Mashed Cauliflower

My Mashed Cauliflower is the perfect low-carb stand-in for mashed potatoes at your Thanksgiving table. This 3-ingredient recipe is the easiest you’ll ever find and it’s especially amazing when smothered in the wholesome juices of my low-carb Gravy recipe.

The Best Mashed Cauliflower Recipe

I’ve been making these mock mashed potatoes since 2007. I love that they’re low-carb and gluten-free, the best of both worlds. For this same reason, my Cauliflower Rice recipe is in regular rotation in our house. We load up on broccoli and kale too. All of these superfoods contain a very special ingredient!

Eat Cruciferous Vegetables to Activate Nrf2 Pathway

Cruciferous vegetables including cauliflower, broccoli, and kale contain a compound called sulforaphane that activates the Nrf2 pathway. This defense mechanism protects the body against oxidative stress that can result in health issues ranging from cancer to neurodegeneration to mood disorders.

Supplements to Activate Nrf2 Pathway

You can also upregulate the Nrf2 pathway with supplements. I’ve been taking DIM since my MS diagnosis in 2006. I also take a supplement called Meriva which contains curcumin, the substance derived from turmeric. If supplements aren’t for you, try my Turmeric Root Milk recipe. It’s high in curcumin as well as selenium, a mineral that’s important for the proper function of several metabolic pathways.

Mashed Cauliflower

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  1. Steam the cauliflower pieces until very tender
  2. Puree cauliflower in a food processor, add in olive oil and salt
  3. Reheat in a casserole dish in the oven at 350°F for 20 minutes
  4. Serve
I just died and went to heaven. My husband and I agree, there is no need to ever eat real mash potatoes again! This was divine.

Low-Carb Thanksgiving Recipes

Following a low-carb diet has also been key in keeping me healthy in the face of an MS diagnosis. Still, like everyone I want to eat what I love and enjoy the holidays! That’s where these fun low-carb Thanksgiving recipes come in. I love good food that’s good for you!


106 responses to “Mashed Cauliflower”

  1. I just made a batch with cauliflower, parsnips, garlic, shallots, horseradish root, ghee, and bone broth. Simmered all together until soft, then blitzed with an immersion blender. Yummy leftovers for breakfast with a crispy fried egg on top.

  2. I’ve been wheat free/grain free/low carb 10-15 carbs per meal ( Dr. William Davis’s Wheat Belly plan) since February 2014. Love living this way and will never go back! And this is what brought me to you, a lucky day that was!
    About the mashed cauliflower. Love it! Could eat that every day or as a meal all by itself. Very eager to try your Cauliflower Rice recipe, and to find kelp noodles too. But when I make mashed cauliflower, it never looks like your photograph. No, mine turns out limp, never a nice mound. What’s the secret? I use a potato masher and add cream cheese. Do I need to use a thickener? I have wondered if I should use a ricer instead of the masher. Help, please! Thanks!

  3. I made this last night and it was fantastic! I’m addicted! The only thing I noticed today (I used the Earth-Balance spread) is that the spread apparently contains corn. My family members are allergic to corn and although I have never been tested I suspect that I might be too (with symptoms seemingly more apparent as I get older). Does anyone know if this spread is appropriate for corn-sensitive individuals? I remember reading that Elana can’t have corn, but cannot tell from context if she eats this too with the spread or if it is just for her family.

    I’m making this again tonight with the olive oil! Yum!

    • We love to use real butter too. Never any margarines or spreads because they always contain soy, corn or some sort of undesirable ingredient(s).

    • Lila, we have found local producers of fake butter that do not have corn. I would suggest looking at the local natural foods & vitamin stores. We also have found almond based sour creams and cream cheeses. Keep reading those ingredients, they change often.
      Also, you can substitute butter with some chicken stock to add flavor. We were butter free for a long time while guts healed and we just used broth & stocks for flavor.

  4. Mashed cauliflower is great and I found that if you substitute parsnips for half of the recipe its even better! Gives it a little bit more body and sweetness…
    Its great on your Paleo Shepherd’s Pie.
    Love your site!

  5. I just made this dish and it was a total hit with my family. I have a 7 yr old and twin 6 yr old (all boys). They ate every last bite of the mashed cauliflower.
    Thank you so much for this recipe and idea! I will definitely be making this again!

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