Raspberry Jam

I love cooking with natural jams as they are a very versatile ingredient. I use them in everything from pastries such as cookies, to chicken dishes. For recipes using jam, check out my Orange Ginger Glazed Chickenand Hamantaschen.

I make sure to use organic jams in my dishes as jam contains fruits that are boiled down and concentrated. The thought of using non-organic jam, made from non organic fruits containing pesticides, and then giving my children dishes that have a concentration of pesticides, is NOT a pleasant one. Hence, you will not find non-organic fruit spreads, jellies or jam in my pantry. For that matter, you will in fact find little that is not organic in my pantry!

I have used the delicious jams by Rigoni di Asiago, made with 100% organic fruit for over a decade. They’re juice sweetened –no cane sugar, fructose or other forms of processed sugar in disguise. In all my years of cooking, researching and “curating” foods for my family, this brand is the only organic jam I have found with no added sugar. The flavors are great! My favorites are orange and raspberry, though they come in a large variety including rose hip, which is quite tasty as well.

Purchase Rigoni di Asiago from Benefit Your Life or Gold Mine Natural Foods.