Cashew Milk

Smooth, creamy and naturally sweet, this dairy-free Cashew Milk recipe is a fantastic milk substitute. It’s also super easy to make. Unlike my almond milk recipe, and other nut milk recipes, it does not require a nut milk bag. To make it, you simply whip it up in the blender. There is no need to strain out the pulp. Because it’s so easy to make, this dairy-free milk is one of my all-time favorites!

I keep a quart of this cashew milk on hand in the fridge for the boys. We love using it in my smoothie recipes or pouring it over a bowl of my homemade Paleo Granola.

Cashew Milk

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Servings 3 cups



  • Discard soaking water and rinse cashews thoroughly until water runs clear
  • Place cashews, water, and salt in a vitamix
  • Process on high speed 30 seconds
  • Serve
Prep Time 5 mins
Total Time 5 mins
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This cashew milk has the viscosity of regular whole milk. If you want to make milk with the consistency of 2% cow milk, add another cup of water. To make this into half and half (perfect in my Dandelion Coffee recipe), use only 2 cups water. Cashew milk can be very foamy when first removed from the Vitamix. It will settle nicely after sitting in the fridge overnight.

Dairy-free Cashew Milk is amazing served with any of these healthy paleo drink recipes:

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124 responses to “Cashew Milk”

  1. I recently discovered that I am allergic to both cow and goat milk, so I have been looking for alternatives. I tried your cashew milk recipe with roasted cashews because it was what I had on hand, and it was fabulous! It is so rich and creamy! Thank you!



  3. I just made this using my nutribullet. Soaked overnight per your instructions. Made it in two batches – 3/4 cup soaked cashews to 2 cups water and pulsed 4 times for 10 seconds each time. So yummy and I like that I didn’t have to strain it like almond milk. My new favorite!

  4. I made my first batch tonight using a Blendtec. No soaking necessary, just nuts and water. I tasted without the salt and it was amazing. Also 3 1/2 cups of water. I added the salt and did not like it as much. Next batch, “straight no chaser”, (it’s an old, very old jazz piece). Lesson learned. I make my own almond milk and was ready for the pure taste. NOW MY VERY FAV. For the store bought users…….homemade will ruin you. Just remember, when you make it yourself, it doesn’t have the extraneous hoopla that the store bought stuff does… remember that when you taste it for the first time. If you have a regular $29.95 blender, you WILL need to soak the nuts, cashew, almond, I have even made pecan milk, also very good.
    1 cup nuts 3 cups water. As an aside, i only use 2 cups water for the initial blending, pour it into my quart jar, and put the 3rd cup water in the unit to get the remaining residues from the sides, a few seconds on pulse. I figure, why wash that down the drain. That’s my take and my taste. I will also make chocolate on occasion(being the chocohaulic that I am). 2 slightly rounded tbls of organic cacao powder. Also slightly sweet with 4 dates, pitted of course. My daughter uses her almond milk in mashed potatoes, or anything you might normally use cow milk.

  5. Hi Elana,

    When I make my cashew milk I use one of those kitchen aid electric hand blenders. The cashew milk ends up gritty no matter how long I use the kitchen aid and have to use cheese cloth. How do you get yours so smooth? Am I going to have to use a regular blender? Let me know what I’m doing wrong.. Thanks!

    • Cynthia, thanks for your comment! If you follow the recipe and use the recommended equipment your cashew milk will be as creamy as regular milk, if not more so :-)

  6. Have tried several recipes on your website and have loved all of them… latest was the muesli squares! So good. Anyway – Is there a reason to make nut milks with whole nuts instead of nut halves/pieces? Raw cashew pieces are cheaper than the whole raw cashews… but I am wondering if there is a reason to stay with the whole ones.

      • Can u elaborate on why the soaking water from a healthy raw cashew would contain anything as foreboding sounding as “anti-nutrient enzymes” rather than pro-nutrient enzymes?

        • M, thanks for your comment! Nuts, seeds, and grains contain anti-nutrient enzymes like phytic acid that can inhibit the absorption of nutrients :-)

  7. Will this work as a milk sub in sauces and gravies? I’m wondering if the taste will be so different that it will be off-putting.

  8. Eight years ago, and this recipe is still relevant!

    I am always looking for new dairy alternatives. This is a must try!

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