huge lifestyle change. I finally said good bye to all my grains last night and cleaned out my pantry. I woke up not feeling well (probably due to exposure) and your Paleo Chai Tea Latte was the perfect breakfast to soothe my tummy.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your wonderful recipes. Everything I make from your recipe collection is a new family favorite. These recipes have been my lifeline, getting me out of my angst with this new way of eating.

    Many blessings to you!

    Michelle Opel

  26. emily says

    I made the chai latte this morning! Oh.My.Stars. – it’s delish! The only modifications I made was adding about a 1/2tsp ginger with the other spices and using 6 drops of vanilla stevia (since I’m on a candida diet). Just a side note – I was still a little hungry after I drank it, but I’m thinking if I use canned coconut milk next time, it should have more staying power.

  27. Claire Malpass says

    Thank you so much Elana for this receipe; you’ve solved my problem of me not eating breakfast as I’m not hungry first thing in the morning. I’ve just made this Paleo Chai Latte & not only is it fast & easy, but totally delicious! I’ll replace my ritual coffee first thing with one of these. I don’t have a vitamix but I just used my hand blender which worked a treat.

  28. Amy says

    Can anyone recommend a good, healthy substitute for coconut oil? Unfortunately, I’m allergic to coconut! It’s such a bummer! Thanks!

    • says

      Yes, use grass fed butter (see Elana’s link to Bulletproof coffee above). When you blend the butter it turns creamy not fatty. Very good for your brain and curbs appetite. Make sure it is pastured butter (i.e. Kerry available at Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Costco …).

  29. Jessica says

    I never post on blogs but just had to say this is an absolute home run. My egg public son will never know the difference. I’m excited to play with the recipe a bit. If you do not have a Vitamix, use an immersion blender for even easier clean up. I have both but the immersion blender is even simpler for this recipe.

  30. says

    I totally agree with your point about bitter flavors. That is reason why I always go back to coffee. I crave the bitterness and don’t find anything else as satisfying. I like dandelion tea, but often put stevia in it. Maybe I should make an effort to drink it unsweetened and it may fill the void.

  31. Maria says

    Not trying to be unfriendly here, but if the main ingrediënt is eggs, why are people asking for substitutions? If you can’t have eggs because of an allergy or other reasons, wouldn’t it make more sense to look for a egg free recipe? There are probably a 1000 egg free chai latte recipes out there! :)

    I’m pretty sure that as most bloggers, Elena tested this recipe a couple of time and if substitutions were possible, she would have posted them.

    • Meg says

      I was afraid that the eggs would firm up/cook when I added the boiling water but they didn’t. I blended it immediately after adding the water. Delicious. This is my new breakfast routine.

  32. Suki says

    I made this tonight and wow was I pleasantly surprised! I’m Indian and grew up drinking chai, but since I’ve been on the candida diet I can’t drink it. This is a great substitute! I made a couple of changes…I used an almond/coconut blend milk instead of the water to make it creamy. I have a premixed spice mix of cardamoms, cloves and carom. I don’t have any dates and used a packet of stevia. I kept everything else the same and its yummy!! I will definitely be making more of this when I have a craving. Thank you Elana! :-)

  33. says

    this looks amazing, and amazingly nutritious. powerhouse indeed! thank you for the simple recipe to get the day off to a good start.

  34. Carissa says

    This sound fantastic. I am out of eggs, otherwise I would make it right now. I am so excited to try a lot of your recipes. After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, I’ve lost the joy of cooking. But I can eat everything in your recipes and I can feel the joy of cooking and baking returning. Thank you!

  35. says

    Ohhhh yes, this looks wonderful! Yes yes! I often make breakfast “shakes” in my Vitamix, but they’re cold! What a perfect cold-day pick-me-up! I wonder how it would taste with coconut milk instead of water?

  36. Melissa says

    This looks great!
    If you don’t have a vitamix, could you boil the blended mixture? How long would you boil it for? Thanks!!

  37. says

    This came at a perfect time, as I prepare myself to give up coffee again. I love the taste but add cream and sugar, I think that, along with the caffeine, really isn’t doing the best for my gut. I’ve tried the Bulletproof coffee, it changed the taste of the coffee too much. I think this will be a nice healthy substitute and still give me that 10am ‘treat’ feeling of something hot for my belly. Will also check out the Dandelion Root coffee. Thanks!!

    • says

      Dietary consumption of eggs is not likely to raise your total cholesterol levels. Choose farm fresh, pastured eggs and enjoy them! Instead focus on decreasing systemic inflammation by eliminating grains, processed sugars, etc. There are lots of articles regarding this topic if you search online.

    • Randee says

      I actually have the same question, but due to an allergy to eggs. I have a feeling that flax seed gel might not be a good substitute.

    • says

      To make this egg free, you could use 2 tbs buckwheat (not technically a grain and high in essential amino acids, ie. protein) or 2 tbs of nuts, such almonds and/or cashews. Almonds tend to froth in a vitamix! Eggs should only be avoided if you’re allergic – otherwise, organic and free-range eggs are extremely healthy, even for those with high cholesterol. Same goes for coconut oil.

  38. Stacey says

    Is the dandelion root coffee also supposed to be in this recipe? or were you suggesting it as an alternative to coffee?


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