double chocolate mocha biscotti

Double Chocolate Mocha Biscotti

These Double Chocolate Mocha Biscotti are egg-free and gluten-free.  Because eggs are a main component of biscotti, I haven’t seen a lot, if any egg-free recipes, for this type of cookie.  My favorite thing about these gluten-free biscotti, however, is how simple they are to make.  Just throw everything in the food processor and you’re already halfway there.

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Double Chocolate Mocha Biscotti
  1. In a food processor, combine almond flour, cacao powder, arrowroot powder, ground coffee, salt and baking soda
  2. Pulse until ingredients are well combined
  3. Pulse in honey until the dough forms a ball
  4. Remove dough from food processor and work in dark chocolate with your hands
  5. Form dough into 2 logs on a parchment paper lined baking sheet
  6. Bake at 325° for 25 minutes, then remove from oven and cool for 1 hour
  7. Cut the logs into ½ inch slices on the diagonal with a very sharp knife
  8. Spread slices out on a baking sheet and bake at 300° for 12-15 minutes
  9. Remove from oven and allow to cool, set, and become crispy
  10. Serve

I want to give a hearty thank you to all of my readers!  It’s so important to me to provide a space where people can be themselves and honestly share their opinions, even if they differ completely from mine.  In all of my relationships I consider honesty the highest form of regard and respect.  Of course, it’s always a bonus when a person communicates in a compassionate way (and somewhat easier to connect to the person) however, I still consider honesty the first priority.

I love writing healthy, organic, gluten-free recipes and it’s a very nice bonus to hear that so many people are enjoying them, benefiting from them and finding them useful.  Thanks again to my wonderful readers!


  1. Onae says

    Thank you, Elana! This recipe was a success! ALL of my children like these which is a huge challenge. I made these yesterday and they were all gone before bedtime. I am so grateful! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. Jennifer says

    These are phenomenal! I made them with pecan meal/flour (can’t have almonds) and used maple syrup (allergic to honey. I’m a pain) and they came out just beautifully. I made the lemon ones with the same substitutions and they also rock.

    Elana, yours is a site I know I can rely on for tasty, healthful recipes free of gluten and dairy. Many sites have recipes, but they are hit or miss. When I direct someone your way, I know they’ll find what they need AND be pleased with the outcome. I also have your book and the nut free flourless brownies are a hit with everyone.

  3. Maria says


    Thanks for another great recipe! Do you think I can do s a direct substitute of chestnut flour for the almond flour?

  4. Kim says

    I have made these several times. Substituted Honeyville Almond Meal (have used Trader Joe’s in the past successfully too), a simple syrup because I was out of honey (Cook equal parts water to organic cane sugar, added vanilla for flavor, then cool to use in this recipe), added additional 1/2 tsp baking powder just for fun, Decaf instant coffee, and Enjoy Life chocolate chunks. Perfect!

  5. ceecee says

    Look forward to making these but could not find arrowroot powder locally, even in Whole Foods. Can I substitute cornstarch? Thanks for a gluten free biscotti recipe!

  6. Noreen says

    Saw this yesterday on FB and had to make them today. They are so good, looking forward to my coffee tomorrow, thank you for your wonderful recipes. Can I store these in the freezer?

  7. says

    I just made the “Double Chocolate Mocha Biscotti” and they are the very best biscotti I have ever made. I followed the recipe exactly with the only change was to add a handful of Trader Joe’s raisins (sugar free). I follow a healthy eating lifestyle – void of anything processed and cook/bake each day – passionately. Elana’s pantry is excellent. All the recipes I have ever made from your website have been full of flavor and healthy! Also I welcome all the(healthy) Passover recipes you post! Mazel Tov to you!

  8. maui says

    These look awesome! I’m definitely going to try them to add to my arsenal. However, I do have one small comment and I’m not sure if it was already mentioned as I haven’t read through all of the comments, but I always thought vegans couldn’t eat honey since it is produced by bees. We have a raw vegan restaurant where I live and they do not use honey in anything. Maybe we could sub agave nectar instead?

