Paleo Christmas Recipes

Here’s a round-up of some of my favorite Christmas recipes.  We’ve been going wild with the Star Cookies lately, pulling out all of our cookie cutters and making them in every possible shape, then frosting them with the Creamy Cream Cheese Frosting.  The boys (and I) are having a blast.

I’ve been taking it easy this week and spending a lot of time reading –books that is.  I usually find myself just trying to keep up with the Boulder Daily Camera and the Sunday New York Times, however this week while the boys are on vacation and we are slowing everything down, I’ve read 2 books, Buddha by Deepak Chopra and Nothing Was the Same by Kay Redfield Jamison.  Both were very good.  Now I’m reading an amazing book called, Sex, Lies, and Menopause by T.S. Wiley.

Back to food, here’s the recipe round up for gluten free holidays:

You will also love my Vanilla Roasted Walnuts recipe! which is a fabulously healthy snack for Christmas!

In other news, my Double Chocolate Mocha Biscotti were in a gluten free biscotti roundup over at Triumph Dining; and I was featured in a wonderful article on going gluten-free in Heart and Soul MagazineBoulder Magazine also included me in a fun article on local gluten freers.

I’ll be doing a book signing in Boulder at the Whole Foods on Pearl Saturday, January 23rd and hope to see you there.

Have a lovely Christmas, everyone!


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  1. I just received your cookbook for Christmas and I am soooo excited about trying the recipes. Thank you for your diligence in making healthy food that actually tastes good. Merry Christmas!

  2. I am looking forward to the Vanilla Roasted Walnuts! I am using your candied macadamia nuts and candied pecans for Christmas gifts this year! I love them and I’m sure our family will too! Have a Merry Christmas Elana. Thank you for your great recipes.

  3. The brussels sprouts, squash fries, gingerbread men, candied pecans… EVERYTHING!!! Holy goodness, fabulous roundup.

    Congratulations on the other features as well!

  4. I’ve got Gluten-Free Girl & The Chef’s dinner rolls on my Christmas menu, too. Yum!! I always forget that my husband likes bread because I went so long without eating it that I don’t care about it anymore. But I saw her recipe and thought it would make him happy. Can’t wait to try them out!

    BTW – I made a variation of the candied nuts you posted for Christmas gifts for the people my husband works with and got requests for more already. I made 3 more batches last night and he took them with him today. They’re so good!

  5. I love the recipes you shared for Christmas. I’ll be right over after I dig out from 20 inches of snow. We’re just not used to that here. I did manage to just bake up some of your Chocolate Chip Scones. Did I mention we’re all addicted to them here. Won’t travel without them. I made the cookies but they are already gone. Hiding the scones while the guys are out shopping for me.

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