Almond Pulp Recipes

If you are eating on a budget (or not) my almond pulp recipes are for you.

The recipes below use the leftover pulp from Almond Milk and Brazil Nut Milk and they’re delicious! Whenever I post a nut milk recipe, readers ask without fail, what can I do with the leftover nut milk pulp?

Because of this reader demand, along with my love of conserving everything I possibly can, I’ve developed recipes for everything from nut milk crackers (try my “Wheat” Thins), to Almond Pulp Macaroons. You know what they say —waste not, want not.

The recipes below use the leftover pulp from almond milk. These recipes do not require a dehydrator or any fussy treatment of the leftover nut milk pulp. You simply use the leftover pulp in these almond pulp cookie (and cracker) recipes, just like regular flour!


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