  9. sarah says

    Love the sound of this recipe! However I do not have a food processor and was just wondering whether mixing the ingredients by hand would have the same effect? Thanks!

  10. sylvie says

    Totally delicious! I baked them this afternoon.
    Was pretty tempted to eat them raw (tasted: Mium !) ….then to eat them after getting them out of the oven the first time…then to eat them as they cooled…but I waited after the second time, and they turned out absolutely delicious.
    This recipe is a keeper !

  11. Scott Birnbaum says

    Biscotti literally means “twice cooked” or in this case twice baked.
    Their secondary name was coffee cookie.
    Perhaps they were baked twice to harden them so they would not fall apart when dipped into a cup of coffee.
    I’m planning to try the recipe.
    I guess I will have to taste some before I bake them a second time.
    Has anybody tried slicing them, then baking them again?

  12. Linda says

    I made this and shared it – was a HUGE hit! Making another batch to share with my co-workers this weekend. Thank you, Elena, for such fabulous recipes!

  13. Tricia says

    This recipe is a winner! I’ve been looking for an egg-free biscotti recipe, using almond flour, and this is it. Not too sweet (I used maple syrup), no nasty after-taste of (too much) baking soda. The touch of espresso-ground coffee beans is subtle but delicious. I didn’t bother with the chopped chocolate chunks, but now I have a “keeper” recipe, I’ll play with it. This is a very good base from which to build.

  14. Dee Randall says

    I made this recipe and made several modifications, which worked for me.
    I recall that Elana doesn’t care for Bob’s almond flour, but I had it on hand to finish up, so I used 2 cups; then I added almost 1/2 cup of Honeyville’s almond flour; the kind that has the almond flecks in it; then rounded up the 1/2 cup with 2T coconut flour.

    I had some unopened KingArthur’s espresso ground coffee, which I had not used and was a little leary of how concentrated it was, but it worked fine. I know of no other retail supplier of this type of espresso grind coffee. I do have an super-duper burr grinder for espresso, but didn’t want to change my grind setting.

    I really don’t like to use agave, so I have been substituting honey in all Elana’s recipes I’ve made so far, and it always has worked.
    I tend to not make those recipes that call for so much honey, as the honey I have in my larder is limited. I do have a local supplier though.

    So, I added to 1/4 cup honey, 1/8 cup of stevia to make up the difference in the amount of agave called for.

    I used Scharffen berger cocoa. But for the chocolate I used 100% Valhrona which I chipped off in various sizes of the pieces. Even so As these were not as big as a chocolate piece chip, most retained their shape, but were not big enough to taste really bitter.

    My modifications still made 14 biscotti which were delicious.

  15. Heather J says

    These are excellent! I used agave and thought the sweetness was just right. I added 1/4 cup cacao nibs instead of chips because of this. I also used ground almonds instead of blanched almond flour. So deliciously crunchy. Will recommend!

  16. Judith says

    I just made these and love them. I have to keep my “sugar” intake at a minimum, so I used just 1 TBS of agave and 1/4 C of water to get the dough to form a ball. I find that when I do this I end up having to bake them a bit longer to get them dry and crunchy.
    Thank you so much for this recipe. I have baked your lemon biscotti as well using the same method. I usually substitute almond extract for the lemon and sometimes add bits of dark chocolate.

  17. Jennie says

    What is arrowroot powder? Never heard it before. My doctor recently took me off glutten and diary. I’m trying to be optimistic about my new diet that I have to be on. A friend recommended your website, so far very impressed, but just had that question that i need answered.

    Thank You, Jennie

  18. says

    Funny story:
    I was on vacation last month in Dubai, UAE and went to a local farmers market where I came across a vendor that sold gluten-free baked goods. I am totally grain-free so generally I just look at all the yummy treats for fun…but she had a basket on her table with some biscotti made only with almond flour! Jackpot! I snatched up a package of them to enjoy with my afternoon coffee while my husband was indulging in his treats! They were SO good. Once I got back to the USA I did a search for grain-free chocolate biscotti and of course the first link was to this recipe (I should have known…), her ingredient list matched the ingredient list in this recipe so I’m sure it’s the same one! I had never really cared for biscotti when I was consuming gluten so I was never interested in trying any gluten/grain-free biscotti recipes…Well, I’ve changed my mind about that for sure!
    I just thought you might find it flattering that someone 10 time zones away is sharing your wonderful recipes and creations with a whole new world of people!

