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Wheat Thins

wheat thins crackers gluten-free

When I was a child I loved crackers.  Still do.  I especially loved Wheat Thins.  Can’t have those anymore.  Solution?  I’ve made my own.  These tasty Wheat Thins remind me of the yummy little crackers in the yellow package of my childhood.  The ones my mother bought for parties.  The ones that weren’t gluten free.

That was back in the days before we knew about celiac disease and gluten free living.  Before my mother was diagnosed with celiac.  Before I was diagnosed, and my son, and my sister.  Before this auto-immune disorder wreaked havoc on my family.

The good news?  Treating celiac is as easy as going on a gluten free diet, and now we all are.  Even my husband.  He’s gone gluten free because he feels better on the gluten free diet.  And he wants to be like us.

Now, forget about all of that disease talk, and grab yourself some tasty gluten free wheat thins.

Wheat Thinsprint

  1. Combine all ingredients in a large bowl
  2. Roll dough into a ball, press between 2 sheets of parchment paper and roll to ¼-inch thickness
  3. Remove top piece of parchment paper
  4. Transfer the bottom piece with rolled out dough onto baking sheet
  5. Cut dough into 2-inch squares with a knife or pizza cutter
  6. Bake at 135° for at least 20 hours (yes, 20 hours), or until crunchy
  7. Let crackers come to room temperature on baking sheet, then serve

The winner of last weeks giveaway for a copy of The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone is Katie!

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posted on May 24, 2011, 53 comments

  1. unscrambled

    How did you know I was looking for something to do with almond pulp that didn’t seem totally yucky (I see you: muffins, adding to smoothies, and other hockey puck like solutions)–I’m giving this a whirl pronto!

    • Dymphna

      Hi Elana I have made a similar one to this recipe excluding the agave and baked it in my dehydrator it was yummy! I also am a juicer so I save my pulp of my greens and make crackers that way I won’t waste a single scrap. But now I’m gonna try it this way with agave on the cracker recipe you posted on your site. Thank You, :)

  2. Alison @ Ingredients, Inc. @ ingredientsinc.net

    These look fabulous!!

  3. AnnMarie Deis

    I might be extra dense, but how exactly do you come up with almond pulp??? :)


    • renee DV

      If I am not mistaken, the pulp is what is left after making almond milk

      • AnnMarie Deis

        That’s sort of what I was expecting. I do not make my own almond milk, but I’ll figure out how to get these done. They sound delish!!!!! Thanks so much, Elana! I was doomed to a life of sacrifice when I got my “wheat intolerance” diagnosis, but baking and eating are fun again. :)

  4. Michelle

    Can I put these in a dehydrator instead of an oven?

  5. marian

    My Grandmother has that exact same small wooden box!! where did you get it? i might just need one. and i might just need to make a batch of these :)

  6. Kate

    I am so going to try this.Yummy.now if I could just figure out one for my childhood favorite….Cheez-its. I share your love for crackers.

  7. I love crackers too. This is one department that I haven’t done too much experimenting in. I feel like I have made “alternatives” for just about every other thing. I guess I will have to try these. As always, thanks for inspiring us all to enrich our gluten-free living. Each and every day I learn that we don’t have to feel deprived!

  8. Katie @ Nourishing Flourishing @ nourishingflourishing.com

    Yay! Wheat Thins are one of those things I really do miss. So happy to see this recipe :)

  9. Claire

    I just can’t say this enough, you make my life so much better!!! I love crackers and now I can have crackers again!

  10. Oh my. Wheat thins are on my very short list of things I do miss. All ingredients are on hand and I will make these this week. Thank you! =D

    • Finally I had a few free moments to make these. They were wonderful and right on the mark.

      I used almond meal for the almond pulp because I had a bag on hand. I added about 1 tablespoon of water figuring the almond meal would be damp. I also subbed honey for agave.

      In the next couple of weeks I’ll be flying for a meeting and for pleasure and plan to take these along for a healthy snack.

  11. Alisa Fleming @ alisacooks.com

    Your husband is GF now too, so awesome!!

  12. Amanda S.

    i absolutely love wheat thins! could you make the pulp w/ a regular blender or food processor? i don’t have a vitamix :(

    • Tacia

      From what I understand whole almonds can be ground in a food processor to make almond meal/pulp. Another option may be to soak almonds overnight then put in a sturdy blender and “chop”. This makes almond milk, then strain milk through cheese cloth and you are left with almond pulp. I’d recommend double checking on-line but its a good place to start.

