5 Keto Recipes To Keep You Healthy During The Holidays

Without a reliable routine, the holidays can take a terrible toll on your health. Parties, travel, and excess expenses lead to stress. This time of year it isn’t easy to maintain balance on an emotional or physical level. But don’t worry, I’m here to help with my 5 Keto Recipes To Keep You Healthy During The Holidays, and some lifestyle tips too!

How To Stay Healthy During The Holidays

Here are some basic ways to stay healthy during the holidays:

  • drink extra water
  • avoid alcohol
  • stay away from sugar

But what does it take for us to go from theory to practice? How do we make these excellent ideas into reality?

Creating Positive Holiday Habits

It starts with a thought: what practices can I put in place to manifest my good intentions? Each company I’ve launched has focused on positive habit creation. Why? Because creating the right habits helps us achieve our goals. Since the holidays are very food focused, I like to start with what I can control in the kitchen.

The Food Focused Holidays

I want to support you this time of year so that you have healthy food that looks and tastes as good, or even better, than what “regular” folks are eating. That’s where my easy, healthy recipes come in!

5 Keto Recipes To Keep You Healthy During The Holidays

What can we do to stay on track? Take the healthy, tasty dishes below to parties with you and share it with everyone. My 5 Keto Recipes To Keep You Healthy During The Holidays will make your life better, easier, and more delicious! With both savory and sweet, you’re sure to find a favorite.

Paleo Spiced Nuts

Made with 8 ingredients, TOTAL, my Paleo Spiced Nuts are a popular low-carb holiday snack. They’re uber easy to throw together, with an impressive end result. We love bringing these to holiday parties and our hosts are always wowed. Paleo Spiced Nuts are my go-to spicy nuts recipe without sugar.

Low-Carb Salt & Pepper


My Keto Salt & Pepper Crackers are the perfect grain-free, low-carb snack, and a great way to get comfortable in the kitchen. Made with 4 ingredients TOTAL– almond flour, egg, salt, and pepper, they’re a satisfyingly crunchy cracker. Readers tell me this recipe is in regular rotation all year long and that it comes in especially handy during the holidays.

Keto Blueberry Lemon Bread

Get your low-carb groove on with my Keto Blueberry Lemon Bread. Another super easy recipe, you simply dump the ingredients in a food processor, combine, then bake. Bread making hasn’t ever been easier and this keto bread is a showstopping low-carb treat that makes the perfect holiday hostess gift.

3-Ingredient Keto Chocolate Pudding

We create new habits effectively by starting with easy goals. Goals like chocolate! What could be simpler than whipping up my 3-Ingredient Keto Chocolate Pudding recipe? All you need to make this easy low-carb dessert is chocolate, coconut milk, and stevia. If you’re in the mood, top this keto dessert with my Homemade Whipped Cream, a recipe so easy my boys have been making it since they were in elementary school!

The Best Keto Brownies

There’s a reason people call these The Best Keto Brownies. My boys and their friends love ’em, my husband can’t get enough, and here on the website, more than 100 readers have left comments with rave reviews. Take this fudgey low-carb dessert to holiday gatherings, cookies exchanges, and New Year’s Eve parties and no one will know they’re eating a nutrient dense low-carb dessert.

Practicality Over Perfection

Remember, the holidays are not the time to try for perfection. But being practical and prepared with the recipes above can take the pressure off.

Connection Over Consumption

During this time of year we can become concerned with consumption– of food, material goods, or other energies. However, the short days make it a wonderfully dark time that’s optimal for going inward. so, give yourself those quiet moments if and when you can. And of course, enjoy connecting with others if you are blessed with the opportunity. Remember, most of all, the holidays are about connection, not consumption.

Thank you for sharing your recipes and yourself.


2 responses to “5 Keto Recipes To Keep You Healthy During The Holidays”

  1. My loaf of bread turned out just like yours as I followed the directions exactly. I have made the flax bread many times and more recently have added maple syrup which has given it a moister cake like flavor. The recipe I have used the longest is kale with avocado dressing as it is amazing. Have a wonderful Hanukkah and enjoy Christmas cheer with your friends also. Thank you for sharing with us your recipes and yourself.

    • Linda, thanks for your comment and for letting me know that your Keto Bread turned out perfectly! Appreciate your warm wishes and I hope you have an amazing holiday :-)

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