  19. says

    I just had to tell you that this is my brother’s FAVORITE thing that I bake. And I bake a lot. But any time I ask him what he wants me to bake, he always, without fail, says he wants these. Good thing they’re so healthy! :) Thank you for this wonderful recipe.

  20. Lisa says

    Hi. One more comment. I didn’t have parchment so I used a silicon sheet, and the lemon biscotti browned too much (burnt slightly) on the bottom, so I flipped them on the second baking, still delicious! I ordered some natural parchment paper for future recipes. Just checked the chocolate biscotti, with the first baking the bottom is perfect! Just something to be aware of if you have silicon baking sheets and no parchment!

  21. Lisa says

    Hi. I have finally purchased some instant coffee for this recipe! I made your lemon biscotti last week, and they were nice and crunchy! I also made your coconut muffins, my daughter especially loved how moist they were! I was never much of a sweet eater, but going on low-carb, with lots of natural remedies to cure a chronic inflammation/pain problem, has left me craving something healthy and not-too sweet to balance out my diet from just grass-fed meat and veg. I have never been a baker, or tried to be- but your recipes are simple enough for me to make- healthy enough to want to- and tasty enough to feel great about staying on target! Thank-you so much Elana. P.s. Ordered your books!

  22. Sarah H. says

    I made these tonight with brown rice syrup instead of agave and they are wonderful.

    The dough was extremely sticky because of the syrup, but it all worked out fine as far as shaping, baking, and slicing.

    Next time I will experiment with honey.

  23. Jae says

    Can this recipe be made with maple syrup vs agave and can it be made plain without the chocolate and cacao. What do I add in place of the cacao amount.

  24. QueenJellyBean says

    Hello Fellow Gluten Free eaters. I used Trader Joe’s almond meal instead of the proper blanched, finely ground almond powder, and this biscotti recipe turned out excellent (“ottimo” as we’d say in Italian!).

    I’ve tried using TJ’s almond meal for other recipes, and it doesn’t mix as well, the oils tend to separate from the dough ball and drip out. Not the case with the recipe. The meal worked fine, no drippy batter.

    Just thought that would help anyone who wants to bake but only has access to TJ almond meal, not blanched almond flour (which is of course better, since Elana’s recipes are all tested with baf).

    Chocolate Chips – to avoid sugar entirely I melt Baker’s unsweetened chocolate, mix in some Trader Joe’s stevia powder, then cool in the freezer and cut into chunks. That’s what I used in these to make them truly sugar free. Worked great. I also mixed in 1/2 cup chopped hazelnuts. Yummy and crowd pleasing to the gluten-eating people.

  25. says

    May I ask what the function of the arrowroot powder is in these? Could it be omitted without ruining the biscotti?


    • QueenJellyBean says

      Hi Meg: I subbed corn starch for the arrowroot. Made them twice this way and had no problem. Arrowroot I believe hardens the cookie.

  26. Vanessa says

    How is a half a cup of liquid(the agave nectar) supposed to be enough for two cups and three fourths of flour and dry ingredients in order to form a ball? Did you mean moist enough to roll in a ball yourself because I added an extra 1/4 of a cup of nectar and it still is not forming a ball in the food processor?

    • says

      I just made these the other day –they’re one of our faves and the dough does form a ball in the food processor. Almond flour is very wet and does not behave like regular (wheat) flour. While this ingredient ratio would be quite strange indeed for a regular type recipe with standard ingredients, it is fairly normal for a recipe using almond flour. Hope this helps :-)

  27. Cannibella says

    Yay, Almond Milk works great and it’s still vegan! :)

    Thanks for the tip Alchemille, I was worried less about the sweetener and more about the liquid but will try some of your ideas. :)

  28. says

    Cannibella why don’t you try another liquid sweetener such as honey, maple syrup, sorghum molasses, date molasses/syrup, grape molasses, carob molasses…for example.
    There’s a vast choice of liquid sweeteners that you can either find at your grocery store, health food stores or middle-eastern grocery stores for example.