  13. Danielle

    Cool! I think you should call them “wheatless thins”! I’m excited to try these soon. Thanks for posting some great recipes and ideas.

  14. Erin

    Ingenious! I adore crackers :)

  15. Wendy

    What can I substitute for flax meal? Can’t use Chia seeds either.


  16. Jen @ keepitsimplefoods @ keepitsimplefoods.com

    OMG, I’m a fool for wheat thins. These sound great! Love the idea of making a healthier version at home.

  17. Tacia

    I’m discovering that I’m enjoying crackers much more these days as an easy side for my on-the-go quick lunch or snack.

    I’m wondering if this recipe would work well in the dehydrator, I’d like to keep my oven available and 20 hours at 135 degrees is easy to do in the dehydrator. Anyone have thoughts on this?

  18. AndreAnna @ lifeasaplate.com

    Thanks for the link love, my wifey. ;)

    These look awesome and I’ve been meaning to make almond milk so now I know what to do with the pulp. I love how simple and easy your recipes are, as usual!!

  19. Beth

    I also used to love eating Wheat Thins.
    Thank you for this gluten-free version!

  20. Regina @ none

    I’m going to try dehydrator instead of 20hrs in the oven.

  21. Your crackers look so perfect. I loved Wheat Thins and Triscuits, preferring them to a serving of veggie’s any day. I feel better grain-free too, and have found that adding some hazelnuts to my almond flour goodies gives a nutty wheat type flavor.

  22. Tressa @ Hecka-Good Recipes @ heckagoodrecipes.blogspot.com

    I just happened to make almond milk yesterday, so I had plenty of almond pulp. I added a little garlic powder and basil and they are delicious!

  23. Pam

    I let my 5 year old son help me roll these out and he rolled them really thin, maybe 1/8 inch. I’d never made crackers before so I decided not to start all over. Big mistake. They were so thin that they fell apart as I tried to take them off the paper. I also used wax paper as I didn’t have parchment. It stuck to the baking pan.

    The taste was good, though salty (like a wheat thin, if I recall correctly.)

    It took me about 1 1/2 cups of almonds to make almond milk and get 1 cup almond puree.

  24. Pam

    Thanks. I did get some parchment paper. Can’t wait to make more crackers. Maybe I’ll make a portion of them thinner just to see what happens.

  25. Pam

    This is great to know.


  26. Do you leave them on the parchment? (I do not use non-stick baking sheets)

  27. Lulu Goodman

    Thank you for your wonderful recipes! I am thrilled to have found your website. My question is how to bake crackers at 135 degrees as my oven doesn’t heat that low. Should I opt for my dehydrator? Any info would be greatly appreciated!

    Lulu Goodman

  28. Hello Elana,

    I featured your wonderful cracker recipe on my January recipe round-up. The theme this month is homemade crackers. Thank you for your snackable inspiration. :-)

    Be Well,

  29. Steph

    Does anyone have a suggestion for a low carb substitution for the agave? Could I use apple sauce sweetened with stevia, or just use stevia and make up the the difference with water? Are there any low carb syrups that don’t contain fructose?

  30. adonosch

    I just made these cookies and substituted maple syrup for the honey as I didn’t have it on hand. Yummy, Yummmy! Thanks for this great recipe!

  31. loulou

    would almond flour/meal work instead of the almond pulp?

  32. Hello Elana,
    Instead of the oven would it be possible to use a dehydrator. Mine has a temp of 135. I could use the fruit leather plastic to put them on they have.
    And would Almond meal work instead of pulp?

    Thank you,

  33. Lisa

    Can coconut oil be substituted for the grapeseed oil in your recipes?

  34. Teri

    I tried this and my oven lowest temp on bake is 170 degrees so it was slightly browner on one side and does not taste so great. Do you have any modifications? Food Dehydrator?

  35. Hi! Being a gluten-free clean-eating gal myself I have been so thankful for your recipes! I’m severely allergic to nuts and can’t go near almond flour either. Is there an alternative GF flour you recommend to substitute in this wheat thin recipe? Would oat or coconut work?

  36. Sarah P

    Made a double batch of these in the dehydrator. Yummy! Can’t wait to play with seasoning variations.

  37. Sandi Minkel, Tucson AZ @ Dawnlight7@aol.com

    I love honey roasted sesame chips… is there a way to make those as a healthy treat?

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