    • Amylou says

      Would you sub honey 1:1 for the agave? I would rather use honey, but want to make sure I use the right amount. Thanks!

  29. Cannibella says

    Gratz on the great recipe Elana and thanks. :)

    I tried the Agave but had a reaction, not sure if you have seen this yet.

    I was looking for an idea to substitute the Agave even if I have to use sugar, I was actually thinking the sugar in the chocolate chips would be enough for me personally. Plus I guess I would need some liquid/binder, any suggestions?

    I was thinking maybe whole milk and a small amount of sugar. I don’t really like sugar and never add it, though I am not a baker and not sure if it would turn out without some sugar. In the past if I have had to use sugar I just use 1/4 to 1/2 the amount called for in recipes.

    Thanks for any tips and keep the great recipes coming, PLEASE! :)

    • Suzi says

      Hi..just in regards to the agave sub..I ran out so melted 1/2 cup coconut sugar in 1 cup of water and added a 1/2 cup to the recipe (kept the rest in the fridge for next time) wasn’t sweet enough so added a couple of drops of stevia…worked great!

  30. says

    Wow I can’t wait to try this one. I’ve been trying to find good vegan baking recipes (you know, no eggs) and it is so hard because eggs are so critical in everything.

  31. says

    hi,elana. I have recently started doing some gluten free baking for a local cafe so am loving your recipes. I am definitely adding this to the menu. What kind of cocoa powder do you use ? I am having trouble finding one that is guaranteed gluten free ( they seem to be processed in facilities that might have wheat, etc.) . ?? thanks so much.

  32. says

    I can’t eat chocolate or coffee. Substituted chocolate ingredients with carob powder and carob chips. Substituted coffee with dried orange peel and cinnamon. Added goji berries just for fun. Really, really delicious. Thanks for your great web site, Elana!

  33. Allegra Levy says

    I love your website…truly. I have celiac disease and your site has been a savior. You use arrowroot powder in a lot of your recipes. I recently moved to Costa Rica and a lot of things are a lot harder to get down here (i.e. i blanch almonds and make my own almond flour with a food processor that took me about a month to find). Arrowroot powder on the other hand is just not in this country. Do you have any substitutions I could use? This recipe looks great! I just hope I can make it here in the jungle!

  34. Stacie K says

    Okay—YUM! I just pulled these out of the oven, and there was no way I was waiting an hour to cut into it! They are so rich and delish! Can’t wait to wake up tomorrow morning and have some with my tea or coffee (depends on my mood:). I definitely will be trying some of Courtney’s suggested combinations as well. Thanks again Elana-I’m in chocolate heaven!

  35. Jodi says

    This is an amazing recipe! I made them for my family and they couldn’t get enough of them!
    Thanks so much for all of the wonderful healthy recipes.

  36. says

    Hi everyone!

    Thanks for your great comments and questions. Here are my responses.

    In terms of the question about substituting almond meal in place of almond flour, if you do this, make sure that your almond meal is blanched. These recipes will not work with unblanched almond meal.

    Dani, you asked how I make so many treats and stay in decent shape…well, my husband seems to devour everything I bake. One minute it’s on the counter and the next it’s gone. Also, I make sure to fill up on protein and veggies before even thinking about eating any sweets. And finally, I just don’t feel that great if I eat treats all the time and having suffered from various illnesses these past years, I put a huge premium on feeling good.

    Meagan, so glad these recipes are allowing your daughter to be normal! I’m always so happy to get that kind of feedback.

    In terms of all of the ideas about making these biscotti in other flavors, they sound fabulous. And if you had a question about trying to make this into a different flavor, go for it and feel free to experiment!

  37. elizabeth says

    i made this recipe a few days ago and loved it! i want to know if i can please add a link to the recipe itself on my blog. if you would like to visit my blog before saying yes or no, i can email you a link to it. i’ll just give you my email address, as i do not want to self promote.
    i really like your website and follow it daily!

  38. Sue says

    What is arrowroot powder, and where do you get it, or is there something that can be used as a substitution (ie cornstarch or tapioca powder)?? Thanks!!

  39. Donna says

    Elana; thank you thank you. These are so easy and SO SCRUMPTIOUS!! My only problem is that since being “wheat free” and finding your blog, I think I have gained about 10 pounds!! But you put the pleasure back in baking for me. Thanks again!

  40. Karen says

    These are wonderful! Crisp and chewy and delicious. My husband and 16 year-old son were thrilled. So hard to believe they weren’t bad for you!

  41. Beth says

    Another winner!

    I replaced the coffee grounds with ground flax seeds, this gave it a nice flavour and texture.

    My husband is most pleased, as I never would have made biscotti before going gluten-free and finding this wonderful website.

    Thanks again for all your hard work Elana!

  42. says

    What a great Recipe! This Biscotti recipe could be so versatile for all of us… We could adapt it to make Cranberry and Walnut, Vanilla Almond, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip, Cherry and Almond, Dark Chocolate and Ginger BISCOTTI… Whatever we all choose to indulge in, or choose not to eat, we could all use this recipe. Thanks again for creating BLISS in a life of limitation. :] Courtney

  43. says

    Amazing and exciting! if i were consuming coffee and chocolate right now, i’d be in my kitchen. Instead, this is being archived with all the other amazing and luscious recipes that i WILL try when i do start eating chocolate and coffee again.

    I love the vegan biscotti idea- once again- thanks for the brilliant and delicious inspiration.

  44. Beth says

    Once again your timing is amazing.
    I woke up with the urge to bake, but we just used up our last egg. Now I don’t even have to run to the store for more ingredients.

    Thank you!


  45. says

    Hi Elana,
    I just recently discovered your site and I am SO glad I did! I am going grain free due to some stomach issues and you have some really inspiring recipes here. Do you think I could make these some other flavor besides chocolate? I love chocolate but am toying with the SCD for a bit to see if I can improve my digestion. Great blog!!

  46. says

    Those look excellent, I love the dark chocolate chunks. There is a similar GF/vegan biscotti recipe in My Sweet Vegan, but I think it is apricot and almond (or something similar) rather than chocolate.

  47. says

    Elana these look like they are to die for!! I am such a chocoholic to begin with but then add the coffee and you have me hooked. Can’t wait try them. They look divine!

  48. says

    I ask you this with all the love in my heart… how in the heck do you manage to stay in such great shape AND make so many sweet treats all the time!!? I love to bake but I’m definitely a “one for the baking tray, one for the baker” kind of girl, so I’ve gotta keep it to a minimum!
    I love biscotti, my Dad used to make them all the time when we were growing up. Thanks for another mouth watering recipe:)

  49. says

    Elana, you’re talking my language here!
    There are few things that I really miss but biscottis happen to be one of them.
    Since I don’t drink coffee, I will try using my roasted chestnut faux coffee and hopefully it’ll do the trick.
    Your recipe seems pretty easy to adapt and create variations (with nuts, dried fruits…etc).
    Thank You!

  50. says

    Hi Elana,

    This looks wonderful! Thank you! We loved the last recipe. It was gone in a flash. My daughter was diagnosed with T1 Diabetes in Feb and your goodies allow her to be “normal”…whatever that means! I wanted to share with you a candy we made using your frosting…in a different way. Can you email me personally so I can share it. I wanted to share it with you before I posted it any where else! Thanks, the other Meagan =)

  51. says

    Oh My Goodness!! I’m going to make these right now and experiment with a chocolate chip replacement… don’t know if they will look like biscotti’s without them but these sound too delicious not to try.
    Thanks Elana :-)

  52. says

    I so agree with you Elena! Another marvelous recipe. This is the first biscotti that actually looks tempting to me! (Must be the chocolate factor). I look forward to trying it :)

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